15 Items You Need in ANY Bad Long-Term Situation

The world is short on the supply of the information you need. For example, the bug-out essentials every prepper needs. If you're missing even one, you're hurtin' for certain. (Is that how these blog posts are supposed to start?) LET'S DO THIS!!

The gentleman below has compiled a helpful list that does not include the Bible OR a sword. What gives? So take it with a grain of salt. But he does mention some useful items to stockpile in any situation and what the poor need most and is donated least: Socks. Especially good wool socks.

There is no political solution. We just might have the most anti-American president who's ever held office. And the masses don't even realize it. Things are bad, getting worse, and because #MAGA is in office, nobody's minding the till, so you can be sure when it gets bad, it's going to get a lot worse very quickly.

What You Should Be Stocking Up On

Good will. You don't have much, if any in the end times, but the Lord has you covered.

Just keep giving good Merino wool socks to the poor, and you'll have a good non-political solution. If you want people willing to die for you and people willing to kill for you, give food, water, and SOCKS. The gift I got most on Christmas, by the way. (And I would have died or killed those who did.)

Put God first, not America first, and you'll have your priorities straight. Don't turn to the left or to the right, but obey God and nobody who disagrees with Him.

Top 10 Things You Need In A Survival Situation:

1) I am the Lord thy God

2) You shall have no other gods before me.

Don't worship anyone but God. Don't worship conservatism. Don't worship Trump. Not democracy, America the flag, the feminist republic, your wife, your son, or "daddy's little princess".

The Duggar family does many things well. You should be fruitful and multiply. But after reading their books, there are some notes I could offer them from the book of Genesis or Proverbs. Being wise, I expect they would greatly appreciate those notes.

Not one is righteous, but it's not right to specifically embarrass or criticize them in public when they've been an example of so many good things, and they deserve to be honored for it. The fruits of their obedience to the Lord are clear. But we all desperately need God to improve us.

3) No graven images or likenesses.

4) Don't use the Lord's name in vain, for many will come in my name and will deceive many.

"God" is one of 360+ titles for God, but "my people will know my name; therefore they will know on that day that I am He who speaks. Here I am!"

His people do know his name. It's Jesus. His name basically means "our savior" or "to save, save alive, rescue."  For he is not the god of the dead but of the living. If you want to know how to pronounce YHWH it's like trying to pronounce old Welsh or Elizabethan. Good luck with that. But today it's pronounced "JESUS." The old Y the old J used to be the same sound.

If you want to be a little closer, it's like Yoshua. (Like Joshua.) Closer still is YAH-shuah.

He will not go unpunished who takes the Lord's name in vain. Must be pretty serious, right? Saying "God dammit" or "Jesus Christ that hurts", is not the same as taking the Lord's name in vain. Plenty of people go unpunished for that. Are you calling God a liar?

Many will be punished, though. "Many will come in my name and will deceive many."

If you think shouting "God!" is a sin, you don't have what you need to survive. Meditate on the scriptures until you know what God wants. Which is not to be deceived by a gay child molester cult to be raped for 30 years or for eternity, like is happening in Pakistan. God punishes those who teach BS as if it comes from God.

Saying "Oh, Christ" is not a sin. To falsely teach that it is a sin is using the Lord's name in vain. Particularly when you're doing it just to get a date with Cindy Crawford. Setting up a mind control cult is bad. Liberating people from sin is good.

If you don't even understand this important commandment and its purpose, then it's clear you have not meditated on the word enough to teach it, and many prophets have come to rebuke you for it.

5) Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Isaiah 58 explains the nature of the sabbath day for those who struggle to understand Leviticus and Deuteronomy. The prayers of those who keep the Sabbath day are answered. But God turns his face away from the heathen unbelievers who worship a bearded straw-man wish-granting sky fairy instead of the Almighty God of our ancestors.

The Father is almighty. Some worship God in their own way, on the day of their choosing. So God stacks up their corpses like cord wood. True. Not every week, but often enough.

