Projecting confidence, ease, and power

One of the greatest propagandists in the world, in such prosperous times, has to project confidence, health, ease, and power. Some of which can be faked, practiced, or helped with camera tricks. But some of it can't be faked.

There's an image specific to Vladimir Putin that reflects the character of his people and their preferences. Some of it is based on his own personality. He's doing things Obama wouldn't do.

He likes to be seen with the Russian Orthodox church and its imagery. He's certainly using what he's got. If you had an impressive palace, you'd want to make use of it, too.

He has a young enough country he has to makes sure he's seen in a light that's positive to young people.

But you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

His people keep him exceptionally well informed. But he can't be seen as bookish and academic, because those things are associated with Russia's enemies.

Boyishness. But more specifically, he plays up an impish schoolboy side when he'll be seen by his own people, but shows a different, more serious face when communicating with outsiders.

He wants you to see what he's thinking, even before he's said a word.

World-class politicians do. These things that seem so natural must be practiced. It's serious business. And politicians learn from each other.

For strength that can't be faked, try the Putin work-out.


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