The ideal platform for radicalization

What if, by subscribing to a certain level of woke, something as simple as a love of ballet and architecture, by continuous stream of dopamine spikes, you were inevitably drawn further and further down a rabbit hole toward extremism?

What if each idea were introduced to a subject on its own merits, while painted in the most positive possible light?

What if you could use pictures, music and video to get the point across to anyone willing to pause a moment and think... Why isn't it ok to say, "It's ok to be white?" and speak only to an audience that wanted to hear more about this?

Not all platforms do this. Some are distraction-land.

No movement is made of a million people doing a little until it's made of a few hundred people doing a lot.

Tumblr was once dominated by porn. But now it's something Pinterest could never be.

The ideal platform for the radicalization of the few.

A user can run a dozen blogs at a time, on a dozen shades or themes or intensities of a single topic and his subscribers never get tired of what he shows them, no matter how many times.

Unlike any other platform, a person who subscribes to your blog wants more and more of the same idea.

Among a family of pro-white blogs, among a community of pro-white activists, I can help draw people further down the rabbit hole. Let me tell you what I mean.

Years ago in Downtown Seattle, before the internet was in full swing, there were quarter-operated porn booths. I was so innocent, it never occurred to me that my quarters were paying for the jizz mopper.
24 hours a day, there were peep shows for the voyeurs and peepers. Some patrons hid behind one-way glass so they wouldn't be seen. Some wanted the dancers to see them. Some wanted a one-on-one experience and paid extra.

What I've noticed is the internet has taken this hole-in-the-wall peepshow concept, complete with the modern version of quarter-operated porn booths and turned the whole damn world, and especially the internet, into that kind of a place.

Right down to the girl who serves you coffee and the flight attendants on Delta wearing skimpier uniforms that show a glimpse of bra.

For years, Tumblr discouraged the most degenerate stuff. But by going down the rabbit hole, you're only 4 or 5 hops away from finding exactly what you wanted.
Wealthy patrons requesting custom work kept the operation stuffed with volunteer artists, models, dancers, webcam thots, and so on, doing anything you can imagine, and some things you can't.

It was the online Weimar. It catered to every taste.

By doing a deep dive, I could fairly easily find fetishes and sub-cultures on Tumblr that only 100 to 300 guys even knew about. And maybe one artist making a living by serving them.

Want an Overwatch-themed baphomet? It's on there. Or was. Actually, none of that old stuff got deleted. It's just not being directly promoted anymore.

THOSE 100 GUYS were getting their favorite kind of message all day, every day.
Twitter is supposed to be like that, but it's a distraction land in a way Tumblr isn't.
Once you sign in each day, if you're on 3G or better internet connection, you're being bombarded by exactly what you wanted to see, pruning off things you don't want to see as you fall deeper down the hole.
But here's what's important for our movement.

The system doesn't care who uses this kind of functionality.

It's the slippery slope, but automated.
Thanks to its design, it's ideal for red-pilling, recruiting, radicalization, taking a guy from complaining to marching to fund-raising.

It's a better platform than email.
Take people from images to text to books. Take them from questioning reality to exploring, through the denial, anger, blaming, and acceptance to doing something constructive and positive.

We're dealing with addicts.

You can take people who are already addicted to porn or swimsuit models, and start peppering in white-models wearing more and more beautiful lingerie, dresses, in more and more beautiful European style locations.

Much of this is already done, and automatic. You just have to tap into it.
People who followed your blog because you have "good taste" are now being hit by things they didn't originally sign up for.
They always get their beautiful white girl, but she's in Rome, in Greece.

Our enemy creates a backdrop of ludeness, destruction, and oblivion. Your backdrop is your choice.

The enemy chooses a hateful, destructive backdrop of naked black guys celebrating the biological destruction of whiteness.
Our guys can choose a positive image of wealthy, successful white guys (and blacks in a serving role, at best) leading a viewer toward family and virtue and plenty.

There is massive resistance against us doing this kind of thing, but if we don't present the option of a path toward virtue, the viewer is never going to take the option.
Right now, pro-whites are led toward Paganism and idolotry, not toward Christianity.

Yes, there are pro-white blogs on Twitter. About 1,200 "reblogged" a post that says reblog this if you're a pro-white blog.
Some of those really are pro-white. Some aren't.

Some people are natural curators. They're not going to march in public, but they can do the same thing on Tumblr that they've done on Twitter, but much more powerfully.

Instead of getting lost in the noise and shadowbanned and lost, you have a more powerful, more personal connection with your audience.

Yes, there are down-sides, and posts and blogs will be taken down and deleted, but by tapping into that existing community, you can be a taste-maker with 99% syndicated work and 1% original, and be loved by your fans.

It's up to you to figure out what your fans want most. And if some don't like it, it's a cinch to create another blog to segment your list.

