How To Stop Being Slaves to Your Children

We cook, clean, wash, scrub, vaccuum, chauffeur, escort, tutor, and bathe each kid.
Is it no wonder you can't imagine doing 10 times as much work?!

Listening to these helpful tips de-programs you out of the parent slave plantation, setting you free from the mind prison so your children become a blessing again.

Share with your friends and parents at the PTA meetings, and all who'll listen, and you'll see the people with big families aren't crazy. The people with SMALL families are.
How to cut your food costs.

Here's how to have people standing by to supply mom with all the pretty dresses she could ever want.

- God's own construction workers.
- Family business of running a family.
- The heirarchy of the home.
- What if you face a tragic loss in the familiy?

May this message bless you and your progeny, and create thousands more voters who'll support your interests and values.

Listen now, and share these helpful tips with your friends and neighboors, and you'll be blessed with the kind of riches God intended for you.

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