The 3 Laws of Nature that Assure Our Victory

In getting people to become frothing, hardcore Nazis, peacefully marching in commie-smashing columns, (only in self-defense, naturally) we will have victory to the extent that we align ourselves with nature's plainly observable laws.

Laws such as gravity, the tides, electromagnetism, the sunrise, heterosexuality, the natural law of the supremacy of whiteness, and so forth.

There are three natural laws which particularly apply to the growth of our movement in our lifetimes. These laws suggest that come what may, we must always and constantly embrace meritocracy, generosity, and a spirit of patient, persistent endurance.

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Failure is certain for the man, and certain for the movement (or the product launch) which fails to embrace natural law. But especially these three laws in particular.

#1 - The Long Tail

The Long Tail suggests that most of the difference is made by the unpaid volunteer who very briefly serves the movement. (She who's paid pennies out of her poverty has given more than the rich man.)

In this one teaching alone, Jesus Christ himself has made you a Long Tail guerrilla warrior. This is why I have no use for non-Christians. Because they have no concept of this instruction whatsoever.

#2 - The Pareto Distribution

The Pareto Principle suggests most of the results will come because of the superb efforts of super-spreaders. These are the most competent leaders (one predictably towering far above all others combined), the speakers of the National Socialist/White Supremacist/White Nationalist priesthood, carrying a lust for truth forward, even if, by stoking a public zeal to endlessly expose the truth, it would expose their flaws, scandals, and sins.

Wait. Is it the Pareto Curve or the Long Tail that creates the most results?

It can be both! Because it takes a man of the caliber and self-sacrifice and forgiveness and miraculousness of Jesus, our Lord and Messiah to drop the jaw in awe of the most lethargic, double-chinned, lowliest and slovenly disciple, moving that mountain out of his armchair to press the upvote button on Reddit.

It is the most capable man who must be followed, and none other. He alone must be obeyed by the most faithful and far-sighted of men. (It's only when a movement is led by a leader of men that it will produce good decisions and therefore good outcomes which are attractive to women. The male Bowerbird is expected to build a fine nest to woo his mate.)

A man who subdues and tames a bear might a hair more impressive than the man who merely stomps on a hill of ants.

While the skins of the communist banking elite are perhaps the grizzly bears whose skins are highly prized among all hunters, the man who somehow tames these grizzly giants may be even more impressive than the man who skins them alive in the streets in front of children.

(See Genesis 1:28 BSB "God blessed them and said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and every creature that crawls upon the earth.'”)

Such men as ourselves, however brilliant, competent and capable could never have performed such extraordinary miracles without the example set by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

The so-called "long tail" suggests the vast majority of Christianity and/or National Socialism and/or white supremacy will be spread by the man who does activism for less than an hour and then quits on it forever.

But during that brief moment of conversion, in perhaps a single action, he passes forward the light of truth and life. That ripple reaches him, and touches his heart, and just as he chokes to death on his fried chicken bone after a lifetime of gagging cheap hookers with his wedding tackle, he finally applauds the Almighty with his last gasp of life by pounding that subscribe button and ringing that notification bell.

Or by up-voting a blog post on Reddit.

But the only reason why such a man would ever be inspired to this very tiniest of all Christian acts is because of the superb leadership of the very few who know how to move the masses.

And those masses move in their billions only by centuries of effort, multiplication, by conquest, by self-sacrifice, by faith and by supertanker-loads of precious white Christian blood spilled for truth.

Only because of the bucket of fried chicken dropped at the door by an exasperated, exhausted, mixed-breed Cuban/melato late-adopter genderqueer Jesus fetishist results in that final up-vote by that very late, last adopter. A tired, obese, hungry neckbeard who gets a bucket of communist homo chicken out of the whole deal.

And for that instant, years from now, he is briefly turned from a lifetime of depraved globo-clownworld wickedness by the dawning of the notion that maybe everything we've ever done has been for his sake.

So that maybe his stinking, filthy crotch don't rot quite so bad with all them crabs and such like. So that his shelves aren't piled quite so high with each and every HIV retroviral medication.

#3 - The Adoption Curve

So in addition to the Long Tail and the Pareto Curve, there is the Adoption Curve. The cost to get the early adopters of new ideas is relatively cheap and easy. It may be as old as the hills, but if it looks new to them, it's new enough.

Maybe the Gospel Keto diet ("howbeit this kind [of faith] comes not but by prayer and fasting") finally won him over because it looks or feels kinda new and trendy.

In building the movement, remember the powerful Pareto Principal (the 80/20 rule), the Long Tail, and the adoption curve.

These three laws of nature revealed by the gospel, which, when embraced, guarantee you will have greater faith in all your actions, more certainty of success however small your efforts, can forever inoculate you from the pathetic, desperate attempts at demoralization.

Because the inevitable and eternal supremacy of the white race is a rising tide favored by the Almighty Himself. Not because of our righteousness, which is virtually non-existant, nor our obedience, which is laughably but because over and over again, God loves glorify Himself by keeping his promise to Abraham who heard his voice, walked in God's ways, obeyed God's commandments, laws and statutes.

For this faithful obedience, Abraham's seed has been blessed to a thousand generations. Literally 20,000 years. The race of people who accepted Jesus are heirs to this promise. The race who said, "Nah, bro. We're still good with twisting the laws of Moses like always" are condemned.

