Better Than Free Distribution: To Feed Your Army... Do This (VIDEO)

In the effort to save our countrymen from evil indoctrination, even one little insight can break open all new possibilities. And this could be the kind of idea you'll cling to like a dog on a bone. Because you might have everything else you need except this, even though it's been right in front of our noses all our lives. 

In a shocking turn of completely unexpected events, the account hosting this video was ruthlessly deleted by the forces of evil.
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Better-than-free distribution is going to be so simple, so obvious, I think you'll be tempted to complicate it. Or do it once, find out that it works, and never do it again. The idea is an eye-opener, and yes, there are dozens of variations of the same thing.

Any time you're trying to get money flowing into your organization, you hit a ton of psychological hang-ups, carefully installed by the evil empire we're fighting. Their first line of defense is playing on your moral disgust at everything in the world that works. 

Math, for example. You should love it. SO powerful. So beautiful. A direct route to truth.

Public speaking. Feared more than death. A way to multiply yourself in front of thousands of people. Say it once, instead of ten thousand times. The original mass media.

Mass media. It's evil! It's failing! It's hard to do! You have to be some kind of a genius just to be a reporter. How much more so to run a media business? All lies. Convenient for discouraging YOU from becoming tough, gritty competition.

Rationality, Logic, Reason, Facts, Objectivity, Principles: Don't you know? All those are hated in 2017. And considered hate. Subjectivity has replaced objectivity. Neither one is worth a damn when twisted by idiot eggheads into an endless double-standard. But objectivity, at least, isn't without merit when applied somewhat consistently. 

Spirituality: "Lame! Super-lame, uncool, immoral and gross!"  If you know anything about our enemies, then you know spirituality is the exact opposite, and by far the most powerful weapon against them. 

They have said so themselves.

As always, without intending to. 

We're never to be too objective about real crimes and criminals. And never to be too subjective (or leap to conclusions) when a hunch might lead us to catch a criminal in the act.

Money. People who know NOTHING ELSE about the Bible know for certain that money is the root of all evil. (Actually, it's the love of money.) But our enemy made certain you'd steer away from funneling millions or billions into fighting the devil. Why? So they'll have all of the money. And therefore all the power. 

If they can get you to stop yourself, then they don't have to stop you. 

Murder is love. Love is hate. Hate is tolerance. Banishment is inclusive. Evil is only good when they do it. Evil is only evil when you do the same things they do. 

We're trained to think we're the only ones who aren't programmed. But we all are. From birth. By everyone we meet. None of our ideas really came from us.  So none of them can be entirely trusted.

Morality itself is a deception. The Bible isn't about being moral. It's about knowing that you're not. Because the least bad people know they're not perfect. The rest are narcissists who believe they're saints. 

Anti-Christ liars try to rule our minds and tempt our flesh with demonic desires. We rush to wrath, vengeance. hatred, and judgment. Blessed he who is slow to anger. Not he who is never angry. Even God's patience has a limit.

So everything that's good advice will automatically sound like bad advice, as we surge closer and closer to the devil's control of the world. 

Our enemies don't necessarily love orgies themselves, but seek to destroy us by orgies and disease by twisting our minds for pennies on the dollar. Since porn is ad-supported, it can corrupt each generation more than the last until we've completely forgotten that God would have gladly led us away from temptation if we'd only asked Him to.

Everything that's powerful will automatically sound boring to your indoctrinated, tainted, poisoned ears. It's entirely possible those ears have never heard truth before. That you've never seen anything with your own eyes. That you need to be unplugged from the machine before the signals from your senses make any sense.

You must assume your eyes have never been opened.

You don't know what you don't know. Or how much you've been kept in the dark. And maybe no one does. We've allowed too many others to do our thinking for us.

If you persist in asserting dangerous hate facts, your friends and family will throw up pathetic token resistance. Which you'll meet and obliterate with a tidal wave of moral certainty, if you're brave enough to dig into the facts for yourself. 

The Crime Of Inaction

A vote for inaction is a vote for hellish annihilation, with babies raped by bayonets and wives smashed to death by hundreds of barbarian cocks a day while their husbands shit themselves to death in an internment camp. Mostly so their grandchildren can be raised to hate them for trying to save them.

Did I miss anything? Oh, yes. The tornadoes of fire melting fleeing children into the asphalt.

