How To Have a Thousand White Supremacist Babies

Disclaimer: What follows are the sorts of religious beliefs I got by reading the Bible and giving it some independent thought. So hear me out. I'll connect this to scripture in a quick second:

In theory, a single white supremacist can get hundreds of women pregnant with lots of white supremacist babies. In theory, I said. We'll come to to the point if you can hold your horses for two seconds.

This kind of 21st-century family simply doesn't have enough kids.

In the end, the theoretical ability to breed a white supremacist nation comes down to a question of social skills and the individual will to produce a vast progeny. 

Some have that desire. Such men might read an article like this one.

Sadly, some lack the imagination to entertain such a notion. 

But wait. How can babies be white supremacist? Well, I have reason to believe a cluster of traits will tend to pass from one generation to the next.

You can't quite clone a white supremacist. It doesn't work that way. But if an "evil racist Nazi bigot" had a dozen kids, at least one of them is going to be a whole lot more like dad than the other eleven.

And a few duds will be marching in pride parades and twisting off their family jewels or whatever. This actually happened to a guy with 14 kids (that we know of).

But one or two followed very closely in the tradition of their dad. Several were pretty close, but lacked a certain something. 

And some were disgusting, horrible duds, thieves, scumbags, going around waving a flag on a rainbow-colored parade float.  

It's a good thing he didn't stop at 3 or 4 kids. 

Currently, the most socially acceptable way knocking up a few hundred babes is through the is through the modern social convention of serial monogamy. By modern standards, if a baby mamma dumps you  and you bang ten other chicks, then it's not cheating.

Jesus has a strong opinion about this serial monogamy stuff, obviously.  

The least socially acceptable way to impregnate hundreds of women is to stay married to all your baby mammas in Utah, just as Jesus required (See the "no divorce" rule). Keeping multiple wives was practiced by the patriarchs.

Serial wives are just multiple wives who don't stick around. So a harem is just the same as modern society minus the divorce.

But here's why that doesn't matter. 

Most modern women are averse to the harem lifestyle. They hate other women. They also hate men. So they're anti-Christ in both respects. 

Between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez songs, you don't need to worry about whether you'll be required to stick around as a dad. Because as you know, women today change men more often than they change their socks. It's not your fault. You're off the hook, frankly.

[Details to follow.]

And in the technological age, does it even matter whether you have access to your children? That's what YouTube is for. And frankly, that's what the Bible is for. Any kid who finds God is all set, father-wise. And any kid who's predisposed to find God will do so.

If you're not allowed to raise your kids, at least they can find you on Snapchat.

What about that "provide for your family" verse?

Be careful not to misquote the Bible. A man should provide for his family. It's true. Worse than an unbeliever if he doesn't. 

Especially members of his own household. If someone's not a member of his own household, then he wouldn't provide any more than he'd provide to any other family outside his household, right?

Yes, the government feels a little different about this, of course. I'm told debtors prisons only exist for deadbeat dads. And I don't want you to be a prisoner of the state. 

I just want you to acquire valuable social skills. 

But you should know one thing. The only time the government comes after a guy for child support is when the mom asks for it. 

If a random guy is accused by a mom of being the biological dad, he's considered guilty until he proves his innocence. True.

But this usually happens when a woman has two things: The desire and the ability to do so.

She must have the desire.

She must know what to say.

And who to talk to.

Otherwise, there won't be alimony. There won't be child support.

PUT DOWN THAT DUCT TAPE. We're not there, yet.

There are a number of reasons why a woman might keep her big mouth shut.

Maybe she doesn't know who the dad is. Very common. Maury Povich himself couldn't track down the kid's dad. 

Maybe she's tragically succumbed to a sudden, unexpected coma after a freak hiking incident.

Maybe she got lost at sea or got struck by lightning. Then she's not going to be volunteering that type of information, is she?

And if she's not volunteering information, she's not involving the family courts.

Don't get any weird ideas. I'm just illustrating a point. 

Before you start cutting any brake lines, you really only need to address one of two issues. 

1) The desire


2) The ability 

Luckily, I have a plan which solves both of these problems. I'm pretty sure it's legal. 

