Yes, I'm serious about resisting Marxism professionally.

Fair Use, You kick ass, so I'm gonna trust you. 

Put me on your email list and get me the best possible information you've got on resisting Marxism for a living. I understand this is a big commitment, involves taking some chances, doing some work, and nobody knows what may happen in my situation. But I trust you're going to do your best and bring me your best, and even the best in the world on the subject so I can make this happen.

Because I love my people and want to help them the very best way I can. I'll Sign up now.

Join me and together we'll rule the Galaxy, fam.

Disclaimer: Nothing gets done without taking action. Are you ready to live hard, study hard, play hard? Then make sure to Hu-WHITE list this email by adding me to your contacts.

Tech support: Didn't get an email? Check your spam folder, son. You think the FakeJews are gonna make it that easy? You gotta add me to your contacts. Here's how in Yahoo & Gmail. (It's similar for other email accounts.)

Fair Use, I want you to fire off good stuff to my Yahoo! mail.

Fair Use, I use Gmail. How do I bypass the cock-blocking from Gmail?

See how I Googled that for you? I'm tons of help, brother. And I'm gonna be a lot more help to you. Don't even worry about it.

Dude. Did you sign up yet? If not, why not? In the comments below, show me on the doll where you pussed out like a pansy little flake. Or else you can sign up now to the Fueling The Resistance email list like a decision-maker and leader of men.

That's it. I'm not gonna pressure you. It's not for everybody. If you need to be talked into this, it's not for you and I probably can't use ya.


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