The Khazar Milker Deception

God Almighty has sent me into the world to tell you the truth, among other things.

But shameless people cannot be shamed, so they will not be shamed into allowing a platform for truth.

All authority is given by God, and it is also taken by God, taken by leadership, authority, discipline, and the zealous enforcement of laws.

And the greatest tempter of all mankind couldn't tempt mankind to sin unless they had something enticing enough to tempt you with.

Not long ago, the interwebs were all atwitter, about a (now banned) website that catalogued an infamous collection of "khazar" milkers.

Great American podcasts like Exodus Americanus commented on it. And the topic still comes up from time to time.

The breasts of "Jewish" women, (who should properly be though of as neither Jews nor Khazars) are typically less attractive.

If I were to find a single speck of gold on a beach, that doesn't mean the beach is made of gold. It's probably not gold.

Similarly, to find a single attractive pair of "Jewish" breasts doesn't mean Jewesses or their breasts are physically attractive, or even photogenic.

This is the problem with cherry picking the data.

Not all bridge trolls are beautiful, nor would you expect them to be. Most aren't. It's incredibly rare to find a gorgeous troll under a bridge.

And to select the most beautiful (or least ugly) examples would still be blowing things out of proportion.

To compile a list of attractive trolls would be like creating a website full of the world's most sexy and alluring orangutans.

You'd end up with thousands of deeply disappointing pictures of the same one or two orangutans, with thousands of orangutans completely un-represented because, as we all know...

Orangutans just aren't beautiful.

They're no bonobos.

They can be moderately cute when they're tiny babies, but the bigger they get, the uglier they get. And ugly is sorta the opposite of beautiful.

By cherry-picking to push an agenda, you're necessarily amplifying the tiny grain of truth, until a freak of nature, such as an intelligent cannibal, a noble savage, or a beautiful troll could become the perceived norm.

But most black people are not like Niel DeGrasse Tyson.

And most Israelis are not Gal Gadot.

The world will never be quite as rosy as your imagination makes it after a conversation with a rose salesman, even if everything he says is factually accurate.

If you follow a simple plan, a herd of camels will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. But so will a lot of things, because if you're like most people, your wildest dream is to own a house, a truck, and a boat with a pretty girl on it. Maybe two girls.

If you believe in Jesus, on the other hand, and have faith the size of a mustard seed, then all things are possible.

A herd of someone else's camels or cattle, properly managed, could eventually buy you a yacht with a helicopter on it. But yachts come with maintenance expenses. So do herds. Especially if you're raising them on yachts.

Frankly, you're probably better off buying a tanker instead. It's potentially bigger, more impressive, and more profitable, but less luxurious.

I'd go for the tanker, myself.

While Christian men profit from constructing a better, happier, more civilized world, the children of the devil profit from destruction. Willing to pimp their women out as TV and movie stars unless they've got a face made for radio.

Naturally, the children of the devil, the enemy of nature and all mankind are serpent-like in their hypocrisy, and therefore prefer to say whatever benefits themselves.

To show whatever side of events displays themselves to their greatest advantage. To create a perception.

You shouldn't be surprised to catch them implying the Ashkenazim are merely Khazars and not Hebrews.

There's only one possible way they could benefit from this.

When you've got an appointment with the lake of fire, you might prefer that people believe you're Khazars instead of the synagogue of Satan. A people who appeared out of thin air, with no ties to the ancient past.

But temptation to destroy Europe looms, and it's really easy to snag the strategically vital Holy Land and send waves of blacks into Europe when Europeans believe you're the Chosen People.

The children of the devil find themselves at the crux (the crossroads) of an increasingly anti-semitic time when the godless, anti-Christ race needs their victims to believe they're Hebrews so they can grab control of Palestine, but also needs agnostic anti-semites to believe they're merely Khazars with no real connection to the synagogue of Satan.

If you're the children of Satan, it's remarkably inconvenient for the anti-semitic, so-called Nazis to believe God commanded whites to toss them into a lake of burning sulfur at a specified time.

Because if the "Nazis" believe Jesus said, "These yids are what's wrong with the world. When I give the word, chuck them in the fire", then this gives white supremacists a certain amount of moral authority over all the churches and Christians who pussy-foot around the truth all day, every day, pretending the Bible doesn't really mean what it says.

