Is This Really 1,000 Times More Powerful Than Tweeting?

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Measured on a per-impression basis, the cheapest advertising on the planet (that nyone knows about) is social media. You see tons of ads. If they'd take our money, we'd advertise on social media, too. MAYBE on Gab, we can. Dirt cheap.

I want to show you something cheaper, more powerful and effective. We've got to unravel it a bit, or I'm simply throwing you to the sharks here.

You probably don't pay to promote tweets, and you shouldn't, but it's great when a friend promotes your account, retweets your stuff. That's very helpful.  Your friends are helping you quite a lot.

Check the stats on your last 10 tweets on your back-from-the-grave account. Go ahead. I'll wait. How many impressions? Be honest.

I'll be honest with you right now. I only got 217.7 thousand impressions in the last 28 days, and I've ruined my life with Twitter addiciton like a damned online junkie.

The market rate for those impressions is $653. Damn. Years in the making and only six hundred a month. I'd better not quit my day job. LOL.

First world problems, right?

Let's be generous and say I only spent 1 hour a day. (It was a lot more than that.) That's 7,200 impressions per hour. Damn it to hell! And it's probably more like 1,000 impressions per hour, actually.

And that's changing the world. Not making money. There's no cash at the end of this. Not necessarily.  Not unless I whored out my services.

How about you?

Is your average tweet much more than 100 impressions? More than 1,000? Great.

$3 per thousand impressions, that's $3 of results for your last 10 tweets.  Probably took you all night.

Talking to all the same people we usually do. Making very little difference. All competing with one another, sometimes cooperating.

Changing The Game

What if I could show you a real way to consistently get MORE THAN 100,000 impressions per hour, and probably a lot more, would I have your attention?

Hey, you'd have the WORLD's attention.

I'm talking about a billboard strategy nobody seems to be talking about that you can use to promote yourself, your movement, your hashtag, your account, your podcast, website, or whatever you want to promote.

And all for less than $1.00 per thousand impressions in "parts and labor".

And you don't have to be any smarter than you are now.

And if you really wanted to, you could just take your existing tweets, friggin print them out, put them almost ANYWHERE and be doing better than you're doing on Twitter.

Sad, but true. Got the concept?

If you could use those impressions to promote all the stuff you're doing online, all your social media, your podcasts, etc. etc., imagine how that would change the game.

And what if you could get your FANS to do it, too? Promote you. Put micro-billboards up all over the place, turning you into a social media hero?

Would you race past all your competitors, colleagues, and comrades in an awful damn hurry? For most people, hell yes you would!

All with the same brains you already got!

What if I could also help you build a team of guys each getting you 100,000 impressions per hour, generating lots of meaningul, highly qualified, highly interested traffic that converts into boots on the ground activism?

Do I have your attention yet? I hope so.

Because unless you're Trump, with the mainstream media reporting on your every tweet, you're not even part of the discussion. You're a pimple on a pimple's ass. A drop in the ocean. You don't even make a ripple.

That's why they've got us addicted to platforms they contain and control, all in the name of FREEZE PEECH!

But if you can consistently, mechanically manufacture a micro-event that people Tweet about and write about, you're actually a player in the game. And a big one.

I don't normally like talking about brand advertising, because normally it's a scam. I like direct response.

I'd rather tell people what to do, and make damn sure they do it.

I want to put in $100 of time, energy, and effort in the world, and immediatly get $200 or $300 back, so I can reinvest it and grow.

I want to sell T-shirts at a profit and turn people into walking billboards that sell more t-shirts and drive more traffic and raise more awareness and change the world, for example.

But I also want a real movement. Not just a clothing company.

You want to combine branding with direct response marketing.

Great at branding: @Censored_French
Great at direct response: @Fairyuze1

Be a big player with a big stick by dipping a toe in each pool. Generate the traffic efficiently, effectively, and also create a great impression.

The traffic generation is only the front-end of your "business" in a political movement or  cause. The back-side is where all the profit is: Repeat business, growth, recruitment, and expansion.

Everything else EXCEPT marketing is an expense.

Everything else EXCEPT MARKETING is an expense.

Marketing brings in the money, attention, contributors, donors, the volunteers, the swarm, the mob, the boots, the troops. Marketing IS the profit.

Everything else is an expense.

Are you using social media to teach? The education effort is an expense. It's not marketing unless you turn the time, effort, energy, and expense into something you want, need, or can use.

If you're going to be thinking anyway, you may as well be thinking big.

Political power starts from being a big fish in a small pond. You work your way up from there.

But you want to work your way up. Begin with the end in mind.

If something isn't working, do something else.

If I can show you how to generate at least 100k impressions per hour is worth
$300 per hour. And I think I can do 6 times better than that, and show your people how, so that you're creating up to $20,000 of impressions per hour per team of ten.

Is there risk involved? Sure. And there's risk in doing nothing, too. By my estimates,

This is ten to one hundred times LESS risky than attending a rally. 

The risk to reward ratio is incredible. And that's why our enemies do it all the time. So should we.

The truth is for most people, a social media account is only good for networking, sharing our feelings, keeping connected with friends.

It doesn't really change the zeitgeist. Not on its own.

The shills all have an unfair advantage. They've got money, teams, support, and trillion dollar banks buying up the courts and juries. The shills aren't censored.

They're smart. They're putting their best people out front and center and naming the chosen about 0% of the time.

Priority number one, you need to multiply the impressions. Or you can't do anything.

Rule #1 - You simply need more raw horsepower.

