Making Pro-White Miracle Statues

How to make publicly visible statues for IRL sh*tposting.

In the grand tradition of sub-movements whose names most of us have forgotten, if we ever knew them, such as a group called National Action, an IRL shitposting group that spun off from IronMarch.

They were shut down for "terrorism", likely  for doing the kinds of things I discuss here.

Practical, low-budget statues on anonymously held vacant lots of private property can be held anonymously in cities, such as recently decimated cities to create a chimpening.

Will they destroy them? Sure. Of course. Here's how to make cheap, mass-produced lightweight hardened statues from moulds.

Hard-shelled air-crete supported by chicken wire for tensile strength opens up some very interesting possibilities.

Artists use cheap concrete to spray or  pour into rubber moulds, and create incredibly detailed stuff. They vibrate out the air bubbles. Doesn't take much.

Thin outer shell gives it hardness, scratch resistance. But it's heavy and solid concrete is expensive. So a second layer (and even a third) of aerated concrete can be poured in for additional compressive strength.

A thin concrete shell, a couple of inches of denser aircrete, a few inches of thinner aircrete could be practically bulletproof, quickly formed into cheap, mass-produced statues for long-term public display on lots of private property near busy streets and held in anonymous revokable living trusts. (Sometimes called land trusts.)

If you're concerned about liability, such as chimped-out nagros being shot on the property, I'd consider talking to your attorney about using a holding company. Maybe he'll suggest a Nevada or Wyoming LLC. It's unlikely he'll know what a land trust is. Not all lawyers are created equal.

As for bureaucratic interference and criminal charges, I'd learn how how people have successfully challenged the jurisdiction of the courts as Marc Stevens does, such as by asking them to show the witnesses and evidence they rely on to prove the statutes apply. They so often seem unwilling to do so, which allows you to gather useful evidence that they've acted in bad faith to attack.

You wouldn't think such a thing would work, but it's apparently useful enough to BTFO bureaucrats to allow farmers to sell raw milk, gets traffic tickets thrown out and income tax agencies in all the Common Law countries where it's been tried.

You're not asking them to believe your claim. You're simply asking them to substantiate theirs. Which, for some reason, they consistently refuse to do.

The statue itself:

Obeying the laws of physics to arrange your molecules intelligently.

A thin sheet of plastic over a styrofoam form surprisingly tough and light. In nature, we see this in toucan beaks, the stength, lightness and porousness of bones, especially in birds has been a clue. A wasp's nest is a honeycomb made almost entirely of air, but it's surprisngly strong, and holds its shape even when you knock it down with a stick.

When something appears to be made of solid concrete, resists a sledge-hammer, bullets, weather, termites, isn't brittle, and it's mounted on a platform 15 or 20 feet above the ground, it seems like something that can't easily be destroyed without the city bringing a crane.

And that's why it tends to get left alone. People tend to believe their senses. If something seems hard, cold, and solid, they won't mess with it.

In addition, if someone is shooting at them to defend their private property, and/or mean junkyard dogs patrol the private property, it's hardly worth the effort. They might take pot shots at it from a distance, but overnight, it magically heals. (Because it's replaced in minutes by cheap statue #5.)

This both demoralizes the enemy, and provides a "miracle" Anders Brevik statue.

Do you think they'll ever figure it out? Look at the living statues floating above the ground. It's nothing but a simple trick using a steel framework hiding a seat. But do the normie masses ever figure it out? Nope. They're awestruck every time, pausing to take pictures, even with all the information freely available on YouTube.

You don't need everyone to believe things. If some of the normies believe, it's good enough.

This information will disappear unless it's archived and the archive is made publicly available, by the way.

The miracle Jesus pulled off isn't returning from the dead. A man like me could apparently rise from the dead any old time. No big deal. The scriptures would correctly and honestly say hundreds of witnesses watched me floated away in a cloud, the whole bit. I mean, Chris Angel does weirder stuff than that all the time.

The real miracle is that the gospels were archived, preserved, re-copied, and made publicly available to this day. That's his real competence. Not the miracles themselves.

Still haven't figured out how Coral Castle was built, even though there's film of the guy using pullies as people are wandering through as he's building it.

He didn't even wait until it was dark out. People were totally blind. There he was working in plain sight, and the public touring the unfinished castle couldn't believe the guy busily at work was in the process of building the thing.

To such people, the Pyramids must have seemed to magically appear overnight, as if by the mysterious hand of God. Which is true. It's just that God often uses ordinary people to do his miracles. If you didn't constantly tell people how a dam was build, they wouldn't know. And the proof is that people believe black slaves must have built it, because white people are devils who don't do anything.

Whitey on the moon? Faked moon landing.

Columbus believed the earth was round? Flat earth is the only explanation.

Whites built America? With genocide and slavery.

It can't be that white people rolled up their sleeves and built America, Coral Castle, Stonehenge, and most of the other major wonders of the world. Because then white men might be worth something.

I can tell you how to make a 3,000-mile, 400 foot-tall border fence for about $30 million dollars. If you don't have the $30 million dollars, this blog tells you how to raise that much for about the price of mailing 100 envelopes.

But that's because I've got secret acess to information.

It's called the public library. And/or YouTube, when I'm lazy.

What do I do with that knowledge? Not much more than breeding rodents to be better pets, based on what I learned from the Baeylev Russian fox experiments which proved that you can breed hyper-viciousness or tameness into a wild animal in 9 or 10 generations.

I once magically saw the hidden secrets of a brilliant Englishman crafting, with his own hands, a plastic-shelled foam molds into an Iron Man costume.

It had to be quick to make, light, cheap, and the parts had to be easy to replace and replicate since he's taking it through the gauntlet of a crowded comic book convention.

To create his forms, he bent cut-out foam using a heat gun. You could also use clay or paper mache.

To keep it light, but scratch resistant, he had some smooth-on plastic, manually rolling around a thin coating as the outer shell. (Poured first into a negative mould and rolled around by hand. It doesn't gotta be perfek.)

After creating his forms, he poured some 2-part rubber mold-making goop.

The kind of thing every cosplayer can do in their basement to make nifty lightweight plastic guns out of a bunch of junk blocks of wood and stuff bolted together and carved into interesting shapes.

Even girls can do it. To make a costume takes a bored white person, a weekend, and a bunch of foam, paint, and plastic.

A costume is about the same size as a person. And a life-size statue is about the same size as a person.

And can be half-size, double-size, just the bust, or be made using about the same dollar value of material as a cosplay costume. Sculpting the thing from reference photos is the hardest part.

That's the kind of IRL trolling that's likely to be seen by millions.  Especially when they try to cover it up.

For a proof of concept, I'd borrow an idea from programming and movies with a minimum viable statue.

And that MVS is a poster announcing a statue of Anders, Dylann, and/or other heroes of the anti-left (or pro-white) movement.