Yet Another Way They Try to Kill You

One of the ways they try to kill you: They make you go to the hospital for antibiotics.

(((SCIENCE))) is the new replacement for science. When people very sincerely want you dead, they sometimes enter or control scientific fields in order to speed along your destruction.

And naturally, these mass murderers absolutely freak out when anyone gives themselves any ability to unplug from their systems of control, even momentarily.

One of the things they don't want you to know about is how to save your life when you're facing an emergency, when there's a 10-hour wait in the emergency room, and you could very easily die waiting for medical care.

In this and many other circumstances, "damn the torpedoes" is the right policy. We've got socialized medicine in America. That means we're waiting in line behind all the drug abusers, immigrants while the disease they bring over our borders is rotting off our flesh and killing us.

Good news! You can go to the hospital and get another infection while you're there. Something even nastier than what you've got. Happens a lot. One of the reason why the medical profession produces no net benefit.

When factoring all the risks of dying so the immigrants can invade, infect, and delay your treatment, it might be worth the risk of self-medicating in an extreme circumstance.

Reportedly, there's no one in any branch of the special forces who doesn't know about the available options.

It's just that you weren't important enough to bother saving, since you probably don't mass-murder people to expand Israel's borders and open up a clear pathway to mass invasion.

So they didn't tell you what they told the elites: That all the antibiotics aren't locked away from the public.

((((You-know-who))) predictably freaks out, of course. How dare they get access to life saving drugs!

Yes, there's a chance you'll screw it up, get the wrong stuff, and make your situation worse. Maybe die. But from what I've seen, these concerns are overblown.

Besides, every time you light up a cigarrette or drive a car, you're taking a statistically greater risk than the Americans troops who fought in Vietnam. (Though significantly less of a risk than those on the other side.) Science proves you don't care about the petty concerns of life so long as you get your Miley Cyrus fix.

But professionals have to fret about the 1% chance of you dying during surgery, or the 2% chance of you walking away from the surgery with a deadly infection they just gave you.

These are the kinds of factors the most cowardly among the medical profession have to consider when thinking of the cost of their malpractice insurance, over and above the value of the lives of their patients.

Because when you screw up and kill someone's 4 year old daughter, they sorta take it personally.

I have no such concerns. For you, life may be worthless, but dying now might be inconvenient. That's how it is for me.

I can't squeeze out two hundred bucks to save the prophet of God for another week. (Who'd be saying all the same kind of stuff I say. And they frequently did so.)

But it would be embarrassing to die of a sore tooth for lack of thirty bucks.

Thirty bucks. That's about what it costs to buy amoxacillin off-the-shelf to give your pets. Fish, in fact.

And when you do, your fish get better medical care than you do.

They don't have to wait in line. Nobody frets over allergies, sits them down to wait behind Somalians dying of Ebola and the crotch plague. If you think that's bad. Wait 'til you get the bill.

No, you're in and out in 5 minutes and giving them the same medicine, in some cases the exact same medicine you have to wait in line for.
That's right.

The pet-grade stuff, depending on which manufacturer you get it from, is the exact same stuff as the human-grade stuff. Why?

Simple. Because there's no point in creating 2 different production plants for fish and people when they're taking the exact same drug.

That said, antibiotics won't do anything for a viral infection. And there are different kinds of bacterial infections, with different drugs targeting different bugs.

Take the wrong one, and it certainly won't help. It could make the situation worse.

But when it's fish, no one gives a rip.

And therefore fish get instant, clean access to the medicine that's too good for us plebs.

You plebians can't be trusted with it. Not a one of you. It's got to be locked up behind a thousand dollar curtain. (Would you have gone to the ER if you had a thousand bucks to spend? I kinda doubt it.)

Your life is worth thirty bucks. $26 plus shipping, actually.

Will they give you access to the all the mathematical probabilities to make your own decisions?

Suppose you look up the data, and there's a 5% chance you'll die from a mistake.

But I know this... without the drugs, you'll probably die. And for the women reading this, you might also be disfigured. (That scares them more than death. "Will I look pretty in my casket?")

Rare, little mistakes are a disaster for the cowards and their precious malpractice insurance.

But if there's a 95% chance you'll live, and better than a 65% chance you'll instantly get better with zero problems, then from the patient's perspective, it's pretty f--king good math compared to the 95% chance you'll die waiting for sinorita Camel Toe to get her crotch rot treated.

And I would imagine that's the kind of math they teach to the special forces. Better if you live. But if you die, it's one of the possible outcomes you expected anyway.

I don't tell you how to live your life. But the Dr. Idiots in lab coats sure as hell want to make sure they tell me how to live mine.

By the way, when they ask (which they do) if I've ever had a resistant bacterial infection (MRSA), I can point to the scar from the infection I acquired from their hospital.

The government is the same as these doctors. Their job is to protect you to death. Fuck those cowards to death with a lake of hot sulfur, I say.

Unbelievers. Useless. The only thing we've got to protect us from the over-protective nanny state is Christ our Lord.

If doctors are this bad at applied math and science, imagine how bad the government is! It's like walking around in nightmareland, and all we've got is clowns.

As for the modern-day (((scientists))),  you won't find any of (((them))) telling you not to go to the hospital unless you have something life-threatening, because there's better than a 2% chance you'll get a nasty flesh-eating bug that can't be treated by regular antibiotics.

If the children of the devil tell me to do something, the best advice is probably to do the opposite.

What about allergic reactions to meds, including anaphallaxus?

The conspiracy of incompatence rears its head again, said Lex Luthor, paraphrasing. That or, "Incompetent boobs."

This random website claims most people, even those with severe reactions, lose their allergy to these meds over time. Weird. Seems like allergies come and go as they please. But you wouldn't know that by going into a hospital. They worship the false idol of the eternal allergy while aborting fetuses to Satan in "modern" medicine.

If you can get healthy enough, you can probably cut your infection rate in half. Antibiotics doesn't make you more healthy in the long run. It just kills whatever is killing you at the moment.

So don't be all "Fair Use said I should take fish pills because all doctors suck." No. I didn't say that. There's about 25% of doctors at hospitals who, for example, wash their hands. #NAXALT MDs.

That's asking an awful lot of someone with a medical degree.

You'd think they'd be better patients. But doctors are famously incompetent at being patient. They memorize lots of facts and deal with people and situations that didn't exist in America when they committed their life to medical school.

Like America becoming the third world.

The sooner we can automate them out of business, the better it is for everyone.

That said, dying of a bacterial plague builds character. Treatment? You just got a free ticket out of this freakshow. Technically, letting the disease take you isn't suicide.

Why not let all these asshole bastards figure out salvation on their own?

But I can't do that. Can't duck out now. I've got an appointment to keep. Another sickening human ritual that has long disgusted me. One which I've tried hard not to participate in, and that feeling has only gotten more sincere over time.

Commercial air travel.


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