Why America Failed the Americans

White nationalists will often say "There's no political solution."

If you mean voting for the lesser of two evils every 4 years won't work, you're aboslutely right.

Because, in that case, there's no political solution.

What can we do? We can admit that America has failed the Americans and stop looking for politicians to do it for us, and start becoming dangrously effective leaders of the revolution they're not expecting, and not prepared to fight against.

Imagine if the disciples had said...

"Jesus, but we already tried everything. But everything sucks."

What would he say? He'd say, "Um. Have you tried maybe doing my commandments?"

"Commandments? Seriously? To solve the JQ? What else ya got, Jesus? I wanna vote, buy lottery tickets, commit adultery, watch football and watch movies."

And yoda would be like, "THAT is why you failed."

I've already tried sitting on a job hoping for free blowjobs, and it isn't working. Life sucks.

I've already tried getting a tiny paycheck, and a Lamborghini didn't show up. Life sucks.

I've already tried voting for Hillary and/or Trump, and it didn't make America white again. Life sucks.

So what do we know about America? Life sucks.

What else do we know? Sitting on your ass and hoping for things to show up isn't going to work.

Hope is not a good plan.

Wishing doesn't make it so. Praying "gibs me shit" doesn't work unless you also pray, "God, show me where in the Bible I gotta stop doing dumb shit and start doing smart shit."

Then you'll have a prayer of getting something accomplished.

God moves mountains? Nope. He says YOU will command the mountains with faith the size of a mustard seed.

YOU. The key part of the solution is what YOU do.

If YOU want to get high, YOU smoke the weed.

If YOU want to stay up past your bedtime, YOU drink the caffeine.

If YOU want a blowjob, YOU gotta snap your fingers and say, "WIFE. ZIPPER. NOW." Or words to that effect.

You can't sit idly by and watch while others use politics to seize the weapon of state to crush you and 100 million other people, and use the most powerful military on earth to help America's #1 enemy at our expense.

Sending our fertile white women off to war. Because then they're 10,000 miles away from the recliner where my blowjob is.

"Get back from Afghanistan, Martha. ZIPPER. NOW."

You could spend a whole lifetime trying to talk sense into people and still achieve nothing. Maybe you have. I've watched these people get old and die saying, "We've gotta do something. I need money and volunteers and then we can do something."

One after another after another. Did they get the money? Not much.

Did they get the volunteers? Not many.

Was something wrong with what they were asking for? Nope. Not really. Money and volunteers. That's about it.

But think about this...

What did it take to convert and educate you?

What did it ACTUALLY take?

For me, it was months of watching documentaries, reading about everything that had been tried, and then dicovering that Jesus and Moses were fighting the same battle against ignorance and stupity against the exact same enemy we've got now.

And if you look at the fossil record, you'll see the battle of Cro-Mags vs. Neanderthals dates back about 55,000 years. When you learn how ancient this battle is, it changes everything.

It means that if you win the battle today, but don't breed white babies, you lose in the end.

But if you do breed white babies, millions of them, even if you succeed at nothing else, we win, no matter what else happens.

Period. That's victory.

Our biggest problem is the enemy knows this, and work night and day to stop white, Cro-Magnon babies from being born. Why do we care? Because white babies grow up into white men. They start doing Terms of Fair Use podcast segments to point out the devil horns.

That's why white extinction has been their goal for 55,000 years. And that means they've failed for 55,000 years while we're winning.

Comparatively speaking.

Not only that, but they've lost MOST of their racial purity, while we've retained almost all of ours.

That's good news. But you'd never know about this victory unless you listen to Fair Use. To the best I can figure it, nobody else knows. If they do, they're not telling you.

That doesn't mean the devil can't napalm 100 million white people to death. They surely can. And probably will. Pretty soon, now, by the way I figure it.

The useful idiots will be first, then guys like me who know how to read books, then a bunch of other people. I might even die of a "heart attack." Or more likely, an actual heart attack, since my diet ain't that great, actually.

Americans eat some pretty shitty food. Especially these days. Our food is mass-murdering morbidly obese, entitled commies left and right, as sure as a howitzer.

