The Great Opportunity In The Coming Economic Contraction

Bad news and great news!

This good economy is going to turn bad in retaliation against Trump. The FED has already spiked its lending rates as high as it was in 2008 with a faster contraction.

Your boy Fair Use is a counter-cyclical guy. I like economic winter. I love economic nuclear winter even better. Generations of my family have done best when the economy is tight because we know what to do.

I'll say "I told you so" shortly.  The media is going to freak out about how bad things are. There will be massive, widespread negativity, and if they jack up the regulations with the interest rates, expect widespread panic, lack, famine, political unrest, and Biblical levels of freak-out.

I'm telling you now so I can say "I told you so" later on. And I never say this, but I'm saying it now.

The world is not in a good position to bounce back from this.

But a bad economy is a great opportunity politically. It's a great opportunity economically, too. IF you know what to do.

In every recession since 1907, community currencies circulate. Trade-based deals proliferate. In the last one, crypto currency came on the scene.

People eventually start to bypass those Federal Reserve Notes, which is about when the economy miraculously improves.

This deleveraging has been expected for awhile.

1) That's the real reason I started teaching counter-cyclical strategies more than a year ago, so there would be hundreds of white nationalists who knew what to do and where to go for help.

I knew you wouldn't use it in good times. Hell, I can barely get you to listen to reason when there's still food on your plate. I know you. Our heavenly Father told me ALL about you through Moses and the prophets.

2) You'll also want to know how to create your own economy and take market share.

3) And you'll want to know how to take advantage politically.

In each of these three circumstances, trade, market-making and politics, making smart moves is even more rewarding in bad times. 

If You're Not First, You're Last, by Grant Cardone, is a book that helped over 10,000 business owners in the last recession. It works. But not unless you're willing to WORK!

Command and conquer mentality is the ONLY WAY to approach the coming recession.

- It won't be over in 18 months. You can't ride it out. This one is going to last at least 5 long years. Just like the last one. We're STILL feeling the headache from 2008.

- You can't go "back to basics" when you don't know what the basics are. And the basic level of effort won't work when the customers and money dries up and nobody wants to hear from you. You're in a NEW environment. Act accordingly.

- You can't wish away the recession. It's real. Don't quit. Advance and conquer.

Take massive action:

You only succeed in a recession by massively stepping up your action & activity to seize market share while everyone else is shrinking from the market so that you're first in the market.

You don't want to be #2.

Treat your best prospects and people like gold. They are. Not just when times are tough, but at all times.

Put yourself in the #1 position in your market. Dominate the market, and you'll come out of the recession in the strongest position.

If it's easy, it's not effective.  Personal contact is best. A phone call should be followed by mail, email, or a quick text within 2 minutes. (Or all 3.)

Re-activate your power base.

Time to shine. Chance to solidify.

"White space on your calendar is the f-ing DEVIL."

Lots of other tips. I suggest the book.

You'll learn to go to extremes, become a freak of nature, become unreasonable, and learn to do whatever it takes to create success.

Extremists win. Get fanatical.

And this just so happens to be a winning strategy in politics, too.

Don't give me any confident men. Instead, give me COMPETENT men, willing to do whatever it takes, and I'll show them how to win.

Even in a bad economy? No. Especially BECAUSE of the bad economy.

I want a wall. I like walls. I can get you a 340 foot-tall wall, quadruple-rows, and give it to you for tens of millions instead of tens of billions. But if there's one thing I like better than a wall, it's a recession.

If Trump has given us a recession, he's given us the greatest Christmas present ever. In fact, I'll take a recession over a wall any day.

The worse it is, the better.


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