It's great to "work smarter." But no amount of smarter substitutes for doing the work that does your work for you. Elbow grease always jump-starts the process.

Rule #2 - You need a network effect 

Why? To stimulate, generate, and propogate a buzz. If everybody's not talking about you, then nobody 's talking about you.

You need a "small pond".

No network effect? No buzz. What's a network effect? Big fish in a small pond.

Only then will everybody know that everybody knows.

In a classroom or church, everyone knows that everybody heard what the teacher just said.

Online, half a million people watching get swallowed up really quickly. In all probability, most of the people you know have NEVER heard of Rebel Media.

Some people at your school or church have never heard of you, but that can change pretty quickly if you're on CNN for 25 seconds saying, "I like white people. They're the best. We created civilization!"

Suddenly everyone in your house thinks you're a NAAAAAZI!

You don't want that kind of infamy. It scares you, and it should. That's natural.

But you can't let it cow you. You've got to act, and act effectively and Tweeting ALONE won't do it.

You've got to do something not one in 1,000 guys do. You have to go out into the world and...

PROMOTE your Tweets. But do it OUR way. Not theirs.

Not by spending money on Twitter. That just puts money in their coffers. Not yours. Rewards bad behavior.

No, you want to use the kind of media that's good and cheap at promoting your tweets, brand, movement, your hashtag, or your account.

If you're going to bend the rules, BTW, you might not want to announce that fact by saying, "Hey, I violate the rules and here I am so you can come get me." You want some pseudonymity, I'd expect, especially if you're not playing by the rules and/or social norms.

What should you promote?

Twitter can ban your account a hundred times, but they can't ban your hashtag. Shadowban? Maybe.

When you go offline, you can promote whatever you want.

You can use stickers, flyers.... we'll get into it. If you've got a brand, a band name, an event, and someone wants to find it online, they'll probably be able to find it.

If you're GroyperGod on the interwebs, or always posting pictures under #GroyperGod, it's really not that damned hard to find your accounts, ok?

If you're super famous at your school or church with a little help from mass media, then everyone knows you as the guy who loves rescuing kittens or something.

Then you can be on CNN one day, but to your church or town, you're the Nazi who rescues kittens and volunteers in a soup kitchen. See what I mean? You're responsible for creating the buzz that protects you.

Facebook started on Harvard. It dominated a tiny community, so there was buzz. A conversation about Facebook anywhere but Harvard would be like...

"Have you heard of Facebook?"
"Never mind, then."

Shouting into the void doesn't create a network effect. That's what social media is doing to you.

Even on Facebook, you're throttled. I wrote a damn BOOK worth of posts on Facebook to 100 people who barely knew who the hell I was. But put out 100 flyers at school or a club, and I was the man. Thanks to the buzz, everyone knew who I was. In 3 months or less, I had them eating out of my hand because I was combining mass media with a VERY small pond.

Prior to that, I was like Rodney Dangerfield. Nobody gave me any respect. Nobody knew who I was. Nobody cared.

8 years of Facebook was like repeating Sophomore Year all over again. USELESS.

Be very targeted. Target people who know each other. Then mass media MIGHT help you.

And then, gradually, as you roll out larger and larger, you escape the echo chamber with the help of the people in your growing community. A community you have very powerful influence over.

I'm beating a dead horse, here, but this is the big difference between millionaires and billionares, so...

Millionaires think about systems.
Billionaires think about networks and network effects.

Passing notes in class creates a buzz once people start talking about it

Passing notes in a crowded Football stadium doesn't create the same buzz, even among the 30 people closest to you.

Now onto politics. What works?

What works in politics is an attack campaign that people SEE.

It's as dirty as any street fight has to be. But people gotta see that dirt.

They won't "see" whatever they can ignore, what they can refuse to talk about, and what they never hear about.

CNN creates a "small pond" effect on a national scale. Everyone has to talk about CNN because it's a dominant player in the US.

But in the US, we don't have to talk about Sky News. What's Sky News? Exactly.

In a local play house, the dominant media is the program everyone's looking at.  And then the play starts.

At work, the dominant media is probably the music on the radio. It's subtly programming you to be a cuck who's kicked around by your know-nothing girlfriend or wife parading around like a fancy duck on vacation all the time.

The quiz on the screen is the dominant media in a movie house. Obviously, once the movie starts, that's the dominant media. It's what everyone's paying attention to.

That can be you.

The TV dominates your living room. And the channel you're watching is probably dominating 10 million other living rooms at the same time.

What's the dominant media in town? Local news, maybe.

Getting the Psychology Right

Those are the fundamental mechanics. But they don't work without knowing the psychology.

What works is demoralizing your enemies. If THEY feel it. If it hits them where they are.

What works is making your enemy appear foolish, vicious, dangerous, and insane. If you can provoke them to flail around like a maniac.
What works is getting your enemies to question themselves, their precious delusion of moral superiority, to play on their paranoias, and to push them over the edge, out of their comfortable throne of power. If you hit them en masse.
What works is getting your enemies to feel hopeless despair, driving them to apathy. Driving them past denial, anger, blame, into acceptance.

We know this works because it's what they've done to us.

Gaslighting, hypocrisy, ganging up against us, rejecting our message utterly, guilt by association, every kind of abuse.

But people are standing up to the abusers. That's not what we tweet about. What spreads is outrage, so what you see are the outrageous abuses. You don't see as many of the victories.

What we're doing well: We're growing. 

We're deepening relationships.

