3 biggest sources of funds to fuel mechanized [spiritual] warfare against the wicked race.

3 Biggest Sources of Funds: To ask for big money and get it, think WAY outside the box.
I don't know about you, but at the moment I can afford approximately zero Panzer tanks. Plus or minus a few. Meanwhile, war is being waged against us. Among the casualties: Approximately nineteen thousand unwilling white American women a year snagged on unwanted black cock. 

Like a thick thatch of thorny blackberry bushes that leave you stung, sore, and bleeding.

Pesky things, those black rapist pricks. Funny the news fails to mention it when the victim's white.  I guess it slipped their mind 19,000 times a year. Am I insecure from penis-envy? Nope. Because white ones are bigger:
Top 3 Mechanized: Automatic, Systematic Ways to Get Money Coming to You.

(More below)

See that wheel under the tread? Look at that wheel closely. Because that's something black Africans never invented. They also never invented any of the the top 3 money-getters, which we'll get to after some worthwhile, entertaining build-up.

It's not about hate. To believe loving whites means hating blacks, you'd already have to believe blacks are an existential threat to whites, and I just don't have time for racists.

And then there's the Muslim "threat." Solving that costs money, too.

Won't be too hard, if we decide to choose victory for a living. We'll be able to pay the bills and keep the lights on.

Both Islam and Christians are supposedly enemies of our enemies. As long as the argument from authority works on the masses, all you need to do is to reach those masses with God's authoritative argument.

Quick question: How much does it cost to print and distribute 2.2 billion leaflets? At 7 cents apiece, it's a bargain price of just 154 million dollars.

If you can get it down to six cents, it's only 132 million. Retail price.

Which is about the cost of 15 brand new Abrams tanks. 

That's something you can visualize. If you can picture it, and you can believe it, then you can make it real. Like Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile. Once he showed it was possible, others knew they could do it, too. (I learned that from a self-help guy who was mentored by an anti-Communist).

What's been done can be done again.

You also need to know that the business world regularly works little miracles like picking up surplus inventory at prices below wholesale. Which is why $40,000 or less will get you into a World War two tank. And on top of that, it doesn't even have to be your money you're spending.

It's not impossible until you believe the lie that says otherwise.

Whether you need to engage in mechanized, weaponized warfare, or just to lynch a few traitors by hanging them from the end of an expensive cannon barrel, you need more than just a tank.

You need to fuel it. Arm it. Load it with weapons and soldiers who are well-fed and trained by the world's finest. Why? So they can aim it.

All that costs money. Money you don't have, or you'd be driving a tank battalion backed by your air superiority.

So the question is this:

What are the 3 biggest sources of devil-smashing funds?

Properly run, business is a much bigger social source of social good (and money) than charity because people get something for their money. If you don't think so, look at what Henry Ford did for the world.

Charity and begging isn't the answer. If it were, I'd say so. Just think about it:

Would you rather choose a Detroit-built car or donate $1,000 to the Henry Ford Memorial Anti-Semitism Political Party? If you buy the car, Ford profits. Probably $1,000 or more. But you've got a very useful car, so you've actually gained a lot more than you've given. You've just chosen to buy American.

In the meantime, Henry Ford can have his paper, the Dearborn Independent print up a series called The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem exposing all kinds of uncomfortable historical facts. Like the shady Jewish invasion of the United States 100 years ago.

See what I'm saying? The big money is in giving for money. Not trying to get money. Jesus tried to tell you. Did you listen?

He was probably the best marketer and spiritual warrior on the planet. 

Top-selling literature. Not bad for an ancient man. He had a pretty good product. Eternal life.

But selfish, fearful lemmings would rather follow the herd into cubicle hell and worse-than Biblical damnation (It says what's coming is the worst that's ever been, you know) to make an extra buck (by basically sucking Satan's magic want) than spending a few minutes learning to save our latch-key middle school daughters from a Pakistani sex slaving gang.

That's not so easy to do when you're shirking your duty to mind your business. First things first. In order to mind your business, you first need a business to mind!

Listen. I shouldn't need a hard sell, here. Given the way we're abused at work and growing up. Declaring your independence should be an easy choice.

