Milk Them At Dusk

Milk those cows at dusk instead of morning. Why?

The Lord our God said "My laws are not burdensome." How can this be? Hasn't he met Bessie?

You see, Bessie the cow needs to be milked EVERY day. Not 6 days a week. That's 20 minutes of work the Lord won't let us do!

Never fear evil. Fair Use is here. 

I have been sent by the Lord your God to tell you the truth. And the truth is this:

Milking your cows in the morning is Satanic because it interferes with the way God defines the day and the interferes with the way God defines your week.

If the day ends at sundown, then a day of rest prevents us from doing "morning chores" 7 days a week.

You'd have to skip a day of daily chores. And so far, I haven't met a farmer who believes it's a good idea to starve the animals for one day per week.

Naturally, the animals won't don't like you as much when you do that.

I wouldn't like you as much if you did it to me.

The sabbath isn't about a farmer skipping his most important daily chores, but it can absolutely be about figuring out how to  minimizing them or optimize them or scheduling them to be as easy as possible to do.

The Sabbath day encourages this kind of innovation, and innovation is the root of all technology, and technology is the basis for this relatively easy modern life and our victories in warfare.

Not of much interest to you, maybe. But a king prefers to win wars, then he wants to rule over an innovative people who figure out how to take a day off without it impacting the productivity of the farm.

Such men make the best generals, since they already know how to win on the farm without fighting to accomplish the daily chores every day.

The law also benefits the less ambitious among us.

First of all, in the morning after a night of sleep, your muscles aren't warmed up. Maybe there's a crick in your back or your neck. Your wife won't let you roll over on her in the morning when your testosterone is high.

This has "downward spiral" written all over it. Which is why the devil loves the idea of "morning chores." 

You'd know this if you raised some birds or animals like I suggested so you'd easily survive the coming famine. 

And some of you have taken God's slightest hints as commandments, and that's a lot wiser than following the hearts of fools.

Second, you don't need that fresh warm milk until it's about bedtime. Drinking it in the morning just makes you sleepy and less productive and less prepared for the day.

Why would you drink milk with your morning eggs, toast, and bacon? Did God tell you to eat eggs, toast, and bacon with a glass of milk in the morning after your morning chores, or did Jesus say a man should be paid his daily wages after his day of work?

It sure sounds to me like a man's work day ends with a payment from his boss. A man goes home after work to finish his chores before dusk, and drinks his milk, tucks his kids in and goes to sleep.

When had trouble sleeping, the prescription was a warm glass of milk. This gives you excellent rest. And the Lord sends His beloved rest.

Why? Because they feared the Lord, kept the Sabbath Day holy, which means the only time you can do your daily chores is at dusk. Not morning.

How? It's in the 10 Commandments. If you love Jesus, do his commandments. He rattled them off the top of his head when asked. Can you do the same?

The Lord is your God. Don't lie, cheat (commit adultery, even in your heart), steal, covet, serve other gods, or make graven images. Instead, love your neighbor as yourself, honor your mother and father and keep the sabbath day holy. Off the top of my head, that's eight or nine out of ten.

Whoever teaches and obeys the least of these will be called great in the kingdom of heaven, so if I'm serious, I'd better go look up the 9th and 10th great commandment, because none is good but God.

Don't assume you know them all. Don't assume you  understand them all because he who meditates day and night on the word will be like the tree who is planted by that nice, peaceful river in the first Psalm.

On the cross, while distracted, while other things were going on and while he was having a really bad day, Jesus could still recite the entirety of the perfect Psalm by memory, as many scholars beleived he was doing, concluding that beautiful psalm with the words, "It is finished."

Are we to follow in the ways of a man who loved only the gospel?

Or instead, should we follow the ways of a Messiah who was able, from memory, to give us what he was given because he loved the Old Testament laws so much, you couldn't stop him from teaching the Psalms even while he was being tortured to death by his enemies?

Some of us can't identify two commandments from a multiple choice test in the best of air conditioned comfort on a Sunday morning, even if we brought a cheat sheet.

The Son of Man could do it with nails through his hands and the air tortured out of his lungs.

