Ways To Multiply Yourself

You find me writing about so many topics. It must seem like there's never a single thrust, except being passionately driven.

But driven to do what?

I almost always write about one single common theme. God's first commandment to man, and in fact, all life.

As you remember, the first thing God said to us is "Be fruitul and multiply."

Here are the several ways I suggest doing so:

Public speaking. (Shout it from the mountaintops.)

Armies. A general doesn't lead only himself. He's not Bruce Lee. He leads soldiers, multiplying his knowledge, wisdom, and strategies by the efforts of others.

Family. Many hands make light work. The bigger your family, the more of a force multiplier you have. Over a few generations, this gives you political and economic leverage like nothing else. Surrender that power, and you'll quickly be overtaken by those who grasp it.

Propaganda. Mass media is a way of speaking to more than one person at a time. It's important to have private conversations, to interact with friends and small groups, but it's never ok to neglect the awesome power of mass media.

The unforgivable sin of modern times is to surrender the primary weapon of war to your enemy.

Algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, computation, robots, etc. 

Machine intelligence scales up very large. You may not have a million people, but you can serve a million people with intelligent systems. The current wave of propaganda comes from control of networked machines and network effects.

This is very powerful because it's mass media, personalized.

Machines also automate tasks. One man can instruct a million machines to obey him, even if his wife and kids don't.


Multiply yourself with animals. Abram was rich because it's about as easy to handle thousands of cattle as one. It's not a thousand times harder to manage a thousand times more cattle. But it's a thousand times more lucrative.

Same with other animals. If you lead one camel, you can lead hundreds of camels, carrying tons of cargo with the "ships of the desert".

Why spent time and money to manage a tiny flock of birds for yourself when 10 times more birds take about the same amount of time? Scale up a bit, and you've created jobs and profits for yourself.

Scale up your animals, and you've multiplied the value of each minute in your day.

Multiply the number of farmers in your family, and each is multiplied by the number of animals he manages.

You can multiply yourself by your children, your pack animals, farm animals, your soldiers, programs, computer, your "Russian bots" and web properties, email autoresponders and other machines, then tell others how you did it, maybe by speak to big audiences or through mass media.

You'll have plenty of plates spinning, and people to keep them spinning for you. Your job is to just keep on spinning more plates.

If you're the best in the world, and the best in all history at some of these things, billions of people in tens of thousands of denominations will tell the story for you for thousands of years to massive audiences and broadcast it across television and radio across the world.

Be fruitful and multiply and subdue the whole earth.


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