Virtue Signaling Breaks Out Over New Zealand

So I guess this would be a bad day for a white supremacist to go and visit a mosque to donate rifles to little Muslim children. It might be good to reschedule this peace offering for another time.

If the Candace Owens-inspired shooter had been Sam Jackson instead of a Sonnerad-flying white supremacist [Is he, though?], and the victims of the shooting had been snakes on a plane instead of Muslims, white Americans would be cheering.

Just as they did when the actual Samuel Jackson was sick and tired of the snakes that had invaded that plane without the proper documentation.

That's the last time Hollywood complained about the undocumented immigrants and airplane hijackers. And we were united against them, even when we had to send a black man to handle the situation.


Sadly, no actual snakes were harmed in the New Zealand shooting. And a black man wasn't the shooter. What a shame.

By far the most disgusting development in the New Zealand shooting is the virtue signalling on all sides.

The shooter, who I won't name here, for the moral grandstanding reason that I don't remember it at the moment, lost his sense of humor about the Ebba Ackerland incident. Naturally.

His solution, given a choice of weapons and attacks, was firearms, since this would lead to more coverage, firearms being blamed, in an aim to abolish the 2nd Amendment in America, leading to open hostility a left-vs-right Civil War, thereby polarizing political camps against one another.

For someone who claims to care about the fate of little girls, it's unsurprising to find a violent man shooting children himself, and provoking a war that, if successful, would get lots and lots of little girls killed.

Now don't get me wrong. The fewer little girls live to grow up to become harlots who vote for Yang, the better, from a Christian perspective.

But I'm quickly finding out this morning that very few people, even so-called Christians, seem to know what a Christian perspective even looks like anymore.

Neither Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern are producing any Christian-sounding reactions to the event. Both are basically childless "Christian" harlots themselves, whose views and lifestyles are about as Christian as a Jihadi working the night shift in a whorehouse.

And more importantly, I'm sure neither asked for their man's permission before tweeting a bunch of nonsense.

First of all, Lauren suggested that innocent people shouldn't be killed in the streets or house of worship. Or words to that effect. A bunch of women chattering shouldn't be paid too much mind.

Yes, innocent people shouldn't be killed. Also, women shouldn't wear boy shorts. Those offenses are about equal in God's eyes, given that sometimes "innocent" people, including children, must be exterminated. And their little dogs, too.

Look at God's orders regarding Midian or Benjamin, the Amalakites or Caananites. All people who, presumably, did nothing worse than wearing boy shorts while sacrificing their children to false Gods. But their children therefore deserved to be massacred.

And if you think about it, He's right.

Faith Goldy posted, "NZ attack was an act of evil & the shooter will rot in hell. May the victims RIP.
#NotAllMuslims are to blame for terror & those who engage in legitimate debate about mass migration and Islam are in no way responsible for this attack. Don’t be intimidated into self-censorship. ✌"

I quoted her whole thing because I'm a man, and maybe quoting her whole stupid ninny rant will get me a little closer to her her artificially inflated breasts and lips.

Jewish girls like when you quote them, right? (Wait. I think we're still pretending she's Greek Orthodox, since the evidence is inconclusive.)

Was the act of Moses an act of evil? When the Benjamites were chased down and killed, was THAT an act of evil? When Samson dropped sweet granite justice on the heads of a bunch of drunken Palestinians (Philistines), was that an act of evil?

Not according to the only opinion that matters. God's. God is right. 21st century mankind is laughably wrong.

God is right about boy shorts. He's right about Muslims. He's right about blacks and He's right about "Jews."

At times like this, we have to remember some wise words to guide us. Yoda once said, "Judge me by my size, do you?"

It's not the size of the collagen-injected lips. It's not the size of the silicone-enhanced bustline. It's not the size of the skirt Ebba Ackerlund was wearing when she was "asking for it."

Dinesh D'Souza, a non-white Christian, is the only one I've seen who's got the right take on this matter. And it's to point out the real enemy in the room.

The MSM, the mainstream media, *owned* by the enemy of all mankind, would never have reported this story if the victims had been white.

"Any act of terror is evil. But if a Muslim guy shot up a church in New Zealand it would not be news here. The media is going crazy over this #MosqueAttack for one reason: it fits their narrative. Muslims good, white man bad! So part of the story here is how #FakeNews is made"

This is about the fraudulent, brand-stealing pit of vipers in the misleading media.

However, Dinesh, being racially inferior and seduced by inflated sex organs, falls down in the first sentence by saying "any act of terror is evil."

Is not God a terror to the wicked? And we, who love God... in obeying Him, are we not terrorists?

I've long said that when men start obeying Jesus, you won't miss it. It will make the nightly news. Every eye will see the glory of the coming of the Lord, and when it happens, every nation will mourn.

Whether or not this is our opinion, this is the correct one. And the only opinion worth a damn is God's.

If you are sincere in your desire to heap coals upon the heads of the Muslim invaders, God has shown you the way to destroy them. By giving them water when they are thirsty and food when they're hungry.

The forgotten wisdom: A father who doesn't discipline his son doesn't love him. Discipline those you love. Feed and give drink to those you intend to destroy. Lend them borrow money, at interest to buy plenty of pork and pork rhinds to eat.

And if that doesn't work, there is, of course, fire.


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