Building A White Community

[Article: Alternatives to Allergenic Factory Food describes several community-building techniques as a way to bypass some of artificial restrictions to get clean, locally-grown food for your family, especially if you're a grower yourself.]

What if God gave us the 12 tribes of Israel to represent the 12 constellations, or to represent the character of the 12 ages of man?

These aren't the only kinds of places white people can live.
Seem like a stretch? Then let me ask you this...

If you need evidence for everything, then how will you ever know anything?

The Mayans have a calendar. Doesn't need batteries or anything. I guess they wanted to keep track of long stretches of time. Must have thought it would help them somehow.

Egyptians might have been keeping track of that Lion in the sky. Comes around once in awhile, you know.

We've got a calendar, too. A timeline. A useful history. God's told us about the nature of our people, and maybe even about the nature of our times.

If all you've got is your people and nature, it might help to know the nature of your people and their destiny, their past and their future.

So you want your people to live. For how long? For a short time or a long time?

You want eternal life, you say? Oh. Is it important? Ah.

How important is it?

Seems like eternal life is important for our people. Sure would be nice if our people had done something about it, right?

It sure seems like the kind of thing they would have done. Preserving the knowledge of our nature, if life is about life, and if our people have always been threatened by an evil that has always tried to destroy us.

When I'm being kind, I say it's only been a 55,000 race war. But I'm not always so kind. Sometimes I say other things.

If our Father is from everlasting to everlasting, and we're made in His image, then are we everlasting, too?

If you need evidence for everything, then how can you know anything?

Some pro-whites really make asses of themselves when trying to make a white homeland for themselves.

They want to expel every black man, and eject everyone who's not pro-white, and doesn't vote pro-white.

Well, that's one option. And I'm not saying it can't be done. But it's also possible to achieve the same things, if you do it God's way.

I tell you the Bible is white supremacist for a reason. It's because God subconsicously implants lots of pro-white ideas without anyone realizing it.

If the goal is to expel the Jews, I can point to plenty of Christian Kings who did this without even necessarily realizing that's what they were doing.

That's the genius of Christianity. It works even when you don't know it's working. It estabilishes the fairest possible playing field, eradicates anti-white hypocrisy and tyranny for you.

What you bring to the table? You have to be willing to move a few miles down the road and rebuild again with each generation or two.

That's not asking very much, is it? God's laws are not burdensome.

And you will lack for no good thing.

When referring to smartphones, the word "good" is being stretched a little. But a righteous man could use smartphones and laptops for good enough purposes in between all the evil things he does with them.

Desktop publishing is one fine example of that.

Consider the following. What was your life like in the 1980s? The 1950s? Or the 1850s?

Once we get to the 1850s, life has been pretty much the same going all the way back to Egypt and Caanan.
What's just five or ten miles outside the suburbs?

The sails went from square to triangles, but rural life for the common man was nearly identical from the agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution.

And I'm no luddite. We definitely need artificial general intelligence on our side.

All I'm saying is it's going to be much harder to create a pro-white, high-tech community when all the whites are dead.

All the technological change that matters happened since the the 20th century.

But the mass-production of whites happened even in the 20th century BC, even in the land of our affliction.

(Side Note: Hebrews multiplied under the yoke of ancient Egypt. Even if you don't think Hebrews were white, if they can do it, we can, too.)

But before the internet, you couldn't stream free movies! Don't take muh interwebz, yo.
Don't worry. I'm not taking away your internets.

I'm simply doing an imagination experiment with you.

Back in the 1980s, when nobody knew who Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were, a store like Wal-Mart had 25,000 products.

And that store had pretty much everything you need except the internet and modern software.

25,000 products means 25,000 industries.

That means maybe 25,000 towns of white people could produce 99% of the things you could ever want.

If you HAD TO, and your people pulled the handle and lit up the ejector seat to jettison America and let it choke to death on its own moral bile (as we once jettisoned Great Britain, BTW), 25,000 towns of people would lack for nothing that wasn't invented from 1950s.