What we're not doing well: Running a trillion-dollar-per-year propaganda campaign to demoralize our opponents.

You're about to become one of the few people on earth in possession of a few critically important facts. So make sure you're not the only one who knows.

Online media is great at deepening our relationships with each other. It's cheap. For mere pennies, I can get you a download that deepens our connection for hours and hours, even if it's not hosted for free somewhere.

Even if it's not a torrent file or on YouTube, I can send you a few hundred megabytes of video without paying an arm and a leg.

For the price of a nice flyer or sticker, I can captivate you with all the facts, full color, motion video, heart-wrenching stories, painful realities, and the obvious solutions.

But even then, the chances of you sharing "With Open Gates" or "The Greatest Story Never Told" on normiebook is probably very, very small, no matter how much I harange you to do it on a daily basis.

No matter how much I threaten and cajole you.

No matter how clearly I show it's in your interest.

No matter how good my arguments are.
This is NOT how ideas spread. They don't spread by agreement. They spread by visibility. By REACH.

For more than a year, I've been saying it, preaching it, teaching it, and screaming it into the void.

I'm moving the whole world with that message, no matter how few people hear it.
 But in the end, you have to love your neighbor as much as you love yourself, and forgive his ignorance, his sins, how badly fooled he's been, or you won't lift a finger to save him.

In the end, you have to love the Lord your God with ALL your soul, ALL your heart, and ALL your mind or you'll do JACK... and a whole stinking pile of shit.

We have everything we need to go on the attack.

The problem is our enemies don't just sit there while we attack them. At best, they tune out and ignore you.

This doesn't accomplish what we want.
If we don't reach out, we don't even reach those who agree with us.

The interwebs creates beautiful echo chambers of isolated agreement. It's TERRIBLE at reaching large numbers of people. They WILL. NOT. SHARE.

I could be torturing their children to death. They still won't retweet it.

This is a fact. One you MUST accept. This is human nature.

Dogs suck at speaking Swahili. Humans suck at retweeting the most important stuff. They're conditioned to brainlessly watch TV for the last 60 years. They're in receive mode. Not broadcast mode.

80% of people online will NEVER POST ANYTHING.

But give people some free stickers, and they'll mark up the whole damn neighborhood with them.

Put them in a competition to show off how creative and inventive they can be about placement, have them doing what "everyone is doing", and they might rise to the occassion.
Let's say we decide we need a million stickers out there. So we probably need at least a thousand guys putting them up. Maybe 2,000 guys.

In that case, we want effective stickers that work, that are worth it, that are easy and cheap to print up and deploy.

The thing is, everybody's got to express their individuality. And that's great. Let them. I'm going to show you a GENIUS way to express yours in this article.

I don't want a million sticker designs. I want the ONE that works. Maybe ten, and ten variations of each that are PROVEN effective.

"It's ok to be white" stickers can go up absolutely everywhere. They work. NPC and Pepe are proven effective. People know which side they represent.

Where the real creativity and genius comes in is where you put them where they last, where they're seen, so they earn their keep.

You want to see the results, too. That's what keeps you going. That's how they keep you on social media. Which is fine, as long as your social media has reach. Has traffic. Then you can turn it into a real money-maker, if need be. Want to create 1,000 times larger pool of donors and contributors?

Do smart stuff.

And get people out there doing smart stuff for you.

It's Proven By Settled Science

This isn't something I'm pulling out of thin air. This is standard operating procedure. Every successful business must leverage offline dinosaur media methods to achieve their IRL reach.

If you take your corner of the movement and run it like a business, you win. You just have to get over yourself and do it.

In business, you care about the numbers. If you invest a day of time and $100 of materials, you want a return on your investment, right?

If I go from a thousand impressions to 100 thousand impressions per hour, I could could 100 times the results.

If I was working for $8 an hour, and I fill up the same funnel with 100 times more traffic, we're talking about $800 an hour of results, contributions, donations to causes I care about, traffic to sites I like, and a growing, gradual transformation of the whole community when I inspire people to re-invest their efforts in promoting the cause.

That's what you SHOULD be seeing for your efforts, if you're smart.

Not only that, but $800 per hour per person you enlist sounds pretty good. Sounds like a compounding, growing force. Ten guys create $8,000 an hour, plus more volunteers by feeding the funnel you've got.

But if you don't have a funnel (a conversion process, educational materials, classes, somewhere for them to go, podcasts for them to listen to), then throwing more traffic into the void doesn't help you grow.

This is why every successful business advertises to reach new people and re-invest what they're doing.

They have to grab attention and focus it. Create a buzz and sustain it.

Some do a lot of this advertising online, but who are we kidding? We're not going to be able to advertise online if we can't even keep a payment processor going.

Most of the visible internet is owned and controlled by the enemy, at this point.
Money talks, and Silicon Valley sold out. And they sold out cheap.

A business can put out a sign, a bat signal, or whatever, but they have to get customers in the door somehow. That's where this all starts.

This is why offline is our best bet.

The process worked fine without the internet all the way into the 1980s. Still works today. No problem.

Once you've got a customer in the door, they can begin building the relationship with their customers. That's when it's time to do something smart with them.

In the same way, every successful movement advertises to reach new people.
Once they pop in for a visit to our lovely selection of black-pilling online properties, we can begin building a relationship with them.

For-profit companies spend a lot of money doing each of these steps, so they get experts together and diagram a "funnel" process that brings people into the organization and turns them into buyers, and then repeat customers.