To hear the modern clergy on YouTube, when Moses says, "Kill them all", it's metaphorical, spiritual, and allegorical. You come away thinking you have to attack your problems, in life, with metaphorical feeling of certainty, but not a real one.

The words of Moses, and subsequently Jesus (and the prophets) can't ever be allowed to mean "lets all get up and chuck the yids in the fire now, along with anyone who tries to stop us." Not if you hate God.

Even when they've left no doubt about it.

Those orangutan-chested, evil, hook-nosed trolls who claim to be Khazars, for fear of anti-semites gaining real power, don't want you to know that they're the devil.

But times will change. And they're changing now. Soon enough, the Orangu-tits tribe will want you to believe the devil is good and Jesus is evil.

That beauty is evil and ugliness is good.
That death is good and life is evil.
That cutting open pregnant women to massacre them in the streets is good and childbirth is evil.

Because if the white race were ever fruitful and multiplied, as God commanded, they couldn't be defeated.

If the white race loved beauty and loving, stable marriage to raise wonderful, obedient, respectful children, with loving husbands and obedient wives, it would be unnatural.

But to secure the strategically important gateway into Europe to try to kill us off once again, as they've doubtless done before, they must claim to be Hebrews, the most oppressed people in ancient history, and therefore entitled to the promised land.

But most people get their Bible from supposedly "Jewish" movies, TV shows, YouTube and whoever is behind the corrupt seminary schools cranking out LGBT-friendly, witch-worshiping godless charlatans.

If the synagogue of Satan were, in fact, Jews, Jesus certainly would have said so. Oops. He said the exact opposite about the synagogue of Satan and the children of the devil, the way they tempt you to sin.

The Bible speaks of an unbroken track record of this tempter, luring us into sin again and again, each generation forgetting the survival advantage that comes from obeying your parents: The real survivors of a deadly, malicious enemy, who have God's laws written on their hearts.

Because Christianity, as written on the page, is far more anti-semitic than Mein Kampf and White Power put together.

I see the battle of the sub-species, the ancient competition between the races as leading to very specific specialties. Each race cements its existence only by playing out its own role in the world. The bread of life, which is Christ Jesus, is given only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, and it belongs only to them.

To believe the children of the devil are Israel is the gravest possible mistake. In doing so, you have elevated Satan as your master, and made yourself an idoloter who worships and serves other Gods.

You are in God's way. And Almighty God has never been kind to those who get in His way. He tends to turn them over to be drowned and boiled in their own feces, if they're lucky.

Better to pluck out your eye and cast it away from you, if it causes you to sin. And so many churches do the work of the devil. They tempt us to sin by telling us nothing about what they're saving us from.

The army of unbelievers is organized, disciplined, wealthy and strong because of your sins. Because you love evil and hate good, or else because you believe it's good and righteous to sin, but wrong and evil to do what God demands.

This hasn't changed since our beloved Christian brother King David said,

"the LORD has repaid me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in His sight."

Right and wrong matters. But it only matters what Got thinks is right. If everyone but God thinks you're a monster, but God thinks your hands are clean, then you're rewarded according to God's opinion.

This can only be true if God's opinion is correct, if God is Almighty, and continues to reward us according to our obedience to His perfect law.

Even if you don't believe this, then God is still morally correct to forever send one destroyer after another to cut you down along with your whole Satanic, godless congregation, sending unending waves of His armies to burn you with brimstone now and forever.

Don't expect a pretty headline on the New York Times when this happens.

Because the money-lovers can buy and sell anyone who's for sale. Which, at this point, is everyone who'll trade their goods or services for a dollar.

The enemy of God destroys and enslaves white and brown people because that's their primary function.

The reason for the existence of a tapeworm is to weaken the unclean people. Survive and replicate. To be fruitful and multiply.

The purpose of disease is to be fruitful and multiply as much as it possibly can.

The purpose of a tree is to be fuitful and multiply as much as it possibly can.

The purpose of any organism is the same.  Every organism lives in competition with other organisms for energy and molecules.

If the world becomes over-populated with any particular species, the other species will solve the problem. In humans, dysentery kills more soldiers than anything else.

By afflicting whites with artificial overpopulation in concentration camps, the children of the devil under Eisenhower killed.