They updated all the grease in your favorite greasy food just to make it even more deadly than ever.

But we're still winning.

We didn't win by accident, but by monumental sacrifices on a Biblical scale stretching back long before the dawn of recorded history.

They need us. But we don't need them.

But they specialize in sabotaging our minds so that we can't figure out how to  function without them. Mostly by lending us easy money so we won't bother figuring out create our own money.

Theirs is more convenient. I can buy blowjobs easier with cash than Bitcoin. And that's the problem. That's what kills America.

As an American, I'm taught to be stupid. My counterfeit education ensures I'll never understand how to use any kind of money I can't roll up to do a line of cocaine.

And as an American, young women can't understand any other way of getting those cocaine dollars except twerking.

And the most ingenious idea a guy can think of... and this is pure capitalism here, is that if they buy a kilo of cocaine, they can cut it, sell it, theirs is free, and they can pay strippers and whores in cocaine for blowjobs and it doesn't cost them anything.

That's what the American education system produces. A total lack of creation and creativity, fueled by our obsession with our own penis and money and easier access to sex and drugs.

Just as the mosquito numbs the skin before sucking the blood, the parasite numbs the host before stealing us blind.

In the Bible, the strong man must be bound before the thief can rob his house. Women learn all about the sex, drugs, and cock cages to cuck their husbands and steal his money.

None of that has changed. A man is held captive by his balls.

Marriage is the opposite of this scenario. One where men and women will be happy. Not cucked, raped, robbed and mass murdered.

The equation has never changed because the enemy is exactly the same as he always was.

The host (America) does not need a parasite. (The anti-American race of "fellow white" people.)

A parasitic sub-species is not necessary. But the host is necessary.

I don't need to feed a mosquito. But the mosquito needs someone to feed on. Such as America, for example.

What the parasite doesn't need is a racially pure America. The blood-sucking parasite is a thief, and recruits, trains our sons and daughters to steal for a living instead of work.

The parasite brings about our permanent enslavement by doing permanent damage to our racial purity, until even the purest races in the world are tainted before they realize what happened, or the implications.

The bad news is this: We all have a little devil in us.

What it takes to achieve this, apparently, is the massive dillution and destruction of its own racial purity so that it can pass for our kind.

Someone like Mark Zuckerberg is recognizably more Cro-Magnon than typical troll parasite, for example. If you didn't know better, you might think he's one of those Roman fellows they made such nice statues of in the ancient world.

Not so.

On the inside, where it counts, he's about as morally corrupt, twisted and perverted as any devil, in my opinion, and leads a social media platform that is profoundly unhelpful to our continued existence as a relatively well-bred group of people.

[This is a bit like saying a mosquito is evil. Depends on your perspective, I suppose. If you're a mosquito, that might sound pretty offensive. Especially when the mosquito depends on positive PR to continue doing its blood-sucking.]

In fact, to say that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are killing us is a wild understatment. The tools do the bidding of the tool-maker.

He who has the gold makes the rules. And I ask you this... Who has our gold?

Goldman has our gold. Silverstein and silverman have our silver. Lots of steins and bergs have our money, control the central banking, and hold the lever that moves the economy with inflation, quantitative easing, or whatever you want to call it.

Money men have names that show they are and have always been the owners and posessers and controllers of that which is valued, that which is precious and rare. The diamonds, silver, platinum, gold, and these days, even the oil.

They control these things because these are the things they must control in order to control us.

If they couldn't threaten to give the gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and oil to our enemies, bribing them to destroy us, then why would we obey them?

We wouldn't.

They also control our women. Totally. If it's female, it belongs to the devil. For the same reason.

Women don't know their minds belong to the devil. But just try to ask them to stop wearing jeans or boy shorts. It won't happen. It will never happen.

The vaginas of our people belong to the devil.

With a few exceptions here and there.

The garden of eden showed what happens when the serpent gets control of a woman and whispers sweet lies into her ear, and promises she can be like God.

The Italian singer Ariana Grande turned to the dark side because her brother is gay.

For that reason, and for no other discernable reason other than bling, she's betrayed all of society, gotten girls (in boy shorts) killed by pipe bombs at her concert, all so the devil can control millions of women.

