Rebuilding The Culture From Scratch

One Man Reached 500 Million Copies and Changed The World For Fun and Profit

(Below, a woman tells how she sold 500 thousand copies of her series fiction in modern times.)

When I was growing up, Hardy Boys (later revised "to eliminate racial stereotypes") by Edward Stretemeyer, author of 1,300 children's fiction books, selling over 500 million copies, and Encyclopedia Brown (by Jewish author Donald J. Sobol) were all the rage.

These two men, although writing in the same fiction genre, obviously weren't playing on the same team.

Stretemeyer also created Nancy Drew and several other series. And created a syndicate, paying journalists a flat fee to write dime store novels based on his ideas and keeping the copyrights.

A bit like the Star Wars expanded universe did by licensing the rights to produce authorized books, comics, video games, and TV series such as Clone Wars. All of which did extremely good business, but not without George Lucas first learning to tell a story.

And exactly as they were intended to do, these stories changed the way I thought. 

I was only looking for entertainment. But in the process, I was powerfully influenced by this and many other stories, all of them trying to turn me into a certain kind of man.

However ham-handedly they may have been written, they seemed at the time to care about and relate to my experience of growing up and encountering wrong-minded people who didn't always have their facts right and couldn't get their story straight.

And they seemed to want to make me a better investigator. A better thinker. Sobol's stories seemed to value facts and logical reasoning. Although I'm sure he'd be turning in his grave to learn what I've done with them.

Those who control the facts don't want you to do is act on a hunch. They don't want to develop white male intuition.

If you sell half a million comics or novellas, you will change the culture.

And especially if you're already familiar with formula fiction, then novellas are much easier.

If not, it takes one summer to learn and a decade to get good. Then you'll have a 30 year career, paid more in influence than in cash, but making a difference through the power of mass-media, mass-market entertainment.

Changing the culture won't happen on its own.

We need to COMPETENTLY change the culture. That means sales. Example success story given below.

It also means being about as edgy and as entertaining as Firefly.

The communists didn't show up and say, "Hey, kids. Who wants to consolidate the means of production?" They tricked us into using our good manners against us.

It's time for a new set of manners. It's time to teach kids how to just say no to political correctness, how to call out hypocrisy, and to learn to bounce back from lost temp jobs so we can hold our heads high on judgment day.

Series Fiction Successes

It's no good to learn strictly from our own successes, but there have been some.

With series fiction, the cast, crew, and lighting to produce next week's installment takes one guy. If you can blog, you can slog chapter-by-chapter through a mass market coming-of-age story for the thirsty pre-teen and teen markets which have absolutely nothing good aimed at them any more.

Since it's a solo operation, you don't need to do fundraising to get started. A bored, infertile housewife or a retiree can set up shop tomorrow writing the next pulp fiction series.

Our enemy wants us interested in sex? Great. Turn those raging teenage hormones in a more useful and prosperous direction. Need a good enemy? We've got plenty of them.

Enemies like television, NPCs, music and friends pressuring girls to go to diversity college, pressuring them to have a career, turning them against their parents, against their upbringing, their values, churches turning more and more pozzed every week, pressure to wear makeup and do her hair, sorting out all the confusion of modern digital life that leads to misery, loneliness, and fat.

Really personal, very relatable stuff.

And it's important to give the hero something he or she can do, small victories she can win, such as braving exposing hypocrisy, even at a personal cost. Or stepping in to defend someone, even if they're not "politically correct", even if they have the wrong opinion, they're still a human being.

Blessed is the peacemaker. I've seen videos where girls can step in and stop a boy from being bludgeoned for being the wrong race or for having the wrong thoughts. And I've seen girls who get involved with a guy being pounded in the face and smacked around at school like she's in a boxing match.

Look at the headlines or at trauma stories where girls tolerated a decade of sexual abuse and never said anything.

Young people are desperate. They're in danger. They need to know how to step in and respond, what's likely to happen, how to value themselves and others.

Right now, they don't know. Their best defense might be a series fiction writer and his story full of inconvenient racial stereotypes taken from real headlines, real videos, real incidents and life events.

Kids need to know the school is wrong, the church is wrong, the government is wrong, the police are wrong, and their parents might even be wrong. Their best defense is to stand up for themselves, for others, for what's right even when it's inconvenient.

In the current culture, it never occurs to women that if you let a rapist go, he's going to hurt someone else.

Where this apathy leads: Those who ran were shot. Those who stayed were raped.