That's right. More soldiers have died of dysentary than any other cause. It's a form of biological warfare that can't be prevented by any treaty. The Geneva convention didn't prevent the "Jews" Dwight D. Eisenhour's concentration camps from at least one million captured German soldiers.

But God is good. God doesn't kill anyone without sending warning first. And God has sent you a warning in the form of Fair Use. He has warned people who will not listen, and so all who fail to listen, and  fail to obey the man God sent to save you will die horribly instead of being saved.

That's right. If you've heard or read my words and continued on your own path, this is probably the last warning merciful God will send you.

Not out of a desire to control you, but out of a desire to save you and bring you abundant blessings instead of God's curses.

God's curses only happen to people who don't listen to God and obey Him.

Whether you're a Somali or Yemen or German, if you do not do as God instructs, there is no chance. Your progeny are all doomed, one and all. Eternal life will escape them all, and at best, the lake of fire will consume them all.

These are the products of adultery, desceneded from sin, and therefore sinners, and therefore those who hated God.

Hatred of God is written on their hearts. These are doomed. The wicked are like chaff, the wind blows away.

Instead of plowing the field to grow food, they plow the white men under the ground and try to sow the seeds of his destruction.

Destroying, in many cases, people who needed to be destroyed anyway to strengthen the merciful, Almighty white race and its kings and prophets who somehow and forever continue to rise, like Jesus, even after every effort to kill them. And because of every effort to kill them.

While the function of the children of the devil must continue to be performed for the strength and purity of the race, just as the wolf must continue to cull the herd, just as dangerous playgrounds and 900 horsepower cars and alcohol must continue to be allowed to weed out the weaklings and fools among us, it's neither necessary nor desireable to entrust such a large responsibility as eugenics to the synagogue of Satan.

And Moses had no such intention. But pointed out the pit of vipers himself.

In the laws of Moses, we were commanded by Moses to cull our own herds in disciplining, punishing, and in some cases killing criminals within our own tribes, so that we wouldn't be over-run by baby-snatching wolves doing it for us.

We're much better off doing it ourselves because our nature is to improve this world, to love nature so much, we want to improve it, to help and guide nature, to sow the seeds to create abundance and life.

We are to be like the farmer that, after a time, cuts down the tree that bears bad fruit. Until then, we patiently wait. But that time will come.

We are commanded to stone to death the witches, the drunkards and sodomites. These are like the tree that cannot bear good fruit.

The synagogue of Satan cannot bear good fruit. His tribe cannot bear good fruit. Satan cannot produce good fruit, nor good farmers, nor good shepherds.

Nothing that's good can come from Satan.

Nothing that's bad can come from God.

Obedience to God has made this virtually unthinkable to the modern Satan-deceived fool on the political left, nor the Satan-decieved fool on the political right, nor the Satan-deceived libertarian nor authoritarian.

Just as telling the truth was punishable by death about 2,000 years ago, good deeds continue to be filthy rags to the Lord. It's not deeds, but faith that saves you and brings eternal life.

But if asked whether we should kill to death the man who burns witches, hangs drunkards, and stones sodomites, the church-attendees would be overwhelmingly in favor of it. This is how I know the Church of Satan is active and powerful in the world, that there is probably no living preacher in the United States who shouldn't be hanged to death until he is dead.

Because as far as I know, not one minister has embraced the will of God, has demanded obedience, has called upon the full authority of the Almighty, has raised an army to burn all the homes of the unbelievers, the cowards and traitors.

Such men do not tell the truth, are not willing to die for righteousness, and are false prophets, and as such, all such men are certainly deserving of death.

If a man believes he's a true prophet of God, and that the Lord will deliver him out of all afflictions, he can say what the Lord wants him to say. The torches and ropes and even the cross won't frighten him.

The thousand that fall to his right and ten thousand that fall to his left won't stop him from fulfilling his mission.

In my present way of thinking, I believe the children of the devil have done quite enough damage, halting progress and blocking the fruits of wisdom from entering the world.

Paradise would be a world without them. And that world begins with a lake of fire full of Messiah-deniers, just as our Father's scripture prescribes.

Is it a sin to go surfing while sharks exist?

Which sin is it? It's in there. The modern expression is "Don't tempt fate." Just as people in these times say, "Let Darwin sort them out."

We all know it's God who's at work in all these situations, and you don't want to test Him.