For those already indoctrinated into direct response marketing concepts, this is the fulfillment of the dream of list segmentation. Only Instagram comes close.
But Instagram is centered on a person, and all the things they do, and building celebrity out of visible signs of beauty.

It's set up to be photos, videos, and art about a person.

Instead, because of its design, Tumblr is centered around fandom instead of celebrity.

It's a celebration of the great curator, not just the great artist.
It has fixed something fundamentally broken about the internet.

And of course, the first people to use the platform are going to be degenerates. But then something glorious emerges from that chaos.

The fact of the matter is this: If you've watched your enemy, you've learned how to be more seductive. How to tempt and tease and entice, like a good marketer of ideas.

On the right platform, you can simply be a fan of ideas, a curator of them, and serve the cross-pollination of ideas, being at the center of the thing your people care about most, in the way that's most convenient to reach them and find your audience.

Quite frankly, this blog is a format that makes me and my message far LESS relevant to you than it could be on Tumblr.
The curator or producer has a lot of power. To a greater extent, the viewer is at his mercy.

On Tumblr, unless you completely hate something, subscribing is forever.
On this blog, you see me once, and  you're gone.

But getting you to subscribe to "me" on Tumblr is a very low barrier to entry. You don't feel like you're being spammed, because you'll never allow it. Once you choose a path, you're much more stuck on that path.

This is fantastic for us. That's what we want.

For the Jared Taylor level blog, I want 80% of the people to stay subscribed forever, and be bombarded by Ramzpaul-tier stuff for the next 5 or 10 years.

But I want them to be enticed by Murdoch Murdoch, and to know what it is.

An allegory... I know what a transexual is. I know society is being pushed in that direction through entertainment, TV, kindergarten classes now, and pornography.

But I don't need to push very many people in the direction of doing Pinterest and Tumblr once they know how much better it is than Twitter.

With modern smartphone apps, you can overlay any message you want on any picture you want, stylize it to create any emotional effect you want. You don't need to be a Photoshop artist anymore. The apps make it so easy, you can crank out a dozen great-looking memes in an hour for a platform that is great for displaying great-looking memes.

Your animated Pepe looks fantastic as the normie masses are mindlessly scrolling past. But the get the message, consciously or not.

If you're doing stickering or signage, leading them to a plain-vanilla Tumblr blog full of toons, or better yet, to a hashtag (since hashtags can't be destroyed, like accounts can) you can easily run a dozen or more blogs, and each subscriber is seeing the most relevant.

They're bigger fans of you.

On one Jesus blog, I can talk about Jesus and lost sheep and green pastures.
On another, I can talk about Jesus and the parable of the tares, wrath, outer darkness, fire and wrath.

With each little "church", I can tease the sheep and tares across both, but mainly I'm sticking to the message my audience wants to hear most.

With Twitter, I'd have to have several log-ins and accounts to accomplish all that.
List segmentation is so important, that I do it on my email list all the time. (I don't expect you guys to email list.)

To segment with emails, I target a message depending on what you open and click on. The most active readers are either open to everything or they're open to the thing I'm currently talking about.

If I want to start talking about homesteading for a few months, I can send an email that says "New Homesteading Secrets", and if you don't open that one, you'll never see the next 12 to 20 emails about it.

If I want to start talking about crypto currency, I can send an email that says, "Crypto Currency Secrets They Don't Want You To Know" and spend then next 20 emails talking ONLY to the guys who wanted it.

I even segment by commitment level. If you're really commmitted, you signed up for the print newsletter. Which allows me to cut through the clutter in your life. I don't have to wait for you to open your Tumblr app, in other words. Unless you move or change address or stop reading your mail, I've got a message in front of you.

Which could be good or bad. Not everyone wants the most radical stuff. But when I'm saying the most radical stuff, I want to make sure I reach the 10 or 20 most radical, committed, most dedicated people. These people are worth reaching.

Of these, there's one or two guys ready to do what I tell them.

I assume they're all die-hard Exo listeners.
But the point is it's vitally important to segment your people.

My very best supporters are worth a million times more than the extra cost of reaching them and making damn sure Silican Valley can't easily cut me off from them.

These are my spiritual brothers. We're on the same mission, traveling on the same road.

Jesus did his sermon on the mount to the multitude. That's well and good. But in the process, he process, he only found 12 disciples.

Because he cared about those 12, and loved them, and spoke in public to reach them, because he knew they'd love him and listen to his wisdom, he gave them the meaning of the parable of the tares.

This meaning isn't given to most Christians. Isn't known by most, isn't understood by most. They love to spread the sermon on the mount, but never contempate the implications. They're not meant to. They just have to trust the message. The masses spread the message because the apostles are fanatically devoted to making sure they do.