People don't blindly spend their money or effort for just anything or anyone. The expect to see some results, even a return, from each ad dollar, from each hour of labor invested.

To ensure you're getting a return, the best advertisers use simple arithmetic to determine which ad is worth its cost.
You wouldn't pay an employee who didn't work. And you shouldn't pay an ad that didn't work. And our movement shouldn't pay for the design, printing and deployment of stickers that don't work.
In the same way, we don't even want to print a sticker that isn't worth the 5-cent cost of printing plus the 5-cent human cost of distributing it, bare minimum.
Even if you're not paying a volunteer, they're still "paying" in time, risks, and so on. Value their time, love your neighbor, and they'll want to help you instead of someone else. You promise them the best designs, and prove they deliver, then in their eyes, you're simply a better designer
Your design must be proven to be worth at least those 10 cents it costs him to buy, print, and deploy those stickers, or else he (or she) shouldn't be distribute them.
He should take his elbow grease elsewhere.
In addition, we know there's always a small risk of incarceration, or injury, whether your actions are legal or not.
We've seen this recently, but there's a simple calculation, here.
If one out of 2,000 guys gets life in prison from an event, then your average cost must include all other expenses plus lifetime imprisonment.
Is it worth a life sentence to distribute a million stickers? It depends. What are the results of those stickers?
Do these million stickers swell the ranks to 20,000 or 200,000 men who get someone elected to pardon him from prison? Possibly.
A man doing 200 tiny stickers an hour times 8 hours a day for 14 days has placed 22,400 stickers by himself. Each will be seen by an average of 100 people or more, unlike flyers.
Even glimpsed, it's flashing a message into the subconscious, where it persuades at least 100 people, maybe a thousand, creating.
At a whopping 5 cents apiece, the hard cost is $1,120 plus an equivalent amount for the labor to generate at least 2.2 million impressions, for a maximum spend of a tenth of a cent per impression, or in advertising speak, about $1 CPM. (A dollar cost per thousand impressions.)
That's a low cost, but it's also a tiny sticker. Frankly, I can print 5" x 8" stickers for 5 cents. And maybe 8 stickers for that price. Less than a penny for a two-inch sticker. It's not that expensive, necessarily.
If placed with a method and in a location where it will really last, placed with care in a good location and coated with a bit of quality goop, it will continue to generate impressions for months, years, maybe decades.

A penny's worth of investment won't do much, right? Well, in an area with high foot traffic, you're potentially catching the eye of 100 people per hour. But let's say it's 100 people per day. The average sticker lasts a month. That's 100 glances times 30 days. Took you less time to slap it on than to press Retweet. You've got 3,000 impressions, and every single sticker is like hitting Retweet again, up to 200 to 400 per hour. Maybe more.

If our estimate is right, that's 600,000 impressions per hour. And your target may pass 100 of these stickers before they consciously glance at the thing, but by that time, there's no way for them to go back and find them all and remove them.

It could take you a week or a month on Twitter to create 600,000 impressions, and when you did, it would be scattered all over the place. You're not creating a critical mass and psychologically reclaiming any particular space. You're merely shouting into the void. Or into the echo chamber. Not good enough.

You can reclaim any neighborhood that's not vigorously defended. This is how gangs operate, and why thugs tag up a neighborhood, why they throw shoes up in the electrical wires. They're saying, "dis is our hood, brah".

You can get a 2-for-1 benefit by stickering over their degenerate stickers. You hide theirs and broadcast yours in seconds.

How would you like to spend 50 times less than they do for your broadcast media, create 10 hours of work for every hour you spend, and drive them to your psydonymous online brand? And get some good, healthy exercise while you're doing it.

Even if they tried to fight back, you're spending an hour to create ten hours of work trying to remove them, track them all down. They simply won't succeed, except in the most densely-populated strongholds. In Seattle, that's the U-district, Capitol Hill, downtown. Surrounding areas are fair game.

Where they spend 50 cents for a sticker, you pay less than a penny to slap yours on top. One that attacks and demoralizes them.

A cartoon of a Japanese ninja tossing a swastika-shaped throwing star at an NPC trigglypuff, for example. 

Or a Chad Christian conquering a godless commie. A Christian cross stabbing a commie fist to death. An NPC burning at the stake. Things that celebrate the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition. Something like that.

Everything they want to do to attack you looks like vandalism. Everything you do looks like you're just touching a surface as you casually walk past.

If you can get their freak-outs on video and upload them to the account your sticker advertises, all the better.  Maybe something on the sticker tells them where to find the accompanying anon account. I might encourage people to put out stickers that say "This Thot Patrolled by Fair Use, Minister of God's Wrath" if I want the stickers associated with THAT brand. Probably I'd instead want to promote a "fan account" instead, like "MsNPC Stomper" or some such thing.

What good is the traffic unless you use it?

The MsNPC Stomper's Twitter account might use a pinned tweet to point people to the most vital resources on the far right, sending traffic wherever you want it to go, and bypassing much of the algorithmic censorship, shadowbans, and bringing fresh blood into the movement, where they're hit with a barage of stories and stats they've never seen before.

And it's interactive. If this becomes part of our culture, be prepared to be swamped with noobs.

That's what a campaign might look like. Tracking is a different thing. Worth doing.

Does it cost something? Sure. If you put out 200 stickers an hour, and we figure your time at $15 an hour, that's 8 cents per sticker. If you do 400 per hour, it's about 4 cents per sticker. The trick is not to use any extra time, but to do it on your way to places you're going anyway, without creating a trail of breadcrumbs back to your house, obviously.

