Free VPN in the Censorship Age

You don't have to "trust" a free VPN.

Let's say you want to get on Twitter, but your 19th account has been IP BANNED! What's a girl to do?

Well, nobody told me, either. I had MONTHS of distraction-free living.

I studied for a new career. Spent the summer earning up some sweet spending money to spend on my cool new... um. electric bill.

But in the end, I missed my lil buddies on the Tweeter, and I wanted to get back in there. Tag team style.

Not that kind of tag team, ya filthy degenerates. I'm talking about pro-wrastlin'.

Of for my (((FELLOW)))... I mean for other blue collar guys like me who don't know how to do stuff,

So I ended up using a Windstream from my cell phone. Didn't even have to buy a burner phone. Amazing.

Plug in the app, use the Brave browser to create a new account, and pretty soon I'm back to getting my account suspended like usual.

Now as you know, I would never, ever, ever tell you to...


...because that would be wrong. And super, super mean.

But if I had a God-given right to use the defacto monopoly on the new public square, and I had a moral obligation to save the only race (even including blacks) that EVER gave a damn about what happens to blacks,  then there are shades of gray.

If a free VPN allows me to infiltrate their hive mind, then I'm all for it.

Hope it helps.


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