We students of history can know such things for certain. Almost all your friends and mine are completely and blissfully unaware that saying "racist" will only get them cock-whipped to death. By a Nazi, if they're very, very lucky, who'll make it a mercifully quick dispatch by the wrath of their mighty nationalist erection for truth and glory. 

And not by some floppy elephant trunk some horny, retarded negro trips over when he runs after weak-kneed, tearfully apologetic liberals weeping about their common struggle against the white male oppressor. My response is only this:

Our rockets aim toward the moon. Theirs do not.

But there's still a danger that you don't know that conquest is a business. Not a political science class. Successful movements of all time are run like a business. Not like a slick-haired, say-nothing, do-nothing campaign.

The great business leaders had something in common with great political leaders. They didn't run on polls. They ran on vision and persistence and changed the political landscape. They didn't just respond to it. 

Changing the political landscape takes leadership and teaching.

To teach is to draw out a truth someone already knows. Because they already know about life. They're just not aware how much they know. And not certain of their own senses. They're willing to replace the world with a borrowed mental map given to them by someone who hates them, leading them toward every trap.

But it's easy to fuel a thriving media empire when you know how.

Nobody's doing it because it involves actual work. Especially at first. 

You or someone you know actually has to get out there and do something. You could put up an ad on Craigslist or hand out flyers at your church, work, club, bar or school looking for free help from friends to get you started, or you could offer to pay them after the fact if it works out well, or pay them on results. 

But that's just the free help. Because this gets even better.

And I'll tell you what goes on your first-ever flyer in a minute. Something you can print out on your inkjet with your ebay ink cartridge for 20 cents a page and it's very, very worth it to do this.

I found a guy named John who did something about 40 years ago. The year was 1977. The disco age. He probably had long hair back then.

But it's something nobody else has mentioned. It reminds me of the way lawn-mowers and pressure washers get their business, but this takes it to an amazing new level where you're getting paid much more than those guys do, without necessarily working quite as hard as they do, without a lot of tools. 

You don't even need a squeegie and a bucket, going around begging people to wash their windows for $45 an hour or $500 a day.  Do you have tennis shoes and a water bottle and live in a decent-sized town? Then you're all set. 

This is probably the lowest-overhead, most lucrative start-from-scratch idea I've ever seen.

I used to be in the habit of going on 3 mile walks every day. Sometimes twice a day. I was a madman. It was great. I loved it. But my cheap shoes and clothes wore out because I was pretty much broke. I should have bought some proper athletic clothes to prevent chafing, or figured out some kind of trick with Vaseline or something, but I didn't bother because it was easier to quit. I wanted to give my joints and tendons a rest because it was hard work for a heavier guy.

But if I'd known I could be making $50 to $100 an hour every time I did, that would have been a whole new life for me forever.

And if I'd known I could hire ten or twenty people to do that exact same job for $20 to $30 an hour (and I keep the change), we wouldn't be having this conversation. What I've been missing out on is a golden opportunity. 

It's like dog-walking, but without the dogs. If you're a professional dog-walker, you get $10 to take Fido for a walk. But nobody says you can't walk two dogs and make twice as much. I've seen people taking twenty dogs for a walk. They've figured this out. It's double-dipping.

I was young kid in high school who marveled at the genius kids making $19 dollars an hour when I found about a friend in the tech industry working two or more "on call" jobs at the same huge company and collecting at least two huge paychecks. Why? Because he knew something about computers I didn't know. 

The moment he said it, I brought up my moral objection to this. Why? Because he might be needed in two places at once. Not true.

Because he could remote into any system. He could work from a beach or hotel room if he wanted to. And with all the extra money he was making he could pay a guy a few bucks to go show up and plug something in or flip a breaker switch or swap a unit if necessary. The rest he could handle from anywhere. And if the company had any objection, or had a better option available, then they wouldn't have hired him twice.

Sometimes, you're the best option there is.

Today, I'm privileged to tell you about a brilliantly, deceptively simple but powerful variation on this exact same theme. 

It takes double-dipping to an all new level and I'm absolutely in love with the idea. And I'm delighted with the results. Your customers will love it. And looking at modern markets, it's still the best idea I've seen.

So let's gather those coals and fuel this fire before we're scattered and censored out of existence.

