Instant Roofing Business

It always happens. While others panic, advertising rates plunge. Meaning ads are cheaper than ever. Which means leads are cheaper than ever.

Roofing is considered essential. It's not shut down. How to be a roofer without swinging a hammer. Fulfillment is not where the money is. It's in the marketing. And we'll prove it to you today.

Generating Cheap, Valuable Leads (While everyone else runs for cover.)

These guys show you how they generate incredibly cheap leads right now for home based projects including roofing. "Endless opportunities."

Easily Measure a Roof for an Estimate Without a Ladder or a Tank of Gas


That's it. If you already know how to run ads, you're in business. Do the estimates, collect the cash upfront for the leads, It's really that simple. If you under-bid the job, the roofer will figure it out and bail. If you over-bid the job and the prospect is ok with the quote, it's more profit for you because contractors don't know marketing. 

Contrary to popular mass delusions, you're not limited to Facebook and Google ads. Google maps makes it easy to measure and pre-qualify which leads you even want to talk to. They leave their address and you can check them out while you're on the phone with them.

If you want to do "honest work" by getting your hands dirty, you can do that, too. Nobody's stopping you. But the arbitrage... difference between what you negotiate with the client and the contractor is your profit. If you'd listened to me when I said you should learn online marketing for about $90 in online classes, you'd be enjoying the biggest opportunity of your life. 

 If you can't afford $90 plus $60 worth of ads or less to generate dozens or hundreds of leads, then guess what? There's lots free, good enough information on YouTube university. 

Remember, these guys made their money when times weren't this good for marketers. If you're willing to learn and willing to work, here's your chance. If you want my help, let me know. We'll set up a time to talk and assess your opportunity to see if and how I can help.


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