When he burns a city, which he very often does, He's clearing his throat and raising an eyebrow at the cities he hasn't burned yet. He HATES idolotry. Forgives all kinds of things. But not that one.

6) Honor thy father and mother. (Not honor thy mother and father. Father comes first, and God is the model for a father's merciful behavior, patience, and he's slow to anger.)

Worship God the Father, because He is the source of wisdom in the world. The white man's God brings us wisdom which is praised in poetry in Proverbs 8, for example, where wisdom is poetically referred to as she [by ONE witness and no other... takes 2 to 3 different authors to establish a matter] link to an excellent article on genres in the Bible being abused by sinful cult leaders who take the Lord's name in vain].

How do you honor God? The way you honor your own father. How does God love you? The way your dad loves you. And he's selected a woman/bride/wife out of the world to be your mother, his child, just as God has selected the believers withing Christianity. Among Christians, a White Supremacist man of great wisdom, understanding, and love of truth will select and commit to his actual physical wife to be the mother of his children. To obey her is therefore obedience to dad.

This doesn't mean all women should obey all men, nor that men (who honor their mother) should obey all women. Particularly not a lesbian college professor who's priest of a church in Charlottesville.

But honor your mother. Which you can't ever do by obeying a lesbian, or listening to your wife, as Adam did, and disobeying the Lord.

The laws of the house are like the laws of the land. They're intended to protect the righteous from the wicked, and therefore the laws are a terror to the lawless.

7) Thou shalt not kill.

Seventh in importance, and there are loopholes. The soldier, for example (police) does not carry the sword in vain. God will deliver into your hand those you should kill in the assembly of the Lord.

The priest is like a general, the assembly of the Lord is like falling in to wage war after being drafted. Freedom of assembly means freedom to line up and get ready to march and kill those who God has delivered into your hand to kill.

Other than that, no killing. And you can quickly see why no Americans are going to be allowed to teach the will of God in church. You'll have to fight another war to win back the freedom of assembly.

The assembly of the Lord is like a militia, and that's what religious freedom is all about.

The freedom to conscript troops, form a militia, assemble and army and kill the tyrants god has given over to you to destroy. Basically. I have to paraphrase. This is only a little blog post.

"God has delivered Oreb and Zeeb, the two princes of Midian, into your hands" - Judges 8:3

If your assemblies aren't marching to destroy princes and cities, there's your problem right there.
I'll forgive you if you surrender to the white man's God. More importantly, God will forgive you if you surrender to the white man's God, who is the same God as the Father of the Hebrews. You either believe this or you don't.

What I say makes my friends and enemies stronger, while the devil only intends to make them weaker.

There is the kind of wolf that makes the herd stronger. If the wolf instead makes the herd weaker, that's the wolf that needs to die. And all who oppose the fate of this wolf are enemies of the herd.

Evolving networks attacked by an adversary improved twice as fast as those who weren't. And so God prunes even the fruitful branch. God has been like the good shepherd who strengthens and protects us by throwing the weakest to the wolves.

And so should we be like the Father who is perfect, who casts away our own sins, which are the parts of us that weaken us so that we will be strong.

Better to pluck out your own eye or hand and cast it away from you if it causes you to sin.

Better to lose a friend, a job, a neighborhood or town or a profession if it causes you to sin, even if it feels as precious to you as your own eye or hand.

And so God plucks out the eye and the hand and casts it away from Jacob into the eternal fire. The wicked are like the chaff which the wind blows away.

Revolutions will come. Better if there's forgiveness and peace. But where there can be no forgiveness because the sin is unforgivable, then there must be war. Wars of nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom. Race against race and (such as blacks displaced in Compton by Latinos) and kingdom against kingdom (such as wars between France and Vietnam)

These things must happen,

See the CHRISTIAN assembly that installed the Magna Carta. In fact, notice ALL THOSE BISHOPS listed before the barons in the Magna Carta. Technically, it's the law of the land to this day. America included, or else it would have had no right to form an assembly, in which case the Americans still loyal to the crown would have the right to overthrow those rebels.