It's in the spirit of the law brought to us by Moses, the prophets, and the Lord Jesus Christ, our only true Messiah.

If he's our Messiah, that makes us the children of God. People who are to marry within our own tribes, keep off the pork, selling it to the heathen who will be our inheritance, putting people to death who've committed capital crimes, for example.

If you think Jesus said any different, you're mistaken, because under the laws of Moses from which he claims His authority as the Son of God, he never once granted himself the authority to do so. And if he had, he wouldn't be the Son of God.

Logically, there are two possiblities here.

1) Either Jesus is the Messiah, in 100% agreement with Moses.

2) Or Jesus is NOT the Messiah, because he's not in 100% agreement with Moses.

There is no room for argument whatsoever, because the laws of Moses give no wiggle room for adjustments, alterations, additions or subtractions.

We've recently discovered from applying the latest technologies to digitally "unwrap" the Dead Sea scrolls that Leviticus hasn't changed a bit. Nor would you expect it to change. Such unsurprising news is a pretty big deal, but must of course be set aside so that Kim Kardashian's boobs and race mixing "based" boyfriend can dominate the headlines.

If it doesn't make your dick hard, why would the devil print it?

I mean, you've seen the Spielberg cartoon about the "Prince of Egypt." Those songs! These mopey people in their desperate situation just tug at your heartstrings, don't they?

And some of those cartoon women, of course, must be "f-ckable", in Hollywood terms. If you've got no harlot, you've got no Hollywood feature.

Even Transformers, a movie for nerds about robots, had Megan Fox bent over a hot engine with a bare midriff.

For context, in the early 90s, a bare midriff would get you sent home from school. You can find copies of the old school dress code, if you don't believe me. Along with fingertip-length skirts. And those rules were rigorously enforced by white men in suits and ties.

It may be hard to believe it now, but there was a time when nobody wore a hijab with tights or skinny jeans. There were schools full of white children, and only one non-white person in the whole graduating class. A time when being an athiest made you a suspicious character.

But like God in heaven, I always had my doubts about these Churchian "believers" who acted as if they had no fear of the Lord. (I finally met a person who feared God in about 2016. He's still the only one so far.)

Meanwhile, blaming others for all your peoples' problems is unlikely to get you appointed by the Pharoah to run the country, so the real Hebrews must have been someone who takes a little more personal responsibility.

Which, by the way, is the best known recipe for success. The kind of ever-lasting and never-ending success you'd expect to see only see from one group of people on earth. The kind of people who will be as numerous as the stars, who will become a company of nations. The kind of people who'd build great cities, countries which are the envy of all other people.

Neither the Khazar nor Hebrew claim is likely to have more than the most miniscule speck of truth, but both of these contradictory claims are politically useful, especially when strategically blown out of proportion.

Lacks the merit of being true, but most of the occupants of delusion-world are violently allergic to microscopic specks of truth floating through the air, and need a constant-and never-ending overdose of lies to keep feeling comfortable and safe.

The truth is that the remains of other sub-species of humans, often so primitive in appearance, they're misclassified as belonging another species, are from the same species as we are.

It's not just their savage appearance, but their savage character which seems alien and out-of-place in a world the white man has civilized.

You spot them from their legitimate moral failings. The nature of the tempter sub-species is identified by his Satanic behavior, her hypocrisy. Only then does her identity come into question. Only then do her physical features come under scrutiny.

She's a demonic being with an inner ugliness, despite her outer appearance.

But upon closer inspection, an observer can detect the warped, twisted inner creature has also warped the flesh itself. The demoness may have a misshapen skull and features, an oddly lengthened femur, the horse-face, assymetry of some kind, and very often, even absent all these, a general tomboyishness in females and a femininity in males.

The "Khazar Milker", with a few exceptions, is the characteristic of breasts so far apart, orangutan-like, they have to be registered in different Zip codes, as if they've drifted under the arms for safety.

This isn't the orientation of breasts on the narrow-chested Cro-magon, but common the wide-chested Neanderthal.

Since they take off their clothes in the movies so often, we can say with some authority there are only a few Jewesses on earth with beautiful breasts, while beautiful bust is fairly common among other sub-species, as are regular features, symmetrical faces.

Along with the Cro-Magnon's ability to exhibit pleasing physical features, he also has the ability to see them. It's his ability to see that made him a great artist, architect, inventor, and designer.