If ten are too hard to remember, what are the top two? 

Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor. Why? Because upon these two great commandments hang all the laws and the prophets. 

How do we Love God? We honor the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.

Does it matter to God whether we do it His way or our way? It might not matter to man, but it matters to God.

Now, I don't mind telling you there's some CONFUSION and DEBATE about whether the Sabbath is Saturday or Sunday, and whether or not it's to be practiced at all.

Didn't Paul clearly state we could go ahead and do anything we want except masturbate? A topic for another time.

The point is there's discord, and confusion.

God is not the author of confusion and I'm not here to sew discord among brothers.

I'm here to give your idle hands some useful work to do.

"Do Abraham's Deeds" - The Bible
When you do work, you put something in your hands to do. If you don't do this, the devil will gladly put something in your hands to do instead.

I'm sure you know you don't want to give the devil a toe-hold.

And in these degenerate times of deception, many who love sleep instead of serving the lord with a hard day's work are full of lots of other fool-headed ideas.

They delight in simple pleasures, like touching themselves or looking in a mirror.

A glance in the mirror should be accompanied with a long, loving look at the laws of the Lord.

What if the real pleasure comes from doing the work and trying on the rewards of it. Have you ever tried working?  The welfare state may not require it, but God does.

There's plenty of physisical and emotional satisfaction to be had from a good day's work. If you don't do the work God gives you, the devil will give you work to do.

And under God's laws, you're paid what you agreed to at the end of the day. But the master's money is his own. He may pay a man whatever he's agreed to work for.

Whether it's a day's pay for an hour's work or a day's pay for a day's work. Which would you prefer?

The master pays you to work, and doesn't pay who doesn't work, because the man who doesn't work, neither shall he eat.

Maybe it's hard work that satisfies the hand and its owner better than anything else a man who can do with his hand.

If a fool asks a father of 14 children whether or not he wouldn't prefer using his hands instead, that father shouldn't listen to the ungodly fool's counsel.

There are economic reasons why not. It costs quite a bit more to hire a foreign savage to spoon soup into an old man's mouth than to ask one of fourteen children or 140 grandchildren or 1,400 great grandchildren if they wouldn't mind doing so after they're done sanding his mega-yacht with a zoo on top.

Also, however competent a man may become at self-service, the ancient man who preferred his hand (or anything else) to his wife ten thousand years ago somehow, mysteriously enough, utterly failed to pass on his genes, as has every such fool since that those ancient days, even if the fool somehow won a battle for the throne through back-stabbing, then carved in stone the law that a prostate orgasm is the greatest of all orgasms, and demanded on pain of torture and death that every man must shouted from every rooftop every morning that butt sex is the best sex and clapped everyone in irons who failed to shout it loud enough, and handed out golden thrones to all the soldiers who enforced that law, that gay Pharoah failed to pass on his genes, and Almighty God weeded him and his ways out of existence to be easily conquered by superior kings.

The superior king knows the value of God's law will allow him to conquer the kingdom of the fool.

There's considerably less guilt involved in obedience, and I certainly wouldn't want you to feel guilty.

God doesn't want you to feel guilty. He clearly states, many times, that what he wants, for our own benefit, is that we fear Him, obey Him, even though He is very, very, very merciful, leading many fools to think they may do whatever they wish.

It's true, because God is so merciful, and because his mercy endures forever, that a man may do whatever he wishes until the Lord our God has grown so frightfully enraged that he unites all the world against him and sends all the nations in the world to his doorstep to kill him and his family and his tribe and their dogs and cats and diseased sheep and goats and ghonnaherpasiphilitic cattle.

Only the wicked should feel ashamed. (They don't, because merciful God hardened their wicked hearts to ensure their eternal torment, hopelessness, powerlessness and lasting, deepening dread of the inevitable ends only in a lake of burning sulfur from which there is no possibility of escape)

The faithful sleep even easier knowing God is just to torment the liberals to death, and to torture their adversaries infinitely more so. Their silver, gold and diamonds, their armies and kings all powerless to save them, just as Mr. Hitler was powerles to save the sex perverts in downtown Dresden, but his armies and conquests were unnecessary to save tens of millions of workers who'd have been saved from communism in any event, just as many of the Poles were.

