Get paid to give away the T-Shirt that stops bullets.

Can a t-shirt really stop bullets? Read on, and I'll explain how.

Sophistication Level: 8/10 <-- You must be this smart to read this one.

On Saturday, our guys in #Pikeville wore bulletproof vests in order to express their interests safely. This is prudent. What I want to show you is that a very prudent man also wears a helmet. And the most prudent man knows this:

Propaganda works better than armor.

We can't trust ANY of our leaders to do it for us. They won't. Ever. YOU have to do it, or it won't be done. You'll forever be at the mercy of mind-virus infected, hateful, murdering savages. No wall will keep them out.

To stop a BMG 50-cal round takes a stack of 3 heavy body armor plates. Or a newsletter.

Even controversial Adolf Hitler didn't need an armored car or tanks to roll into Austria. He rolled in with a convertible and a row of open-top trucks, like your city mayor probably does. Greeted with flowers. Why?

Give me flowers for invading your country, and I'll let you promote my campaign for me.

Good economic policies and great propaganda that pays you to own it. When your job is to out-Jew the Jew,

It's best to only do things that pay you twice for doing them.

This seems to be one of the rules. Instead of spending money, they have to make money in the process of making money.

In Hollywood, stars are paid to promote themselves. Otherwise they won't bother.

If you're not being paid to promote your stuff, then don't do it.

You don't want what most people do: Free self-promotion on social media.  Because of two things: One... It's only free. You can get a better deal than free.

Two... It's work. You shouldn't have do DO ANY WORK. That's for employees. Not leaders.

And the worst thing you can do is to pay someone else to promote your business. Paying to advertise only makes sense as a last resort.

For example, renting a billboard to secretly vandalize it for millions of dollars of free publicity. In that case, it's worth it. But only if you hire someone to do it out of the money you're making by doing nothing.

Which you can only do if you...

Let the other guy pay you to promote your business.

We'll get to another way to be paid to self-promote in a second.

Because there's still another way to improve this formula. When you get paid to self-promote, and then you don't even self-promote. You let someone else do it for you. Because otherwise, you'd be doing work!

If you're trying to out-Jew the Jew, you can't be doing any work. Don't be silly. That's for normies.

You should be getting better than free self-promotion where someone else does the work, and they're happy to do it because you pay them SOME of the money they're making for you.

Not only that, but if it's at all possible, (which it is), people should be lined up begging to pay you for the privilege of working for you in a way that pays you to promotes your business.

Is that it? Yep. I think that's it. But only because I'm not feeling very creative today.  Kind of an off day, for some reason.

Look. I know it's hard to imagine thinking like this, but our survival is on the line. 

We're running out of time. We're about to be blamed for the biggest catastrophe ever: The apocalypse.

The good news is this. We're not the bad guys. Because it's self-defense when white people do it. I'm told you can even kill a man if it's necessary for self-defense.

Making a killing is nothing compared to killing. But people still think it's bad to advertise, bad to make money. Root of all evil.

There's one thing I know for certain. And this is it:

Socialism is bad. Right? Bad socialism. Evil socialism. #NeverSocialism.

Except when Hitler does it. Then it ends poverty.

So apparently, like everything else, socialism is simply a tool which can be used for good or evil.

Censorship, propaganda, representative government can all be twisted by evil men to cause corruption, murder, and degeneracy. Or the same tool can be used to thwart evil. Right now, it's being used to thwart good men from conquering evil.

A hammer can build or break. How you use it is up to you. Same with money, socialism, propaganda, and being paid twice for work someone else does for you.

We all have to graduate sometime. FUBU does it every day. When their employee sells someone a FUBU t-shirt, a person is handing them money to walk around promoting FUBU.

They're not just a free sales associate. They're paying you for the privilege of promoting your brand. When this generates a new, better-than free customer, you get paid again.

Strip clubs rent access to the stage to a stripper. Franchises sell their opportunity for up to $100k. You can sell exclusive or non-exclusive areas to people. Once you've got a working system, they pay you a lump sum of money to go out and buy your product from you and re-sell it to people who are paying you to promote your business.

Even if these paying sales associates never generated any more sales, that's fine. Because you'd be sitting like Tom Sawyer watching other kids pay you to paint the fence. Except unlike Tom Sawyer, they're not painting a fence for you. They're painting your billboard for you.

See why these guys get rich?

If you've started with guns, then Kevlar, then graduated to plated body armor, then helmets, you'll eventually get to the the "final solution": Psychology.

