What Would Jesus Do About Hu-White Pride Worldwide?

"White Justifiable Self-Respect Worldwide" doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it? But that's what pride used to mean.

Would the God of Truth (the Lord our God) want us to notice which important specialized abilities and traits our people have always uniquely demonstrated?

It's not humbling yourself before Almighty God to stick your head in the sand an pretend you're not born to wield the whip of law over the heathen. It would be therefore be shamefully arrogant to presume you knew better than God what He made His true children, the whites race to do.

I was recently challenged on the question of pride, the religion of brother Adolfus, our Catholic brother in Christ Jesus the Messiah, our Lord and risen Savior.

Spoiler Alert: The one who challenged me turned out to be wrong.

But in addition, my position on racial pride is now more nuanced than before. Iron sharpens iron. But also, sometimes a potato-head sharpen iron by asking really dumb questions.

Let me start by giving you the right answer: God hates arrogant pride and destroys the arrogant.

When the English language translation says "Pride goeth before destruction" in the King James 1611, the word pride is ga'own, which means arrogancy.

In case you don't know what arrogant pride is, it's not surprising. The devil has been messing with our language for a long time, adding definitions to our words by manipulating literature.

Even the word nice means nearly the opposite of what it used to mean. A "nice Jewish boy" actually means "a foolish Jewish boy" in the original meaning of the word nice.

Fantastic has changed since George Lincoln Rockwell relied on it so heavily in White Power to mean Jews are (in his view) telling ridiculous lies which would be nearly impossible for any sane person to believe. Their claims are fantastic in the same sense that the Disney movie Fantasia is fantastic: Full of fantasy... things which are contrived, invennted, imaginary, and unbelievable.

Since 1611, they've apparently used their influence of entertainment and education to do the same with the word pride.

First, let's ask Webster what the word means, since so much depends hangs on this word.

Definition of pride

 (Entry 1 of 3)

1the quality or state of being proud: such as

ainordinate self-esteem CONCEIT
ba reasonable or justifiable self-respect
cdelight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationshipparental pride

2proud or disdainful behavior or treatment DISDAIN

3aostentatious display

bhighest pitch PRIME

4a source of pride the best in a group or class

5a company of lions

6a showy or impressive group

If you believe the world, using definition 1-b, then the following statement would sound perfectly reasonable and downright Christian. "Stop having any reasonable or justifiable self-respect, Bobby"

Does that sound reasonable to you? No. Does it sound Christian? No. Does it sound Satanic? YES! Especially if Bobby is a white Christian kid. It's the same Satanic anti-white demoralization all over again.

Can you see why "a reasonable or justifiable self-respect" (especially by a showy, impressive group) has been added to the list of definitions of the word pride?

To use Christianity to smash any reasonable self esteem, to prevent Christians from organizing into a "showy or impressive group", as the prophecy says we will. And every nation will mourn when we do.

But in definition 1a, pride also means inordinate (not reasonable or justifiable) self-esteem or conceit or (in 3a) an ostentatious display.

So because Satan is twisting the scripture by manipulating our understanding of words, the same word now means any good feeling about oneself, whether it's justifiable or not.

Guess which one is new? Guess which one is hypocritical? Consider the modern Democrats, for example. Or Anti-Fascists. Or modern "Israel." Do these people have double standards on the subject of having unjustifiable self-respect?

Because there are so many new definitions of the word pride, it becomes much harder for someone to know whether or not God's people may soon be destroyed, if being justifiably impressive amount of self-respect.

To answer this question, God Himself has defined the word. When we become as conceited, arrogant, ostentatious as the "Jews", then 6 million of us may end up in a fiery furnace.

But it's not in our hearts to be so neurotic and unhealthy.

Remember: These are the same demons who push drugs like Ritalin and hormone-blockers to millions of boys because they behave too much like boys at home or in the classroom.

They hate our naturally-ordained masculine impulses, calling them toxic, except when black and Arab boys are doing it. i.e. dominating.

This is why their words contain such hypocrisy.

They would have us believe that "Pride" (arrogance and conceit) is perfectly fine for Hispanics, blacks, Arabs, but that whites having a justifiable self-respect is the single greatest threat to Homeland Security.

This is beyond hypocrisy. It's Satanic word-meddling.

It's the same as pushing for well-defended walls and closed borders for Israel while chemically castrating any brown immigrants, but forced invasion over open borders for America, with "Jews" loading a caravan of diseased, pregnant immigrants onto trucks, and then complaining that we gave them too much air conditioning when illegals invade en masse.

We shouldn't be asking what the devil thinks of our racial pride. We should instead seek to understand the will of God.

When in doubt, just remember: God hates their typical yiddishness, their double standards, their lawlessness and loves his white children. So don't let them trick you into becoming as arrogant as they are.

Be more like the white man of old. The one who trusted God, who faithfully believed that God loves His children He made in His image: Mighty, creative, merciful, with the foresight to see how the wicked race/brood/generation/pit of vipers/den of thieves/hypocrites/synagogue of Satan will try to distort our understanding of the value of whiteness and the danger and destruction of yiddishness.

But what about the word?

We know for a fact our English language is distorted. How? From the word of God itself.

God says "To fear the Lord is TO HATE EVIL; I hate arrogant pride [conceit], evil conduct, and perverse speech."

I hate (ga'own geah) arrogant pride.

geah - pride
ga'own - arrogancy
gobah - haughty / height

In other words, God hates the kind of perverse speech which perverts/distorts/reverses our knowledge of the natural law.

For the past 400 years, we've "humbly" bowed our heads to the Satanic definition, fearing evil instead of humbly bowing our heads to the Lord our God who made us in his image, like him, like God, or God-like.

To admit that God was right to have made you God-like makes you a lot more interested in what God is like, and leads you to walk in His good example.

God is the judge, for example, not God's enemies. Do you not know the saints (believers) will judge the angels? (Referring to the day the saints go marching in with Jesus.)

Jesus said "I and the Father are one." Of one mind. Of one purpose. Of one law.

When we are like Jesus, we are one with God, the merciful. God, the mighty. God, the multiplier of men. God, the Father and strength of the household.

When two or more (of us) gather in his name, Jesus is there. When many of us join in orderly columns to keep and do God's commandments, to enforce His laws, Jesus is there, and has come with power and great glory with all his saints.


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