Unlike the canceled Firefly series, You don't have to give the fans a case of epic blue balls, desperately and hopelessly waiting for the next installment that never comes. Because no production studio is required. No budget approvals. A writer can start very small and grow from almost nothing.

But to grow from a series to a syndicate is still a team effort that takes licensing or hiring in writers to build an expanded universe with spin-offs, comics, games, movies, and so on.

We're building our stories from scratch and our celebrities from scratch who'll appear in our own magazines, radio, tv, and radio to promote the shows. And if we have to, we'll just re-build the banking system brick-by-brick to do it.

Taking on the news media is one thing. But entertainment is an absolute monster. It all starts with series fiction.

Winning The War on Culture Takes a Team

Propaganda is the primary weapon of war. Not grenades. Not rifles. A man with a gun is useless without a pen to write home about how he's using it.

We're collaborating to change the culture. Not just to be "right." We must be seductive. In some cases, literally seductive, depending on the genre.

We must also seduce existing authors and impress upon them the devastating consequences of failing to choose a side, the consequences of betraying their audience, as well as the potential advantages of writing fiction people actually might want to read.

It's a little harder to sell your dime-store novellas in a war-torn ethnic cleansing.

It's not good enough to be right. You have to sell in huge numbers. You don't have to make the most profit, but you have to make a profit or else nobody will follow your lead, and no one will have any financial incentive to promote and distribute your work.

Moving The Overton Window

The story (novella, comic or game) can contain the controversy of lynchings, maybe telling two sides of the story, but probably shouldn't feature the n-word on the cover if you expect more than ten people to buy it.

In series fiction, optics count. Branding counts. Reaching the horny youth market counts for a lot.


The meme "Find out who you cannot criticize" is the kind of idea that prepares someone to be woke. We need some of that "seek the red pill" and "follow the white rabbit" kind of stuff that features every-day heroes who question the dominant paradigm.

Maybe adding in some little known historical backdrops a little more like the Holodomor or Eastern Europe or whatever you know a lot about, something you're most passionate about, willing to learn about.

Nothing like a love story on the Titanic to teach kids about the Titanic, right? The problem is you can't do a sequel. To be successful, you want about a dozen very entertaining books per year written for a particular market segment.

Ideally, it's a love letter to a specific person. An avatar. Your ideal reader. If you love them, you won't get tired of writing these love letters to them. In fact, the series can be nothing but a collection of love letters telling a story of dangers in detail, about a savvy girl in a country turning communist being fired from odd jobs for wrongthink, realizing in the end what she needs is to find an honest man who knows what she wants.

1984 and Brave New World and Animal Farm did these kinds of things, but not as competently as Stan Lee made (or took credit for) series fiction like Spider Man.

Month after month, raving fans never get tired of it. You reach the intellectual elite before they throw their lives away by going to college.

And through distribution like Amazon, we've got easier access to market than ever.

Obviously, independent writer Sarra Cannon writes about witches and demons, which tells you why the communist vendors would want to promote her work.

But pay attention to the basics of consistent branding and titling conventions, because things can be designed from the outset to be a commercial success.

Jim Davis is a prime example of someone to emulate. Garfield wasn't intended to be funny. It was intended to be a commercial success. You will have no other kind of success without commercial success.

As a result, even though I've made very little effort to syndicate Terms of Fair Use, it began with that possibility at the absolute forefront of my mind, and informs some of the content choices such as whether to use certain terms even Bryden Proctor would find too objectionable to re-air on his show.

It's small, punchy, and the Christian theme is very broad conservative audience, and doesn't force you or require you to agree with my conclusions. It just notices things that don't make sense. So the hard core history facts are left out. Current events are (barely) commented on to make it a little more evergreen. Why?

I wanted it re-broadcast and syndicated by absolutely anyone who wants to do so, commercially or otherwise. Many of those would explicitly direct people back to the Exodus Americanus or this blog, for example. And if I'd used the phrase "on the network", it might have found more friends.

But you can't think of everything. I'd hoped it might lend a bit of specific moral authortity to the movement in the eyes of disaffected Christians everywhere if we held to a strategy that's proven effective, which is, however reluctantly some may do so, structuring ourselves as a Christian movement.

Why? Because once you realize Jesus and Hitler are on the same side, it makes Hitler's approach seem much more sensible and if you're a believer, it made his success inevitable. His competitors didn't last. No secular movement has triumphed. 95% Poland has kept the communists ineffective in that country, and they're fighting tooth and nail to win that last 5% to Jesus.

Despite their brainy white science man approach to life, secular Sweden has proved unable to repel.

