Why Fair Use Can No Longer Be Trusted

Once they get to you, or set their sites on you, they're probably going to get what they want.

Here's what I learned from gangster movies. Nobody likes a rat.

Here's what I learned from prison movies. Nobody likes a rat.

Here's what I learned from a home study course. Especially in prison, there's two things you don't want to be. One of them is a child molester. The other one is a rat.

When a gangster stands to gain from ratting out his buddies, sending them to the hole for decades to dodge a 6 month stretch, sometimes he will. He'll rat on the guy who rats on nobody. He'll send an innocent man to prison, and cops will be congratulated for helping the rat do it.

Seem pretty detailed? According to a book by a high-ranking gangster who walked away from crime family without witness protection and survived.

7:00 - In those days, the police wanted you to know they were following you. Now it's more covert. (They want you to have your guard down.)

There's a reason why Jesus has you visiting prisoners and the poor, you know. You'll learn from Michael Franzese that being in a crime family probably isn't as cool, fun and lucrative as it looks in the movies. And law enforcement is getting better at catching them.

Of course, there are cops who tell you not to talk to the cops.

Agencies like DHS and the FBI have been caught using illegal surveillance methods to gather evidence to help put people in prison. Once they've done this, they'll then use legal means to pretend they found out via a routine traffic stop, for example.

But juries still believe witnesses. Witnesses aren't the most reliable form of evidence. In the best of circumstances, witnesses miss things, have contradictory stories, and very often get the wrong guy.

And juries don't understand that these witnesses are being paid to lie. They're being paid in the form of leniency. If they testify, they can get out of prison early. But because they testify, and because the jury's going to believe the witness, the system gets to lock up someone else, whether they committed the crime or not.

Anyway, the weaknesses of the system have been identified.

One of those weaknesses is that it gives a lot of power to false accusers. Who do we have problems with? False accusers, infiltrators, subversive communists and their agenda of sedition.

One thing I also learned about the system from Michael Franzese.

The system got his dad in prison for a crime he didn't commit. They also got Michael in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

It's not that they weren't in a crime family, committing crimes. But the police couldn't prove it. But that's not how the judicial system is supposed to work.

When they use illegal means to gather evidence, and then hide that fact, it's not that you're innocent. But the judicial system was never empowered to operate as criminally as the crooks they're locking up.

When government agencies are less trustworthy than the mafia, why would they treat the laws or law enforcement with any respect?

There's a good reason why our enemies ought to care whether or not the government cares about evidence and procedure.

The Romans sentenced Jesus to death. A man they knew was innocent. If Rome can nail Jesus to the cross, then they can nail anybody to the cross.

The wicked complain when America fries those Rosenberg communist spies giving nuclear secrets to Israel. But why bother proving they committed any crimes? Nobody seemed to care about the presence of any evidence or even crimes when Jesus was executed.

Once they've got something on you, they've got massive leverage to force you to testify.

Not only do the guilty have reasons not to talk to the cops, so do the innocent. The way this system seems to work right now, people who work in the criminal justice system tell their own kids, family and friends to NEVER TALK TO THE COPS.

If the system is this broken, it seems like you're giving lots of power to false accusers who "seen Schlomo do the whole thing", giving awesome, unconstitutional power to antisemitic cops, to antisemitic judges issuing warrants on the basis of gut feelings, and stripping away all their accountability for doing so.

If the system is broken for an Italian gangster, it's broken for a Jewish gangster, too. And there's a whole lot of people in prisons that don't like rats.

The problem is that anyone could be a rat. Anybody that asks you to talk about the past could be wearing a wire. Once they've got something on you, they could threaten to send you away. And your time in the lock-up won't be pleasant if it turns out you're a rat.

But Jesus might have been more of a gangster than you think. As Jesus once said, "You call me good? None is good but God." Jesus was saying he couldn't be trusted because only the Father is good. i.e. Trust no one. Including me.

That's what I'm saying. And I've been saying it from day one. If you want to trust someone, trust the Father. If you're looking for a teacher, trust the anointed Messiah and nobody else.

From his parables, you know Jesus was obviously involved in a thinly-veiled worldwide conspiracy to remove tares, trees, to curse figs, convinced conquering kings to rub out guys who refused to serve them, directing the disciples in his "crime family" to bring this gospel to all nations.

But he wasn't opposed to the use of government power, which is a terror to the wicked. But if the criminals are the guys who are working in the government, they're going to be exposed.

There's a system of accountability. God installs kings and governments. He also removes them. If your system is flawed, maybe the people will prefer another one.

There are no good guys. There's only us sinners down here.


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