Sure. You can print. You know your offline media gives a new kind of boost and reach to your online media. You know you can afford an old duplicator. (It more than pays for itself.) Or beg some time on a local church or artist's duplicator. (I've borrowed access to a copier. It wasn't hard.) You might even scrounge up some paper and ink. 

Pick up stories the national press has dropped like a hot potato. Write and design the whole thing. And you're feeling powerful until the dreaded moment when you actually have to...


We're only human.

What about distribution? Isn't that the kind of drudge work only an industrious illegal immigrant Mexican or Arab or Somalian will do?

My first thought: People want to be paid $50 an hour to do this job? They're seriously charging 17 cents apiece? Newspapers want 15.5 cents each with a 10,000-piece minimum? 

How could you EVER get someone to work for you for free? Or better than free? 

In the review-based world of Yelp, Google reviews and more, how the heck is a any organization, company, political movement, or nationalist newspaper going to survive if it automatically triggers the knee-jerk liberal reactionaries who've been indoctrinated into social justice terrorism? Won't they review review-bomb any group which says something remotely factual and/or true? Won't any insurer immediately drop a company that runs against the opinions of the synagogue justice system?

Probably. But that's not a reason not to build your online presence anyway. Look at PewDiePie. The mainstream media attack didn't slow him down. Didn't break him. If anything, he's more popular and more polarizing than before. And people who attack him only damage their credibility and make him stronger. 

This is why the first tactic is to ignore you.

Then the gather their forces to warn each other to keep ignoring you. Finally, someone snaps, has a righteous meltdown of virtue signaling and goes on the rampage to protect the Satanic subversives.

What if an army paid you for the privilege of working for you? I wouldn't rule it out. 

Most people don't have the vision.

Most people aren't thinking big. Their dreams are small and personal. They want to solve their own problems. Not the problems of others.

Most good people aren't thinking in terms of leveraging what they're already doing, and only get paid once when they could be paid twice for doing the same job.

Why? Because they're not double-dippers by nature, so they don't even think of doing any cooperative distribution of any kind. But if you can put your money where your mouth is, and create great-paying jobs for people, why not take advantage of it?

"It's so obvious!" I said when I saw this video:

This gentleman figured out how to make $50 an hour or more doing difficult, dangerous work.

But who would do this kind of thing? How about a tough-as-nails, unemployed, practically homeless veteran paying child support who can't keep a roof over his head? That's who. How about a lot of people who have a vision for a greater future, and want to fight for what's right? That's who. How about a high school football player type with no college and no future because he was born with the wrong skin color? That's who. Or a disciplined, young, fit, go-getting martial arts trainer like John Fite trying to promote his own local business. That's who.

If only someone would hire them to serve their country proudly.

Sure, if you collect enough clients, you can use every-door direct mail instead.

A guy in Toronto tried EDDM, (Post Office Every Door Direct Mail services are about 19 cents per mailbox) before he and his paper got banned from the mail.

Now he can't even send a postcard to his mother.

So maybe it's not the best option. He's back to using a volunteer army and private delivery companies.

Make no mistake. We're at war. Including the economic warfare aimed directly at us. Because we love the truth. And want real solutions for the little guy.

It would be easy for us to keep our heads down, to accept this warped, foreign-imposed culture of sexual depravity that's so unnatural, unsatisfying, and unfulfilling to our people

We could adapt, as we always do, to the foreign invaders. We could survive much of the debauchery and collect our meager paychecks and welcome the utter destruction of our people, along with everyone who depends on our kind.

We're the people who drop off galleon-loads of soldiers and pilgrims fleeing to distant shores from religious persecution or ship them out on holy crusades. And we've safely returned men from the face of the moon itself. Despite what ridiculous notions La-La Land liars want you to believe about math geniuses black women are. I wonder how Hollywood explains Haiti, which looks the same before and after an earthquake.

They're such a wonder of nature, central African women STILL walk 4 miles with water on their heads while nerdy white men with slide rules and glasses hanging off their noses kinda forgot about the slightly boring occasion when they softly touched down hairless primates onto the surface of a heavenly body [jump to Minute 39] in the sky and brought them safely home to run for Senate.

When I need to hire a woman who can walk 20 miles with a heavy load of food or water, I know which kind of person to choose.

When I need a designer and builder to make it much easier to carry a load, or to move among innocent people without raping or beating anyone or hacking off their heads in the name of their false prophet's Satanic, anti-Christ God, then in my opinion, that's a different kind of task which requires a different kind of person and religion entirely.

