When Faced With No Other Choice...

If you waited until there was no other option but violence...

Would you rather see your enemies martyred and the masses rallying around them... or would you rather be martyred so that the masses rallied around you?

When pushed into a corner, our bowlcut Americans will fight. They will kill. They will assassinate. And in doing so, they'll plunge the country (and the world) into civil war even if they win a military victory. Because a man who's simple enough to use his fists to gain power is almost always so simple he'll lose all he's gained at the negotiating table. (See the history of Michael Collins for proof of this.)

If ZOG knows how to handle anything, it's a violent rebellion born of impatience. And so the ZOG (Satan) sows impatience, hastiness, ill-advised reactionism among our people with it's mass media.

I would hate to see the extremists in our movement come to the virtually inescapable, logical conclusion that it is only by systematic, ongoing, nearly jihadist (holy war) assassinations of broadcasters, up to and including the false prophets of the phony Christian TV networks when the alternative is to instead lay down our lives willingly for them by attempting the risky and potentially suicidal task of peacefully, legally attaining dominance and control of mass media in the countries and lands which rightfully belong to those to whom God has bestowed it, if we have any choice in the matter.

Arguably, with 1.6 billion followers alive today, Mohammed was perhaps the best of these, and still came to the wrong conclusion. Just look at the results. 

No Arab space program. No Arab technology beyond camel milking and falconry. Clinging to oil because it's all they've got. This is the price of impatience, impertinence, and moral weakness is a centuries-long descent into savagery and surviving by pillaging, looting, and taking slaves.

If there is a reconquista of the mass media for white interests, don't expect it will be a bloodless coup to take back control of the positions that move the overton window and influence society with this ever-leftward drift. if there's one thing I can promise, it's that they will definitely try to kill you as you begin to ascend to the throne of mass media dominance. You have to decide whether or not you love your people enough and forgive them enough to take that risk and willingly lay down your life for them to have a chance to know the truth, to know the Lord as the word reveals Him to be.

People will only believe that television is of the devil when the television itself begins to tell them so.

To ensure that it is we who are martyred by violent extremists instead of our beloved enemies, before our side's violent extremists are painted into a corner as they have been in South Africa and forced to the most desperate possible means, which ZOG is well prepared to handle, we must swell our ranks through our righteous behavior, our love and patience, doing our duty instead of shirking it, or else we deserve to be destroyed and God was right to send the hand of Satan against us.

We can't prevent the war from being bloody, since this is a war in which we are being systematically murdered no matter what.

Satan has continuously forced this bloodshed and in doing so has condemned himself in each of the last 60 centuries.

We can't do anything about Satan being condemned by God.

But by our efforts over many decades of effort by many people in many countries, we can shine the light and shout the truth from the mountaintops of broadcast media that the false prophets on television, radio, internet, that all of the institutional churches in all of the controlled denominations are unrepentant, willing traitors to God, servants of Satan and have led the world to celebrate and practice sin, that not one is righteous and that there is no teacher but the Messiah.

Real-strength seeks a different kind of "jihad". The example of our Lord Jesus Christ. The peaceful, shrewd and innocent way of letting them cut their own throat by trying to kill us WHILE and BECAUSE we are telling the truth, shining our light, shouting it from the mountaintop of the modern pulpit.

Which, in the past was the press, in our generation is the mass media, and in the next generation's minds will be dominated by what they learn about reality inside "The Matrix" of fully immersive, lifelong video games (such as social media) designed by the devil to effectively castrate, isolate, marginalize our people and our future unless we peacefully, effectively, fearlessly lay down our lives to ensure there's at least one possible future which includes our people.

And so I've created this video for you.

How To Reconquer The Mass Media For White Interests

Salvation is through the Caucasian Anglo Saxon race and the "Anglo Saxon religion" (as our enemies, the so-called "Jews" call it) of Christianity.

How to buy a television or radio station, maybe the first of many, to begin to convert people back to Christian values and ideas which may have been absent from the churches for one, two, or 19 centuries or so. Discovering which questions to bring to your attorney and which kind of law firm, accounting and mentorship to help you or your progenitors or proteges, 

Also... Which three methods are most likely, most proven, most financially effective to make you and hopefully keep you profitable enough and financially stable enough to stay on the air after you get on the air in an institutional way, rather than what's happened in the past... begging for the crumbs and the table scraps of publicity so that we are predictably and continuously maligned, villianized and slandered before we've said a word, hoping to be interviewed by our enemies who hate us and want us dead.

I think you will find that the systematic mass acquisition of mass media, once improved upon and perfected will turn the tide. If there's a hill to take, it's that one.

If 2,000 men died re-taking Germany, then 20,000 will die re-taking America. Probably ten times as many will be injured, scarred, or beaten until you're as brain damaged as Mohammad Ali.

Are you willing to serve your country, serve your people, to put forth your whole effort and do the best you possibly can with a small chance of reward and a high risk of becoming like these casualties in order to save a million, two million, maybe ten million brothers who might, by herculean efforts and faith be pulled back from the fire?



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