It's not a bad thing to try to save people with tanks and guns, but when you you don't know how to perform triage, how to save who's worthy by ridding the world of the unworthy, when you don't know the absolute necessity of first firebombing gay old Dresden at least ten years before the British and Americans get the chance, then I might be able to say lots of kind and loving things about you, but I can't say you've clearly understood why God sent Moses to show us the way out of the land of slavery.

If you've had a chance of being the king of Germany to liberate them from communism, I can tell you that the communists only believe they can win because they sense weakness and disease and betrayal in the land because of the weakness in the leadership because of the weakness in their leader.

Getting the right leader matters. The night of the long knives is only criticized today because it missed a spot.

The officer who would not firebomb Dreseden or Seattle does not belong under my command, and I will accept no officer who feels like saving Capitol Hill "for the white race" or for any other reason. For those doing sentiment analytics, the homosexuals must have made themselves eternally unpopular 3,800 years ago, and haven't changed by a centimeter in all that time. That is why their blood is upon them to this day.

To the "breeders" as they call us, the mothers and fathers of future generations, the workers and farmers providing food for their families and ours, I ask you this...

When do you want your many children to have their fresh, warm milk? Before bedtime helps them sleep through the night. 

Which gives a man much more privacy and quiet and enjoyment in husband's pleasurable evenings with his faithful, dutiful wife, while he's freshly warmed up and energized himself with his daily chores, 7 days a week. A reward worth having at the end of the day.

God's laws are not burdensome. 

A man may drop the firebombs out of the plane over the sodomite cities, spend his pay on a bouquet of roses on the way home, do his daily chores if his children haven't already finished them already, greet his wife with a kiss and finish the day with a glass of warm milk, each and every peaceful, marvelous day.

(Except for that time of the month, of course.)

This is the work and the reward of the king's most valued soldier, and no medal has ever been made or could ever be made for the daily preparations a man must make for this perfect day.

Because this is the day the Lord has made. This is the day of the Lord. And it has been a long, long time in the making.

It is a very enjoyable and very peaceful day for the righteous, and it is a terror to the wicked.

Any unbeliever may repent at any time they wish, and they've been given thousands of years to do so, and each day of those thousands of years, they have failed to repent. Better late than never.

The master may pay his servant as he wishes to pay him. And the master says this: That you must pay every man what you owe him. And render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.

Even in the most stressful times of war, the faithful has certainty and peace. 

Because the faithful soldier fears God alone. He does his duty, so that the enemy fears him, and not the other way around.

The enemy, lined up, outnumbering his rival, either knows or will soon discover he is better off to surrender, though he has 100,000 more troops and 10,000 secret police and special forces than to deal with a single true believer on the other side, with God fighting for him.

Even a may who tries to convince his enemy that it's impossible that he's living in "base reality", and tries to convince his enemy that "God" is merely a simulation in a "turtles all the way down" series of infinite simulations, has still acknowledged that God exists and is therefore Almighty in THIS level of the simulation, and that His will must have been given to the most successful within that simulation, and therefore his instructions must accurately reflects the inevitable result within such a simulation.

If a blasphemous fool wants you to believe that you are not in "base reality", then he has made his own job even harder. He must convince you there is a reason to create a simulation which does not accurately reflect base reality. In which case there's no reason for simulations and games to get more realistic, and therefore more useful over time.

The most perfect and useful simulation is one which is the best reflects base reality. In other words, this simulation, even if it is one, is still the best reflection of the world. In which case God's laws are still the best guide, and cannot have been tampered with by someone within such a simulation, because only God has the power to tweak those laws to determine the outcome.

God did not say he gave himself the power to do so, because God wouldn't need to do so.

Even within a simulation, the NPC agents would be able to know that God is the creator of the base reality upon which all simulations are made, and that a simulation is most useful that most accurately reflects that reality, and that therefore the laws of God will not change in any simulation which accurately reflects the truth.