Don't blame me. It's the data that's racist, sexist, and xenophobic. Not me.

When someone tells you to celebrate your own accomplishments, you go right on celebrating the moon landing, the U.S. Constitution, or the Holy Crusades waged in the name of God in self-defense of our people against unholy barbarians.

If you are your people (which you are) then those ARE your accomplishments. These same people have no problem falsely accusing Germans and Southerners and you. All based on prejudice against your race. If your people are falsely accused, then you are accused. If your people have triumphed, then you have triumphed.

This is what our enemy has foolishly taught us by their false accusations. With their failed attempts to fit a "heads I win, tails you lose" argument onto a truth-loving people who can see through their double standards.

Such people can do anything when they put their hearts and minds on the line. And we will.

What we need today are soldiers. Brave ones. The kind of guys who aren't afraid of being chased by dogs. Because they're already dogged by darker dangers on a daily basis. And they have no ideas on how to escape from their own personal hell.

But with a vision, you can save them. And help them end poverty for everyone. Remember: Zero percent poverty and 100% employment for everyone who wanted a job. It's been done before and will be done again.

This vision ads value. It's not just a bundle of advertisements, but something true and beautiful and useful... What you're giving your neighbors is a historic collectible which should be cherished by loyal readers who'd welcome a breath of fresh air.

What rides along with a bundle of flyers, in marketing terms, is extremely sticky, value-packed, and hopefully an entertaining, sometimes enraging newspaper that people want to see. Why? Because when they go to work, school, or church, your paper's going to be THE event discussed around town.

It becomes more than an event. It becomes THE event. THE movement of THE people.

The tip of the spear of a media empire, promoting your future radio, cable or digital TV station with a reach into every home, school, church, and every government institution. All of which can be run at a break-even or better until they're crushed by some truth-hating police state... if the anti-Christ Communist subverters get that far.

You'll no longer envy Sargon of Akkad and his scattered reach to a million people when you're reaching a million people a week in the same county, all given a new ability to see by a pair of reality glasses they can't take off.

All made possible by a small army of your own well-paid distributors.

Can you feed an army if  you can pay them $30, $40 an hour or more? I hope so. But from what John Fite figured out, that's not the limit to the value of cooperative delivery.

So feel free to keep the other $10 or $20 or $30 for management expenses and printing costs. And to repay yourself for your vision. For solving big problems. For knowing who you can trust and who you can't. The Christians and racially conscious and Communist-aware are far more likely to spot the dangerous psychopath. We can predict who's likely to be deceived. Who's likely to be useless. We have that unfair advantage in our local marketplace.

Who else but a racially-conscious, Communist-aware person would know?

They say 20% of the people you hire cause 80% of your most expensive problems. You know to be strong, savvy, and swift in getting rid of the wrong sort of soldiers. You and I can guess who those 20% will be. People with hyphenated names or belts around their knees or Ivy League degrees and other do-nothings need to be screened out.

It's by loving the truth that you and your soldiers will know which kinds of neighborhoods to avoid. (We'll get to route-planning and territories in a few moments.)

With a delivery army you can grow, your reach is almost unlimited. Look at Federal Express, for example. A fairly new company with a very big reach.

When you go just a bit bigger, you'll be renting the services of a full-scale web press and paying staff, and I hope you'll be hosting public speaking events.

If you do the management yourself, please remember to pay yourself to do it. Or hire a professional manager, if managing isn't a talent you have.

You can tick off the SJWs and hire a white, heterosexual Christian man to supervise and manage your distribution business. And another to run the paper. Even if they're forced to identify as an African American albino lesbian trans-woman who presents as male to keep a legal hiring quota.

You could take a portion of the proceeds and donate it to worthy causes like the white privilege grant. Or use it to support your dozen children. Don't neglect that duty. You can delegate everything but the marketing and the checkbook and raising your own family. If you've read this far, you're so special, we want a lot more of you. I wouldn't delegate family.

And I'd NEVER delegate the checkbook. 

Even if I didn't sign every paycheck, I'd still personally pay every department. Every executive. If possible, every manager. Why? The good book is clear. We're all sinners. We're all tempted. If we're not accountable to someone, then we're accountable to no one.