Suppose you had sufficient social skills to impregnate hundreds of women, then you have enough social skill to address her desires, abilities, and you were able to provide for all those kids.

Then the government's happy. They get lots of new taxpayers. 

She's happy, presumably. I don't necessarily care about whether she's "happy". There's no way to make a woman happy. We can split the atom, but still can't make a woman happy.

I'm not talking about using magical mind control powers or drugs, either. As you know, I have a deep religious belief that kids don't cost nuthin'.

These kids, for instance:

Them thar kids need to git me that dern cotton out the field! (Small children are income-producing assets.)

These days, a woman just can't seem make a living if she only has three kids and two horses. She's gonna need at least 5 kids and four horses out in the field to live in the kind of luxury and comfort she really wants.

Someone's got to pay for that washing machine! (Fact: Humans lived for thousands of years without a washing machine.)

Social skill #1: Frame control. 

Actually, you don't need much more than that one.

Society is winning the game of "frame control." Society looks at kids as a cost because society is dumb and forgetful. 

That's a lie which goes completely unexamined these days. 

A 4-year old "clump of cells" is sent to dildo school to learn about their God-given right to profanity, watching porn on their friend's smartphone and stream multiplayer games on Twitch with other racists while mom makes their supper.


Like it says in the Bible, modern parents are nothing but slaves who serve their kids, ferry them to soccer practice, gymnastics, and any other twat flashing activity the devil insists they do with all the other greased-up harlots.

But you go ahead and listen to society if you'd rather.

In the case of modern dads, they're literally slaves. "Pay or go to prison, daddy."

But that's only if you buy into the society's "frame of reference". Which takes a powerful amount of stupid, so make sure you're stocked up.

To win the frame game, you need the social skill to win. You'll need logical reasoning. 

Yes, with logical reasoning you can (in theory) get a couple hundred chicks pregnant with white supremacist babies. And frame control can accomplish other things, too.

How To Beat the Devil With Facts:

First, you'll need to know what one kid is worth in cash flow. Then you'll need to know how much cash flow you're looking for. Divide the desired cash flow by the number of kids needed and you'll know how many kids you want.

They're passive streams of income. How many of those do you want?

Well, now. That's a horse of a different color!

Once you start mapping out how many kids she's going to need to take care of her in her old age, how many child laborers she'll need to run the farm so she can quit her job while she's young, how many kids she'll need to live in style and comfort, she'll be filling up her shoe closets by laying on her back.

The only animal on the farm worth keeping alive is the animal which produces more than it consumes. Frankly, the same is true of kids. And brides.

There's a saying on the farm. When the hen stops laying it gets the axe.

It's a relatively new saying. Ok, I just made it up. But it's true. You don't keep feeding hens that stop laying. But we like to keep wives around because they're still useful for all kinds of things on the farm. Old hens aren't as useful. 

In 5 years or so, your minimal investment in those cotton-picking kids starts paying off. The surplus produced by the first 3 kids pays for all the cost of the next 3 kids and so on.

Most of that time, they're on the teat, so you don't even have to strap a feedbag on them. They're cheap keepers.

Under circumstances like those, the only thing a man needs to provide is food and shelter for a few tiny little creatures who hardly eat anything. Just keep feeding their momma and she'll feed those infants until they're nearly grown up big enough to haul cotton.

I call that a bargain. 

As for diapers, what does it cost to wash a re-usable cloth diaper? Not much. All those costs are small. What about thousands of dollars of medical costs? Ever heard of hypno birthing? No drugs, no docs. Midwives are relatively cheap. 

What about shoes? Ever heard of hand-me-downs? Thrift stores? Fun fact: Shoe repair goop comes out of the end of a calking gun. I'm wearing some sneakers I repaired at home myself because I'm not going to throw out a perfectly good pair of 20 year old Nikes. Those are brand name shoes! They're the air cushioned kind, too.

How about medicine? 9 times out of 10, it's an infection. You know what causes infections? Nine times out of ten, it's sugar weakening your immune system. No infections, no medical bills. Simple. For the most part, you just have to be careful of broken bones, concussions, and anything that needs stitches. A kid that doesn't watch Superman doesn't jump off a roof. FACT.