In which case, the godless and godly alike would agree that what you do here matters.

I tell you that life is serious. And that God's laws are as correct and hold true within simulations and base reality, because those simulations are only useful that most accurately reflect base reality.

And the world's greatest living Chess player said this:

"Programs usually reflect priorities and prejudices of programers, but because AlphaZero [learns for] itself, I would say that its style reflects the truth." - Gary Kasparov
AlphaZero finally arrived at the theory that best reflected reality. The victorious player in chess and in life was willing to trade its pieces.

Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son for righteousness' sake.

Game theory wasn't invented by John Nash. It was only rediscovered. There is nothing new under the son. What has been done will be done again.

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” - Ecclisiastes 1:9
A man foolish enough to try to convince us that God of this world is merely a Sim-creator, and probably a Sim himself, is merely admitting.

God created man in his own image.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” - Genesis
Number one, even in proposing this, where's the lie?

Number two, if God is a simulation, if you believe He can simply delete your ass for blasphemy, why would you engage in it?

Number three, if God is merely a Sim in a vast simulation, don't you think He would prefer your obedience to help Him succeed in His own?

Number four, wouldn't such a God have made such a simulation to accurately reflect his own base reality, and so on, and so on, all the way up to base reality?

The word does say Jesus is the King of kings, not paupers, doesn't it? Do I have to open up the scripture again to see for myself whether it says "kings" or "paupers"?

And if a man is wise enough to have made a simulation to help himself, don't you think this man is a very, very successful one, and cares about what you do because he is interested in simulating your perspective so that he may, himself, succeed?

In which case, a man who believes he's simulated must also believe he is inevitably going to be very successful.

So why would this be a useful thing to tell your enemy, if you're wise?

I wouldn't, if I were wise, say such a thing to my enemies. I would say, even to my enemies, even as they tortured me to death, that God is real in any event, simulation or not, and that his law is all that matter in any event, torture or no torture, ML or not, AI or not, simulation or not, Drexler's grey goo or not.

What do we do about the grey goo? Obey God. Because if Jesus had not come, none would survive.

Your simulation, if it is an accutate enough reflection of base reality, will tell you once or a million times in a million ways each time, defeating all other simulations, that Jesus is right.

And that's why our enemy fears AI, and says it's "unleashing the demon."

The truth is a foolish thing to demonize.

Too bad so many of the so-called "Christians" aren't real believers, and fall apart when the going gets tough. Why?

Because they fear what? Paradise?

Do your daily chores, such as milking your cattle shortly before or after dusk each day, and even your daily chores will be done 7 days a week. Then even for a farmer, it's easy to keep the Sabbath Day holy without even missing one day of daily chores.

If you're doing more than an hour of daily chores each day, working long into a Saturday night, for example, then I suspect you should reconsider your life choices and drop all those tasks.

If you're working yourself late into the night on Saturday, you obviously screwed up somewhere, and should drop some tasks or delegate them to some of the dozens of strong, wise, healthy children, nieces and nephews God wants you to have.

Yes, if everyone did this, the world would be overpopulated. But God never said everyone would do this. He said YOU should. He was talking to Noah, not the disobedient people who God drowned.

If the world is ever full full of righteous, obedient people who shouldn't be massacred by the billion, that's what we call a high quality problem.

But while the unrighteous exist, breed more righteous people because there's a huge shortage of them.

At present writing, we're at least 10 billion short.

So in the year of our Lord 2019 and beyond, continue to fear God, and accept His blessings.

Store up your treasures in heaven, where the moth doesn't eat them, where they do not rust.

Remember who cannot be a disciple of Christ Jesus our Messiah, the Son of Man who God, the word made flesh.

“If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be My disciple" - Luke 14:26
If you want foolishenss, you'd have to ask a guy who doesn't believe in the fire and brimstone and the lake of burning sulfur, who can't imagine God deploying the ground troops into Jerusalem wearing graphene-strengthened, nanotube-woven ultra lightweight body armor, and/or Boston Dynamics which the Bible seems to have correctly predicted.