This is where people protect themselves with region-based, limited non-compete agreements, just so your workers don't cut you out of the deal for an extra buck. Yes, they could still try, which is why you only want to work with people you trust, but the differences is they might also face potential legal consequences if they did. (Not legal advice. I'm not an attorney. Seek competent counsel.)

Even as they grow, successful men sign every check. They know exactly where the money's going. This is the power of the purse. But its power is limited. Every man is free to say "no." It might be the most powerful word in the English language.

You weren't born to serve the wicked. Once you're on your own, you have no special obligation to feed them. Nor will you be able to. Because, in the end, those who don't work don't eat.

As 1 Corinthians 16:22 says, if they don't love the Lord, let them be cursed. Let the wicked, hateful, Christ-rejecting races scrounge for their own table scraps, if they've cursed and hated and tried to destroy the world's most loving, welcoming, forgiving, merciful, god-like race.

If you've been paying close attention, you'll know exactly who this race must be, and which race it can't be. You won't need me to tell you who God's sheep are. And which are the goats.

I've noticed the most successful men inspire the best and brightest to apply to come to them. And the second imitate the first. The way we measure our success isn't money. And we don't love money, but it's one of the tools we must master to replace those who'd make themselves our masters.

Money is a faithful servant, but a terrible master.

By the way, top CEOs only do 30 minutes of real work per day. And the average publisher still gets paid quite a bit, even if they do nothing but make 30 minutes of decisions per day. Even in these times when we're told (often by the Lugenpresse itself) that newspapers are failing left and right.

That's exactly what they want you to believe. Meanwhile, their profit margin is still higher than the average American business.

How hard is it to find financially suppressed local clients who can't even afford to promote their business?

Almost every local small business is over-paying to advertise ineffectively.

Now I have to remind you... If they threaten your advertisers, we're "gentiles", so they call us. Not Jews. The difference is we're willing and able to do real work. That means you can always advertise your own printing, delivery, and other businesses.

If your guys can run a bar, a pizza shop, or even a pressure washer, you're going to be able generate local customers even cheaper than the globalist chains can, with a readership that learns to trust the evidence you give them and frequent all the businesses you own, endorse, and/or run. With the only trusted media in town...

You could practically buy up the whole town, if you wanted.

Where would you ever find your first clients? 

The print shops want to advertise. They're not your competitor, since they provide service you don't. Colors you don't. Paper stocks you don't carry. And they can offer large 10k+ runs you can't provide anywhere near as cost-effectively as they can. Which is one reason national chains (who hire illegals and anti-Christs) have such a huge advantage, and can charge a $100k fee for a heritage-stomping globalist franchise.

But you can specialize in serving customers they don't want. Local start-ups like roofers, painters who've gotten sick of being abused in an office and want to work for themselves outside in the sunshine and maybe take the winter off. What a lifestyle! Like schoolteachers and their summer vacation.

If you want people who'll pay to advertise, seek out people who already pay to advertise. (If only such things were taught in 2nd grade, most people could drop out in 3rd grade.)

It's not just the print shops, but their clients. Those clients are printing up flyers. Maybe they need to know about an affordable way to get their flyers delivered. With a little incentive, (like free delivery of their flyers) print shops and others could refer business to you. These small clients are their table scraps. But for a scrappy little organization like your little print shop, they're gold.

Because they give you something social media titans can't censor.

What you offer might be unique. And could fill a niche for local businesses you'll meet at church, school, or even through someone at work.

Sure, it's easy to get into the mailbox of every home if you're a national chain. But it's a lot harder for the little guy. Probably by design.

He has to pay the bounty of the newspapers or TV nobody trusts anymore, reaching people too far away for him to serve. Frankly, your army of loyal, well-paid, house-to-house distributors could be his best and only real option. And that means his customers have more real options.

If you don't have an offset press, don't worry about it. For someone with a decent duplicator, your sweet spot is in the 100 to 10,000 copy range. Meaning you can still beat the offset printer's price by a lot because you're not etching plates. If your local business owners can't afford that, they're depending on their inkjet printer and a prayer.

You can be the answer to their prayer. Thanks to your smaller runs, you can also offer the small business owner something uniquely valuable: A/B Split-testing. a scientific process which nearly guarantees their success in the long run by eliminating the guess-work.