Because those who have not the Son have not the Father. And the spirit of anti-Christ is already in the world.

The most cursed of all races, the sons of Esau's disobedience aren't given the sanctuary of our Lord. Far from it.

In perfecting the justice of His judgment upon those His soul hates, God, our Father is certainly taking his time tormenting the most wicked of all tribe by punishing them for century after century, turning them over to self-destructive, blind, maddening, vengeful rage, endless paranoia which stems from a hopelessness, a powerlessness, the utter impossibility of their escape from God's ancient and final judgment which clings to them forever like the noose hanging around the neck of the condemned.

And the Lord is certainly just to discipline His children. May not the farmer pay his servants exactly as much as he's agreed to pay them, however late they are to join the other workers in the field?

When He gives the blessings, the breadcrumbs, a long life, a refuge in our Father's tabernacle, wisdom, the wealth of living on the borders of a civilized people, and eternal life and resurrection to some few servants among the lowly tribes and the vastly inferior races, isn't it our Father's right to pay them as much as he pleases?

Just as some of the heirs to the pure and holy seedline will undoubtedly bellyache about the prodigal son's return (you might imagine white Pagans returning to Christ or evangelicals noticing "Nazi" white nationalists going to church each week), just as Jonah can't comprehend God's mercy on the despised Ninevites (sodomites repenting of their homosexual behaviors), we want the least among us to be able to use the weapon of forgiveness to conquer wickedness in the world, to shine the light of truth, to confess his sins to his brothers, and we want the least among us to be able to love his enemies and fear no evil.

Not that I'm advocating any violence of any kind, but please pay some attention here, even if there is "no political solution."

  • When a normie loves his enemies, he therefore loves Adolf Hitler, the third Reich, and the Gestappo.
  • When a normie fears no evil, he doesn't fear white supremacy, but only fears God and no one else.
  • When a normie resists not an "evil man", he doesn't stop the columns of goose-steppers from marching in the streets and men driving huge pickup trucks over the top of communist mobs, their "racist" Confederate flags flying in the breeze.
  • When a normie turns the other cheek, he doesn't mind being violently ejected from a Nazi rally for causing a disturbance.
  • When a normie, he celebrates the commie-seeking Corona-Chan virus plunging into the heart of the filthy sodomite cities Herr Kommissar Putin refuses to either nuke or firebomb, for some reason.
  • When a normie flees from a place (such as a city) where he's "persecuted," he doesn't join up with the black bloc terrorist in the first place, because he's already found somewhere else to be.
  • When a sex pervert and/or standard-issue homosexual flees from Christian breeder's "persecution" in the burbs and countryside, joining together into a sweet downtown district located just above the Glory Hole Bar, Grill and Bisexual-Orgy Fest, he has been very conveniently bundled within shootin' distance of the Folsom street fair and gay pride parade, which is no doubt located at the exact coordinates of the World War III firebombings. (The devil sows tares among the wheat. First, bundle the tares to be burned and then gather the wheat into my barn, the Lord said.)

Guys. Ahem. Even if it's nothing else to you, Christianity, particularly the gospel, even more particularly the sermon the mount is, even at the most cursory glance (for a man with a lick of common sense), obviously the boot-loader for the Thousand-Year Reich and all good things. Hallelujah!

All praise white Hitler Jesus, savior of all races who rolled out the red carpet to welcome white supremacist rule on earth, "evil" climate-denial, and all other vilified truths and "racist" or "misogynist" "hate facts" that lead to procreation of the pure, white Aryan seedline

And lately, the Father in these times has sent pestilence and disease, maybe to highlight and  showcase the infinite value of Kim Jong-Un style authoritarian rule, or maybe to show the futility and counter-productivity of anything less than the most racist of all measures in containing rampant airborne ball-busting AIDS plagues.

It's like our Reichstag fire, ushering strong-men into unquestioned, tyrannical power. Some are starting to see the opportunity in a crisis.

Could there possibly be any greater political opportunity on earth for the rise of totalitarian white supremacy than global market-crushing plague?

If the rumors have been reliable, then we can say this: That only when the word of Jesus finally reaches the most bat-shit crazy Korean cultists can God's will finally be done on earth as it is in heaven.

"If they obeyed me, they will obey you."

Maybe they obeyed me. Who knows? They had more cities on their list than I did, so unless they've got Terms of Fair Use in Korea, I've gotta figure the pulled a Hail Mary Rhodesian Anthrax-style bioweapon move entirely of their own accord. Rumors and speculation at this point.

I'd like to think that any reasonably attentive Christian and student of the word would be inherently anti-sodomite enough (and deceived by none) to gladly pick up any sodomite-seeking sword (such as airborne super-syphilis) and release it while on a happy clappy tour of the holy land and greater Los Angeles area. Maybe even Manhattan.

If only a virus or forest fire is willing to obey the will of the Lord our God, we must humbly accept His judgment as final.  His thoughts are not our thoughts, after all.

The Commie-Seeking COVID-19 Virus Leads to a Lake of Burning Sulfur, Apparently.

Thy kingdom come. God bless those Korean cultists. God bless Kim Jon Un's strict, authoritarian, draconian and biblical measures to protect his country from the godless Chinese sniffles, and God bless the white race and its anointed savior.


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