You want the best sex ever? It doesn't come from single life. It comes from being married to someone you can trust. How?

Well, it's a lot easier to screw a dozen babies into your blushing bride while you're safe at home cranking out millions of dollars worth of propaganda than slaving for someone else for peanuts and coming home stinking at a cuck-to-five job like a clockwatcher waiting to get off work at five o'cuck.

So why stay stuck in a sewage pipe doing a darkie's job somewhere making someone else rich? 

The rich are paid upfront. The poor are paid after the fact. Shouldn't you be paid the same day you work? Why are the working poor the ones who wait to be paid?

Don't you know greatness is in your blood? A history of conquest in glory to God, from whose loins you sprang forth with the gleaming sword of truth in your hand. That precious bloodline is yours alone. No other race has it. Not like we do.

If you don't put the fear of God into our enemies, then truth is defeated. And across all those millennia, your forefathers fought for nothing.

Why won't you embrace your future?

Because you don't like the pain of a few minutes study a day? Oh, sorry to bother you, then.

Figuring out how to make a few more car payments won't save you from the red-hot pokers a FakeJew Commie would shove up your ass until you can taste the bullshit you're kidding yourself with.

Maybe we can fight effectively with words now. Today.

But if you wait, it's going to take bullets to fight. If you wait even longer, you'll only have your fingernails. I'm assuming, at that point, they may have already pried out your teeth so you can choke on a negro poker for their amusement.

WHICH YOU'LL DESERVE for shirking your duty, soldier.

One way or another, those black boys may fight to save us or avenge us once they know what side their bread is buttered on. The only people who've ever had their back. The only people who've ever protected them from the criminals among their own kind. The people whose remarkable blood has been steadily fed into their genes, vastly improving their minds and capabilities.

They're not black, but mixed. Black Americans have been about a quarter white for a long time. About 24% white. Many of the people we call "mixed" are actually more white than they are black. They can't return to their continent. They don't have one.  Which isn't to say we can all live together.

In a sense, we've given these "blacks" a segregated nation of their own. About a third of black males will go to prison in their lifetime. At which point, the white quarter of them also goes to prison. Maybe because banishment would be correctly considered cruel and unusual, since American prisons are an absolute dream compared to the parts of Africa SOME of their ancestors are from. Up until now, any country ruled by blacks becomes a significant health hazard.

I suspect these quarter-white Americans inherently know something potent and valuable runs through their veins. A part of them that can work miracles like spelling and punctuation and wearing pants properly.

And so naturally, they crave more of of this big magic.

But they'll have to work and fight to earn our daughter's hand. By fighting courageously to preserve the honor of their greatest ancestors, they can be heroes who win the hearts and admiration of "white" (European) women honestly. Who but a racist could object to that? It's true there may be consequences, and serious ones. But one day, for the first time, people will be able to give informed consent, and those choices will be up to them.

That's what being "one in Christ" is all about.

It's not about race mixing or not mixing. It's about recognizing that among all races, all sexes, all species, there are traitors who'll deceive us if they can, who'll be parasites and murderers if we let them. Not one of us is innocent. Not one is righteous.

That's why we're given a method to separate the sheep from the goats. It's called Mosaic Law. And in case you missed it, God personally showed up to point out which ones were the sheep and which were the goats so you wouldn't be confused.

We can't win by shoving white girls in the mud for all the other races to walk across without getting their shoes wet. Or by falling on our swords. That's not chivalry. It's not even pathological altruism. It's mental illness. Stockholm syndrome. We sympathize with our captors.

In this case, all the other races are given special permissions denied to whites. It's not just reverse racism. It's reverse Jim Crow laws. Whites needed those laws to defend themselves. Now their protections have been stripped. Why? Whites weren't even politically powerful enough to keep them, even when they were the only ones allowed to vote.

And the only classes deserving justice in cases of interracial crime.

That's what happens when you let "Jews" take over. Of course, as I keep saying, they're not Jews at all. Rev 3:9

We can try to win without any help. And leave all the Arabs or Chinese to stab us in the backs when we're weak and exhausted by battle.