And believe it or not, you don't necessarily need a hospital to have a kid. Pain free childbirth.

I didn't get one and look how I turned out. There are lots of complications a competent midwife can straighten out very easily. I'm told re-routing a tangled umbilical cord on the fly isn't that complicated. But the Satan-trained professional docs don't have a clue how to do it without anesthetics and surgery because they're basically morons in a lab coat in most cases.

Hypno-birthing is only useful when you've got a woman who's been brainwashed into believing childbirth is painful. It can be, but it doesn't have to be. What if you did the opposite and brainwashed her into believing it won't bother her a bit. Dentists tried that approach with lots of success. Turns out it works in childbirth, too.

Why do you trust doctors so much, anyway? It's those dumbass docs who tell women they can't get pregnant. Or they'll tell her its too risky to get pregnant. Well guess what: 

There's a 100% chance a woman's going to die someday. The only question is whether she'll die childless. Getting pregnant reduces that risk. Her genes go on or they don't. Pretty simple. 

And in a larger sense, failing to do your duty to save your tribe betrays the genes of your tribe, to which you owe your entire existence. Think of a queen bee who doesn't want to lay any eggs. Or a soldier bee that doesn't want to sting anybody.

The selfish soldier bee is trying to save herself. But in doing so, she condemns the hive. Be like the queen bee who cranks out the maximum number of soldiers to defeat that invader. Be like the soldier bee who fights to the death and never quits.

You're don't come from people who thought of themselves as individuals, but from individuals who saw themselves as part of a kingdom. 

1) You're not an individual. You're a soldier of the realm. Your duty is to produce more soldiers to defend the kingdom and attack and destroy all foreign threats like any bee in a beehive.

2) It's impossible to "die in childbirth." A woman can only survive if her children live long enough to reproduce themselves. Pregnancy carries no risk to a woman. Infertility is the only risk to a woman's life.

3) Children are not an expense, but an investment. Children are an income-producing asset, just like any other animal on the farm. As soon as an animal stops being an asset, an axe comes down and whacks its head off.

4) Pay Or Die. Any farm or farmer that doesn't produce taxes or taxpayers will be and should be cut off by the king and thrown off the land.

Some will say we didn't ask to be born. If "we" are our ancestors, then we sure as heck did. We begged the Lord on bended knee for eternal life. He gave us the good book and made it possible. 

This is basic logic and it's frame control. It's a social skill. If you don't have it, you're not social.

A woman who leaves a man has killed the golden goose. The gold comes from his seed. Life itself comes from his loins. 

If you want that golden goose, you've got to keep it. A wise man emits more than gold. He emits whole kingdoms, empires and emperors. All these have sprung forth from the loins of Abraham. And eternal life, too. 

To any woman on earth, his seed would have been absolutely priceless. His love is priceless. His presence and his wisdom is priceless. His Almighty Father is priceless, sparing the God-fearing from the eternal fire.

Do or die. Social skills. Frame control.

Keep the child's biological dad around. Love, honor and obey. Emphasis on the obey. The devil hates when women obey their men.

She should obey with only the slightest prompting. If you have any social skills whatsoever, she'll tell you whether she's with God or not.

Screening For Quality

First, the pre-screening. Before dating a woman or sleeping with her, count the number of piercings and tattoos. If you find one, stop counting and find someone else.

Second, talk about the NUMBER of children she wants to have. If it's less than 4, show her the door.

Third, if her mom's a lunatic, she's a lunatic. Look for a stable home environment. Is her mom a cat lady? Is there a TV in the house? Is it turned on? Is there a book shelf? Are there books, but no Bibles? Does mom wear pants? Is she an only child or from a small family? Does she wear the pants in the relationship. Do they sit down for dinner together or not? 


If there are 2 or more warning signs, just move on. Forget it. If she's already proven she can't keep a man around, there's a reason.

She's garbage. She's trash. Meaning her crotch burns like fire. She'll hook your kids on meth for sure. And you'll be paying for it from prison while your kids are anally raped in public during a pride parade.

I'm sure you think I'm kidding, but I'm from Seattle, and this stuff actually happens here. She sent me a DM last night. I know what I'm talking about. Except for the anal rape stuff. They keep that on the down low. 