It doesn't cost you as much to deliver flyers because you're combining other people's mass media with your own. In fact, they pay you. And it's much faster to toss a bundle 30 feet than doing door-hangers or a flinging single sheet rolled up into a tube. (One guy even added pebbles to his bag just to give his flyer some weight. He didn't think to stuff his baggie with other people's cards and flyers, or he could have made a small fortune from the front seat of his car.

Now you know how to feed your army. They can do a lot of your work for you and, because you're only one person, they can reach into places you can't. Which frees you up to do what you do best, what you like to do, and is the best and most valuable use of your time.

Taking Each Territory: How to divide up the routes to blitz.

What about routes? A convenient way to divide up an area among your soldiers is by postal routes. Why not let the Post Office do the route-mapping for you? It's not a secret. Look at the EDDM site to find the breakdown of routes in your town. The mailbox is probably off-limits. Common sense counts.

When you've got a paid army, you've got someone else to bundle, band, and bag (if it's wet) what you're sending out. Like the good book says, there's no shortage of work for people willing to do honest toil.

The gentleman in this video says he'd charge 7 cents. But is that realistic? I just checked prices. Here's a guy on Craigslist who charges 17 cents. Meaning he only beats the post office by about a penny. (I know some newspapers charge 15 cents. $2,000 minimum.)

You have to wonders why this guy's offering to hand out flyers on Craigslist. Doesn't he know he could just hand out some of his own flyers to drum up business? Maybe there's something wrong with his technique. Maybe not.

If you're his customer, it means you've got to pay this guy $450 before you've made a single sale. Not counting the $400 you'll pay the printer just to get those flyers in hand. That's more than 800 bucks.

If this Craigslist guy would take 3 or 4 flyers at once, he wouldn't have to charge so much for delivery. Then again, maybe nobody's willing to compete with him except the newspaper and Post Office.

(And rare guys like John Fite.)

But 2,500 copies? That's right in the cost-effective sweet spot of that duplicator we talked about.

Imagine your paper hitting every doorstep or driveway in the zip code, Nobody can compete with your hard costs of $20 for 2,500 copies. All told, you could...

Print AND Deliver his ad to 2,500 homes for $195 instead of $850

That's about half of what the print shop charges, and the guy still has to go out and deliver it himself. That could take him weeks or months.

If he's doing door hangers, that's even more work. His printing and labor costs could be 60 cents per door hanger.

Maybe you can't find anyone on Craigslist or in the phone book who's willing to deliver for a reasonable cost. They all cost an arm and a leg. Could you ride along with someone else and split the costs like you might split a taxi cab? Maybe you could run an ad on someone else's flyer, or maybe it works better the other way around.

But unfortunately, this is very pedestrian thinking. When the commoners are in pain, they're only thinking about reducing their own pain. They're not thinking about reducing someone else's pain. This kind of thinking keeps us enslaved when we could be free. Or, as promised, better-than-free.

At least you're willing to cut a deal. But it's the wrong deal. You've forgotten that you're a god. And one of the children of the most high, as the scriptures say.

In other words, you're the prize to be attained. Not the other way around. They should be chasing after you. Seeking you. Attracted to your infinitely better offer. Delighted to pay your price, and to work with you. And you alone. Nobody else.

Of every tree in the garden, they come to the tree with the sweetest, juiciest, plumpest fruits. The tree which has no thorns, hangs at the right height, is most conveniently located along their path, which gives them health instead of poison, which saves them instead of condemning them, which fills their stomach and their basket and then, much later, is easiest to find again.

Who could resist this kind of tree?

What if you were willing and able to offer a lower starting price and a lower unit price and still make a bigger profit than the guys charging more? Who would be able to be your customer if the cost of marketing their business with a full page, letter-sized, front-and-back ad was only $195 instead of $800 or $2,000?

Would people be as concerned about whether your paper is liberal or conservative, libertarian or authoritarian? Nope. They're only concerned about getting customers in the door, and about staying in business, about feeding their family and paying their bills.

When your price is half as much per unit, and they don't have to borrow much if any money to get started, the number of people who can afford to pay you more than doubles.

How many people can afford a $20 hamburger? Not too many, right? How about a $10 burger? A lot more people could. How about a $5 burger? Now you're reaching the multitudes.