Or we can win by bringing allies from among the Arabs, Hindus, Japanese and Chinese and the Quarter-European races to our just and noble cause, if they're with us. There's less hope for mentally ill whites who side with the enemy.

We'll fear no evil when our families are overflowing with abundance. Those without spare sons and daughters won't ever know how much our fathers sacrificed by sending them to one war after another.

When we're victorious, the quarter-white and non-white soldiers will know they're accountable for their actions. Not a protected class. They're not here to destroy, but to build.

Can a FakeJew promise that?

No. And he never can. And so he'll never win.

If we continue to treat our bloodline as scarce, as some Jews have done, we'll lose it by trying too hard to protect it. The counter-intuitive, insane-sounding idea Jesus gave us about separating the sheep from the goats has roots in biological science.

It's not just a matter of faith.

In 9 short generations of artificial selection, a wild fox can be tamed. Or, by perverting nature, a wild fox can be made into a vicious monster. The same happens with humans, if you apply the proper pressure.

The welfare state has applied pressure in the wrong direction. Selecting for the weakest at the expense of the strong.

We are strong, but we're not quite Atlas. We can't hold up the whole world. That's not blessing all nations. That's treating whites as the world's whipping boy. That's not Christian.

Our ancestors did their duty. They had big families, fought for freedom and safety, and gave nature a chance to do the selecting. Only the strong and the swift survive, when attacked by the Mongol hordes.  It's fight or flight. Those are the available options.

Since they clearly don't want white men fighting back, they fatten and feminize and infinitely divide men against each other so that no two can gather for any common cause except commerce. Even the nationalists agree on almost nothing.

Christians, if they are real Christians, do in fact trust the word of Christ. If you're looking for unity, there it is.

"Be fruitful and multiply" is the first thing God says to do. So they do it. In doing so, (if they can) they honor their mother and father.

Even our most precious blood was made abundant, not scarce. More resilient against disease, invasion, and betrayal. How? Through the mercy our Father lavished on us. With the secrets he's kept hidden away from the wicked.

Let's not be so wicked ourselves.

Then these secrets won't be hidden from us.

Because when things get really bad for the world, knowing we're to blame will hurt more than any other possible punishment. Because you alone come from the race that's capable of meaningful shame. It's our God who put us here. And He had good reason. We damn well know better.

So our unique capacity for meaningful shame is turned against us. We could strike the fear of God into men. Because almost all men are capable of fear, most can be defeated without any force at all.

After we save the whites, who'll save our enemies?
The real trick isn't figuring out how to save your skin or make your mortgage, but figuring out how ten thousand big, strong, burly Viking sons of bitches can make THEIR car payments and mortgage so they can pump out dozens of glorious little gods with the little Miss, filling the universe with colonialist conquerors beaming with an inborn lust for justice from their big, blue Aryan eyes.

And those soldiers will bless all nations. Not just one. And certainly not all except one.

Yeah, the clever assholes made it harder for you and me to fight. But not impossible.

That's why we're winning. We've had our ups and downs, but we're still ahead, and always will be. In the long run, even the wicked are withering away. Hadn't you noticed?

Because we alone can align ourselves with the sometimes cold, sometimes unpleasant laws of the universe that loves us best. Technically, the universe loves John Glenn a little better, if you know what I mean.

Unless I've completely misunderstood what affirmative action does, we're up against anti-white hiring quotas for businesses beyond a certain size.

But if a company is broken up into 1,000 nimble, little management companies with wicked-effective gentile lawyers, rather than plugged up with big, ugly departments dependent on Jew-ttorneys at lawless, then discriminatory race quotas enforced by unconstitutional laws don't necessarily have to apply to your business.

But even this reality is too harsh for some. Because riding the bull of business is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss. If you're not doing it right.

Nine out of ten restaurants in New York fail their first time out. Incompetence? Maybe. Because by the third time out, they have a 90% chance of success. What changed? The market? NO. They finally cut the bullshit, buckled down and learned how to do it right. The owners also build up a following over time.

