Where To Find Good Propaganda

Morale. We need more of it. Your community needs it.

So you need propaganda. You can get it out there, by manual labor if necessary, but you need good content. The right message. Something uniquely American. How do you create it?

You don't. You find it. Or else it finds you.

Our Father's vision (of white supremacy, essentially) falls on deaf ears with a lot of light-weights who want a nation of their own. They fear the brown man and the Jew. So let me show you what law and order looks like under conservative white Christian rule in a town the devil hasn't taken.

Something like this. Haven't got the picture? Then watch this. I'll wait.

I'm not saying we're not going to segregate. But in the end, all those segregated states must come under the rule of Christ or they'll destroy themselves. However rich and powerful these servants of Satan think they are, they're nothing compared the the power of God.

That is all.


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