Buying and selling people, businesses, money, and ideas

In a world that's about to be revolutionized by AI, genetic sequencers and gene printing, decentralized 3D manufacturing (such as 3D printers) and nanotech, all of which you're about to miss out on if you don't have the competence of buying and selling opportunities such as businesses, people, money and idea, you stand to gain or lose wealth, power and influence in the biggest change in the condition of humanity since the industrial revolution.

What I tell people who give me money for my ideas is I tell them how to buy and sell businesses, people, money, and ideas. Things that you won't always find on the shelf at Wal-Mart.

But they're for sale. Like just about everything and everyone else.

The reason why people spend money on things, in the business world, is for a chance to make more money. Same reason they buy lottery tickets. Bankers, investors, and customers do it. They're buying money at a discount. The way they make that decision is simple.

Do you create a drool factor?

Vegas creates that factor with flashing lights and distractions. People are animals. As such, they're drawn like moths to a flame to shiny objects and pretty things. Including people who look shiny and pretty.

They justify it as ROI, but emotions got them into the banking business to buy a smarter form of lottery tickets, and emotions will get them to fork over truckloads of money to you, extend you lines of credit if you know this fact about human beings.

If you know something others don't know, you can buy and sell them. Everyone with a resume is advertising that their services are for sale, usually right along with their immortal soul.

So here's some of the kind of crap that gets people to do stuff for you. Just about anything you ask. And they'll be lined up to do it.

The way to buy and sell business, money, people, and ideas is to recognize that the person of value in the situation is you. Unless and until you realize the person of value in the situation is you, whether or not that happens to be true, you won't get what you want and need to be able to go to work and be of service to your fellow human beings.

Usually by providing them the service of taking all they got for free (or better) and then selling it off for a fortune while milking it until you do. In the business world, anyway. (This is exactly how people use their houses and cars, by the way. Complaining that they can't get more money for it when they sell it.)

People must come to you and ask your permission to work for you, to endorse you, to give you money in the form of loans, to buy your securities, or buy your products and services, if they pass your screening and application process.

The way you make this happen is by being the connector in the situation. You have nothing else to bring to the table other than to line people up. Most will decline to line up for you, but those who do will be in competition for you, because nobody else but you is willing to do the work to line them up. Three ways.

1) Manual labor. Cold calling, emailing, and or public speaking in front of 2,000+ bankers, potential partners, experienced businessmen.

2) Paying cash money for 10 square inches of advertising until the people line up begging to work for the money you got for free, begging to give you the money you want, the help you want, connections you want, etc.

3) Appearing in articles and mass media featuring you that are ten times more likely (per square inch or per second of airtime) to be believed than an advertisement of the same size or length. [Even if it's in mass media you own or control.]

Or at least this is the advice that's infrequently given and even less frequently followed.

That which works in the world of dating stands the highest chance of helping you train your dog, your employees and your bankers.

In a bar, a man revealed his big secret he had when he was a kid. He'd ask 100 women if they want to f--k. 90 of them would say "no." Five would slap him. Four would give him their number and one would sleep with him.

Business works about the same way. But as in dating, dog training, and other things, there are more intelligent ways to do things that improve your odds.

What doesn't change is that you need to tell the dog to sit until it sits, tell the banker to give you money until he does, and tell the women to take off her pants until she does.

In all cases, at some point, you'll graduate from the numbers game and finally learn more intelligent ways to make people come to you.

You need to know how people work. If you can get a rat, a dog, and a woman to do it, you can get a banker to do it. You can get them to stand in line. Why? Because you've figured out how to locate, attract, and train them to do so. You're in front of the ones who are most likely to obey you.

And then you can buy and sell them.

We're human beings. Therefore...

We only value what we pay for.

We chase what runs and vice versa.

We tend to respond to people who we perceive as being in a position of authority above us, who appear to have value.

Just as the dog sits because it thinks you have a treat in your pocket. It might be true, it's going to f--king sit down.

And, acting on the exact same principle, so will the bankers, investors, and the Victoria's Secret models, who have each and every one of them proven for a certain fact that they will do so, or else they wouldn't be working for Victoria's Secret.

The bad guys know the game, and use finances to control the world, to destroy business, to set sheepdogs on the sheep, so to speak.

Watching this video on the subject of how financial elites control the world, I find zero percent of it surprising, and predicted exactly correctly the way the elites would need to use escalating levels of sin to control people working for them at the top.

It fits the rumors, the stories, the ancient accounts. The synagogue of Satan is still ruled by Lucifer. He's still the prince of this world, and you can clearly see how the adversary operates.

Of course, God still outranks him. But until you do what you're supposed to do, and obey God, the adversary will continue to be able to weaken us, to pit us against each other, and control us by our puppet strings. Basically forever.

Decide to be led by something other than your animal lusts, and it doesn't have to be that way.

Happy hunting.


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