The Plan Is to Wear Us Down

Michael Hoffman II, revisionist historian and holocaust denier (I'll let you decide if you think that's a good thing or not) suggests that the point of Sandy Hook and such deliberate events appears to be to wear us down.

It's about gun control, of course, and is always exploited to achieve gun control, and they wouldn't be doing it if it weren't working.

As you can see from this chart..'s been working.

But it's also working to psychologically demoralize us. This is, in fact, the purpose of all news and television. If you were not "informed", you'd presume the actual law of the land applied, you'd fight like hell, and people would fear you...


But instead, due to an addiction to knowing what's going on, you're tricked into thinking activism is impossible, led down all the wrong paths in life, and steered away from the only path to power, riches, happiness and success God wants you to have.

But if you don't do it His way, don't expect success.