And we'd have almost everything we had in the 1980s.

Some people have experimented raising their kids in an artificial 1980s home. VHS tapes and all. Not an expensive experiment, either.

You can easily load those things up in a truck and you'll have them. In fact, nowadays, your whole music and movie collection fits on a hard drive, so you're probably more mobile than you think.

In fact, I can probably fit every hit song and every blockbuster movie since the 1950s in VHS quality on a single hard drive. If I really needed to pack up all my things, it probably wouldn't be all that damned hard, internet or no internet. High speed internet or not.

And once again, I promise not to take your internet.
Don't flip out.

With 25,000 towns or cities of whites, we'd easily have 99% of the tech we're using now. Basically, (AS AN IMAGINATION EXPERIMENT ONLY), you could nuke the planet earth and we'd still have Iceland.

So breathe a motherfucking sigh of relief, please.

Now, if you had Iceland in the time of Braveheart, you'd still have some pretty great stuff.

If you also had your hard drive (even without internet), you'd still have phones and group conference calls and faxing, xerography, group email lists, interactive internet forums, and probably rudimentary desktop publishing, even if we jettisoned the Fortune 500 and everything invented after 1980.

I want you to really, truly, madly, deeply chill out about that. Prepare yourself. Apply some lube. There's no amount of global screwing that's going to take away your civilization unless they kill us off, down to the last 25,000 white towns full of white people.

Even if they all still vote for centrists and socialists.

We'd still have everything you've got on Linux operating systems. We'd have directories, even if not search.

And all those things could be rebuilt.

Now what if it's down to 5,000 towns who jettison all the world and go it alone? What if it's 500? Or 50?

The Puritans started with less in the new world. Seriously. They had the Mayflower. That's it.

No antibiotics or vaccinations or even a globe of the world. Just hard work and the Bible to guide them, a chart of the Atlantic and the undiscovered new world, waiting for Lewis and Clarke to scout the uncharted territory of this great land.

But they had faith. And they had each other.

And on a per capita basis, they rapicly suffered all the worst tragedies of a scope beyond all the plagues and mongol invasions of Europe in the first year, and thrived anyway.

They bounced back fast. Faster than you can believe.

They took a trip that's about as dangerous and long as a trip to Mars would be today.

And they sailed off into darkness and completely kicked it's ass back to the pit of hell with muskets.

Like we always do. In the really old days, we did it with long bows. Or with the atlatl, slingshots, or less. But we've always conquered and always prospered, no matter how much we've left behind.

When the going gets tough, we move on and civilize. More often than not, we survive the first year. Those who make it the first year will probably make it past the first decade and thrive with a family that dominates the whole next century.

God doesn't ask us to do these things. We want to. He doesn't ask us to go to the cross, to the new world, to the moon or Mars. We volunteer. We conquer and we rule.

And then, once we've established a beach-head, we fight to reconquer those kingdoms we left behind.

Englash Kings seek to conquers France.

French and Germans invades Russia. Alexander conquers Asia. Europe claims south America and Africa, establishing colonies throughout the world, dividing the globe among European brothers.

As God has forseen, all these nations and lands have become our inheritance to dispose of as we will.

Even as envious, covetous Edom tries to stop us and cheat us out of our birthright, trying to take for himself what he's already forfeited a thousand times through his inherent selfishness, greed, and wickedness.

In the new world, the tribes have regathered, as they regathered into Europe, and will regather again when we go to the planets and other stars and galaxies, in whatever forms we choose to do so.

Imagine that you have 99% of all the technology ever created, and only lose the newest 1% of it. How quickly would we restore it?

Pretty fast.

Although it's true we spend much of our time using and being distracted the other 1%, such as big-screen LED TVs, immersive games, the latest social media, state-of-the-art in movies, sports, entertainment that makes all the old stuff look washed-out, dim, pale, fuzzy, grainy, shaky, wonky, and choppy by comparison.

Watching a Blu-Ray version of Braveheart or Bladerunner and its visual effects, everyhthing from the 1980s and 90s looks just a little bit hand-made and gritty instead of seamless, smooth and sharp.

