Land of Milk and Honey - God's Most Sacred Foods

It's not that the information in this post is incorrect. It's just that it's infuriating and potentially unhelpful.

As we all know by now, the real secret of health, strength and beauty is to be white person who walks in God's ways, does what He says, eats what He tells you to eat, feasting and fasting according to His word. And no f-ing Egyptians!

Ancient secrets of sacred foods was recommended by a white American farmer in this video:

Benefits of sacred foods:
  • Naturally beautiful, healthy, happy children
  • Quiet babies who don't cry
  • Easy, painless childbirth (remember the curse given to Even in the fall of man?)
  • Naturally straight teeth
  • Better health
  • Immunity to tuberculosis [and all other disease?! See below]
  • Height, physical strength, and cold endurance.
  • Happy, cheerful, optimistic people who learn easily. (Ron White was wrong. You CAN fix stupid.)
  • Decreased suicide rate
  • Keen eyesight and hearing
  • Wider cheekbones
When we shifted from our traditional diet to the Egyptian diet, we went from leading the country to being enslaved for about 100 years. (Hollywood's 400 year claim contradicts the Bible.)

Disclaimer: There is a lot of civilization-bashing, imposed willful ignorance of scripture and its identical sacred foods (milk and honey), and the video is of course diseased with the mental infection and extra heaping helpings of cancerous white guilt.

It fails to assign blame where it belongs: To the children of the devil.

But it also tells the side of the story you don't normally hear. To do so, evidence is necessarily limited to a small piece of the puzzle.

If health is defined by long life, you end up with the Mediterranean or Okinawan diet. If you want low blood pressure, you'll go vegetarian. If you want the prayer & fasting effect, you'll go to a keto diet.

All these diets lack balance because it takes extremes in behavior to achieve the extremes of results. If you want some beauty, some health, you won't get there without seeing how healthy people lived and ate centuries ago.

Our cattle-ranching and shepherd and farming ancestors were not at all unaware of what kind of diet produced exceptional human beings. The bread (of life) of their time was very different than the mass-produced breads, carbs, and sugar-loaded processed foods we eat today.

Also, notice the subtle black=beautiful and diseased=white message. It's subtle, but it's there.

Examples of Unhealthy, Diseased People (Wow. Look at all those sickly, pale, inferior white people, goyim!)
"Ugly" Narrow Faces are so common they appear in fashion magazines

All Navajos are beautiful, perfect, and wise, goyim.
Tall, slender, happy, successful black tribal man. Not a single cavity among 700 people from 7 tribes.
No ancient black man ever had signs of ANY disease!
(Even the black man's Ebola-AIDS common to most black, blood-eating villages.)

Until, of course, the white man destroyed their diet, which had been all milk, meat, and blood-eating black men were disease-free. (Eating equivalent of 3 sticks of butter per day)
That's right. Wypipo food ruined the world and destroyed all natural beauty, goyim. 

Female aggression and docile soy boyness caused in cats by the evil wypipo Western diet, in addition to a narrower face and weaker bones.

More evidence that Fallon might be right.

Also, Cleopatra was beautiful and attractive to Roman Mark Antony because she was Macedonian Greek. No wonder she was so much more competent than the mud race remnant of a genetically corrupted Egypt, they made her the queen, just like that time when they put Joseph in charge of Egypt and it instantly flourished despite 7 years of famine.

Of course, none of this excuses having women rule over you. That's the soygoy wypipo diet talking.


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