Let all who dwell in the land tremble,

for the Day of the LORD is coming;
in fact, it is at hand—
2a day of darkness and gloom,
a day of clouds and blackness.
Like the dawn overspreading the mountains
a great and strong people appears,
such as never was of old,
nor will ever be in ages to come.
3Before them a fire devours,
and behind them a flame scorches.
The land before them is like the Garden of Eden,
but behind them, it is like a desert wasteland—
surely nothing will escape them.
4Their appearance is like that of horses,
and they gallop like swift steeds.
5With a sound like that of chariots
they bound over the mountaintops,
like the crackling of fire consuming stubble,
like a mighty army deployed for battle.
6Nations writhe in horror before them;
every face turns pale.
7They charge like mighty men;
they scale walls like men of war.
Each one marches in formation,
not swerving from their course.
8They do not jostle one another;
each man proceeds in his column,
as they burst through the defenses,
never breaking ranks.
9They storm the city;
they run along the wall;
they climb into houses,
entering through windows like thieves.

Let all who dwell in the land tremble,

for the Day of the LORD is coming;

in fact, it is at hand—

2a day of darkness and gloom,

a day of clouds and blackness.

Like the dawn overspreading the mountains

a great and strong people appears,

such as never was of old,

nor will ever be in ages to come.

3Before them a fire devours,

and behind them a flame scorches.

The land before them is like the Garden of Eden,

but behind them, it is like a desert wasteland—

surely nothing will escape them.

4Their appearance is like that of horses,

and they gallop like swift steeds.

5With a sound like that of chariots

they bound over the mountaintops,

like the crackling of fire consuming stubble,

like a mighty army deployed for battle.

6Nations writhe in horror before them;

every face turns pale.

7They charge like mighty men;

they scale walls like men of war.

Each one marches in formation,

not swerving from their course.

8They do not jostle one another;

each man proceeds in his column,

as they burst through the defenses,

never breaking ranks.

9They storm the city;

they run along the wall;

they climb into houses,

entering through windows like thieves.

In Terminator 3, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character said Judgment Day cannot be stopped.

The day of the Lord, the day of vengeance, the great and terrible day, the end of the wicked, the prophecy of Enoch mentioned in Jude is the parable of the tares, which must be the world's oldest and surest recorded prophecy.

The farmer has given the tree one last chance. The day is at hand when the bad fruit tree, that cursed fig will be cut down and cast into the fire, and the reign of Christ and the increase of peace (as Isaiah tells us) will have no end.

Meanwhile, so that I don't trample on God's great and terrible day, I would rather be safe than sorry, and milk my cows at dusk instead of dawn, I'd rather do my daily chores at dusk instead of dawn, and delegate and innovate until I'm not doing so many daily chores that I can't easily finish them after sundown.

And so that I can't easily finish them just prior to sundown on Friday night.

I can get my fresh milk by the light of the most beautiful and comfortable time of day the Lord our God has created for us... Dusk.

A time just before the weeds are gathered, cast into outer darkness, and burned in the eternal fire.

Our father brings us the precious and incomparable light of his glorious, perfect wisdom, but dwells cloaked in a dark clouds, with heaven as his throne, and earth merely his footstool. 

When you finally see the awesome beauty of the field the Lord has given you at dusk, working your chores when your eyes are clearest and at their best possible advantage, your body warmed up by the day, rested, prepared by a day of work and wisdom and satisfaction, strengthened by a stronger body than the man who frequently injures stumbling out bleary-eyed in the cold morning, and you instead are well-readied for efficiently accomplishing your daily chores in a timely manner, then you'll know why our magnificent Father prefers that you learn to milk your cows at the perfect time of day.

But we're led to believe that morning is the best time to milk an animal and drink warm milk? That's a Satanic absurdity. One of millions.

Do it God's way, or else you're no better than the heathen unbelieving filthy scum.

And then, through faithful obedience, you may accept the Lord's blessings and receive the rest God gives you through your obedient actions.

"If you love me, DO MY COMMANDMENTS", Jesus said.

Some say, "We are no longer under the law."