True nationalists (who must be National Socialists like our conqueror and glorious leader Christ Almighty) are nothing if not chained to accepting the harshest realities of life. If we weren't destined to succeed, I'd say so. Our enemies wouldn't. That's why we're in alignment with truth and they're not.

The God of truth put our forefather's blood on earth for a damn good reason. We've got to lay down HIS law until everything is accomplished. (Matt 5:18)

That includes the law of Deuteronomy, Chapter 13. Blessed is he who loves THIS GOD. The devil will surely flee from him. (Especially when he knows God commands his people to smite Satanist Sodomite cities.)

What do you think God wanted to accomplish in the first place? 

To fill the world with murdering homosexual liars, while his people wave "refugees welcome" so a mentally retarded desert-making barbarian can try to impregnate his daughter's dung-hole, or to give the world to God-like men capable of merciful love and forgiveness for total strangers, including their enemies?

Who died like Jesus for their enemies? White men or black? Gentiles or Jews? In your heart, you have to know the answer. If not, there's data.

Do whites bend over backward to give up their own homelands for the God-forsaken foreigner fleeing a war zone some greedy banker crushed, or is that something only the Israeli people do? Maybe it's something only Saudi Arabia does?

Come on. YOU know the answer.

I'll leave you to think about that one before the Fake-News distracts you with the latest bombing or whatever. Or you can milk it for clicks and subs like a crack addict.

If you're a champion of truth, you can go out there and make the news happen to other people's homelands. And that means making the news. The broadcasts. The mass media. The propaganda.

Why profitless propaganda would still be profitable. 

Why is the internet good? It's free, right? Why is it free? It's efficient. But is it effective? If it's effective, it doesn't matter if it's breaking even, because it's accomplishing something else. Moving the mindless masses toward your goals.

If you own the data centers and algorithms, then I'd bet the internet is more than fair to you. If not, then you're in the same old game of kissing the right asses.

Maybe you don't realize this, but lots of private businesses don't try to keep all their profits. Because that means paying taxes. They try to break even. Or pretty close to it. Why? Because business is merely a weapon of war to them, with all their employees serving as instruments of their warfare.

That's why your boss never seemed to care about you.

A lot of times they spend away their profits on "business expenses." Lobbying for changes to the law could be a business expense. Corrupting our government is another way to put it.

Will we ever really know how much lobbying and how many corporate think-tanks and ten thousand-dollar-per-plate dinners are written off as business expenses? Probably not.

If there's a trillion-dollar dragon we're fighting, you might conquer him with a slingshot. But not without it.

Once you've settled on business as the slingshot to take down Goliath, you need to know about the three most lucrative businesses. (Or at least the top 3 I know of at the moment.)

In order, Cable TV, banking, then newspapers.

Yeah. I said newspapers. That's not a typo.

They're still much more profitable than the average American business. Like always, they're playing the victim.

All while deliberately warping our fragile little minds. The bastards figured out how to get paid AND profit while corrupting us (and writing off the cost of corrupting the tricky politicians) AND controlling our access to information... exactly like a totalitarian regime.

Not just for free. But better than free.

Physical papers being the easiest to leap into right now. Cost a guy about $5 in flyers to get his going. Paid expenses from profits after that. (Licensing, insurance, etc.)

Yeah. Not $100,000. Not 4 years of school. $5 and one day started his business. That's what it cost to print up his flyers and shove them into the door of hundreds of potential advertisers. Some of them called him and gave him the money to pay for the rest. After that, he paid other people to drop off flyers for those businesses.

If you're delivering 10 flyers at a time for 7 cents a piece, that's 70 cents per door. If you only do a lazy 100 houses in an hour, that's still $70 an hour. If you get a crew to deliver 40,000 in a month, that's $28,000. You get the lion's share for handling that. Or for hiring management to deal with it for you so you can build the marketing system that delivers pre-sold prospects who want to do business with you.

See? Even little Rollerblade Vinnie can do it.

In his stack of flyers was one little self-serving sheet advertising his own distribution business, stapled to the top. All starting with five bucks.

You know, $5 costs less than one of the tires on a redneck's mud-swamper truck. That's not bad, considering it pretty quickly launched a business that scaled to about $28,000 a month. (Gross sales.)