There is a cost. There's always a cost. Inaction has a much higher cost.

Despite the cost, the value is high enough that companies use pressure washers and stencils to create "clean graffiti" that can only be erased by completely washing the grime off the walls, sidewalks, etc. And what are they going to do? Fine you for cleaning the city?

They might, but these companies can charge to install ads all over the city, if the traffic is high enough.

There are ALWAYS smart ways to mitigate your costs and risks.  But there's risk in everything. Including and especially inaction, which guarantees the death of about 100 million Americans. Maybe more.
This is why heroes have to disregard the danger to defend their people.

  1 out of 4 test pilots died flying the first fighter jets, reports Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff.

The risk was real, but each pilot believed he could reduce the chances he'd be the pilot who screwed up and got caught in a crashing plane.

This is true for those pilots, true for a driver, for an activist, a postering campaign, and in his day, Rockwell published his ten rules for picketers to prevent problems, and never had any of his guys found guilty of any serious crime. Why? Because they were trained. They knew their enemy, what they were getting into, and accepted the risk like a man.
But the risk exists, so it must be factored in.

The movement may be chipping in to  support the family of a fallen comrade, the widows, the orphans among us. (And a Christian movement for truth, it's really a movement within a much larger movement, and reluctant white Christians are just going to have to start seeing it that way. And some do. )

Let's say 2,000 guys really screw up and rack up 80 years of combined prison sentences. That averages 14.6 days per guy.

That's a tough break, but it's not that bad. And that's the high risk stuff. Putting up posters and stickers is significantly lower risk, as an activity. Look at Sheperd Fairy. Putting up posters for YEARS without permission. Served VERY little time behind bars. 90 days here and there. But he's trying to open people's eyes, "They Live" style.

 The Pareto Principle dictates that 20% of our guys are going to serve 80% of that prison time, leaving the rest free for most of their lives to bravely continue in the heroic campaign to spread the truth to our people.

Our enemy is so weak, they have to pay trillions of dollars for us to tolerate their continued existence. They're only temporariy renting their survival from God's wrath, and it's costing them more every day.  No rest for the wicked.

For us, the real expense is a bit higher than paper and ink, due to potential legal defense costs, work days lost, but would you give up 2 weeks of freedom for a chance to unite a couple thousand guys?
Come on. That's less than summer school.

Less than summer camp. You'd have to be pretty soft to balk at 14 or 15 days in the slammer. One day blends into the next. It's a routine. Like going to work is a routine.
In some countries, you don't get a lifetime of freedom. They force you to go to school.
They force you to serve a year in the military, no matter what.

Nobody's forcing you. You can chooose to do the 14 days, on average, per rally, per protest, per weekend of activism. Or do stickers, which carry a much, much lower average penalty. By a factor of about 100, if you believe Shepherd Fairy.

You take risks like that driving to work all the time on those deadly freeways. Everyone knows somebody that got rattled really bad. Maybe killed. And what do they have to show for it? 

A beautiful, mostly-white country liberated from evil? NOPE. Just a check every 2 weeks.

2 weeks is a piece of cake. If you do a life sentence, you're lucky. You get to serve the 14 days for each of 2,000 guys, all out there working to put governors in office who can pardon guys like you. WORTH IT.
2,000 guys can now spend the rest of their lives putting up stickers, posters, and getting the word out to honor your sacrifice, getting the word out to millions of people. Maybe billions. Conditioning their minds in hundreds or thousands of ways. 2,000 guys who grow into twenty thousand or two hundred thousand who wallpaper the world with truth.

Who won't let your sacrifice be forgotten.
And the bad guys are setting an example. Trying to. Trying to make marters again, like always.

Can't let them get the idea it's going to work on us, or we're simply rewarding their evil.  Did we think freedom wasn't going to cost us anything?

It can be made cheaper by doing some smart things, but it always costs you something to breathe free. It means fighting for it and landing the right kind of punches.
Our enemy knows that. It means exposing the fact that the left puts innocent people in jail to demoralize the whites who fight back.

But if you don't fight now, that same freedom (or less) will cost you a hell of a lot more tomoorrow.

The sooner you pay the bill, the lower the fees and penalties. A wise man pays that bill on time, and breathes easy for the next year, five years, or ten years.

We didn't do it right. We didn't pay our debt on time. We waited until there was real oppression.

Imagine how much worse it will be for all of us if we don't push back today!
We take real risks. They're going to increase the penalties every single day.
So the value of a design must exceed the WHOLE cost of getting it out there, the whole risk of deploying it. It has to be effective.

It has to go on the attack, not the defense. It has to hit hard and play dirty.

I don't care if it's pretty. I don't care if it's pleasing. It must be EFFECTIVE. For the sake of our men in prison, it has to work. It has to recruit fanatics, not readers, not do-nothings, and work really well, and cost effectively, because the lay-abouts aren't going to pay for their freedom until you force it down their throat, until you back them into a corner, until the devils are biting at their heels.

You can't slap a 1-inch sticker under the BOTTOM of a park bench and alleviate your guilt. God SEES YOU CHEATING YOUR PEOPLE. And he hates it with the red hot burning passion that's burning Heather Heyer's bones as hot as charcoals right now, deep within the earth.

No, that sticker has to be seen, Christian soldier. It has to stay there. It's got to be one of thousands, so the cost of removing it becomes 100 times higher then the cost of deploying it. In this way, the enemy is weakened while we are strengthened.