Spoiled by modern technology, it's almost like watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, filmed on inferior stock with cheap costumes and props.

The newest cars have every comfort and luxury in perfect balance.

Let's borrow a line from one of those great movies which accomplished the monumental feat of film widely released, full of frequent Christian imagery and themes, full of a cast of white actors. In 2019, that achievement would be nothing less than a miracle today.

Would you be willing to trade all the days from that day to this to go back and have one chance, just one chance to tell the tyrannical powers that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom?

What if I said you could do exactly that?

What if you could give up so many of the unnecessary comforts, degeneracy, and the technological advances since the 1980s and 90s, and still have everything you loved from those day?

What if I told you there was a place full of whites and nationalism called Estonia? Or a place full of whites like Iceland? Or places in America that haven't yet been invaded?

Or very small towns just a short commuter flight from all the big cities where there's no real compromise between working in the modern world, but living all the way out in the safety of the sticks during the week, but raising your kids out in whiteopia on the weekend if you've got a plane?

Imagine that. All the high-paid, hi-tech jobs, the chickens and goats and plenty of children growing up with people like themselves, and a prop plane to shuttle far between those worlds, with the ability to hop even farther away when times get worse.

And the times will get worse.

A donkey can still reach many of the places your newest traction-controlled, four wheel drive truck might never reach at the top of the top of the hill in the mountains.

Or in the valley just below that hilltop, so water flows with pressure downhill from the dam, the pond, or swale uphill, driving an electric generator for you, irrigating the crops, or so that a stream pumping water into a resevoir for you.

And even in the wilderness, starting with very little, instead of all of life's greatest luxuries, you have eternal life, wisdom, and a multitude of comforts, resting easy, knowing that whatever else may be destroyed, the glory of Christendom will not be destroyed.

That even if conscription takes a generation of boys, it leaves the youngest and the oldest, and the girls and the women, the elders and the youth and their Bibles and churches and their libraries and their farms.

Even if wars, invasions, and famines and plagues strike and overwhelm and over-run and burn and loot all the cities, the armies and the poor, the widows and orphans, the foreigners and mauraders will gather forage from your fields, will take the tools you've forgotten and will see the laws of God posted on your gates and fearing those who love the truth, will quickly enough pass your family by.

Not so for the wicked, who are like the chaff the wind blows away.

There's a way that seems right to a man, but his way leads only to death.

Lean not into your own understanding. Trust God. Meditate on His word day and night, and you'll be like that tree by the water in Psalm 1.

Total up all the things you given up by moving from the city to the suburb. From the suburb to the sticks. From the sticks to the desolate places. And even to the valley of the shadow of death.

What has it really cost you?

We were reasonably happy in the 1980s with the things we had back then.

Think of all the things you thought you wanted, even in the 1980s.

Brendan Fraser and Christopher Walken were in a movie, Blast from the Past, in case you don't know what the 1960s were like. Fraser was like a man plucked out of his time, forced to traverse a filthy, degenerate city to re-supply his family's bomb shelter.

Would you give up the degeneracy for a place that lacks the AIDS needles, winos, and forced immigration?

Some want to hold onto their cities. But I don't want to hold onto the cities as they are. I want them to repent. If they will not repent, God will burn them, torment them with plagues and strangers in all these cities.

Why would I lay my head to sleep in a building in the path of the wrecking ball? Why would I lay my head in Paris instead of the vinyards of France?

When the liberals are dead or bred out or childless, the farmers will multiply into a mighty force of soldiers and voters that reconquers or retreats or destroys those degenerate cities and rebuilds those countries or flees from them.

A billion African invaders can't stop whites any more than the Mongols and plagues and famines and wars of the past 20 centuries could. What they can do is force whiteness further and further Westward, just as whiteness has moved out of the Middle East, and like a tide, it continues moving West as it grows.

Those who stay in one place turn faintly more beige, then brown, then dark. At that point, they apparently will become Arab and then Muslim as whites become mongrelized and Christianity transforms into Islam.