Modern man is the child sub-species, or the child race, of the aesthetically pleasing Cro-Magnon man, who prefers beauty, and therefore prefers his own kind.

Offended by the signs and symptoms of demonic degeneracy. Ancient flaws.

In the play of the same name, Hamlet was instantly able to recognize an old friend at a glance. A man he'd only known as a child. But to the artist's eye, Yorick's skull was still full of enough life and wisdom, and it still told him stories about the past.

Unlike the grave-digger, Hamlet had respect for the fallen, and defended Yorick's dignity, holding up a beautiful ideal for the value of a man's memory.

Even the elephants mourn as we do.

Not so for all among us. Not an occassion of mourning for the perverse parasites, who feast on our deaths and delight at our demise.

For the sub-species of parasitic grave diggers and their kind, our calamities are their most prosperous times, and what they wish for most. The delight in our divorces, the destruction of our great cities, empires. The orgies of destruction are a day to loot our coffers.

And root for it, and cause it to come into being.

The sub-species, the defectives and degenerates are not merely an industry, but somehow became a sub-species. One so powerful, they've cemented themselves into their role, and made sure they are above the law. The Clintons, for example.

The parasite must make us less than we are. To feast, they must weaken the host. To rob the house of the strong man, they must first bind him.

To do this, they tempt us to do what's unnatural. In our comedy clubs, theaters, movies, television, radio, books, newspapers, magazines, they feed us slow-acting poisons. Despite themselves, they can't help but encourage us to run out into the streets with reckless abandon.

Outwardly ugly Ivan Reitman engages in inner ugliness.

His films such as Six Days, Seven Nights, encourages us to commit adultery because, according to the film, a man can't help it.

He's powerless in the presence of the sexual desires of a woman, in the fictional Satanic story. And all a woman has to do to light his fire is to "show up."

Two little distortions that are only true of morally weak people who are doomed to, at best, breed inferior spawn who are ugly on the inside and out.

Beauty may not be the product of one's own righteousness, but your ancestors obviously did something right.

But ugliness is very often the consequence of the moral diseases and afflictions of the unrighteous.

A drunken mother spawning fish-mouthed Anti-Fascists, for example, is a very common tale. If she hadn't been so wicked, her children would have been healthy and beautiful instead of brain damaged like their awful mother.

If Reitman's two contentions were true, that a man has no control and that a woman only has to show up, there would be nothing but adulterous affairs any time any attractive man were in the presence of any attractive woman.

Very lucrative for the divorce attorney industry.

I wouldn't marry a guy who didn't believe marital fidelity was possible any time a man or woman is exposed to someone their attracted to. For such morally ugly people, maybe being marooned alone on an island is the key to marital bliss. Only way to find out, Mr. Reitman.

But for beautiful people, marital fidelity is made possible, even easy, by the simple fact you both know with all your heart that nobody else is right for you, and everyone else is deeply dissappointing by comparison.

I already believe that everyone is deeply disappointing, even without being married myself. If any woman can possibly change my mind, the beautiful product of generations of her family's beautiful decisions, then I'd be delighted to be taken by surprise.

But I don't hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

Faith, and faithlessness sow the seeds of a self-fulfilling prophecy for those who want to believe it.

Whether you think fidelity is hopeless endeavor or you believe the inevitable consequence of righteousness, you're probably going to turn out to be right. Your beliefs shape your life. These two beliefs lead to a country full of very fat divorce attorneys.

In one fell swoop, "a man can't help it" and "all a woman has to do is show up" is an accusation, tempts a man to defy God's commandments, and normalizes the behavior, giving you the impression that "everybody's doing it."

It's not just social proof that tempts "everyone" to commit adultery. But social pressure, social enforcement of those social norms.

"Come on. Don't tell my you're too good to sleep with my wife, buddy. Don't insult her like that you son of a..." (Do you see where the enforcement of social norms is headed?)

"YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE AN ASSHOLE!" is the mantra I've heard most recently from the Seattle-area anti-Americans now circling the drain.

In this case, "asshole" means "holy." Set apart. Not like everyone else. In the world, but not OF the world.

As if they want to say, "How dare these Christians defy the expected behavior they learned from watching TV shows?!"

This is why our women and men are unhappy, while behaving in ways that guarantee exponentially greater unhappiness.