Some say, the parable which ends with Jesus saying, "Go and sin no more" means the death penalty is abolished.

They forget that Jesus said, "Go and sin no more" and "do my commandments" and that he washed the feet of his disciples.

These people say Jesus forgave sinful women and abolished the death penalty, that we are no longer under the law, but you should still keep the Old Testament law of tithing and "thou shalt not kill."

These people are hypocrites. 

Do not do as they do. They forget that Moses also said "kill everything that breathes" when it was time to attack, sparing only the fruit trees that bore good fruit, and Jesus said by no means will one jot or tittle of the law pass away until all is accomplished.

Your image of the laws of God should not include Jesus bathing the feet of prostitutes and forgiving them and chasing away the men with stones.

This Hollywood favorite is by far the most iffy of all parables in the King James version, modern scholars tell us. Not that it changes doctrine.

But if you don't accept John at 90 AD , almost 40 years after the cross, then you'll have to explain how you accept "let he who is without sin cast the first stone", whose first inclusion is known to be no earlier than 200 AD, at the time of the discredited gnostic. For people who don't like old testimonies, I'm not sure why they want to accept stories first recorded by the descendants of the eyewitnesses, at best.

So which date would you have me believe is the cut-off? 

Am I supposed to accept nothing after Moses, throwing out Jesus, the prohets, in which case I'm to stone sodomites to death? 

Or would you prefer I accept scriptures up to Matthew, Mark, and Luke, setting aside John and the gnostics and the "go and sin no more", in which case I'm still commanded to obey every jot and tittle of the law and "do my commannmdents"?

Am I to obey a single twisted verse from Paul that said we are "not under the law" (out of context), but who also who told us not to twist the verses as some will always do, and that we should "by no means" sin?

If I throw out everything but Moses, the sodomites lose, and I must not sin.

If I throw out everything after 90 AD, the sodomites lose, and I must not sin.

If you think I should throw out some eye witness as late as John 8:44 at 90 AD which identifies the children of the devil, then surely I should keep an iron grip on my stones despite anything written by a gnostic around 200 AD.

Not that it changes the fate of the wicked.

We're almost 40 years past the eruption of Mount St. Helens. I'm sure you'll find a witness today who remembers it.

The stones is 200 AD.

Even if you want me to I throw out the whole Bible, God still sent us America and its anti-Sodomy laws and racist Founding Fathers who wanted white men of good character.

If you want me to throw out the Bible and Constitution, then why shouldn't I stone the sodomites as my own good sense demands and the simulations and history and simple daily observation will reveal to be the truth.

No. A sodomites only hope is that I would throw out the Bible, the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, the Law, the Prophets, the Messiah and good sense and even my own five senses such as "Ouch. Stop doing that."

Sodomy can only exist where hypocrisy reigns supreme, which explains why Jesus went to war againt hypocrisy, and so did Moses, and why we were given the unchanging, eternal law.

Our daughters corrupt men because she believes she can sleep around like a man can, because "A man can sleep around and he's a hero, but a woman's a slut if she does the same."

But a man is not a hero for behaving with women on Tinder like a sodomite behaves with men on Grinder. So that argument falls apart.

One of the consequences of being a player and encouraging your sons to be players is your daughters will copy the actions and attitudes of her dad and become harlots like all the women on TV, like all the women on Instagram all her friends who copy them.

And she'll be congratulated for doing so the more she throws her life away.

So please, for your daughter's sake, don't picture God forgiving harlotry.

He's a little busy firebombing them all the way up to the 20th century, despite what the "clockmaker God" theory would have you believe.

And if we're in God's simulation, I'm sure God will be glad to simulate very painful, very convincing napalm to set her twerking butt on fire wehn Fair Use rules over all the kings who want to keep their heads.

And this so-called simulator "God", as He's already made infinitely clear enough, will be more than happy to simulate an infinite 3D eternity in hell from which there is no possibliity of escape or repreive for all who fail to obey the Lord in this one.

To have an accurate picture of God's will, which picture has survived the ages. Which picture of the world was the one from which Jesus derives all his authority from?

