Publish a lucrative local paper without writing a word.

"Woke AF vid" Reveals How to Publish Money-making Pro-Goy Propaganda Without Writing
Big News Moguls Don't Write Their Own Articles. Why Should You?

Want more time and money with local paper, but you're not a writer? Fine with me. I won't even touch my keyboard showing you how to publish syndicated, free content for your blog, (and ad-free content) for your online and print media. Watch how easy this is.

Yes, we goys actually do have ourselves a newswire!

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Below: How to get an assistant to do all this for you. (And the cause of all wars.)

Scroll down for the cause of all wars, gentile!
What? Our own newswire? Yup. It's real. It's pre-loaded with papers around the world. We're living the dream today.

If only we'd use it instead of banging our heads against the wall, you could work 2 to 4 hours a week and make plenty enough to keep your operation going.

Why does your system need to be simple and hands-off? Because this is a fund-raising and money-machine is designed to give you time and money while softening up your target and exposing your enemy.

In my opinion, your "job" should be to answer the phone and take money from people who want to give it to you. And to decide what kind of stories you'll print to change the conversation in your community.

Once you're set up, unless you want to add to the formula, that's about it.

See for yourself:

There are other easy sources of syndicated content, photos, and more. You can get your assistant to find you some. Duh. The advertisers are paying you pretty good money. As long as they want someone to run their flyers around town for a reasonable charge, you can easily hire an assistant.

Your donors will pay. Don't have a rich benefactor? Ten small clients equals one big, rich benefactor pumping money and resources into your business.

How much? How much is $199 times 5 clients? It's almost $1,000. More than enough to get the ball rolling. If your town or area is big enough, you can expand from there. You could be fueling your local guerilla resistance machine with millions.

It's up to you to re-invest it in a low-cost part-time or full time virtual assistant to free up your time. Then you can do the jobs nobody else can do, things you like doing, and things you're most effective at doing.

In other words, you should only do things you can, will, and want to do after you have an assistant.

Where to find a good $2 per hour assistant?

Two important points first:

#1 - Don't delegate any task which shouldn't be done at all. A tech company burned through 25,000 man-hours developing a product nobody wanted. A quick, cheap market test (a "dry test") would have revealed this.

#2 - To skip hiring, training, just pay the premium and get an American outsourcing agency to subcontract out the work you want done. They'll charge about $10 an hour, but handle supervising tasks. They're going to make it relatively easy for you. That's what they do.

There are lots of middle men and marketplaces. I can recommend only this one.

Not that you want to enter with any prejudices, but at one time, I was biased. I think you'll find all such biases to be unhelpful. Giving applicants a small task tells you a lot about their competence, speed, and resourcefulness in solving problems.

Screening. I don't like wasting an applicant's time on a battery of tests, but I needed someone who could demonstrate that they could solve their own problems, even if a unique situation came up.

So, in addition to asking questions to screen for availability, and minimum equipment, (No, they can't do your video editing for you. Yes, I'm sure.),  I asked a pretty hard questions.

Show me. Don't tell me.

Because I need an assistant who can find answers on their own, even if encountering a strange problem they've never thought about, I asked them to find the number of times of times a given planet orbits the sun per Mars year. I could make it harder, but it's unnecessary, for my purposes. Henry Ford only asked, "Are you willing to work?" If they said yes, and they were telling the truth, he had a job for them. You might not be in the same position as Henry Ford.

Interpreting the results

Of those who tried to answer my test question, some came very close to the exact right answer.

Their approaches were still revealing. For example, some clearly went above and beyond what was asked and rose to the challenge, but not many. One provided a nice-looking report. She will have a fantastic future.

And a few people were professional schmoozers who'd rather play politics than do their job. A trait which might help them in management, but that's not what I was hiring for. Someone with executive potential would have known that. Someone with excellent executive potential would have pointed out the flaws in my approach. Someone with excellent entrepreneurial potential would have questioned my company's vision.

A great consultant would question the business structure itself. Why build when you can acquire a proven management team... the last company standing after an industry-wide disaster. If their only mistake is being in the wrong industry, that's fixable.

