Dogged By A Fund-Fetching Army

Let's get you the time, team, and money to massively resist Marxism without a huge amount of set-up.

Audio Here: Dogged By A Fund-Fetching Army

Disclaimer: Read and listen to everything here before you proceed. If you have any doubts, please ask me and wait for an answer. This is a business idea. Not a business opportunity ad. You should always consult with knowledgeable, competent professionals before starting any business. Even though no one ever does. You can always be sued, fined, or jailed for violating common sense or common decency. Or for having the wrong opinion. That's why we must act quickly.

Yes, you really could hire new dog walkers today. See details below.

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IMO, these boots were made for dog walking and commie-stompin'. See? It's easy to do affiliate links, even if people have their ad blockers on, you can still link to fine products on your blog.

Learn more about dogs in 2 minutes than most people learn in two seasons of the Dog Whisperer.

Caesar Milan's rules for meeting a dog:
- No look
- No talk
- No touch

Milan's rules for walking dogs:
Calm and assertive.
Short leash. High on the neck.
There should be no strain on the leash when walking. (Picture above is correct.)

Dog Psychology:

Own the outdoors. Claim the doorway before passing through it.

If you're not assertive, a dog may try to protect you, acting aggressively toward others. Not good.

Nervous dogs are more dangerous than aggressive dogs.

A dog may need to be socialized by other dogs before you can walk them.

Remember to bring bags for poo. Don't forget. If you're as forgetful as I am, you can put bags in the pockets of all your clothes just in case. One day you'll be glad you did.

Never walk dogs on hot asphalt, broken glass or icy cold metal plates. They didn't evolve to adapt to these things and could be injured. They're not wearing shoes. You are.

New dogs need a very short leash to learn who's dominant and in control.
Most people who watched Milan for 8 seasons came on his show and were surprised by everything he did and said. You now know more about dogs than his biggest fans.
Own the outside world. Claim your territory before taking the dog outside.
A dog will be nervous if left in a nervous state of mind.

Dogs don't rationalize. Don't pet or say the name of a naughty or nervous dog, or else it will associate itself and its name with bad behavior. Positive reinforcement of a bad behavior.

Dogs aren't humans. They respond to Pavlovian conditioning. This isn't an insult to their intelligence.

Pure breeds often have health issues. Make sure everyone knows what they are. Look and listen before going anywhere with a strange dog.

You don't want to bring the wrong one back home, and you want to know if something looks or sounds more swollen or wheezy than usual.

If you're bad with people, you'll probably be bad with dogs. If you get good with dogs, you'll probably get better at getting along well with people. There are some exceptions to this rule.

Our most successful ancestors spent thousands of years breeding instincts into dogs which responded to the type of people they were and the environments they faced. Dogs tend to snap right into a role as an obedient soldier in the presence of the dominant member of their pack. And they're alert for danger.

Nowadays, we buy dogs to cuddle with and keep us company. This is a bit like taking an infantry battalion out for ice cream and bubble gum. You can do it, but that's not what they're for.

Look for more tips on dog-walking sites and have your managers subscribe to dog-walking podcasts if you're going to get into the business.

*acronym: Secrets of LPACA - Local Political Action Cell Activists

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When Can You Start Hiring? 
As soon as you have a flyer designed, insurance & a business license, I don't see why not.

If you have your foot soldiers go distribute your flyers for you, collect customer payments in advance, (thanks PayPal and other payment processing options) and pay your expenses later, then yes. You probably can.

If your dog walkers get paid every 2 weeks, and they're walking more than two or three dogs each, then you will more than covered your running expenses.

To cover the initial insurance payment, if you can't figure out how to finance it yourself, you can ask me and I'll tell you how to do it.

Or you can Google it. There's always a way to get capital to get a business off the ground. Often by doing things you don't want to do.

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