It's the few become the leaders of the many.
Just as it's the few become kings. Speak to your masses, but make sure you have the end in mind. It's when you reach your disciples that they will begin to emulate what you're doing.  Each in his own way.
The readers of this blog can choose platforms which solve their most difficult problems.

I've got radical, dedicated people on Twitter surrounding me all the time. But what they wish they could do on Twitter is easy on Tumblr.

Things like KEEPING your audience. Like keeping a message on the DL, by creating a sub-culture within a sub-culture. By being the guy who knows TWO platforms well, and moving people from one place to another, you create a captive audience.
So as not to miss this opportunity...

If you begin to...

...clear out the clutter and

...unsubscribe from the garbage on Tumblr and other platforms, and

...start subscribing  to content designed to entertain, train, and

...radicalize your following for you automatically, to

...white-pill them and bouy up their spirits, increase their competence, to

....increase their appetite for the truth and

....turn them into willing fighters for justice, and

...learn ways to draw in an audience, even one that reads text walls.

... then you'll stop shouting into the void, and start drawing people who want to settle in with you for breakfast, for lunch, or for dinner. But maybe not all three.

I'm proposing a kind of marriage between you and your audience that allows them to see their favorite side of you, and allows them to make a commitment to seeing more.

You don't need to make any such commitment. A blog of 100 posts or so stands forever, with people continuing to subscribe and share posts, even after the blog itself is deleted.

That's right. This is one great thing about Tumblr.

1) A post may be deleted for a violation, leaving the blog and your audience intact.
2) Or a blog may be deleted, leaving the posts intact.

Twitter NEVER allows either of these 2 very powerful things.

And this kind of policy allows a creator to keep spinning out posts and blogs at a rapid speed that seem, to the viewer, to be something of a very high quality, even if it only takes a curator
The penalty for violations is small.
Your influence over an audience, no matter how small, is HUGE.

And now that Tumblr has "put its clothes back on", so to speak, we can much more easily blend in and start blurring the lines and greasing the slope toward the most fanatical forms of white nationalist activism.

The hashtag for IRL/online hybrid propaganda is #SeeItAllOver.

Reccommended blogs are  

There's no need to tell you what ALL my Tumblr blogs are. Once you get in, you'll see and choose the ones that most appeal to you.

The entry point hashtag is #SeeItForever
It's about IRL pro-white hashtag activism. And eventually, and continuously, such hashtags will be co-opted and replaced by something else, with a proliferation of such hashtags, if the model is successful.

It's based on things, like hashtags, that can't be killed as easily as accounts can be, about choosing effectiveness over efficiency, complexity over simplicity, heirarchy over equality, and hard-core activism (doing something) over passivism (or pacifism).
They fight us spiritually. Our battle is a spiritual one, with weapons of spiritual warfare, and tools like social media, exploited based on what it is, how it functions, and what it can do.

By marketing our movements intelligently, we all move in the same direction, but under different names, brands, and guises.
We work together as a team, and form alliances as needed. Even when we fight, it's done for mutual benefit. But of course, God hates those who sow discord among brothers.

And if you want to be successful, in my opinion, Jesus is your best guide.
You don't have to do a podcast, newsletter, email list, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, but it's those who do at least 2 of those things who have an unfair advantage.

It's those who gather to discuss ideas and events on Discord or Google Hangouts who have more interesting things to say or post on Twitter, and do so more strategically.
Once you know what's going on, and you know what you want your end product to look like, a man of action who spreads the word, then we're in the business of manufacturing the kind of soldiers we want.

First, we must have the right message in the first place.

Then we can make fishers of men to attract people to our sermons. You have to go find these people yourself.

But you'll be glad when you do.

Those sermons attract your disciples. These aren't like the "fishers of men." These are the like-minded who are fully on board. They love the message.

Not everyone loved Terms of Fair Use. It's an important responsibility because it speaks to people far outside our movement. There are feds, gangsters, Muslims, preachers, white nationalists listening.
But Exodus has become more popular since the Terms has given our movement a moral grounding it lacked. Prior to Terms, the mood was "We're not racists." "We're not responsible for climate change."

I changed the mood to, "you're welcome for slavery, climate change, genocide, and patriarchy." Had to be done. There's no way to fight it otherwise.

The truth is whites are GREAT slave owners. You're a million times better off as a black slave under a white master in a white country than as a white slave under a black master in a black country. At the time, these slaves knew they were blessed.

But our movement wasn't doing anything that white-pilling. They weren't fanatically devoted. When the devil dropped Charlottesville on us, we had no context to bounce back from that. Charlottesville should have crushed the movement. But it didn't.

What falls upon THIS rock is dashed to pieces. And when this rock falls on you, it crushes you. What rock is this? Those who bear the truth.

And the fuit of truth, which is victory against a liar.

Don't tell them "I'm not a racist." Tell them how marvelous racism can be in the hands of a competent white man.



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