Every Sex in the City fan is unwittingly subjecting themselves to the exciting, devil-may-care attitude of casual dating, flings, affairs with a married sex partner.

Eventually, you're either hard-wired to abhor sin, or you pass on sinful genes. God hardens your heart, or writes his laws on your heart by changing your instincts. By separating the sheep from the goats.

Those who can't stop sinning will produce no progeny that can resist the deception that's coming.

A perfect recipe for destruction. As they say, misery loves company. The devil isn't content to quietly walk off the stage of history. They want to drag us down with them.

The devil long ago completed his design for the machinery of his own annihilation. Two false beliefs are all it takes. "Men can't help it" and "women just have to show up." True of dogs, but dogs don't have the well-developed pre-frontal cortex that the children of Neanderthals also seem to lack.

While I architect a fleet of death machines capable of purging the wicked by the billions and feeding them to the fish, the devil lets the disease, famine, and war destroy his enemies.

Because he's cheap.

All the children of the adversary has to do is stir up that disease, famine and war. I prefer more rapid, certain, and sanitary methods.

You probably have no idea how the Seinfeld show inflicts disease, famine and war on people who watch the show, but it socially sensitizes its audience to be dissatisfied by the slightest imperfections in others. How?

By showing us characters who are utterly lacking in wisdom and forgiveness, who simply can't let things go, who hold onto their frustrations, nihilism, and wallow in their sense of doom and despair.

Basically, it picks at your insecurities about the futility of life, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that leads you to expect a future of blue balls. Tease and denial.

And, of course, an endless string of gentile women dating Jewish men on birth control.

The characters are enjoying, prolonging, glorifying the sexy single life and mocking the miraculous creation of life, taking work lightly instead of seriously, and treating relationships as disposable instead of essential.

The  "reality" of these characters eventually becomes our own reality as the video propagands re-wires our powerful subconscious mind, and the hatred in the characters' black souls becomes our own, as the love of the world grows cold, and we learn we must solve our problems by lying, and pressure our friends to lie on our behalf.

Or else they're assholes.

Naturally, in the presence of TV shows like this, the birth rates plummet. Divorce skyrockets. White women across the west, people-pleasers by nature, fall deeper and deeper into dissatisfaction as they begin to believe...

Nothing they do will ever be good enough.

Meanwhile, Jesus teaches them "your deeds are filthy rags to the Lord." It's your faith that saves you. Faith is enough to avoid the terrible curses.

But for the ambitious and energetic, many wonderful eternal blessings are also available, and God in heaven will lavish the world's greatest luxuries on the woman who loves Him.

The TV watcher receives no such message. But the opposite. That you must lie for your friends, that a man must peruse through the ever-revolving Rolodex of new women with his penis or else he's less of a man.

George Costanza teaches us that if you don't have a great job and a girl, you're as much a loser as Jesus or St. Paul, who apparently rode around on donkeys. And in case you didn't hear, donkeys don't come equipped with cruise control or air conditioning.

Through Satan box's TV shows, the mass invasion is excused as necessary, because there aren't enough young people to care for the old. The dark-skinned savages in high birthrate countries invade the white countries.

And if you don't watch $2,200 dollars per year worth of Satanic propaganda, your neighbors will. Anti-white propaganda is filling up the living room on their giant LED displays, filling their minds with hatred of whites.

The wicked learn they're free to take out all their frustrations on one powerless, defenseless group of people: White men.

Why not? The every-day, uncivilized misbehavior of "white" TV characters is seen as completely normal because we're raised with it.

The every-day, uncivilized behavior of real-life savages is seen as completely normal because because we've seen nothing but uncivilized misbehavior every day on our sitcoms.

"White people" be wildin' out on Seinfeld, bruh.

The white men on Friends constantly lie to each other, too. Leading to all kinds of problems in their fictional, on-screen lives.

Hell, if all the white people ended up homeless, it wouldn't surpise a TV-watcher or comic book reader in the least.

And then as life imitates art, monkey see, monkey do, the vast majority of the American public constantly lies to each other for fear of betraying their good friends.

Bowing to social pressure, many, maybe most young women dress like the sluts on their favorite TV shows or congratulate themselves for talking like the strong, independent women in their favorite romance novels.

At first, when a slutty woman is shown on TV, the general public believes they're looking a character who's an exception to the rule.