What I can tell you is this... When combined with basic arithmetic, the best psychology always wins. If combined with the best strategy and the best product. The best strategy is to have the best product do your marketing for you, but great marketing can give it a fantastic boost.

This is a simple fact of business life. 

It's necessary to prevent great products from being killed by envious rivals. The white race is one such product. Without great marketing, of our great people, we're dead.

This would be obvious if we weren't taught to compartmentalize all our thinking. Something which destroys all justice and creativity is compartmentalized thinking.

People have an irrational fear of white supremacy, but not of black or Jewish supremacy. If supremacy is bad, it's bad, right? But like all other tools, supremacy can be used for good or evil. This is the thinking which resulted in affirmative action. But the word used wasn't "supremacy" or "oppression" but "affirmative action" and "diversity."

We all know what "diversity" is a code word for. And all your friends know. But without YOUR propaganda, the masses don't.

When you saturate a college classroom, then campus, then academia with ideas, in time, everyone begins to adopt and share these ideas with each other. This is how spreads on a college campus. Even if based in lies and distortions, reinforcing any idea for four years solidifies the doctrine. From there it spreads.

When you saturate a church, then a town, then a county with the ideas of Christ, and repeat and reinforce the emotional message every week, it spreads. Even the word of God doesn't spread on its own.

Why This is Urgent And Necessary

The enemy elite have been sending our food to an exponentially-growing Africa population who grows less than 1% of its own food. This obviously isn't sustainable. A die-off of 3 billion blacks is predicted to be the inescapable result.

If whites are seen as the world's most dominant governing force, it doesn't take a genius to know who'll be blamed.

Imagine starving, angry Africans flooding north into Europe by the billions and around the world. It will be impossible to contain their rage.  They'll be painted as the underdogs. The whites will be portrayed as guilty of not doing enough.

If I succeed in preventing this, by successfully exporting and idiot-proofing our best systems of agriculture, the enemy will only make me look like I was wrong and you therefore shouldn't listen to me.

If I'm right, it won't be any consolation to people the world with more of our enemies. So there's no upside for me. In other words,

I have no incentive to tell you this.  It's just the opposite.

In fact, this has already happened to me several times. Every time I advise caution, or proactive measures, it looks like it wasn't necessary.

When I advised preparedness for Pikeville, no bullets flew. I heard of two arrests. 

You simply can't point to the number of people in Pikeville who would have been killed in riots. Why? Because zero looks like a non-event instead of a miracle.
Sometimes, Screw-ed are the peace-makers. 

AntiFa agitators would have to be suicidally stupid to try anything where people are armed and ready.

Preparation is prevention. But looking prepared makes us look wrong to wear vests and openly carry.

So what's the solution? Concealed vests and concealed bullpups.

Weapons that look like these:

Not like these:

weapons. Even though explosives were being thrown at our faces in Berkeley,

Moldylocks brought a glass bottle. When broken, a glass bottle becomes a knife.

These people are out for blood. But when you don't see the blood, it's boring. There's no alarm. We look foolish for being prepared, even though its ONLY our readiness that kept the peace.

and this is how the world slowly, inevitably slides toward corruption. There was no penalty for not bringing a side arm. No penalty for not bringing a helmet or vest.

Lulled into a false sense of security, less people will go to the time, effort, and expense. Because they'll risk looking foolish in public.

They'll be more likely to be identified and singled out for harassment back home. That's where the blood will be drawn. In those fights, after the cameras stop rolling.

There won't be any safe house for those who are abused this way. No sympathy. No job for those who lose it.

All because our leaders refuse to agitate appropriately, to trigger the snowflakes, and to show we were right to be prepared, right that they were communists, right that they're demons filled with hatred.

It's not called violence. It's called a demonstration sale. 

Selling an idea requires a great demonstration. Elevators were sold by demonstrating they were safe, even if the cables were cut and power went out.

You must demonstrate the evil of your enemy. The necessity of using force against them. You have to trigger the special snowflakes, and be prepared for violence when you do, and be prepared to boot them out, and be prepared for the idea that someone might choose to die because he went to war serving Satan.

I don't expect Jared Taylor will wear body armor, flanked by armed soldiers, daring the devil to lash out. George Lincoln Rockwell said this convinced the crowd more than anything else.

You have to let the enemy screw up.

That means being impossible to ignore. That means making yourself a big enough target to attack. With several movements gaining traction, we're well on our way.

Hopefully, these ideas will help your existing movement gain momentum. If not, join or start one.