He didn't show up to people who weren't expecting him, just as his return is clearly anticipated by those who perceive the work of the anti-Christ spirit in the world.

Do you want to understand the will of God or not?

In your mind's eye should be the picture of a soldier king reigning triumphant over the slain corpses of those who failed to surrender, his troops gathering up all their belongings to be burned, enjoying a delicious piece of fruit from their best trees, knowing for a fact that his family is safe from godless globohomo clowns for many generations to come.

And if you don't say so, and praise the Lord daily, how will the sentiment algorithms know it and tell kings to fear Almighty God?

If the sentiment algorithms don't pick up your feeling of sentimentality for Moses and the commandments, they'll smell the weakness in our rotten lands and we will deserve to be conquered by an army of the Pygmies and and poison-tipped arrows and a caravan of their miniature goats carrying packs of spare loincloths.

If this world is ever weakened so much it can be conquered by the devil, then how will it be protected from an even mightier army of a tiny handful of the tiniest, weakest, poorest adverary?

If we're made to worship a goddess or a simulated goddess or a false American Idol, and if we're a nation who believes the sinful woman should have her feet washed by the tears and dried by the hair of the Messiah, then we're a branch that deserves to be cut off and thrown into the fire.

If the greatest warships of the greatest empire on earth were defeated by men running around in the woods with raccoon hats, and squirrel-shooters, helped by the king of France, who was persuaded to settle an old score because it's good business, able to do so for a bargain price because of the disgusting arrogance and pride of the men in powerdered-wigs, then why would I let an aircraft carrier full of scare me?

Mr. Putin seems to know the value of artificial intelligence while Trump goes chasing down anti-semitism, protecting LGBT and throwing nice parades and ceremonies for all the greased-up trophy women in goddess-worshipping idolotry contests, then who's the one selling his inheritance for a bowl of porridge?

And Jesus washed his disciples' feet, saying "No servant is greater than his master".

So it seems to me that the servant (Jesus) is not saying he is greater than God.

But instead, while serving God by washing the feet of the disciples, by teaching and giving what he was given, he makes clear that he has not glorified himself, but is glorfied because God has done so.

God is the source of the authority by which he speaks.

Jesus answered, “If I glorify Myself, My glory means nothing. The One who glorifies Me is My Father, of whom you say ‘He is our God.’
If you say "He is our God", but reject His laws, kill His prophets, and His Son and our Messiah, then "He is our God" is just something you say. It's not what you believe.

Hence John 3:16 makes clear that God saves those who believe. Not hypocrites who claim to believe, such as the synagogue of Satan who DO, IN FACT, CLAIM TO THIS DAY that they believe, that "HE IS OUR GOD", that they are HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE, and yet, they don't believe, and they don't like Jesus.

Today, our scholars know these things were said by Jesus just as surely as if it had been recorded on tape. That qualified skeptics and beleivers admit he is the single best-attested historical figure of his age.

If that's not good enough for you, then he's a man of flesh ("the word made flesh") who, among other things, who could rattle off the 10 commandments off the top of his head. He knew scripture.

Therefore has more moral authority than most of the modern-day bloggers who can't even do that much. 

Today, it would almost be a miracle for an atheist to so easily list off those commandments. You're hard pressed to find church-goers who can. 

There's a reason they want to carve it in stone and put it on the courthouse steps. Beause apparently, the lawyers and criminals and judges can't remember the laws otherwise.

And there's reason to believe a man who lists off those commandments speaks them with every bit as much authority as the Lord God Himself, now that there's even more evidence the modern copies of Leviticus have been word-for-word perfectly preserved for at least 2,600 years.

Which tells you the only people that lived for 2,600 years of invasions, sabotage, perversion were the kind who (at the VERY LEAST), preserved Leviticus word-for-word.

So honor the Sabbath and keep it holy. The LORD'S DAY isn't yours to monkey around with.

When He comes with his rod and staff to discipline the disobedient children, you will know He is the Lord your God.

When the master returns, the obedient servant will be rewarded with even greater amounts of gold to multiply the kingdom of heaven. And the gold the master gives you will be taken from the fearful and cowardly servant who buried the master's gold for safe-keeping.