Be selective. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Watch how many fish a blue whale eats. Lots and lots of fish. There goes a whole fishery's worth in one gulp. You've got choices. 

A man can only love a woman who sticks around. Which will be close to zero percent, in some neighborhoods.

Don't let anyone deceive you. Reality will always the opposite of a deceived society. The right answer is to look where the crowd is going and run the other way.

Who must a man support? First, members of his household. Then his family. Then his tribe. Then his people. Then the world.  

Even if you decide to feed the world, remember: The world eats last and Daddy's household eats FIRST.

If she leaves, especially if she leaves you for another guy, then she and her kids get to beg for scraps and crumbs like a dog. The fields and orchards are full of provisions for anyone who works them.

If the family court make sure you end up paying the minimum. 

Reduce the Burden of Child Support

Rich men get raked over the coals. They fall into the traps. They get suckered into marriage by a woman who wants his money. Child custody is simply a way of getting more money.

If she doesn't get custody, she won't get much. 

No woman is a queen, so I wouldn't treat her like one. (Don't give me that "Queen Elizabeth" stuff, either. That's a rant for another time.]

Keeping a woman in luxury means she'll expect you to maintain it when she's gone. But if you've kept her on barbecued polecat then she can't squeeze blood from a stone.

Don't Have An Income

If the state or family court goes after a guy's income, it's better in my lay opinion if doesn't have one.

Selling your house and giving everything to the poor suddenly sounds a lot smarter after a high-end whore takes you for half your net worth. 

[Disclaimer: This is not legal or financial advice and none should be inferred. I'm not a professional tax advisor, accountant nor lawyer. If you need professional advice, go see a tax accountant or lawyer.]

The rich don't have incomes and they don't own stuff. They don't keep anything in their own name. 

Yes, they spend money. But it isn't theirs. Rich people don't spend their own money. 

Even if they did, why spend it on a woman? Why start her on a lavish lifestyle? Is she a prostitute or a bride? Are you a man or a clueless John?

Shrewd rich men (the kind who stay rich, anyway) only spend what they've borrowed against assets owned by LLCs and/or trusts to reduce their tax liability. 

If the state or family court goes looking for an income, they won't find one because there's honestly no income for them to find. Only debt. Rich people never own assets, either. If a woman comes for his house, too bad. Because he doesn't own one. And he doesn't own a car because it's a company car.

But isn't it his company that owns the car? Not necessarily. The company might actually be owned by another entity. The assets might belong to a trust.

In the highly unlikely event a woman decides collecting child support might be in her interest, she might figure out she'll end up with a lot more financial support and benefits by simply sticking around. Access to the company cars, the swimming pools, the sauna, spa and servants go with the house, and that company-owned house ain't goin' nowhere no matter how wide she can do the splits.

She's free to go. But she's not taking anything with her. Not a dime. If even one second of security footage in or around a house or car turns up with her using drugs for any reason, she might not even get one day a week of custody. By my math, I would assume that means no custody or child support, but I'm not an attorney specializing in family law, so I could easily be mistaken.

If she's can't prove she married the guy, some states might not even seriously consider the alimony question. Why would an ex girlfriend get alimony? Well, she might. 

It depends on a number of factors, of course. Which is why you really need to know the law if you intend to shack up with a any girl for any length of time.

More importantly, you need to understand basic social skills and frame control. Women have this weird idea that their minds are their own. And yet they're so easily brainwashed and psychologically manipulated that they turn into lesbians after 5 minutes in college.

How To Brainwash Her In One Easy Step

Fact: Women are programmable machines. The only thing that matters is who's doing the programming. They're helpless prisoners of their own belief systems. Out here in the world, 100% of that programming comes from the devil.

As a man, if you have anything less than 100% control of her beliefs, then she's simply not worth the risk.

How do you get control of her worldview? Well, electricity is highly over-rated. 

If you can get a willing girl off the grid, you'll have someone who gets most of her information from you directly. 

As for indirect information, she can get that from the books you bring home. (Be very careful what books you bring home.)