Survival requires propaganda. Speaking. Speech multiplied is publishing. Passionate, emotional speech multiplied is propaganda. To be effective means people need to see each in groups in support of our cause, and that means events.

It means going out to events and hosting events.  As a collective, we benefit from volume discounts. That helps everyone.

At volume, t-shirts are $3.54. A common t-shirt to unite all movements. One shirt. One leader. One reich.

At volume, arm bracelets (you'll NEVER believe how effective these are) are only 8 cents apiece instead of 80 cents. Amazing. Very easy to hand them out at the county fair where you've got a t-shirt and water for $5 to $10 bucks. Now you're being paid to promote nationalism.

I may not support Trump, but I support a whole lot of Trump supporters.

A slogan like "Equal treatment for all races, colors, creeds. No exceptions" (since whites are the only exception, that means it's pro-white) with all the logos, sites, and major event dates for all the movements.

At volume, that t-shirt sells at a profit all year for $5 or $6, even if you give away a bottle of ice cold water with it. And now you've created jobs all summer.

At volume, a combined-forces national newsletter. Every month or quarter, we can affordably mail up to 64 newsprinted, AD-SUPPORTED pages to 10,000 plus people,, if my math is right, has the talking points of every right wing podcast, blog.

How do you do ad supported when advertisers run away? By running lead generation ads for national insurance, mortgage companies, and mesothelioma lawyers. Look at the price per click of those leads. It's through the roof.

If one guy doesn't want to buy the leads, another guy will. They're chasing you. They're fighting over those customers.

And those leads are worth up to $50 bucks apiece in good times. That will pay for your paper and ink.

If our comrades spread out the risk, and there are 100 movements with 100 speakers and 100 papers, they won't be able to stamp us all out.  When the first one falls, the other 99 will trumpet the outrage, and multiply the moral authority of the movement.

Even people who disagree with us will still stand up for justice.

As long as a company doesn't look like they're endorsing your product, and the leads convert, they don't care how you got them.
I got these leads from a white supremacist newsletter. And you don't deserve them.
Greed, for lack of a better word, is good." - Gordon Gecko.

"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." - Genesis 50:20

Look for evil in the world with God's eyes. Don't complain about it. Use it as your opportunity. Your springboard.

At volume, ad-supported newsletters mail out cheap, help promote your events, increase your membership, and give us robust access to our market.

The enemy has magazines, newspapers, TV, movies, and books. What do we have? The ability to earn commissions selling thousands of copies of Hellstorm, The Greatest Story Never Told, driving people to right-wing podcasts as extreme light as Red Ice Radio or as extreme as Exodus Americanus or the War Room.

The ability to wake up weaponized autism for the glory of God.

Our cause is just. Our time is short.

At high volume, the value stays the same as low volume.

But at scale, it's cheap and more lucrative to deliver the whole spectrum of magazines to comics to newspapers, newsletters, radio, movies and more. We'll put the the ineffective, fractured, fragmented Christian churches to shame with our emphasis on unity.

That's better value to the end user. 

And It helps pays the very best people top dollar for what they do best.

The best writers, artists, musicians, photographers, film directors and producers who are now kept out of the arts because of their race and politics.

Then the masses can be trained in our virtues with every means from covert to overt. We'll restore nature to the human species, peace on earth, goodwill between all people, an end to war, poverty, injustice, and strife so we can begin to explore our vast, mysterious galaxy.

Where our enemies reach 100 thousand, we must reach 100 million. And we can do it when we set our minds to the task doing what we should have done from the beginning:

Engineering a culture for us, by us.

That's how we'll create prosperity again.

Abundance which doesn't come from you having the only high-paying job, but from everyone including your brother having a decent job so he's no longer dependent on your income. So he's concerned with raising his own family in a state rebuilt to launch our people toward our ultimate destiny.

With volume rates, we may reach our man with 5 periodicals in his mailbox from us and never know they're all from our people. Just as we never realized almost all our mail comes from our enemies.

A paid membership newsletter, three magazines and a free newspaper. All because you gave him an 8-cent wristband and he signed up on the spot.

Divide an $8,000 bulk order of custom t-shirts or wristbands by 8 podcasts and it's only $1,000 each. That's far less less than the cost of a decent rifle, helmet and body armor.

And much more effective. Divide the cost of a national newsletter by the 10 biggest movements and many hands make light work.

These are not easy tasks, but they're necessary. All such tasks are made easier when costs are shared, when duties are split among millions of helpers.

Let's go get them.


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