You don't want it tied to any one person or organization that can be shut down and disappeared. Christianity's boss is a guy you can't get to, can't shut up, and can't kill. Because you can't kill an idea, Christ lives.
His orders stand. He outranks all earthly kings. He is the Son of God Almighty. We march on His orders, and do his will and keep His sacred commandments, or we are nothing but dirt under the boot of the man who does.

The apathetic normie beta boi cuck sees more and more, the growth and proliferation of the symbols of the almighty.

The cross is a dagger. A sign of attack, and a deadly one. An inevitable one.
It's the symbol of his destruction, the symbols that expose his sexual perversion he defends, an announcement of truth exposing him for what and who he is, his hatred, his screeching, cowardly, craven, warbling complaints, his evil, demonic lusts, autistic, fetal alcohol brain damaged, but in the image of something still inexplicably resembling a human.
He's infected and afflicted by memes that appear at random. That attack his paranoia, that demoralize and belittle and dehumanize him in ways you CAN'T DO ONLINE!

The gloves are off.

The scribble or doodle of a defiant people who love Christ and whose stickers build civilization a little stronger, and prophecy its destruction if it continues in depravity, degeneracy, and sin. Let the NPC freak out at the image of his kind burning at the stake in effigy.

The left is sticker-happy for a reason. Because stickers work. Because they accuse his enemy.

Luckily for us, the sticker or wheatpaste poster has several huge advantages.
Number one: The design can be placed where thousands of people per day can see it every day for 10 or 20 years, such as
Shepherd Ferry's OBEY posters do.

It's mass-produced street art, and therefore mass media.

Some are placed where it's damned difficult to reach, much less remove, and will probably just be left there. (Nowadays, he reduces his risks by asking permission first, and it stays up even longer. So that he can put more effort into the design. but it didn't start that way.)

Tiny things that make a sticker or potentially last 20 years if it's left alone...

No air bubbles.

Protect from moisture and sun damage.
You can create a wheatpaste mixture with a coating protecting against UV damage and rub out the air pockets with a brush or broom or with your fingers.

Placement! You can choose to put it somewhere out of the rain and sun.

Printing! Printed using UV-resistant inks, dyes, pigments, or toners on acid-free paper.

Coat it! with UV-resistant, moisture-resistant coating (can be added to wheatpaste mixture)

Viewer-neutral designs that focus on branding, or a single virtue, or prioritize dog whistling and psychological reinforcement over direct response.

Posters and stickers are inexpensive to print and deploy in large numbers, have tremendous potential lasting power, can be highly visible, communicate on a subconsicous level, and can achieve what statues achieve.

- The Pepe "no tred snek" sticker does this well.

- The NPC meme is a little more on-the-nose, but we're weeks past the point where the media is blasting out that you should hate it. Maybe they will again.

- "It's Ok To Be White" spread because normies couldn't find anything wrong with it.

In pointing to a truth, NPC continues to be an effective long-term meme. Making Pepe and NPC ideal kinds of brand-building campaigns for stickers & posters.

If you do a thousand of each, you won't need tracking  software to know which one is working in your neighborhood, and on what level. You'll start to see it. You'll see blacks and Hispanics on the back heel, like when Trump got elected.

They don't fear Trump. THEY FEAR YOU.
In addition, the NPC meme is anti-leftist enough for deep penetration into enemy territory.

The smallest coalition is the pro-white group. The largest is the anti-left. Focus on embedding anti-left memes in the subconscious, and your pro-right and even pro-white literature will have greater effectiveness, even to the extent that it's
trolling the left to harvest leftist tears.
The Overton Window has shifted. The public is ready to laugh at and ridicule anti-whites.

They're not yet ready to march in columns with pro-whites. That's OUR job to push them off the fence and turn outrage into action.

The existence of a sticker implies the person who put it there, which implies IRL activism. It's existence is a call to action. It says, "Come sticker with us. It's great!"
And might literally say, "Come sticker with us. It's great!" in tiny, 8-point text on the sticker that 50 year-olds can't read.
IRL memes are a duty. Not an option.

Beause they make everything else more effective. WHY should I read unless it has a presence and relevance in MY neighborhood?

What about facts?
Leaflets full of facts merely operate at the conscious level, where no decisions can be made.

I may 100% intellectually agree that whites have a right to exist, that they should take action, establish anon accounts and shitpost, but still emotionally recoil at the idea of really doing it.

When stickers show up once, it sends a signal that one guy is doing it. When they spread into the hundreds and thousands, it sends another signal. That we're everyone and everywhere, that we care, we continue to care, and we're not being stopped, but growing, expanding, and spreading the message no matter what.

That's emotional conditioning. Where is the decision made? The emotional conditioning. The sheep are moved by safety in numbers.

Soon, you have a toe-hold in a community, and all it takes is stickers one month, leaflet drop-offs the next, then flyers, then newspapers, then walking around with your buddies in Pepe shirts, then NPC jackets, then "It's Ok to be White" arm bands, then picketing degeneracy by marching around with posters, putting pictures of it in the newspapers, flyers, leaflets, and stickers to spread to other towns, counties, states, and so on.

The same way a tugboat gets thick, heavy tow cable up to a ship. It starts with a little heaving line. You use that to pull up a one-inch line. Once you've got that, you get a bunch of guys to pull the heavy tow cable 50 feet up and drop it over the deck cleat, and then the tug boat can pull the ship.
It all starts with one day of stickering at a very small cost.