If she brings a male escort, she can freely drive into town any time she wishes. Just hitch up the horses and go. But she knows the house rules: No solo. That's for harlots. Not beautiful blushing brides. 

Since horses (or donkeys) can't travel more than 25 miles in a day (there and back), be sure you're 12 miles away from evil influences. Then she can't get into trouble. 

Other than frame control (which is nothing but basic manly logic), this is the most extreme version of a mind control scenario I'll discuss.

Be a man. Live outside of town. Don't indulge in stupid foolish luxuries. 

It doesn't sound like brainwashing. It doesn't require a degree in psychology. It's a fairly simple formula and anyone can do it. 

If she has an opinion about motor cars, you just need to tell her the truth. Automobiles are deadly dangerous, killing thousands of fools per year. But a donkey will take her as far as she'll ever need to go.

If she starts asking why you have so many wives, just read her those stories from the Old Testament. The only socializing she needs is at Bible study with the other wives. Which is what the assembly of the Lord should be, but they've turned it into a water park instead. 

How To Live Remotely

There are lots of places so rural that there's not television set or a TV watcher anywhere within 12 miles. And 12 miles isn't very far from civilization. Automobile drivers don't think about 12 miles as being very far outside of town. It's practically walking distance. 

Nobody will think of you as isolated because they can easily hop in the car and show up in just 20 minutes or so. Traveling by horse doesn't keep the world out. But it keeps your family in. That plus a working lock on your door is all you need to keep temptations at bay.

Some people want to travel everywhere. Well, I've seen enough of the world to know there's nothing much to see. Just a lot of fools enslaved to Satan in a candy land of false promises.

What about camels?  

You've got to be careful with camels and elephants. They can travel 120 miles in a day. A civilization which relies on either should keep those beasts in town where they belong. It's a working animal for  big city folk. They're not the best fit for a family farm. 

Paying For Your Child's First Car

Are you insane? A car can travel hundreds of miles per day! Which is why no child should ever own or drive a car. If you have an automobile on the farm, it shouldn't be street legal. Maybe a lawn tractor. 

I'd say "Use your best judgment", but look where that's gotten you.

It's bad enough when they're getting into the wine. You don't need them finding out about Tequila. 

The point is this: If you've got total control of a woman's mind, her thoughts, her influences and education, then it doesn't matter what alimony or child support rights she has. 

Hopefully she's never heard of them and never will.

Maybe she'll forget about divorce altogether. Jesus mentioned divorce in the Bible, so that cat's out of the bag. Don't try to monkey with the scripture, either. Nothing good can come of that.

When the child-raping "churches" want to erase a bit of scripture, they just explain it away until you're bored to tears. But they don't touch a single word in that book. Not one word. 

One translation left out a tiny line about "prayer and fasting" and the devil's never heard the end of it. Now all the kids are praying at dinner time and fasting for lent. It's gotten completely out of control. It's a total nightmare. They were doing better when they just left a footnote. 

Won't Your Wives Find Out About the World?

Are you kidding? Since when did any woman ever know anything? Have you ever met a woman? How can you ask me that?

How many women can name their own state governor or state representative? How many can find America on a map? They don't know how long it takes to go 80 miles if they're traveling 80 MILES an HOUR

The answer's in the question.

I'll bet you could show them a picture of Mike Pence and they'd believe it was Joe Biden.

Millions of idiot women believe men are useless, that children aren't necessary, that pants are women's clothing, that scrunchy booty leggings are perfectly acceptable to wear in public, that the Titanic was a fictional ship, that churches can be trusted to preach Christian ideas, that Solomon's lifestyle is VERY BAD, but Sodom's lifestyle must be supported and encouraged.

I could go on for hours, but if you don't get the point by now, you probably never will. 

Most women in my family don't know or care what God wants and they probably never will. Straight into the eternal fire for those rebellious harlots. Good riddance. Too bad. 

Stick them on a farm 12 miles outside of town and they might be ok eventually. But I kinda doubt it. 

Basically, a woman has the choice between two opposite mind prisons. 

Either you can live under God's protection or you can die as a slave to Satan. As I see it, those are your only two choices. The minute you flip on a social media device, your soul belongs to the devil. 