Ten or fifteen years later, the slutty clothing or banging a different guy each week is the new normal.

You're considered a prude if you're not wearing a g-string under your transparent tights. As if a board room met to discuss ways they can get 90% of young American women to go topless and wear nothing but pantyhose and a hijab while jogging barefoot through a city full of HIV-infected AIDS needles.

To see how quickly women's fashion is moving, look at the way any early 90s female sitcom star dressed.

Their clothes were a total mis-match to their behavior, weren't they?

It was so unusual, extraordinary and rare to see cleavage in the early 1990s that Baywatch became a huge world-wide hit TV show when Pamela Anderson bounced onto the basic cable TV screen every day.

Now you'll find cleavage shamelessly displayed everywhere. on American streets, malls, schools. But back before God brought me to the word, I knew yoga pants were about ten times more provocative than cleavage.

Women either don't know this or don't care. Probably some of both. I didn't ask them and probably never will I just fueled up my flamethrower. Or oil lamp, rather. Need to have that oil ready when Jesus comes.

On TV, children always misbehave, with no respect for their parents or elders.

They blame, train, and normalize this kind of behavior while pretending that burning witches would be a bad thing.

They know how to meme it into existence.

Following the falling chain of dominoes, this is why the nuclear family collapses,  why the government debt soars. Whether you watch TV or not, it's why your neighbors apply new, insane social norms. With force, if necessary.

It's why the U.S. Congress bends over backwards.

It's the mass media that's the primary driver of civilization. It is upstream of all social change by reprogramming everyone who associates with television-watchers or book-readers.

If I were in charge of the US military, and I knew it would only cost 100 million American lives to retake the mass media, I'd pay that price in a heartbeat.

It's the only hill worth taking. Doesn't matter what it costs to take it. Without control of the media, you don't have any control of the country, or the fate of your people.

Many (maybe most) people can't see what's offensive about Jewish entertainment, largely because they are already infected with so much inner moral ugliness that they can't correctly identify morally disgusting behavior.

Therefore they cannot see what's so deadly and destructive about the Khazar or Hebrew hypothesis.

They're ancient Israelite-deniers who can't believe God meant what He said, or said what He meant.

Because of their sinful nature, they want to believe Satan's demonspawn children are the descendants of the ancient Israelites.

Those of the synagogue of Satan, the enemy of all mankind, clearly stated, "We have never been slaves to anyone." From their own mouths, they have confessed that their forefathers never lived enslaved under the Pharoah of Egypt.

In a time of illiterates relying on oral traditions to pass on complete stories and poems and verses after a single hearing, their confession is recorded in scripture just as clearly as if a tape recorder had captured it.

We know that the descendants of the Phariseses are each and every one of them born with the lust to lie and murder, the same as hundreds of generations of their lying, murdering ancestors. 

I use the word "generation" with its current and contemporary meaning, even though the use of the word "generation" in the King James Bible is sometimes closer in meaning to the word "race" or "subspecies", creating confusion for the modern reader.

The communist TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation further amplifies the confusion over the intended meaning of this word by changing the way the masses use and understand these English words. 

White Power contained the word "fantastic" several times, meaning "delusional" or "like a fantasy". Every time in the past 40 years that you've heard someone say, "Oh, that's great. Just fantastic!", they're promoting an alternate meaning to the word to obscure the meaning of the text in White Power, just as they've obscured the meaning of the title.

If Black Panther communists have Black Power, how would they feel if white people shouted "White Power"? The same treatment would result from a book titled "White Lives Matter", if it were published today and said the claims of Messiah-deniers were "unbelievable."

Within a generation of television media, YouTube videos and university courses, if you said something was "an unbelievable claim", people would think you meant it was the best possible kind of claim.

All the slogans, books, and articles produced by our movement should keep the vagueness of human language in mind, and we should remember who is pushing the meanings of words and why.

For the past few years, I've been rotating the same ideas through hundreds of variations of words and phrases, just as our ancestors did, in hope that this will help preserve the meaning of our most eternal, important ideas for the sake of our progenitors, our children's children, our neices, nephews, and their grandchildren's great grandchildren.

Some verses wisely take their tamper-evident structure even further, juxtaposing two ideas or by stating the same idea two different ways in a row, or, in the case of Psalm 119, preventing tampering by carefully encoding the truth until, to the trained eye, any distortion would stick out like a sore thumb.