Can you recoup the investment? Yes, once you're holding paid events and advertising them with flyers, posters, news sheets, and so on.

At first, such events  would have to fly very much under the radar, existing only to recoup expenses, but can expose their power level more and more over time. Churches have succeeded at doing this.
The most radical church, I'd say, is the Terms of Fair Use segments I put on Exodus Americanus, and/or the words of Jesus Christ himself. Or maybe Moses.

Without constant reminders and psychological back-up, leaflets will be less effective, and we'll face more resistance.

They're going to do a full-court press with their trillion-dollar-per-year mind prison to turn everyone against you, so don't expect any help. You have to treat everyone as a traitor and an enemy unless proven otherwise, including Christians.

Their position is precarious. All we need, it turns out, is a $50 laser printer, a video on how to cheaply refill it, and a $10 stack of shipping labels and we've got another
activist in action.

What if I don't want to do the printing?

Have someone else print yours for you at cost. Want to print but not distribute? Fine. Mail them to people who will. Spread the responsibility around. Encourage and ackowledge action-takers.

Also... don't try to turn a profit from selling stickers. Don't even try to fully recoup your investment. If your designs are good, these guys are bringing more volunteers to you.
Offer to send people some free stickers to put up.

If you want some free stickers, I'll send you some. I sent an email out to my email list offering a rare, free Fair Use t-shirt to someone who takes action and posts up some stickers.

The winner might only post the 3 stickers I sent him. I don't care. Maybe 10 other guys will post up their stickers, too, and he'll win the shirt because he put his in the right places, and the web traffic from his town and his stickers will show up in my analytics. Boom... he gets the shirt, and he gets a toe-hold in his town.

What did it cost me to create and mobilize those activists? I would soak my pillow with through with tears if I actually added it all up.

But the point is I want action taken, and I've made it really, really easy for him, no matter how hard it's been for me.

As you sit there reading this, someone is doing life in prison for you. That's hard.
As you obess over your own comforts, someone else is freezing to death passing out literature somewhere. FOR YOU.

As you flick through fun articles on your smartphone, someone else is having their fingers cut off in a torture dungeon in a sand pit country... FOR YOU.

That's hard.

Don't make it even harder for people to help you. Make it as easy as you can.

Don't make your stickers inefficiently. Don't try to re-invent the wheel.

Use what works, even if you didn't come up with it. Most of our "best" ideas are no good.
My idea is to use a $50 used Brother laserjet printer on shipping label sheets. I don't care if you do 2 stickers on it or 16. But don't try inkjet. It won't work. You'll waste your time and money. Maybe months or years trying to unclog the damn thing. Use laser. For flyers, it's not as important.

Learn to refill your own toner for the Brother. That's the point of getting a Brother laser printer... because you can refill it yourself and print 17,000 pages for less than $50 of toner.

For $150, you can step up to a color laser printer. But now you've got 4 kinds of toner to keep track of. It's no big deal, but it's not a starting point for most people.

That's right. The paper is the expensive part when you do what I tell you.

What kind of stickers. Don't use your own design, unless you want people to go to a certain website and maybe complain and get your hosting shut down or your payment processor attacked.

If you want that, fine. Go right ahead. If people know something is alt-right, and they go to a Tumblr blog post that points them to a list or directory of woke stuff, great. It shows you're independent of those guys, drives traffic to them, and now you're doing direct response. Advanced stuff. Not pure branding.

But let me make the case for branding:

If a man passes 10 different kinds of NPC and Pepe stickers, however peripherally he sees them, he'll subconsciously sense that he's not alone, that there's safety in numbers, that there are Christians around here somewhere, maybe even "literal Nazis."

This is something the left is hypersensitive about, which is why they started smashing cars with Trump bumper stickers and attacking people wearing Trump hats. They know what it means. It means people are standing up to their authority in their totalitarian state.

They want Trump voters to feel like they're the weird one. They want to isolate anyone who disagrees with them. They want you to think you're alone, that you'll have no help, that you'll probably be attacked and then blamed for it, sent to prison alone, and nobody will remember or care. They've built up a stack of terror, and most of it's
phony. A paper tiger.

When 2,000 guys showed up, 1,999 of them didn't get a life sentence.

When 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 guys eventually lost a throw-away job, 1,900 of them kept their same jobs.

The risk is real, but it's low. It's a tiger, but it's a paper tiger.

It's going to slap you, but with a limp wrist.

It's going to hurt the tribe, but not destroy it.

What destroys the tribe is letting them get away with it.

Where permissible, of course... Stickers should go in places where there are social norms against creating a scene. It won't stop the left from screeching, but it will make them look like the freaks they are when they do.

Place people are expected to be quiet and well-behaved in civilized spaces. Especially in places they'll be on camera.

Their noisy outrage and liberal tears and screeches are welcome all over the college campus, but not in a library, a study hall, a bathroom, a bookstore, a bank, a public park, a quiet bus ride or bus stop, a diaper-changing station (which they won't ever see, anyway) and so on.

Geniuses place their posters include places where 99% of those who see it are quickly driving past, and can't or won't stop to remove it. If it's easy to put it there, it's might be easy to take it down.

Let's say you're on a subway. The doors are closed, the train slowly starts chugging to the destination. Just as you're about to enter a tunnel, right in the window, you and 15,000 other people per day are face to face with a big, long string of pepe posters winking at you.

You can't stop the subway train. You can't get out. You're not going to see it again until tomorrow, so you'll forget about it. It's demoralizing to the left and emboldens the far right, and being an older meme, they're being gaslighted. How long has it been there? Nobody knows. The freak-out is contained to one car. By the time they draw attention to the "evil", it's long gone.