A great leader would question whether or not a business structure or even a capitalist republic is the right vehicle for solving this kind of problem. (Yes to business. No to modern crony capitalism.)

A politician would ask whether hiring outside America in an America-First age and hiring non-whites to help Western Europeans sends the right message. Yes, it does. The fate of 10% of the world's population effects everyone. We all have the same enemy.

If you're just starting or want more control, see John Jonas on replacing yourself to learn more about hiring an offshore virtual assistant.

On assistants: $400/month might be very good money where they're from. $2 an hour isn't such a bad starting wage.

How Their Location Affects The Value of the Worker:

In Bangladesh, they're happy starting at fifty cents an hour. In parts of Africa, if they had internet or computers, a steady job earning ten to twenty cents per hour might be an improvement on their present condition.

But one has to bear in mind there's a reason why these areas are in that condition. And it's the kind of problem you might not be able to solve without waiting a few thousand years. Or without drastic interventions deemed a violation of international law by the only race of people who seem to care about such things.

The remnant of the ancient world are different.

It takes a certain kind of person to spend 100,000 years fighting over piles of dirt, dune, and desert instead of finding opportunity somewhere else.

In my opinion, it takes the kind of person who doesn't value human life very much more than he values his dirt.

Of those who leave the places where there's an absolute freedom to kill a man for his tempting lump of rock or mud, many of them tend to find northerners somewhat intolerant of their ways. Those who stay and fight, are welcome to inhabit the Arab world. Those who can run away into the harsh and bitter cold find they lose children to the frosty north, but fewer than they'd lose to the tropical and dirt-worshiping savages.

The Source of All Modern Wars:

Some will always think they can fix the ancient people, because their experience has only been with frost-hardened, helpful modern men, whose problems can be fixed. The number of African missionaries I've seen trying to fix Europe is somewhat significantly fewer per capita.

Some of these people notice the tendency toward superstition in certain areas, and create religion to tame the war-like. This improves the situation only slightly.

But history showed this turned mentally-retarded squabblers into mentally retarded invaders. And some who've tried to brave these harsh lands ended up as cannibal soup.

And some have realized that there's no geographical retreat without a moat or wall. And in some cases, no wall will work against an intelligent, creative invader. These people have endeavored to create another kind of wall between those within a dangerous range of intelligence. A wall constructed out of mentally-crippled rivals. Among them...

The pseudo-intellectuals. SJWs. Anti-Fa. Useful idiots.

They lack the mental horsepower to recognize they're just another brick in the wall.

All one needs is a wall-chipper to be taken seriously. But it could be hazardous to your health to be taken a little too seriously. But enough of the wall. What about the fate of mankind?

Like I said, some creatures are pathologically helpful, because that's what's selected for in frozen, glacial climates. Which in some ways makes them damn good slave material. Like a diamond, but with its flaws obvious to any close observer.

They have all this mental and physical strength and self-sacrifice and murderous rage held in reserve for helping someone who's really in bad trouble. I think that explains how the 20th century unfolded, if you're aware of who likes to play on this "weakness." It's not a bug. It's a feature.

As of this writing, #BringBackOurGirls is something probably no black African has ever said about the Eastern European women taken as white sex slaves in Israel.

Sometimes, for a balloon to rise any higher, pouring on the fuel won't work. And at some point, you're going to reach the altitude where you're only wasting fuel. The solution is obvious.

You have to drop the ballast. 

Always a fuel-saving solution. It's just a question of how helpful it is. You notice an extra 50 pounds in your motorcycle, an extra 200 pounds in your car or airplane. You notice an extra pound or two of muscle when fighting against someone in a different weight class.

Where you really notice an extra pound or two is in the ultra-lightweight ascent stage of the lunar module in the Apollo program.

We returned men from the moon by stripping weight out of the lunar lander. Especially the vital ascent stage.

There seems to be a difference of opinion regarding who best represents the dead weight in the world, and who represents the most useful fuel instrument of progress.

The Bible and Quran and the "bible" of National Socialism in complete disagreement with the Talmud on this question.

