Home-made wine: $1 (or less) per bottle wine in 5 minutes (or less)

I only drink anti-socially.

The Bible recommends wine for some and not for others. For the poor to drink away their sorrows. Not for kings.

The Bible has some fine things to say about wine. You should Google it sometime.

For some of us, good is good enough.

We don't need fancy. We want plenty. We want to be among our people.

Watch the movie Braveheart again. What's wrong with the way they live, the things they make, use, and eat? 

Not a thing, if you've got peace, freedom, and love.

You can have horses and plenty and good, high-quality, hand-made things, and still earn enough money from specializing in your trade to have the all the comforts of all the latest technology, too.

Refrigeration and smartphones, laptops, gas heat, and good, efficient, worthwhile things without being tied down or locked in to a dying, immoral civilization and its dangerous, unclean, impure enticements, predation and moral corruption.

You can have all the women, wine, and song without all the evils that come along with chasing after foolishness and destruction.

You can have high technology without sodomy.

You can have pleasures and comforts and plenty.

I drink for my health, don't drink much or often and don't want to spend much money when I do.

For me, a bottle of wine is about a one-year supply.

If you want to get a little more mileage out of your investment in grape juice and preserve it or get the maximum strength from your grape juice, then wine might be the answer.

As it turns out, it doesn't take a vineyard to make a pretty good wine that's as strong and tasty as you want.

There's one thing I know about wine that you might not know.

You can make it yourself. Make it cheap. Make it fast, and for a dollar or less.

About 40 seconds.

Just ferment it, rack it and pour. I've been complicating the hell out of it. Why did I do that?

(You can make your own root beer, too. Naturally carbonated. Delicious and cheap.)

I never did make wine the right way. I did it the wrong way and ended up with gallons of dry wine that tasted a bit like yeast, because I didn't do all the steps.

You can make a little or a lot. Mix it up and it's ready to pour in about 3 weeks.

Some obsess about sterilizing their equipment. You can obsess if you prefer. I just wanted to see if I could make cheap wine.

If you want 12% alcohol, any old yeast will do.

If you want it a little stronger and sparkling, you'll use champagne yeast, available at any brewery supply, and dextrose instead of sugar.

And Turbo Yeast Express will give you much faster results, if you don't mind spending a little more on the best quality yeast.

If you want it a little sweeter, add more sugar.

If you like it dry, use a little less.

If you want it a little cheaper, you can use grape juice concentrate instead of the ingredients.

If you want your wine to be A LOT cheaper, you can use grape juice flavor packs instead of grape juice, and champagne yeast will make it plenty strong enough to get the job done.

Fermentation time is 3 weeks at room temperature, and as little as 3 days when it's hot out.

Here are the instructions for tasty wine.

And more instructions for dirt cheap Kool-Aid wine.

And more instructions to make wine so quick, so easy, you're done in about 40 seconds.


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