Use genius and psychology in placement.

And again, only where permissible. Create a captive audience.

People also close the door and get stuck in lots of other things with windows.

Elevators, offices, busses, and trucks where they're looking DOWN at the roofs and passenger seats of cars, but nobody else sees it. They may be looking down at the bed of a pickup truck that's not otherwise visbible to public view. The only people who see it are stuck driving past.

There may be posters that are only visible to the people working in an adjacent building, simply by placing it on the outside of a window. The leftist's idiot mind can't figure out how to reach it, or get access to the gated, secured building to stop all the hatred.

Disclaimer: I wouldn't suggest you violate any laws, but just have a little harmless fun with your creativity. The world is your canvas.

A great one is if someone is taking off from the airport, on their way to another city, and as the plane pulls away, they look out the window at the airport, and there are NPC memes visible to everyone with a window seat, but nobody else.

Here's an idea you'll think is new, but someone else already did it.

You know how planes fly really low over all those buildings near the airport? What if the rooftops were covered in "hateful" memes on much the same principle as crop circles? Quite a project, but potentially worth the effort.
In fact, it's been done!

An apartment complex and a stand of trees were both laid out in the shape of a swastika, as seen from the air, and for the same damn reason. Thousands of people would have seen them before it occurred to anyone to complain.

What are they going to do? Cut down the trees? Demolish the building?

Small aircraft pilots must have been smiling at that for years. Just like crop circles, it's a fun little love letter to those who fly, those who have drone-mounted cameras, and so on.

This isn't done to provoke a quick, fleeting splash of media, but for a relentless, decades-long campaign that wears down our enemies, that warns our sisters and brothers. A sticker can be as racist and ourtrageous as it needs to be.

It doesn't need to adhere to any company's terms of use or sense of decency. It can be graphic, honest, ruthless, relentless, traumatizing, just like the garbage they're throwing at us.

In the Old Testament, a bit of lamb's blood over the doorway sent a signal to everyone else. Today, it's Yellow Vests. The signal can be anything visible, but it must be visible to a large number of people.

A sticker could say "Welcome to Herpes Town" with a picture of an infected vagina and the name of the city, or pictures of children with congenital syphillis. If Google it, you better sticker it. "Congenital Syphillis Town, native population, 10,000 and shrinking fast."

It's not meant to be pleasant. It's meant to shock people out of their apathy and attract fanatics on a mission from God.

While working, I occasionally drove past a little Chad sign in a town nearby. It didn't have a phone number. It wasn't immediately obvious what the message was about. It was just a friendly white guy giving the thumbs-up.
It was pleasant.

Even this Chad symbol accomplishes a LOT. Suddenly, your eyes are open to see if you can find any other signs, any other signs, posters, or stickers hiding. Any other little hidden "easter eggs" around town.

Any smiles and winks, people giving a certain sort of culturally white wave to a neighbor, a thumbs up, or ok sign to one another, just as motorcyclists give each other the peace sign as they ride past.
They won't do it if you don't make it cool.

If a guy can do thousands of stickers and posters in a short span of time, he can do several kinds of campaigns that hit people on a lot of different levels. Some pro white. Some pro health. Some anti disease, anti-leftist, anti-immigration, etc.

Designs are easy to trade online. But the value is in getting the most effective designs out there.

Something that looks like maybe it was posted by a guy like them.

Christians symbols. They also have unique greetings. It's in the Bible somewhere, acknowledging other Christians, and greeting one another with a holy kiss. It was and still is a secret society in places where you can be killed for being Christian. So it's a phenomenal model of success, and accomplishes exactly the same things we want to accomplish.

Secret societies have their variations, secret handshakes and so on.

Ideas like Christianity cannot spread
without the symbol of the cross, the characteristic greetings and signs, bowing their heads in prayer together when they hear "Our Father, who art in heaven", and our movement cannot spread without the proliferation of its IRL symbols, posters, and recruiting tools to back up the online memes.

And when you go deep into the message of Christianity, it's probably the nicest way anyone's every threatened to kill you, your family, and everyone you know if you don't smarten up and quit being a degenerate.

Are there people who will kill you for being a filthy pervert? I'd listen to Jesus and let him put that wisdom on your heart.

You've got to personally make it your mission to condition nationalism the same way. Like the pledge of allegiance of the national anthem with a hand over your heart or... in times past, a Roman salute.

These signs and symbols have far outlasted their regimes because these signs were the power that spread these ideas in the first place, allowed people to be quickly recognized as friend or foe.

Otherwise, we're just hiding under the covers with a flashlight and a nudie mag, looking at things we think are naughty, keeping a collection behind closed doors.

That's not a movement. It's a psychological disorder.

With reach, with public visibility, we're a movement.

At a fraction of the cost, our anti-left movement will become as visible, as acceptible, and as public and as worldwide as the McDonalds arches, it will speak in symbols and pictures and pictograms, and therefore speak hundreds of languages.

And one day soon, through our genius, our bravery, persistence, by harnessing and focusing our creative and loving instincts, through our willingness to accept the costs and penalties, the people we're liberating will carry almost 100% of the cost of their liberation.

Do it for your family.

Do it for your future.

Do it for our fallen soldiers.

Do it for your country. For your people. For the men who sacrificed everything for you.

Do it for Christ and Christendom. For the glory of God.

Hail Jesus!