And the most important single idea, forgiveness of your enemies, is encoded from the most ancient time in the baby names themselves, and has led to a wise family flourishing in a difficult time of almost universal deception.

Our God-given poetry saved us. Our stories saved us. Our baby names stored information that led us to life in a group of people that, ust as no one cans top someone from rescuing the family photos out of a fire, our ancetors would most likely have snatched their precious family geneology out of a fire before anything else.

The thing that seemed to our enemies to have nothing but sentimental value as nothing but a family tree, was quickly enough recognized as a vessel of information, able to pass along the crucial wisdom that led to life.

Wisdom is something which is hard to learn, hard to preserve and to pass on. And like those ancient sheepskins bearing some primitive family crest or family tree, our brother Jesus died on a cross to snatch you out of the fire and to preserve you with the most important single piece of wisdom our family ever discovered:

Jesus took the extraordinary efforts to preserve wisdom much further than anyone who came before him, and powerfully illustrated and demonstrated his ideas with his actions so that the children of the devil could never obscure the meaning of scripture.

He demonstrated love in the same unmistakable way you can demonstrate your love for your people and your forgiveness of your enemies so that none can ever get away with doubting the Christian source or intentions of the white nationalists, the white supremacists who our enemy hates as much as they hate our Father in heaven.

So that the Katyn Forest massacres, the Christchurch shootings can't be successfully pinned on us, because we're willing to forgive our enemies who are merely doing the job we sinners were unwilling or unable to do ourselves.

Jesus demonstrated that he belongs to an amazing tribe of healers, like the white men, who can cast out devils and even raise the dead. We teach CPR to the world to this day.

We regularly save the lives of people who are trying to kill us in between all the cattle ranching like Abraham, building massive ships like Noah, and building siege weapons out of forests of trees, but wisely preserving the fruit trees like Moses, doing carpentry like Jesus, plowing fields with horses which demonstrates a world-class capacity to harness the power of animals, taming and living with bears, as God told us to do on the first page of Genesis 1, performing great feats of archery like our Hebrew ancestors, leading kingdoms as kings, commanding the respect of foreigners like Asians can't seem to do, creating, inventing, teaching with the intention that students will know the truth and understand the world and their purpose within it, taking a scientific approach to the study life the curiousity about the nature of things which gave rise to all of the world's greatest religions, and mastering the cause-and-effect relationship between foolishness and the collapse of cities and empires, even when a great king might find his choice of wives insignificant.

To learn who rules over you, find out who you cannot criticize.

You cannot win a war against a deceiver by believing him when he lies about being a chosen child of the God of Truth, when it's plainly obvious that the exact opposite is the case.

You can't trust the phony morality of people who want to go to war against men who merely seek to question the orthodoxy of our times, locking them in a towar like some backward savages afraid of their own shadows.

Khazar Milkers demonstrate at least two or three kinds of ugliness. The rotten inner moral corruption leading to everlasting outer ugliness being shamelessly displayed in an attempted to deceive the audience.

When, for the sake of stamping down some of their outer ugliness, this trogloditic race of beauty-snatchers harvest beauties among whatever fools they can deceive to steal their seed (and souls), they only breed more and more foolish lying murderers.

Sure seems like a plan that might backfire somehow.

A man who pretends to be Christian and sells his soul for success and breeds with an evil female troll might spawn a progeny that encounter some problems, like being completely unable to pull out of a biological nose dive that ends in a lake of fire.

It's a bit like a comedy show that only leads its audience to tragedy, leaves you feeling insecure, impotent, and guilty, or a sermon intended to leave you feeling powerless to help change the world, or a song designed to sap your enthusiasm for life and glorious conquest for the greater glory of God.

It is our prejudice against inner ugliness that makes the superior race of super-men so intolerant of the identifiable outer ugliness of the people from Perdition, those devilspawn who are kindred to ruination because their hearts are more and more incapable of forgiveness or wisdom with each and every passing generation.


  1. I found your opinion interesting and relevant even if sometimes I was shaken asking myself about certain comments with an anti-Semitic appearance,the openness and listening have certainly convinced me of the merits of your allegations,I wish you to 'get prosperity and happiness because you are very intelligent and determine...goodbye


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