White Israel

It's been suggested my views align with white Israel and/or Christian Identity.

I'm no fonder of the communist word identity than I am with the communist word culture. Words that might make a reasonable man reach for his service pistol.

Never theles, here are 200 Bible which have been selected from scripture which show Israel could refer to whites, but not Jews or


On the other hand, Jesus is described as a white-haired guy with bronze feet. If we're made in his image, bronze feet might not be describe a white guy. So there's some room for looking at the Hebrew words like "neighbor" to see if it fits or disputes the theory.

One of the ways the white Israel theory fits Europeans is we've forgotten our history. Another one is that we look like the children of the devil (John 4:88) who claim to be Jews but are liars (Rev 3:9) just as tares look like wheat, but are to be treated differently.

He who has not the Son has not the Father. Jews, by definition, rejected the Son of Man of the New Testament, which makes them a fit as children of the devil who reject God. Their Talmud, if you're familiar with it, twists the meanings of words until it allows them to lie, cheat, steal, and murder without violating the letter of the law.

So the spirit of the law is necessary. Those who accept the spirit of the law accept the loving inclusive and tolerant interpretation of Jesus, but reject the commie liberal definition of the words loving, tolerant, and inclusive, which have been twisted to mean the opposite.

The way I see it, there's a tribalist tribe descended from Abraham, and a principled tribe. The principled tribe, by prosecuting the murderers, thieves, and rapists among them are being disloyal to their tribe. Therefore they're not tribalists.

This has been a more productive and successful strategy from the standpoint of everything but power and control and the freedom to survive being critical of the most murderous gangsters in human history.

Hence the need and survival advantage of the Bible created and designed to defeat them. Without the Bible, we cannot defeat the neanderthal descendants of the devil. Also known as the Father of Lies. The "Fake news" channel, CNN, now famously has a remarkably high number of Jews

In my opinion, allowing the literal devil to run the media is not what's best for our children.

Which is why I'd rather white Israel ran the media. Sign up now to learn how to turn over the media to the children of God. And/or whites. But whether or not you believe Jew are children of the devil, FFS let's take back the media from their hands.

Put your email into the box below and learn how to start local media company for about $5, and start the process of a white takeover of the worldwide media.

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