I wouldn't want to be the man who overstayed his welcome, as the coptic Christians have, clinging to a place instead of clinging to racial purity.

There's no place or future among those who've long since surrendered their racial purity to the savages. Once you've lost your senses, race is the first thing you surrender. If you've lost your race, your tribe, then how can God save you in any land? Your inheritance is gone. Surrendered to the swamp.

If I'd built my castle in a swamp that swallows castles, I'd rather try to keep my life than my castle.

The cities also sink into the swamp of racial impurity. And so it's the last to leave who are the first to go.

And there may be some hidden meaning when you hear it said that some of the first shall be last, and some of the last first.

He who tries to keep his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will have it. If you can't even lose your city and your lifestyle and your things for the sake of the Lord, then how will you ever give up your life for Jesus, and be given eternity and resurrection?

The gospel starts to make sense in light of these immutable racial realities.

If merciful God allows you to do what He considers evil and live, then evil will exist in the world.

If it's possible for evil to exist, it must exist.

If it's possible for good and wisdom and righteousness and truth to exist, then it must exist. And must reveal itself.

And has done so.

You can have a car. But the tempter dangles in front of you the temptation of the shiny, fast, million dollar car that destroys itself and its occupants.

The "best" car is actually the worst car. You'd live longer in the "worst" car the Soviet government ever produced.

Do you want a car? Why? For basic transportation or to show off? If you want all-leather seats, you can ride a cow, you know.

If you want comfort, you can sit alongside Jesus on the comfortable throne of the Father, if you're the one who is victorious, and reign with Christ, with children to do your traveling for you, just as Israel sent his children to go to Egypt for him.

Fuel efficient? Cars got about the same gas mileage that they get today. Want to save money?

Then there's always diesel and natural gas options to save at the pump.

There's even gassification. It never really took off. Cars, trucks, and military tanks were adapted to run just fine on ordinary firewood. I'm not kidding. It's a bit more corrosive than gasoline, but consider the advantages of running the fleet of vehicles on firewood.

It means the human race will never run out of vehicle fuel, even if and when all the petroleum, natural gas and coal are burned up.

It pours out plenty of smoke and carbon, but wood gassification is inherently carbon-neutral, since the wood has to be re-grown to re-stock the fuel supply.

Steam-powered vehicles can also run on wood instead of coal. Civilizations tend to naturally collapse once they've burned through their forests, according to some academics. Meaning overpopulation is just a temporary imbalance in the end.

You can see Graham Hancock's forbidden archaeology for some evidence of this and come to your own conclusions. I've concluded that whites spread blessings to all the world, taking wisdom to the savages and live like kings after civilization collapses, and then they're exploited and driven out, just like Egypt. Nothing new under the sun.

If so, the long-term plan is to be one of the few who isn't a schmuck and dies with civilization. Jesus said about eternal life...

"few there be that find it."
So if there's a life you want, see if it passes the Braveheart test.

While it's not explicitly a white supremacist movie, the peoplel in the ancient world had just about everything you really need, including a the whitest cast of people you've seen in the movies in ages.

My birds love taking a dust bath. They're incredibly happy with food, water, and a handful of dirt. Are you happy with all the things you have? Do you need more than the dirt to create all you need?

Can you plow the dirt and create a whole civilization from it?

What do you really need more than the things you see in those medieval movies?

Ok. A smartphone.

But with the know-how, everything you see in these movies (except dragons) can be created, crafted, fashioned or rebuilt by a big enough white community in a matter of a few years.

The dark ages represent a loss of knowledge. But scripture preserves the knowledge that matters.

And the word can be preserved by shepherds for tens of thousands of years, if necessary. Is the rest of our knowldge so vitally important?

The code that preserves life is found in your genes and the word of God. Between your family and your sheep skins, you're all set for centuries, however far and however long you have to wander to find a place for our people.

But people still cling to their cities and fight for them when oppression shows up to claim and corrupt BOTH OF THESE VITAL CODES.