Problem is, after 8 years doing it, this guy still doesn't quite know what business he's really in, or how to leverage his extraordinary, better-than-free access to the masses. He's got the cross-selling down, That's a pretty good start.

For our purposes, I recommend moving up to some better equipment so they can't cut you off at the print shop, but for now, about $5 will do. I also showed you ways to change minds without necessarily looking like you're trying to change anyone's mind.

Let's go through the list.

#1 - Cable TV stations are the most profitable I've seen. Somehow, over 40% comes in after expenses. Why? They're in the ad-selling business.

So much money pours out of these TV stations.

For the right money, it's possible to get into. Then you're able to influence the functionally illiterate masses. (In the U.S., that's about half the high school graduates.)

There are about as many Cable TV stations as banks. Coincidence?

#2 - Banking. About 25% per year, even in a bad year. Remember hearing about the bank failures? A tiny percentage of the 8,000+ banks failed in 2008. And those that "failed" actually got bought up. But what they lack in profit margin, they make up for in size. It's a volume business apparently designed to shut off people's brains and get them so addicted to convenient cash, they can't figure out how to live without it.

Interest-bearing fiat dollars aren't a necessity. Greenbacks are a luxury. An expensive one. Especially with big purchases like homes and businesses. Once you've got the sweet combination of time and money, it's time to figure out how to leverage small money into big money.

Like buying up some of those 8,000 banks and 9,000 Cable TV channels, maybe?

Like I thought, we're not resisting 6 million. We're only resisting about 8,000. Maybe less, since each little company is eaten up by bigger companies. Probably so Satan can torture rape your daughter to death and then feed her to the alligators without the masses knowing about it.

I don't know what we're going to do about it. We only have billions of easily-misled Christians to leverage. Not sure what that's going to accomplish, but their best odds look like 275,000 to 1. If I were them, I wouldn't like those odds.

So I looked into it, and they keep their best shit locked up tight, and/or hidden in plain sight, but that doesn't mean you can't (a) buy up some banks like they do. Or (b) learn to "lend" without actually being a "lender." (There are ways.)

#3 Newspapers run at 11% per year profit, last I heard. Not ten years ago. Today. But easy to get into and it scales up pretty big. A guy in Toronto is reaching a million people 4 times a year. Better if he got into the Cable TV business and ran The Greatest Story Never Told every week kinda like they run It's A Wonderful Life every year, but a newspaper will do.

We keep hearing they're dying, but they sure as hell aren't dead. Everyone knows the Lügenpresse is scum and they still rake in cash. They make billions. With a more honest paper, there's every chance you could make plenty. Especially if you're the only trusted source.

Now's probably the best time to start reporting the facts. Even if it doesn't seem to pay as well at first. Why?

Because it's been about 8 years since the BJS gave white people the truth about interracial crime. More importantly, they stopped giving black people this information. They only hear one side of the story, and so when they have the reaction any sane person would, it multiplies their enemies against them.

I think, if you want to save the tens of millions of (quarter white) blacks living among us, we're really running out of time to do that. Whether you're fighting to prevent mass starvation, whites, blacks, Christians or anybody else... it's time to fight. And since the battle has come to us...

Better to fight while being paid than to fight while freezing and starving.

You wouldn't think I'd need to point that out, but apparently, I do, since so many of us, myself included, are pretty limited in our means to travel, equip and train others, and sustain ourselves. How are you supposed to lead a movement that way?

But if you're still reading this, I'm guessing you're not quite starving yet. If you were, you could say it's a hunger strike. And that you won't eat until nationalists start making at least a thousand dollars a day without breaking a sweat.

I've learned quite a bit the Jewish attitudes toward money. And from Jesus I learned we should neither be envious nor judgmental of the rich. I can use a knife to take food. I can also use it to make food. Same with money. It's better to have it. And just like you check the fuel gauge in your car, it's best you check it frequently so you don't run out.

If you're a house painter, you need to check your supplies every day. Do we have enough paint? Do we have enough money? Where's our money coming from? Where's our paint coming from? It's as simple as that.