You're not just doubling the business at half the cost. You're exploding it. You're building it on a solid foundation and unless someone can prove with hard evidence that you're a racist Nazi xenophobic bigot (because you specifically go around telling people that you're a racist, Nazi, xenophobic bigot) then people are pre-disposed to keep getting cheap, easy, convenient sales through you and it's really hard for anyone to shut you down.

If anything, they're the ones who have to be on their best behavior so they don't lose you.

If your promise is better, your value is better, your results are better, and especially if your proof is better, then they'll want to come to you every time and gladly hand you their money.

Of course, to scale your business, you need to find people who are willing to do the leg work for you. A heavier packet (with 5 to 10 clients' flyers) is much easier to throw from a car window than a light packet. That means less walking than a feather-weight packet.

That gives you access to much younger and older people willing and able to do that kind of job to pick up some extra spending money. If the job itself is easier to do, then it's much easier to find independent contractors willing to do it. Which means you can be picky about things like punctuality and property damage (or actually making deliveries) or whatever's most important to you.

Where would you find someone willing to deliver your flyer? 

What about that print shop's customers? Some of them are planning on delivering their own flyers anyway. Why not enlist them to hand out yours, too?

At the end of the day, your soldiers could be taking home more pay than the local police. (Who earn about $29 an hour on average.) Which could be a huge comfort to actual police afraid they'll lose their jobs by doing the right thing.

For setting it up and finding the clients and foot-soldiers, you keep what's left over to run the operations. And we have a lot of operations to run, guys. Think about it.

Our countries are chained together like mountain climbers, each one roped off to the next.

If one key country fails to rise with the others, then we'll all fall together. If America doesn't rise, then it becomes a wrecking ball to smash everyone else.

When someone is paying you a small fortune to deliver their message with yours, and you can find some guys willing and able do the work for you for just a tiny sliver of that fortune...

That's better-than-free delivery.

Your guys don't know or care what your design and printing costs are. They don't know if your equipment cost you $30,000 or $300. If it looks kind of expensive, they don't give it another thought. They don't know what the software costs or that it took you less than a week to master it. In the end, they're only thinking about how much they can make. They'll let you handle everything else.

As long they're fed and fueled and feel like they're on a mission to end poverty against the greedy fat cats, then they're a pretty happy army.

What was an expense becomes a profit to feed your operation. To keep your lights on. And it becomes a way to feed your army.

Want to keep your army accountable and provide proof of delivery to clients? Simple. GPS is practically automatic these days. Even if you're not thinking about it, your GPS history is probably stored for you.

That's right. Unless it's actually turned off, Joogle captures a phone's GPS location data.

This story about the Jewish-sounding sex offender ((Gary Steiner)) reminded me of that fact.
I also learned someone with less athletic ability than a 15 year-old boy can fight off a lustful, rapist Jew. Thanks, mainstream media!

Why not turn their wicked intentions into something good?

GPS verifies your workers have done their job. Something else useful created by the wicked which God's children can turn to good. Just like city-smashing nukes can become relatively clean energy in the hands of god's angels of mercy.

Anti-Christs screw up everything. These Satanists could summon a demon from hell, and we'd domesticate it, tame it and hand out its cute little pups to orphans. When it grew big and strong, it would help plow a field of food to feed the poor.

Do you think I'm joking? There's proof this has already happened: The poor already plow their fields with horned beasts from hell. But God's children have already tamed them. We even ride wild bison and moose into war because we are gods commanded to rule over every living thing.

In the past, we've talked about trading ad space for what you want. Then organically added printing to your quiver of services, if you want to do things that way. I've showed you how to repair equipment nobody else knows how to repair. That's another thing worth trading. And now another achievement I've unlocked for you is this:

You can trade high-dollar, high-value flyer delivery business as your foot in the door to raise funds by offering printing, ad space and more. That's why so many papers do this. But their papers don't reach everyone. Just the subscribers. They're not flexible on their business model. But you can be flexible and innovative. Especially when you're not motivated by money, like everyone else.

Now, let's break down some numbers:

John says he started his flyer business in 1977, and soon he was making more money than his Karate studio was making. He was charging 3 cents. But today, the equivalent amount of money wouldn't be 7 cents, but 12.

He could walk 160 to 180 houses per hour.  Let's say you're not in quite as good of shape as a karate instructor or your neighborhood is different and you can only do about 100 to 120 per hour.

Soon you'll know how to give yourself a negative-interest loan you never have to pay back. Even a knucklehead can do it.