When persecution comes, leave with your codes intact, uncorrupted, and then all you need is the land and your animals, however many or however few agree. What does this sound like?

The flood. Hundreds of cultures have the flood story, because it is essential to know that you need nothing more than what can be found on Noah's Ark.

Your people, if they live, can rebuild the rest.

Or don't you believe in your people?
Don't you have faith? It's faith that saves your life. Life is about life.

Have I made it too simple for you? Or not simple enough?

God saves your life because God is the strength of your mind, your body, your family and your people.

If none else will leave a dying civilization with each kind of animal, then you must be the one who does. And bring your flood story with you, even if you can bring no other knowledge whatsoever.

Because none have ever lived that left the flood story behind.

In the end times, the story of Noah will be mocked, scoffed at, and ridiculed as all we've built rusts away, or is covered in ocean and barnacles and the people who depend on the trees lose everything, including the trees.

Imagine a people able to survive through all the ice ages with their knowledge of the flood intact. With their knowledge of the waters rising, covering every known mountain and eventually retreating. How long is that memory?

Consult the records and see when the last time the world was cool and warmed up, when the earth cooled and the waters retreated once again. The species that remembers this has a very long memory indeed.

With a small library of books, whites can rebuild absolutely every technology right up to the 1950s. That's when semiconductors and advances in computer programming and jets and rockets and nuclear technology showed up.

What only existed in the 1950s that you think you so desperately need that can't be imported to a brand new community built right up from the ground?

A white community can re-machine all its modern weapons and re-build all its modern machines.

If you'll grow some white people using ancient, even pre-electric stuff, you've got the people to rebuild the rest from the knowledge of what builds civilization. And it's the scripture.

With these people, with our people, you can build up all the industries you want and quickly you're living in all the comforts of the 1950s. You'll have polymers and plastics and factories, vehicles, even air travel once again.

Maybe we've had all these things before, but ran out of forests and fuels.

But regardless of what else was lost, the shepherds still had their sheep.

The granite holds a temporary record of the enduring technologies and technologists. We are the ancient aliens. The foreigers who are aliens to strange lands, but bring blessings, wisdom, knowledge, techonology, and civilization.

Could Noah have known the last time the ice age would end and cause a worldwide flood? Could he have known that it would never happen again?

The children of the devil don't want you to be able to think so deeply that the answers to all such questions are obvious. The devil teaches your mind to be perplexed and confused.

The diseased way of thinking must be scrubbed away before any high-quality thinking can possibly occur.

Obsessed with knowing facts for certain. Things can't be known from noticing there are patterns of history and behavior that lead to undeniable, immutable and eternal certainties you aren't even allowed to entertain.

There are eternal truths and forces as sure as electromagnetism, gravity, light and weight.

These eternal forces and truths about race allow you to see the distant future, the ancient, prehistoric past with astonishing sharpness of detail and clarity. The relationship between race and time reveals the inevitable destiny of the races in the end.

If populations grow to consume all energy resources, then the end of coal, oil, gas, forests is the end of the artificially inflated populations. It's the end of the fools for a long time.

If this is correct, then a worldwide flood, rising sea-water is caused by rapid rise in population leading to rapid deforestation and a plummeting human population that doesn't know how to feed itself or survive without burning all the forests.

I've seen such sudden spikes and troughs in the data, but haven't bothered to match up the times. The leftist intellectuals can't be trusted to give accurate dates, of course. Their estimates of time are highly biased and distorted.

Scientists say the population was 30,000 families at one time. About as many families as products at a Wal-Mart store.

But do you really need 25,000 cheap import products from China?

If you wanted luxury in the ancient world, you need a wagon, your scripture, your sheep and a donkey. Jesus didn't even need the wagon.

I won't take your internet. But God might.

But you won't lack for any good thing in a new place, even if you have to build it all from scratch from the back of a donkey, carrying caged quail in a basket.

Very little labor and material really needs to be imported, even at a 1950s level of medicines and technologies. A bigger library would help.

And you'll need

To reach 1980s levels of technology, you don't need to buy more than your computers.


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