And then you're doing what you love for a living. Living Spartan or not, you'll at least have the means to live in the luxury of a rattling, battling, car-crushing tank, helicopter, or ultra-secure condo in a high-rise. Whatever ya need.

If newspaper sounds too much for you, and maybe it does, then let's try to think of something smaller first.

How about a newsletter? It's just a newspaper you mail out. Oxbridge directory lists more than 13,000 of them. Lots of newsletter publishers make plenty, even without selling their souls. Publishers of magazines are net over $100k on average, I believe. Without digging ditches. That's not a bad average.

You know what newspapers started doing? Mailing them. That's right. They've gotten into the newsletter business. Probably because child labor laws prevent them from hiring kids to stand on a street corner shouting "read all about it."

Child labor laws took their jobs.
Kids can still shout and stand in the street all day, carrying heavy objects and pestering adults. You just can't pay them to do it. Although I hear family businesses are exempt from certain child labor regs. You might look into that.

If you're a starving writer, or starving artist, it's because you've been lied to.

You don't have to work for a publisher. With a bit of advertising and a modest cover price, you can take matters into your own hands. Richard Branson started out by calling potential advertisers for his student magazine. It's a launching-off point.

You might be a writer already. Do you talk? Do you know someone who does?

If you talk, but don't write the stuff down, then you're just a writer who doesn't commit it to paper.

The most important 80% of journalism can be learned in an afternoon, if you want a paper that reports the news.

Or you can hold controversial events and report on what happens there.

Banking and television are other ways of printing free money. I wouldn't start there because it costs more than $5 to get started. I'd start with putting your words onto paper and zipping out copies, asking for advertisers so you can pay someone else to do your deliveries.

The idea that advertisers have control of content is another lie. They have certain preferences about the kind of customers they want. If you bring them the new customers they're desperate to get, you can advocate for Sharia Law, for all they care. The proof is this: That's what today's newspapers are doing.

Given what we've just learned about getting starving advertisers to leap on your deal, newspaper is almost the easiest thing to get into once you know one ridiculously easy trick to sell a boatload of advertising to support anything you want to scribble or type or draw.

It's embarrassingly simple. 

See the article on double-dipping. Even a redneck can do it. Wish I'd thought of it.

Getting perfectly comfortable double-dipping like I showed you is the second easiest way. (The easiest way if you've transitioned to being a chick is to get banged by an Arab prince.)

Remember to leverage what you've got to fight the filthy enemy. Learn to lend, finance, and offer terms so you're benefiting from being a lender. If your most loyal advertisers fall away, wiping their pale foreheads about how they're gonna pay their bills this month, you can go back to them like Jesus the savior and offer them to do all the work for them on trade. If you can negotiate a trade-based price you both like, you keep the customer and sell off their stuff to your contractors, employees, clients, friends at a discount and you're a hero.

This is also a gentler way to collect.  If someone swindles you into paying for services after you've rendered them and still can't pay, you've lost them as a customer. But their debt might be settled on trade. And it might be more advantageous than cash for both parties.

You'll go and save them from their sins for wholesale, from their perspective. But after liquidating what they've got, (preferably by selling it at a slight discount to your employees) you come out WAY better. Your labor costs drop because some of the cash you paid the workers comes back to you.

For example...

A Dutch radio in Florida host did this. Without doing trade, his station wasn't profitable. Some weeks, he couldn't even make payroll. Trade WAS the profit.

So whatever else they may tell you, all media will do trades. Any business can. (Every person does.) And there's always a chance you can get screwed on a trade. But your alternative the certainty you'll get screwed by the bank. And a certainty 19,000 white women a year will get screwed by the BBC if you don't put the BBC out of business.

With trade, no mortgage or loan is ever needed for big stuff like buying yourself a nice, lucrative Cable TV channel and/or a little local bank. Maybe using a combination of LBO acquisitions. Maybe by using cash you got by a deep-discount fire sale of oil rights you picked up for nothing.

You can swap rights to perishable Argentine beef you don't own (traded at wholesale), pay for it with oil rights you don't own, (swapping it for the retail value of the beef) and use what oil rights are left over to buy a ship you don't own. Then you're in the shipping business. Or you can sell the ship.