You'll be able to print your own currency. Backed by what? Gold? Nope. Backed by these 4, very key services that all scale well. The history of our independence from the bank is enlightening and the real power of printing money is useful to know about.

Production Bottleneck

What's your production bottleneck? With one machine, you can do about 6,000 to 7,800 prints per hour. Depending on what you charge, that's still $7 to $12 per hour per client. With just 4 clients, that's $28 to $48 per hour. That's not bad money. With 10 clients at 7 cents, that's $70 an hour. At 12 cents each, it's $120 per hour. Beats window cleaning.

If you can reach 160+ homes per hour like karate master John, that's about $192 an hour. Remember: He got those clients just by distributing his flyers. All towns have different demographics and situations and nobody knows where the economy is headed. And I don't know you personally, so I'm not promising that's what you can do. But if you take the resistance seriously, you have to take this seriously.

With ten guys putting out 10 flyers, they're bringing at in up to $1,920 an hour, or $15,360 a day, or $76,800 a week. With 3 flyers and 5 slow guys at the cheap rate, the figures are still pretty damned. impressive.

$0.07 x 100 houses per hour x 5 guys x 3 clients x 8 hours x 5 days a week = $4,200 per week divided up between you and your 5 guys = $700 per person per week to fight back against Communist subversion of our countries. Which comes out to about $3,000 per month or $36,000 per year pre-tax.

That's not a bad bare minimum to live with, given that ten quick guys doing the exact same job with ten flyers (instead of 3) for 12 cents (instead of 7) would be generating $3.9 million per year.

Which, including you, works out to $363,000 per year each. Assuming you had to divide it up equally. Which, of course, you don't.

Sound like a lot? It's not. Newspapers alone are still a $37.6 billion dollar industry.

And let's not count any chickens before they've hatched. For example, you'll probably run out of houses in your area.

And I haven't told you how to expand into other areas. Once you get to a certain size, now you're going head-to-head with people who are smarter, more ruthless, and more experienced, and you'll not only be in competition for their advertisers, but if you're changing the culture under their feet, you'll probably be a seen (correctly or not) as a threat if you're waking people up to what's going on.

So why is the post office, which charges up to 47 cents per letter, struggling financially? I don't have any idea.

The point is this: You can scale up and spread out until you do hit the numbers you need. And your paper rides along with the rest for free. Because one of those flyers is yours.

Do you still remember the whole reason why we were doing this?

And your paper or flyer says something incredibly sophisticated like, "Want me to deliver your flyer too?" Just make sure your phone number is on there.

Does this sound like a method you could scale up to fuel your resistance army?

This means something important: Anyone and everyone you recruit who does their job is assured of making pretty damned decent money.

If it's kept running 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, (don't forget to rest on the day of the Lord) that's a maximum of 374,400 prints per week. If your entire profit for printing and delivery is only a penny per flyer, (taken from the 7 cent delivery, if that's what you're able to charge), then that's a maximum of $3,744 per week per machine... as long as you can actually keep that machine running, and as long as your marketplace wants your service.

Who wouldn't prefer doing business with a gentile-owned business if they know it was an option?

If well-maintained, the Riso duplicator I showed you is reputed to be good for 5 million to 10 million prints before they're completely worn out, which probably gives you 10 to 30 full-blast work weeks before it's broken down and ready to part out.

You have to love the Japanese. Every machine they make runs on rice and lasts forever. If there's one race besides Germans who deserve to be saved, it's the Japanese. Then again, it was Deming who showed them how to quit making cheap junk. When they finally listened to reason, they kicked our asses worse than we kicked theirs in World War 2.

By the time you max out your capacity on the first machine, you will have almost certainly bumped yourself up to newer, better, fancier equipment just to delight your clients.

I started with a dot-matrix printer and 20 copies. With a photocopier, I jumped to 500. With a duplicator, I can go to 5,000 this time. Next, I'll probably leapfrog right over the offset press and go straight to a web press, and I'm at 300,000 copies doing 12 to 64 pages reaching a million homes every quarter, every month, then every week. But I never want to sacrifice the psychology of visibility I wrote about here.

I start with nothing but time-tested ideas, even if I haven't tested them all myself. I hope it helps. If so, you're welcome in advance.

Now if you haven't already seen it, watch this great little video. And thank you for subscribing to my email list, Fueling The Resistance.

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