Germany, Poland, and Sweden aren't supposed to be conclusive data points, but persuasive ones. You don't need a strong argument that convinces the intellectuals, but examples that persuade the masses.

When the many come out in force behind a leader of heart and vision, the intellectuals, philosophers and thinkers will be humiliated, exposed a traitors, shills, as incompetent, bumbling embarrassments, and the pin-headed fools as they always were.

Street smarts will win again. The mob remembers all its slogans and sayings. But most of all, it remembers its beloved heroes. Even if they're fictional.

Our most brilliant men have reached the masses with blogs like Daily Stormer, with popular YouTube channels and podcasts like Red Ice Radio, but as far as I know we haven't cracked open entertainment to make ideas like courtship and family and femininity sexy again.

When feminists took over, femininity was banished. A fertile white woman raising her white baby to love the truth is the principle threat to the totalitarian state and all who hate nature.

The story-teller entrances his or her reader in the passionate stories of everyday heroism.

Young women are capable of a great awakening. There are no limits to what a young woman's mind is capable of.

On the crass and degenerate end of the spectrum, you need look no further than erotic hypnosis and its fumbling attempts to engage something of the female imagination and you'll learn the power of a woman's mind.

These lecherous peddlers of physical sensation gives its subject little more than multiple orgasms on command until the victim is sore and worn out.

A romance novel sometimes achieves the same thing, but explores other facets of a woman's mind, her concerns and sometimes her neuroses. It's too often the case that the fears and neuroticism is being forcibly implanted into the reader's subconscious. To be a great fiction writer, you really must study hypnosis.

Once you've let your guard down while reading any fiction story, watching TV, listening to music, so much nonsense pours into the subconscious completely unquestioned. We hypnotize ourselves with hours a day of television and then wonder why we can't stop smoking, drinking, or gaining weight.

There's nothing fulfilling in these distractions, diversions, these politicized anti-white guilt sprees, and the subjects of this cultural hypnosis are left cold, uninterested in the facts of nature, in a hurry to leave and get on with their lives.

Women are appalled at the idea of being a woman in a relationship, and wonder why they can't achieve orgasm with a man.

They could sooner achieve orgasm with a tentacle monster than a man.

These hypno-cretins have tapped into every corner of our lives, leveraging the awesome power of the human mind and used it like nothing more than a cheap vibrator.

In case you haven't heard, fiction can do much more than cause orgasms. Women are also capable of extraordinary love, optimism, vision, heroism and achievement without following in a man's life path.

Given what can be awakened in a woman by hypnotic fiction, there's tremendous hope that more can be achieved.

Side note: A hypnotherapist found that self-hypnosis could be achieve simply by reading and/or writing scripts. Both the writer and the reader are actually experiencing the journey together. Which means a book is potentially more immersive than a 3D IMAX film, full of sights, sounds, music, feelings,

In a therapeutic session, a hypnotherapist even has direct control of how a client will emotionally interpret and remember their experience, guaranteeing a happy ending through the power of suggestion.

Imagine using the same principle, being able to tell the reader, "You will now come away enjoying this story, feeling gratitude and happy memories about it, eager to tell your friends the three biggest things you learned from it."

Think you can't do this in fiction? Pokemon implanted the idea "Gotta Catch Em All" as a way to implant impulse buying behavior, connecting this impulse to the Pokemon brand. Impulse buying was the desired behavior, and the entire show was based on getting kids to acquire every single Pokemon toy they ever saw as their life's greatest possible purpose. As if "to be the very best" requires buying toys.

It's sick. It's psychotic. But it worked.

What values would we want to implant? In addition to shutting out communist influences (which leaves only family-friendly fiction), we'd want REAL feminine and family values preserved.

Such as the idea of clothes-on courtship being incredibly sexy. "He was beautiful. He was the same race as my parents. It was forbidden by society, but his voice and strength was breathtaking!")

Values can also transcend genre. Not all vampire novels have to be gay, for example, especially when Abe Lincoln is hunting them down with his big axe.

There are complete characters who are in the public domain who are extremely famous. Montressor, for example has a pile of bones in that basement. What else has he been up to? What's his origin story? How have the devils insulted and injured him?

Comic books and other series fiction became the foundation of movies and television shows decades later. If we're to re-take the culture, it's going to take writers expressing values.

Christian kids are starved for entertainment that isn't completely degenerate or Zionist trash.

Using well-known strategies, we're going to have to rebuild the culture from scratch. But the good news is it can be extremely lucrative if you'll shut out all communist influences, buckle down and make it your life's mission.