And I'm serious about that. There's no family filter. The family filter can block the profane, the sexual, the violent and pornographic, but they can't block the lies everyone believes.

Satan Is The Prince Of This World 

Satan didn't get control of the whole world by some kind of half-hearted amateur effort. Satan is the prince of this world by thousands of years of continuous professional mind control, brainwashing, temptation at the highest possible level of ability.

So which is it? Do you belong to God or Satan?

In the categories of willing and able, we've addressed whether a woman is willing. We've addressed whether she's able. For all practical purposes, she's unable to do something that's so far beyond her concept of reality that it's like a foreign language. 

Think about how ignorant modern women are. Modern women don't know anything about anything. Put them on a farm, and they can know nothing while living on a farm.

Which woman's likely to be happier? The one who thinks the man in her life is the source of all the happiness on earth?

Or the millionaire gold digger who blames her husband for all her problems? 

I hope you know the answer by now.

You're not looking for a needle in a haystack. There are millions of women on earth who've honestly never even heard of a divorce attorney and don't want to. There are Mennonites, Hutterites, Quakers, fundamentalists, Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, a number of Orthodox and Catholic which reject the recent worldly reforms.

There are also thousands of women (and men) who depart from these communities for various reasons, but keep very close to their faith. They're more than willing to obey their husband because that's how they were brought up.

If someone tried to sell her on divorce she wouldn't listen. She'd probably run to warn her husband and the elders about the evil intruder who can't be trusted. 

Rejecting God's Ways

For some reason, you and so many of your ancestors seem to think you'll have a better life away from God's protection. Many of my ancestors made the same mistakes. Many times.

How's that working out so far? You got what you wanted. If you're reading this, it was originally posted on the internet to shame the arrogant, the prideful, those who've followed temptation to their destruction, who've failed to hear the shepherd's call. 

Women can't be safe in "the world". They can only be destroyed by it. The only question is whether there are any women worth saving.

It's time to heed the shepherd's call.

If you find a non-zero number of women who want life, there are two paths. 

There's the path of the rich, which is endlessly complex, full of traps and temptations and might work for awhile.

You'll probably have a team of lawyers draw up an iron-clad pre-nup, but you'll have to move to a country where it might actually be enforced. We sure can't count on this one.

The second path is complete and total mind control, which is simply a question of geography, in its simplest form. The house you choose does most of the work for you. An extra acre or two is dirt cheap and pays for itself.

If you're close enough to town, you don't even have to give up your job. But you can protect your family from evil influences while they're out in the sticks, far from danger. Eventually your investments will pay mighty dividends and you can begin to wean yourself from wage slavery.

Do it Right

I've seen some very smart white guys try to get this right, and then they bring an Asian woman onto the farm. She ends up installing Wi-Fi and uploading YouTube videos. It's a mess. It's basically too late for that kind of guy. No intermarriage. For whites, there is no upgrade.

Neither path is easy. Neither is automatic. Electronics are a constant temptation and the internet leads your family down the path to disaster. 

Sometimes it some people can handle a certain amount of temptation. At first, they seem like decent folks. And it almost seems like they're strong enough to reject sin and keep free from temptation.

And then I look at where they are.

They seem to think they can see through all the devil's tricks. And then all their daughters get injected with a poison which makes them barren. 

All it takes is one little slip like that. So I wouldn't risk it. 

Just because you don't divorce doesn't mean you're in a happy marriage. Not every married man is a  happily married man. It's true. Especially in Seattle.

There are childless marriages, ruinous marriages, miserable marriages that never seem to end.  

The strung-out TV addicts love their news, information and technology. 

Even the Hutterites and others are walking that tightrope. But modern conveniences always come with a hidden cost.

The devil keeps messing with our society.

But never interrupt the synagogue of Satan when they're making a terrible mistake. Their wall-to-wall propaganda is finally radicalizing Americans, some of whom are turning to fanatical religious extremism because "sexist, racist, misogynist patriarchal bigotry" is, in fact, the only way to salvation.

And when we know the Bible is the only way, a few people might crack open the book and see the warnings about the church.

They start looking at Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon and saying, "Really? A thousand wives and concubines? Hmm. What ever happened to that life plan?"


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