She's systematically destroying America's sexuality, with the help of thousands of people who promote her work.

And all right under men's noses. They're a little distracted by the pretty lip gloss.

June, also known as shoe0nhead, who can powerfuly dissect any old idea, is caught up in the communist BDSM BS. Can't see through the lie on her own. Her brilliant brain lacks the horsepower to see the truth. And doesn't want to.

Therefore, while fighting feminism, she's nevertheless spreading harmful communist trash across the internet.

The worst and the best of women are fooled, arrogant, and controlling men, even if it's through submissive sexuality.

When someone says, "I'm into submission", she's basically deciding for a man what his sexuality is going to have to be. And frankly, that's a big step in a very dangerous direction.

If the modern social media platforms only stole our money and data, it would be bad enough. But what they really want to crush is our immortal soul by attacking vulnerable women and young people with lies of omission. Most people would call it censorship.

You don't know what you don't know when you watch YouTube. You don't know the destructive power of the misleading half-truths you're continuously fed to condition you to believe that blacks are just dark-colored white people, that Arabs are carmel-colored white people, and that Asians are culturally different, but underneath it all, they're just slanty-eyed white people.

As for Jews? Jesus was a Jew, we're told. So that means it must be true. Even the Bible says so. The most religous people are Jews. In fact, the Christians aren't religious. They're like atheists. So that probably means Jesus is basically an athiest, putting to rest all those obsolete old stupid religious laws so we can do SCIENCE!

Or else that's what the pot-smoking Seth Rogan party movies would have us all believe.

In fact, if you don't smoke weed with black people, there's probably something very wrong with you, YouTubers. Something twisted and evil. You're basically Darth Vader unless you smoke or chew tobacco, constantly get drunk on shitty vodka, smoke weed to help you over your hangover, and give a standing ovation when gay people get married, when your half brother comes out as trans and your cousin marries a monkey woman.

Want to get rich and do something about it? Too bad, evil money-lover.

Jesus frowns on making any amount of money, as Sarah Silverman will tell you. After all, he rode a donkey so that we'd all give up all our possessions and be poor. It's right there in black and white. Be poor.

It's as if "Now, however, take up your purse" isn't even in the Bible.

This means others will take up THEIR purse to buy media outlets, and teach your children through cartoons and movies and music and shows that your #1 job is to be nice and make everyone like you.

Unless your black, in which case your job is to get rich or die tryin', breed all them white hoes, preferably a dozen at a time.

Whites are systematically taught total business incompetence, making them eternal wage slaves, and nothing more.

Blacks are taught to sell drugs and be a rich gangsta pimp. That if you escape the hood, you can be a successful businessman, rubbing elbows with Warren "He Don't Seem Like He Spin a Dredel" Buffett.

While others learn the worthwhile skill of persuading, qualifying, prospecting in order to sell effectively, movie-goers are treated to one story after another about screwing over people to win big in business.

Wall Street, Boiler Room, Glengarry Glenn Ross, Wolf of Wall Street, Founder, the secret to success was to hurt innocent, decent, hard-working Americans who didndu nuthin' and aren't ever morally responsible for their actions when they get tricked.

We will lose if our only teachers are the wolves in sheep's clothing from LA to New York.

How did Germany win? Politically.

How did America lose? Politically.

How did America win its Independence? Politically.

Which means there might be a political solution, but not if you behave like the modern Americans do. You have to act LIKE WE USED TO.

Germans and Americans can both win. And we can win politically. But we need to learn how.

Watching more Hollywood movies won't teach you how to win a date, to win in business, or to win in war or politics.

If you behave like the Germans did, like the revolutionary Americans did, you can win something.

If you behave like Andrew Jackson, you can kill the central bank.

What is the difference between the German approach and the recent American approach?

Why did the Germans succeed after the disastrous defeat of the Beer Hall Putsch, but the American white nationalist movement stalled after  Charlottesville? What's the difference?

The answer is embarrassingly simple.

Our enemy spent 70 years meditating on the mistakes they made the last time. They used mass media to produce an American and a European society that cannot possibly fathom doing ANY of the things that lead to success.