It's not for everyone. But you can promote the idea instead of letting it rot like a filthy rag in the corner collecting mold while blacks use our teenage daughters as punching bags.

It takes about 40 years to move a country in a populist direction because you need to start with kids and turn them into truly incredible grandparents.

Take the values we know and love from the podcasts and history and put them into books, making money along the way.

Communist stories were never overt in going about the business of changing the culture with their twisted version of politeness and tone-policing. They were covert enough and they were largely unopposed.

We need to push back. That means knowing how to push back, to call them out on their bullshit, to expose them as violent invading thugs serving a foreign power. They're foreign spies, invaders, and traitors who deserve the electric chair.

But no one will know that unless you tell them how to fight back against these morally disgusting, awful hypocrites.

Every book author is a hypnotist, whether they like it or not. You have a chance to directly implant our values in your readers. Like the Turner Diaries and the Northwest Front novels, for example. These efforts were far more overt than something you can sell to the mass market.

The Matrix was subversive, but more subtle. Again, starting as series fiction from comic book writers.

We already have great series fiction writers, some who have passed on. Their impact has been enormous.

With a larger reach, by trusting the process, by making it your mission to learn to write persuasively, by directly implanting values and feelings in your reader, by loving them enough to show them how to fight effectively, by showing them how to humble, expose, and uproot a Bolshevik hypocrite, we can take back the parts of our country that can be taken back, and teach others when it's time to flee, when it's time to hide, when it's time for silence, patience, and the perseverance to endure to the end.

What you do with this information will change the fate of the world. If you don't make a commitment in this moment, you may never matter to anyone. Your country may fall into chaos and ruin because of your inaction.

Heed The Call

You are called to summon forth our fighters, no matter what it costs you, no matter how much it inconveniences you.

To change, to learn from friendlies and enemies alike. To choose a genre and create a piece of anchor fiction upon which even greater empires will be built. Engage all the senses. As the bard said, "Stretch the nostril wide."

Show them the way. You know it. Summon up the soldiers. Re-awaken the great white threat from a new generation of young men and women.

Do this and you, the visionary fiction writer, will be the very first to live in the kingdom of heaven you will personally architect with your words.

Given the power of imagination, there's simply no limit to how glorious the scenery can be. Just as a cartoon isn't limited by gravity, fiction novels can toss in a few hundred dragons and helicopters, mobs of orcs and walking trees without worrying about expenses.

Your story doesn't have to revolve around a dimly-lit soap opera set. There won't be any problem getting access to skyscrapers and mansions, and you don't have to pay any royalties for the use of popular songs that get mentioned here and there.

Yes. Your book can have an amazing soundtrack, be more immersive than Avatar, and if written correctly, some readers will actually feel the action as if it's actually happening to them as they're reading it.

[Erotic stage hypnotist Aaron Glotfelter demonstrated this effect by suggesting to a responsive subject at a fantasy convention* that she'd be able to see a wall as if it were covered in all kinds of tantric and/or Kama Sutra-style sex poses, then suggested she could experience it as if it was happening to her as she described what they were doing. This resulted in her stepping into the story and instantly experiencing those tantric sex acts as she was describing them. Reminds me of some of the descriptions of idolotry in the Bible.]

If hypnotherapy can be achieved with the written word "with your eyes open", as hypnotherapist Forbes Blair accidentally discovered, then inducing a trance in other works could render the reader more susceptible to suggestion.

And if that's the case, then there's reason to believe that reading the suggestions in the Bible literally strengthens and heals you as you're reading it, re-wiring you for the ultimate virtue, even at the moral level, leveraging the power of repetition. With about fifty exposures to an idea, your subconscious mind accepts it.

The Bible mentions having no fear of evil more than 300 times. Seems pretty important, doesn't it?

It also mentions idolotry. If an association

And when you write the compelling future into existence, you get to live in it, to inhabit it and fully experience it, becoming the very first fan of your own great work.

If you are this far, then you are the artist who merely needs to learn the business side, with volunteers in every country.

Everything depends on you. The future of your country depends on you.

* Stepping into the story and vicariously experiencing it. See Aaron Glotfelter, "Glitter Gets Hypnotized", minute 16:30-26:00 (NSFW, adult content) for an example of this effect. At minute 39:20, you can get a sense of the potential hazards of idolotry and you'll see why the worship of graven images and false Gods was strictly forbidden. If you play with this stuff too much, you might never leave the house.


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