What's cheap for you is an income to them. Their cost of living is low. Try not to envy how good they've got it, because there's always a reason why. For example, in the Philippines, there are a lot of temporary power outages because they're spread out over a lot of islands, it's a warmer climate, and their government is different than ours.

Setting Expectations

(Yours. Not theirs. They already know what it's like to work with Americans.)

Many Filipinos are experienced, highly skilled college graduates. But because you're passionate about your cause, then keep in mind no contractor's work ethic will ever meet your standards. I've routinely found  myself powering through 100-hour work weeks, waiting for .

The paradox: Even though it should take 8 or 10 people to replace what you actually do right now, you'll be surprised how hard it is to find 40 hours a week worth of tasks for one person to do. Resolved by hiring people who know how to keep them busy. This person is called a Manager.

These people have one purpose in life: To take people with nothing to do and to translate your instructions into useful work by breaking them down into tasks. But a manager is neither a supervisor nor an executive.

An executive translates visions and strategies into instructions. Managers turn that into tasks. Supervisors make sure it gets done, lubricating the whole process. If you don't have any of these layers, you'll find things don't run smoothly. Your executive and manager will be expensive, but don't have to be working full-time in your business. They may handle multiple clients. Which raises ethical concerns.

Not to worry. Your consultant will advise you to hire an auditing company to make sure your procedures are followed, your contractors aren't slacking, your executives and managers aren't sleeping all day and then lying to you in Skype sessions.

Your assistant can find an auditing company and set up the meeting. I wouldn't have them do any hiring. You might as well pay the chickens to grade their own eggs.

To start, you can audit your own employee. If you're as paranoid or inexperienced as I was, cheap or free screen shot time tracking tools ensure nobody (except you) is double-dipping. You don't want them being paid by ten different clients to do something once.

That's YOUR job.

If I were you, I'd start with an assistant, even though you won't be able to keep them busy at first. Just remember: They're new around here. And even though you can see them, they can't see that you're not stressing out.

You wouldn't have hired them unless they were worth at least 3 times what you're paying them.

Another way to get the same benefit is through agencies who've got all this set up. It's a quick-fix, and you pay a pretty big premium. When you're starting out, you might prefer to be more hands-on. It's cheaper.

It's the same reason you might use your own equipment (or borrowing it) to save time and money on printing, It's like having a girlfriend.

All the little choices you make don't seem expensive until you run out of money.

I'd find one who speaks excellent English and follows directions well. (The contractor. Not the girlfriend.)

Jonas has a screening process for this.  As long as you're paying more than $200 a month, (think of this as a low, low introductory fee... they can't quite live on this, but it's better than nothing) you can afford to be picky.

Note: They do have a lot of power outages in the PI islands. That's why it's cheap. As long as you pay them after the work is done, you won't have as many problems with people running away from the stress of working with you. A supervisor should constantly reassure them and keep track of them to keep them on task, and remind them every day of the company's important mission of ending poverty and unemployment. (Or whatever your mission is.)

Millionaires hire slow & fire fast. Remember: Your advertisers are paying their salary. So their cost doesn't really come out of your pocket. Learn how to hire here:

Need a quick job done for $5 and up?

Get custom layouts, mock-ups, customized flyers to get some advertisers to give you money. Or get on my email list and I'll give you a template based on time-tested proven principles.

Do you like the free training? Saved you $100k on franchise fees, buddy. The quicker you jump on this, the less competition you'll have in your area.

What makes this business indestructible is this: Everyone in the yellow pages wants you to advertise their business for them, but they don't want to pay a huge chunk of change to get started. By tracking down and buying or borrowing a duplicator or digital printer, you can pretty much solve their problem, and there's no limit to the number of people who could afford what you offer. There's a registered business for every 17 people in my town, and nobody's getting the job done for these little thousands of little businesses.

I know this because there's no flyer on my door, driveway, or front walk.

When you bring in customers reliably and inexpensively, word will get around.

When you run a business like an investment, and not like a job, it will be point of leverage and influence, allowing you to raise a much larger amount of funds.

Why else would Jews have gotten into this particular business 150 years ago?

We'll have to discuss some of those ways another time.

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