November 2018 archive of this blog.

If you don't archive it and make it publicly available, consider it gone.

I literally have no idea how to turn this into a torrent file. Every time I've ever tried to upload a publicly available torrent, it simply goes poof and disappears. No clue why, or how to use trackers.

I have to assume either 100% of all trackers and torrent sites are gay or there's something in the world I'm just not good at.

Too bad. Sharing lists of torrents seem like an easy way of making great archives stuff available, but maybe I'm wrong.

Sometimes you need another nerd.

Sometimes stuff like the Antimony Archive from disappears in the middle of the night.  It's as if there's a vast left-wing conspiracy to mysteriously kill off or banish legitimately Christian Nazi bands or something.

Nah. Can't be.


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