Experiences in Mass Account Creation

Android isn't the best platform to be doing experiments in mass account creation. Twitter seems to have things locked up pretty tight, now requiring phone number verification on every thing I try.

Maybe because I'm using a VPN, punching in a CAPTCHA isn't good enough.

Shiny, new phone numbers are easy enough to get through Google Voice. And they'll call a GVoice number, but so far, the voicemail isn't quick enough to catch Twitter's verification code.

Resource-poor people can't exactly buy a few dozen burner mobile phones to replace Twitter accounts as fast as Twitter wants to suspend people for telling the truth.

And for some reason, I seem to be in a country where it would be illegal to alert certain people that they may be angering the God of Abraham by blocking free speech entirely. God just hates it when you do that.

But in the interest of a "For Instance", let's see WHY they work so hard to block account creation and what you could do, even with an Android, the instant you're able to make as many accounts as you want.

You see, you could use a free VPN like Windscribe and multiple browsers on your mobile devices, (however many dozen of them you'd like to use) to help create social proof, back-links for SEO purposes (causing sites to rank much higher in the search engines), and more.

With high-octane password management like LastPass, you could create hundreds of burner emails tracking each and every password and login for all those accounts.

If one were so inclined, one could use all those accounts to drive massive amounts of "real" traffic to YouTube videos quickly to help the algorithm decide your latest WWII is definitely worth watching. 

Because artificial clicks lead to natural clicks. That's just what algorithms do.

And I suppose a man might even use multiple browsers, doubling them up with an app like Parallel Space. (There are multiple apps like this if you need to triple up.)

Seems like it's easier than trying to get multiple logins to work on droid browsers. 

For all who would rather see their own daughters raped to death than engage in any warfare that involves such a spammy approach, I can promise you'll get to see how your personal preference plays out in real life.

I all this seems like a lot of work, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Much of the work can be outsourced to bots. Yes. Bots. 

Maybe even the Russian kind.

Of course, they'd need to be able to get themselves verification phone numbers. Like the kind Google is handing out like candy to anyone who signs up for a free email using the secret back-door they left open for their own spammers. (This back door changes, but it will always exist so they can respawn after aggregiously violating their own terms of service.)

A certain app allows easy email account creation without need for a burner phone number. Just "add another account".
You see, since 2017 or so, bots have been beating CAPTCHA using clever little hacks and work-arounds. Can you say 10,000 auto-generated accounts?

I'll bet you can.

And just between you and me, a lot of that work can be outsourced to the smarter and smarter AI bots that you're working on in your garage, right?

You ARE working on AI bots in your garage, aren't you? Sigh. Then what good are you?

It's not like software development requires knowing how to program anymore. (See Genetic Programming, Ludwig from Uber, Keras, etc.)

If an AI bot is told to "act natural", it will probably figure out how to do that faster than you will.

I mean, if they can already beat us at chess and Jeopardy and the Chinese game of Go... what can't they do?

One of the limits of Twitter and other social media is you have the ability to type as fast as they can throttle you. If you have something to say, it's much better to say it across 100 accounts than one.

Too bad we're still stuck doing so much of that work manually.

One man can easily produce more truth than any of his 100 followers can keep up with. That's why Tumblr allows you to spawn plenty of blogs under each account. So you can curate content based on micro-interests.

Pinterest operates much the same way.

But who has time to switch back and forth between all those apps?

It would just be better to have a whole wall of them. Or a virtual wall on a PC screen, each running a virtualized Android, cloned, spawning fresh new accounts faster than they can shadowban them.

Something along those lines.

Ah, but these are merely the visions of a brave, new world in which hu-whyatt supreemissy simply can't be silenced no more.

When the truth can be revealed. Uncovered. In Greek, the word for revealed is apocalypse.

I guess we all know what happens when the truth is revealed.

When each truth-lover's power is magnified by 10 thousand bots. When a man can cut and paste a database of truth across the interwebs for people to finally see.

But if that doesn't work, we'll always have our laser printers, our Risographs, and our leaflets to expose the hypocrisy of people who "don't see race" except when white people want to be allowed to have interests, too.

The faster we develop our attacks, the faster they'll develop their defenses.

They certainly don't want anyone else but themselves having the power to "Influence" all the rigged elections.

Some of the issues (and options) are mentioned in this article on automated mass account creation for Twitter. Yes, tools do exist to help with this.

Next is Facebook. It's easier to get 2,000 to 5,000 friends on Facebook when you know what you're doing. And when you're managing hundreds of accounts. Which is powerful stuff, but easier than it sounds.

When you don't know what you're doing, it's pretty damned hard to hang onto 100 friends and stay in touch with them. Gaming the system becomes an art form.

Business use social media links to build up the popularity and perceived popularity of their blogs, video channels, and other online properties.

Over the years, they've perfected the art using an assembly line processes. Once they know what works, they scale it up.

Creating accounts with pictures of women in yoga clothes apparently does the trick. And women have figured this out, too.

But it changes all the time.

The manual labor and specialization involved is one of the reasons why you might want to grow a large farm of caucasian children to help you spread the gospel for pennies on the dollar.

Oh. And it also turns out to be one of those profit-generating enterprises that even a child could do, making them a productive and lucrative member of the household by performing routine tasks.

Very little of today's child labor involves coal mines, you know.


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