Remember Madlibs where you filled in the blanks? You can fill in the blanks with hotels, airlines, car rentals, all kinds of manufacturers, swapped for commodities like corn, natural gas, or whatever else, and trade for something perishable and/or otherwise motivated seller facing getting screwed by a liquidator offering him 5 cents on the dollar. You can pick it up for an option to buy.

It's not an exciting thing to actually do. It's plain old work putting together deals. But it pays better than what most nationalists are doing. (Other than Trump.) Yes, you should stick to what you know, but you should know some things are worth a lot more to know about.

I'm not saying Trump traded spare hotel room credit and condos for that plane, but it would have made the deal a lot easier than making payments. 
I didn't link to the news item about the Argentine beef/oil/ship deal because they keep that info locked up tighter than a news story about a FakeJew child-porn mafia bust.

By the way, I'm not recommending this. In fact, it's down right illegal, so don't try it at home. But a little bird tells me smashing gentile babies to death and ripping them open on a sex tape (and later pinning a similar-sounding story on a white guy... throwing chaff) is an easy way for a opportunity-seeking Satanic mobster to make $20,000 bucks a pop. Don't worry about getting caught, as long as some of your relatives got shoved in fake-ovens in the Fake-o-caust, then the Jews media (I mean news media) won't breathe a word of it. Why would they?

Tempting, eh? DON'T BREAK THE LAW.

But that's not important. We're talking about using a newspaper to get a foothold so you can springboard to more lucrative hotels. I mean 747 jets. I mean banking. I mean holding sway over multi-billion-dollar industries to launch the only opposition political party into power worldwide.


Do you see where this is headed? Yeah. Me, too. And the bankers sure as hell do. That's why they don't want you to know any of this stuff. In fact, the people who teach how to legally print your own fortune have a really bad habit of dropping dead shortly after. "Natural" causes, of course.

Don't trust me on this until after you've looked into it yourself. Or until I've "died of natural causes" and it's too late to pester me with your questions about it. The only highly experienced guy left alive apparently stopped teaching it after his good buddy died.

Why did they leave him alive? I don't know, but I guess there are some advantages to being born a FakeJew.

Clearly, I should be doing. Not teaching. But that's when everything you know dies with you.

The fact is, I'm already doing it. For the last several decades. In fact, we all trade all the time for things of value to us. We're just not conscious of what we're doing.

If we were as conscious about the way we print money as we are about the realities of race...

then we wouldn't need to borrow from banks. 

Why do we turn to anonymous cash? To pay whores who use it to buy drugs and/or insanely marked-up jewelry. But if you swap drugs for sex, then you've got yourself a crack whore. Or maybe a wife. Depending on which kind of drug her cucked husband is using to pay her for sex. Such is the nightmare of moral decay.

Those should have been affiliate links, but it doesn't matter. Making money is too abundant and too easy (once you know how) to go stepping over the diamonds so I can pick up the pennies.

Master the one and you can have someone else gather up the others. Then you'll have plenty of jet fuel to keep your Luftwaffe airborne.

I set aside time to tell you this because my movement will be victorious and a city will rise around my feet, just as Henry Ford's team raised Detroit up around him, and made shockwaves with his newspaper that launched the moral authority for the German resistance against the Communist threat.

But if any one state falls, it's a springboard to swing a wrecking ball at the others. The rising tide must raise all ships. Standing united against evil isn't just for America. It isn't just for Europe. It isn't even just for the European races. But for all mankind.

FakeJew-owned "conservative" and "liberal" news stations pray to their Satan you'll never learn this:

You already have a virtually unlimited ability to print cash at will. Just like they do.

Oh. And now that you know the three biggest ways to finance your resistance movement, which lets you spring jokers from jail on legal technicalities, make sure you personally recommend this ugly blog and endorse it, and remember to endorse your FTR email list. Thanks in advance for doing so.

It's okay if you don't, but your audience will VERY quickly find out you didn't, and turn on you like they'll soon be turning on the scripture-twisting Catholic priests. But do nothing other than share the Gospel of this blog, and then you'll be...

Fueling The Resistance

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