What is "Shrewd and Innocent"?

The Bible says you should be shrewd and innocent, likely because "I send you out as sheep among wolves." Good reason to be shrewd, eh?

But you should also be innocent.

Also, we know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities. Now, most people have no clue what that really means. I'll use the concept of shrewd & innocent to explain how we're wrestling against.

Also, we'll abstain from all "appearance of evil." Paul leads by example here, being shrewd & innocent in explaining a form of warfare that has obsoleted Sun Tsu as well as all attempts at counter-insurgency.

So here's how this works.

First of all, you have to believe. If you don't believe, you're sunk. Right off the bat, believing is the only thing that will save you. And that means God is telling the truth. If He says something, it's true. Period. You ground yourself on that.

I mean, you'll check his ID first, make sure he's actually the God of your ancestors, and that He's the one true God, that he has in fact protected his word, but that's relatively quick and easy. Scholars have that angle covered, and it's covered extremely well at this point. It's not the words that get you. It's the false preaching that twists that word, that clings to one verse it can twist enough to sets 99.9% of the Bible on fire.

For example, he's the God who says you can't trust these priests because "all who came before me were thieves and robbers." Stands to reason they still are. Same stuff. Different millenium. Priests, by and large, are preaching in order to prevent you from understanding the will of God. Otherwise, they'd be dead. Murdered, actually.

Personal anecdote, shortly after my dad started preaching, he "accidentally" got into a fatal car accident. How about that timing, you guys?

It's not that you can't preach the word. You just have to be shrewd and innocent about it.

Here's what I mean by innocent.

You are not being innocent to "abstain from every appearance of evil". Not at all. That wouldn't be innocent.

Innocence is something different. That's having clean hands in God's eyes. That's innocent. If your hands are clean in the world's eyes, you have not abstained "from every appearance of evil." You've done something else. What have you done?

You've buckled under the pressure of the pinko commie antifa mob. You've bowed a knee to a false God of tolerant genderqueer trannyfluid feminist inclusion. And that's not the God of my people.

What does appearance mean? Well, the question is, what does it mean to God? The shape, appearance, the image. You're made in the image of God if you do Abraham's deeds. You are in the image of God if you follow in His ways. You're in the image of God if your hands are clean in His sight. Then, to God, you will appear.

It's not a trick question. Not at all. Since 1933, there have been translations that say, "neither are you to be called leaders." That wasn't in the Bible before then. They added it. They changed it. But we know which translations departed from the ways of the Lord our God and when they did it. It's not a mystery. All of the changes, twists and turns in language have been preserved in black and white.

In the meantime, our use of language evolves because we krunk like dat. The pop culture warps our words and their meanings until "diversity", "inclusion", and "tolerance" mean the opposite.

Shrewd. You must be shrewd. Won't last long without being shrewd. I've been somewhat strategic in my approach to life.

We're at war against principalities, not flesh and blood. At war against false ideas about God's will, for example. We're waging war against the lies which flow out from the thieves like a waterfall.

How do we wage this war? By our good example. By being perfect, as the Father is perfect.

In our example, we kill a chicken because its aggression is undesirable. We prevent the genocide of those chickens by preventing the millions of its aggressive heirs from rising up in a cockfight war against us and our flock.

We also enslave the chickens, and reward those who have our favor, and lavish protection and blessings on the chickens who have been a neighbor to us. And they flourish and are multiplied like the stars in the sky. The farmer has the power to do this.

And when we are the farmer, and set this kind of example, and demonstrate this kind of wisdom for the glory of the Almighty, some servants will begin to understand the nature of their job.

This is shrewdness. We kill the crabgrss before it becomes a huge problem which can only be solved by a Biblical genocide of the crabgrass, both young and old, even the seeds and those who've gone to seed, and set eternal sentries above it to guard over the remnant forever, and ensure its evil will never return again.

Some are opposed to the prince of peace and his plans.

Here the crabgrass is the godless inhuman disobedient useless weeds, and the aggressive cockrels are the governments, nations, empires, and even the civilizations which, like grains of sand in the hourglass, fall away one by one, replaced by that which God has set into being.

When someone like Moses is innocent in God's eyes, 60 cities fall under the sword, genocides occur as if the scythe of the reaper had cut down those cities like blades of grass.

When someone like King David is innocent in God's eyes, thousands of Israelites are massacred at God's command.

When someone like Jesus is innocent in God's eyes, the Son of Man, in whom the Father is well pleased, has come to throw fire on the earth. Not to bring peace, but a sword.

Because it's the use of the sword that brings peace, and the cries for peace that bring war.

When the hypocrites called soldiers baby killers, it was while they were opposed to communists.

When they hypocrites tell us to support the troops, they do so while our brothers fight for the expansion of the Zionist Globalist world government.

They're not in favor of peace. The merely use this word as a murder weapon. If they succeed, there won't be peace.

When Jesus, the "baby killer" brings a sword to liberate the world from communist tyrants, (who aren't really even interested in communism, but bloody murderous tyranny, of course), the end result is greater peace on earth.

So in the end, if we are innocent, then we're opposed to those who pretend to hate genocide, but are genocidal hypocrites.

Meanwhile, we who would rather have peace are willing to support the will of God, even including genocide as a last resort are simple men who God has made wise.

But if the rebellious, aggressive chicken had been harvested before it could pass on its aggression to all hens, then the flock could have been saved.

The rebellion we're looking for is rebellion against God. And those who hate God are of course rebelling against Him.

It's wiser and easier to prune the bud before it becomes a branch. Because now the rebellious branch has become strong, large, pervasive, casting a shadow of inevitability, and it endangers all who live beneath it.

If you have not pruned the branch, and don't even want it to be cut, and fight against those who would cut it, and defend those who chain themselves to that evil tree to defend it, then it is you who are the bud who has rebelled against God, and it is you who will be cut, you will wither away, and will be bundled to be thrown into the eternal fire.

If hatred of the Son of Man condemns you, and if I am with the Son of Man and therefore the Father, then to hate me is to hate God the Father, and such hatred is murder.

If you are shrewd, the deceived world will see this as innocence.
If you are innocent, the deceived will see it as ruthlessness.

But if you try to appear innocent to please the world, you will never be innocent in God's eyes. If you are innocent in God's eyes, the world will never believe you're anything but ruthless.

And if you are shrewd enough to disguise your innocence in order to please the Lord your God, then the deceived people of the world, NPCs and church-goers may not know or notice that you are shrewd and innocent in God's sight, abstaining from every appearance of evil by keeping your hands clean in God's sight.

May you learn that it is from enslavement to sin that Jesus has saved you and thereby set you free to obey our heavenly Father, so that you may seek Him with all your heart, soul, and mind, and receive His abundant blessings and treasures in heaven.

Your example is your ministry. Go and make disciples.


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