God's Will: Your Seedline

Using literary analysis of the Bible, the "thesis" of the work is discovered. In other words, God's will was found by analyzing the histories and geneologies, by looking at what God actually punished and rewarded to confirm/disconfirm the hypothesis.

It fits. God's will has been discovered!

What believing in God does to your brain | The Independent
About 6,000 years ago, actually.
What if God's will has almost nothing to do with sin and almost everything to do with preserving your racially pure seed line in a war between two races, one seeking to corrupt your bloodline?

And what if this is the primary, unstated, over-riding sin?

What if race mixing is the unforgivable blasphemy of the holy spirit? Naturally, the devil wouldn't want you to  know about Loomz trying to steal your seedline.

Yeah. You might have already heard about the two seedlines. "I will put enmity between your offspring and hers" is all you need to demonstrate this, but there's a lot more evidence that what God really cares about is perserving a righteous seedline and breeding out the corruption.

For which you're stricken dead if you disobey God, but all sins are forgiven if you obey.

This video also shows how the geneologies match up with secular history, where the story is confirmed by archeology.

In other words, this is the history of the world, the history of our family, and over-riding will of God revealed.

Why it was important to be "perfect in his generations". (God's pure bloodline.)

You'd expect this sort of thing to come from some Christian Identity group. But it's not.

When Graham Hancock revealed a story he'd found in the Edfu temple text (a scroll of ancient knowledge preserved on the largetst ancient Egyptian temple) about pale-skinned foreign Gods in Egypt bringing civilization and technology after their paraside island of Atlantis was destroyed by a serpent, (leaving the island underwater) he wasn't doing it in service to Christian Identity.

Edfu text and Exodus

When no less than the Bibi Netinyahu's own propaganda wing and their documentary (discussed in detail here) gave Joseph pale skin and blue eyes based on a statue believed to be in Joseph's own house, that certainly wasn't coming from a Christian Identity pastor.


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