If you buried the scripture in the Dead Sea caves, this isn't as good as spreading the scripture to every living man and shouting it from the mountaintop. Even the treasure as great and powerful asd wise as the ancient Word will be taken from the man who buries it and hides it.

A lamp is not made to be hidden under a bowl. Shine your light.

The disobedient servant won't be treated kindly. He who has not multiplied what he's given, even what he has will be taken from him.

You can complete your daily chores on Friday night, just before sundown, as every farmer since the dawn of farming could do. And completely them just after sundown on Saturday, and still have at least 24 hours of rest EVERY WEEK.

No honey-do list. If your neighbor's house is on fire, you needn't lift even a bucket of water to douse it. Though you may save a person who's inside the burning building, as a cat runs into a fire to save her kittens.

But that momma cat doesn't throw a bucket of water onto the fire. And on the Sabbath Day, neither does the Christian man.

A Jew is one who is one inwardly, (Not one who presents the appearance of being Jewish or Christian or Catholic or Protestant or Mormon or Muslim or Branch Davidian outwardly), and a real Jew accepts and believes a real Messiah when He shows up.

This alone will tell you who the real Hebrews are, and who they are not.

Just in case you ever wanted to know how deep the deception goes and how widespread it is, with all the farmers  you've ever heard of encouraged to milk their cows in the morning, this alone is proof positive that milking your cows, goats, and sheep in the morning is Satanic, silly, and a little more dangerous.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him from them all.

He protects all his bones; not one of them will be broken.

You will find the unrighteous in emergency rooms across the world. 

In the big data era, all their records are stored for scientific study so that we may discover whether the Mormons, Muslims, Catholics, etc. are the most righteous, so that we can finally establish for a scientific fact that only God the Father is.

Here's the thing. Walk not in the counsel of the ungodly. 

The best time for a man to approach any 1,400 to 2,000 pound animal, even a friendly one, is when you're at your best advantage.

And the time when you're at your best advantage is dusk.

This teaches the farmer to triumph on the farm. When he grows up and becomes a man and holds a weapon in battle, he knows from experience when he's at his best. Warfare teaches the soldier to return home victorious, which gives him an advantage at raising kids.

A trained professional killer makes a better father. The Bible is clear on this. A man who doesn't discipline his son doesn't love him.

A wise man should return home from war without so much as a scratch or sniffle, except from the enemy's women trying in vain to pry off his armor to cover him with kisses.

The devil knows all this. And that's why he has convinced you to do otherwise.

You must begin with the solid foundation of doing what God tells you to do. Even an agnostic man who doubts the Lord is a fool to doubt Moses, the greatest and humblest of all conquerors, whose little list of rules governs the world to this day.

[Hammurabi was close. But no cigar.]

God sent you Moses. This alone attests to the incomparable quality of the white man's God.

Therefore, you should never question our Father again.

Forget all your traditions. Only our Father's traditions matter.

If you love Jesus, obey the commandments Moses gave you.

4,000 years ago, Moses told you.

2,000 years ago, Jesus told you.

In about 2,000 years, someone else will tell you again.

Now I'm telling you that neither Moses nor Paul nor Jesus nor Fair Use ever claimed, nor granted themselves even the slightest authority to change, twist, or alter the slightest, faintest penstroke of the eternal law of God.

The fool who believes God changes his laws under public pressure, because of the counsel of the deceived, the ungodly, or the preferences of kings, pimps, or criminals or the recent developments in modern medical science is like the fool who believes the forces of gravity or magnetism or spacetime are optional, alterable, or may be simply done away by crowds of fools wishing to laugh it away.

Once discovered, our understanding of electromagnetism may very well change, but the force itself is going to  to express itself with a degree constancy over 10 trillion years of time and ten billion light years of spacetime.

However many times it's forgotten and must be rediscovered, that eternal force remains the same.

"Do my commandments" were the words spoken by the man who the so-called "Christians" pretend they worship, pretend to love, and pretend to obey.

You may deceive man. But you have not deceived God.


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