Such as praising white accomplishments. Because saying anything nice about whites means Jews end up in ovens. (Presumably a bad thing.)

If you say anything nice about whites, you're not nice. You're Hitler.

What else did Hitler get right?

Where Adolf Hitler said that it is only by the spoken word that revolutions are possible, Jerry Seinfeld joked that public speaking was a greater fear than death. Because that means the guy giving the eulogy would rather be the one in the casket.

Hitler made thousands of public speeches. But he also had thousands of politicians making hundreds of speeches locally.

Our enemy holds thousands of events, speaks in public in front of audiences at universities, wasting everyone's time with atheistic Commie garbage.

That's what's necessary. Now... what makes this possible?

Through a long march through the institutions, the enemy of mankind has successfully installed a deeply dreaded fear of public speaking in the American mind.

They speak in public all they want. We fear it more than death. Hmm.

The only way to successfully revolt, the only way to win is public speaking, and thousands of people making thousands of speeches and presentations and demonstrations and rallies, and we Americans resist nothing more than public speaking.

It seems like they're successful at instilling this irrational fear somehow. What method do they use to create this phobia?

Through mass media. By amplifying our fear of rejection. By training us to be nice. By showing us "bad guys" on our cartoon shows who nobody likes because he stands up and monologues.

He tells the truth as he sees it, and in every case, he's defeated.

Well, incompetence will do that. We weren't taught to bounce back from mistakes, so we practice our perfectionism. And perfectionism is procrastinationism.

If it doesn't happen now, it doesn't get done.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather make 10 imperfect speeches than one perfect speech.

Perfectionism sucks donkey balls.

In school, the way to get the top score is to get all the right answers.

In real life, there are no right answers. Just bad, average, and good.

Your paper won't be graded by the teacher. It will be graded by your audience. If only 70% of give you a failing grade, you're doing better than most multi-millionaires on the speaking circuit.

If they can sell 30% of the room, they can hold conferences on how they did it. Most speakers are lucky to persuade 10% of the room.

Public speaking is only more efficient if you value your time. If you took each person aside and spoke to them with skill and competence, you might get 70% to 80% of the audience to buy, volunteer, commit, contribute, or sign up. It's possible.

But it would take a hundred times longer. Instead of giving a 90 minute speech, you'd be giving 9,000 minutes of speeches.

Would you rather schedule 9,000 minutes of presentations? I hope not.

Instead, if you get 10 sales at a time in the small groups, or 100 sales at a time in the large groups, and 1,000 sales at a time in the huge groups, eventually you're going to be worth a million dollars per hour!

And that's true whether you're selling white nationalism or plastic refrigerator bowls.

When they sell thousands of items at a time on TV, they're reaching a massive audience. They don't need to be efficient or perfect, because their audience is HUGE.

How are we're taught that public speaking is ineffective? Was your school teacher a mulit-millionaire?

Maybe she should have been. We spend ten thousand dollars per student per year. With 30 students in an average class, that's $300,000 per class per year!

Why doesn't the teacher start her own school? Because when she went to school, they didn't teach anyone how to start a school. Society told you how to get a J.O.B.

But because your school teacher made J.O.B.: Just Over Broke, you'd never know that much money was being spent. It makes you wonder where all the money goes, doesn't it?

Public speaking is incredibly powerful and valuable, and it's a missed opportunity when it doesn't happen.

The podcasting isn't quite as lucrative, largely because it's mostly the same audience every time. With public speaking, you're reaching a new audience with the same material. It's easier to get a new audience than a new speech.

I probably can't recruit 10 people per day by knocking on doors all day. But I can make a speech in front of 10 people, 100 people. or 1,000 people. It takes the same amount of time.

Then I could recruit 1, 10, or 100 people per speech. To do what? To fight for white survival by doing the highest priority tasks.

Such as getting speakers booked to speak in front of even larger audiences, promoting their appearances, fundraising and all those things.

If you've got one day would you rather enlist 100 people or 1?

Jesus chose to do a sermon on the mount. Of the entire multitude, he recruited his twelve disciples. What did they do? They helped him spread the word.

Perfectionism won't work.