JOHN, by the Grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and Earl of Anjou, to his archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, barons, justiciaries, foresters, sheriffs, governors, officers, and to all bailiffs, and his faithful subjects, Greeting.
Forgiveness is when King John agreed to submit to the laws of the Lord and the bishops and saints didn't kill King John and his family and probably many of his soldiers, sheriffs, governors, officers, and all bailiffs. Which I'm sure those people appreciated enough to leave King John and his family alive.

His pride and arrogance had weakened the King and his army, especially since he wasn't fighting as shrewdly and innocently as the church does.

Quite frankly, the church saved his life. Without the church, the king wouldn't have survived. All are accountable to God. The church is an outlet to redress grievances when the king won't listen, and by enumerating these grievances and making peace, the church saves the life of the king who would otherwise be put to death in spectacular fashion.

Of course, the spectacular revolution will happen, such as in the war for Independence, and all the signs are that it will come very soon, and the American people (who must now all be bribed with free food, medicine and sex to buy their silence) will be led to plunder and oppress so many countries and so many peoples to keep the bribes flowing that the world government will collapse under the weight of its own injustice and sinfulness.

You've either got the right to revolt or you don't.

If you believe the US government is legitimate, then the British subjects of the colonies won their right to rule by warfare, even after an olive branch of peace (the declaration of Independence) failed.

The only question is whether you have the ability to win. If you know you do, then you'll fight. The South didn't have the ability to win, but it fought anyway. In the end, the victorious Germans didn't have the ability to keep what they'd won.

The devil fights constantly, but fights a different way. By weakening his enemies. We know who the children of the devil are.

They can disguise themselves as an angel of light. In their angel costumes, they'll keep using religion to divide and conquer us, by the way, and will deceive many, using the Lord's name in vain.

God gives you the ability to win wars with the assembly of the Lord. The Lord does their fighting for them. But the unrepentant sinners are enslaved so that no one can save them.

Sinners taste quite a bit like pork when the cannibals eat their flesh.

It's not without cause that I envision thousands of American preachers at the end of a rope from one coast to another. But because they have sinned by taking the Lord's name in vain in order to commit murder with a weaponized false religion, thereby knowingly violating God's commandments.

And sometimes they're so indirect about it, as is the case of the Scofield Bible, that they don't even teach the false religion in seminary schools, but instead poison the religion by having a sinner and a traitor adding notes in the margins of the Bible, thus adding to God's word.

And through some intermediary, these Bibles are distributed and promoted, as if this will keep their hands clean in the eyes of the Lord. It will not.

That's not even the darkest vision God has sent me.

The darkest vision is of everyone who isn't waist-deep in blood being killed by all their friends, neighbors, wives, daughters, mothers, fathers, uncles, nieces and nephews. And you'll know exactly which ones of these are the Christian ones because they've got blood up to their armpits.

And all the disciples of Scofield and Joseph Smith will have geysers of blood pouring from their necks. Because when a man who thinks "I must never kill" meets the man of Moses who thinks "I must kill them all", then the result is predictable.

Hell, I knew what the day of the Lord looked like even before I gave my life to Jesus.

I even might plant ten trees so real Christians know how long I've loved the ten commandments, and build a house with 12 big windows and big awnings so they know I love the 12 tribes, have 7 big fence posts to honor the 7th day and 7 little fenceposts in between them, and a sign that proclaims my love for the ten commandments almost as loudly as I do.

The reason "Thou shalt not covet your neighbor's wife" is because if you do, you've already committed adultery with her in your heart. The teachings of Jesus used a word that can be translated as either "covet" or "lust". The commandment is exactly the same. As he has explained it, I have also explained it to you.

Here's the rest of the list:

Once you see what it really takes to survive, you won't want this civilization to fail. For the one who does, what good will it be?

Amos 5:18 "Woe to you who long for the Day of the LORD! What will the Day of the LORD be for you? It will be darkness and not light."

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