If you rehearse in front of a mirror, you'll become great at giving speeches to mirrors. Not audiences.

If you rehearse in front of audiences, you'll get great at giving speeches to audiences.

A "perfect" speech may takes years to craft, might convince 30 percent of the room to take action.

You don't have that kind of time or money. Give the imperfect speech to 10 guys, then 10 other guys, then 20, then 30, and so on. Learn this skill, and door-knocking skills won't be necessary.

In fact, once you get over the irrational fear, public speaking can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.

Maybe a bit draining. It's work. But street performers do it all the time. It's no big deal.

The real problem is figuring out how we'll get you to shut up and leave the podium before lunchtime.

And if you have a short speech, it takes time to write it.

If you want me to give an hour long speech, I'm ready to go.

If I've only got 10 minutes, I'll need about 6 hours to prepare.

The few and the brave do public speaking on podcasts and YouTube, but there's a lot less interaction, except in the comments section, which, over time, has taught us to grow a very thick skin.

Unless you're a commie, in which you turn off your comments section.

Where scripture suggests we fear no evil, and fear none but God, we habitually and routinely fear doing the one thing that's required to produce a successful revolution.

But public speaking isn't the only answer. Germans did something else differently.

They promoted their public speakers.

Think of the first time you heard the electrifying power of Terms of Fair Use over mass media, sending a bolt of lightning up your spine, and making the your hairs stand up on end.

Imagine being in the same room with me when you first heard that speech. Imagine being in a room with others feeling the same way, looking to the left and right as the spirit of God entered.

If you've ever experienced the power of the immediacy of a stage play versus a movie re-playing its celluloid images on the screen, you know the difference between "Live and Memorex."

The difference between broadcast and in-person. The difference between listening to the scripture on YouTube and hearing it live and in person in a church.

That's the power, immediacy, and authority Uncle Adolf was referring to. The greatest salesmen understand the power of the in-person meeting. For one thing, you can't as easily throw someone out if they're meeting you in your office vs. calling you on the phone.

Some speakers decide to sell from the stage, and find it's so much more powerful to make 30 out of 100 sales in one speech, instead of hoping to make 1 sale out of 3 meetings.

The same presentation may be given, but the audience is larger. Several other psychological triggers are working in your favor, especially when 100 people have briefly, voluntarily lent their attention to the man on stage.

When this is done systematically, the importance of an introduction is clear. There's no point in taking the stage without being introduced. If the audience doesn't know the man doing the introduction, then he, too, must be introduced.

Stephen Miller, as skilled as he may be, will probably be introduced by a well-known local politician, before he brings Donald Trump out to the cheers of the audience. Why bother? Why "waste" all that time?

Because without it, there's no point in giving the speech. Far fewer people will be persuaded that we need a wall, or that Donald is worth their vote, even at a Donald Trump rally. If and where the rallies are necessary, the introductions are necessary.

But without an announcement in advance, nobody will show up to the rally.

Out white nationalists don't spend time thinking about what moves those political levers, what pushes millions of votes to put warmongers in office to institute a draft, amend the Constitution to give women and blacks the right to vote, repeal the protection laws.

How do they accomplish this? By the great "unseen force."

The force of entertainment. Or news. Or music. Throught the power of the mass media, governments give the vote to young men, women, blacks.

Through the power and pressure of mass media leading a public outcry for justice and fairness, Congress bends over backwards to give the mob whatever it demands.

Civil Rights, freeing the slaves, repealing and perverting protective laws to allow non-white men to marry white women.

You haven't stuck this fact to the front of your mind. You find excuses to dismiss it, but it's the only way. The only power. The only change is created through mass media, and by no other means.

Without offline news and entertainment media, Twitter wouldn't matter. Facebook and Google wouldn't matter. The gentile competitors might have a fair chance to compete with them. But they don't. Why not?

Offline mass media.

There is not a political solution without offline mass media.

Without it, there's no point in having our own social media. No one will even know it exists.

Public speaking? Great. But without offline mass media, who will show up?

Maybe you need to raise money to acquire media companies. If so, read this:

Maybe you think that sounds like a lot of work. Are you kidding? The rich don't WORK. That's for suckers. Read this:


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