How to Date Tons of Younger Women as a Middle-Aged Man

"Be fruitful and multiply." - Some book.

Even in your 40s, 50s, and beyond you can date tons of women. And dating needn't be a joyless, difficult, nor a fruitless endeavor. Especially as a man gets older.

The multitudinous joys of a fruitful
courtship simply cannot be understated.

Quick question: If you did nothing but dance with someone else's dance partner, have you committed adultery? Nope. This article contains detailed instructions to take a girl right out from under her gentleman suiter. That's not adultery. 

I don't presume a couple is sleeping with each other. I presume a woman can make up her own damn mind, and that those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. 

Don't trust all your hopes to a life of fornication and indecision and then wag your finger of judgment at me when your childless pinball partner ditches you for a real man who knows what women are for.

The following post is inspired by my own damn self, believe it or not.

I woke up one day, broke, single, rusty and middle-aged, having basically lived like a cloistered Benedictine monk for over a decade.

But it turns out I've still got my old chops, so I went out anyway and met 24 women over the course of 5 hours. Not in one of those speed dating gigs, but in the old fashioned way:

Without permission. Without backup. Without a plan of action.  

The hardest part was finding them since I wanted to limit my driving distance at first. Probably could have done a lot better if I'd just started out where they all were. But I got there eventually.

And 42% of these interactions were very positive. 

I know because I've started recording the details on a spreadsheet. Because girlfriend-getting is a very serious business and because I'm doing it for science.

At my age, I'd have been overjoyed with just 10% of those gorgeous, enchanting women giving me a beautiful smile because that would mean it's only a matter of time before I find the right girl(s) for me.

But I'll take 42% if I can get it.

Those interactions taught me something I already knew. That 2 of those people were very interested in age. How old I was, how old they were, how young someone else looked. In both cases, they were people who'd already responded very, very positively. In other words, these were "shit tests." Nobody else noticed or cared. Only girls who were already attracted to me "cared" or even mentioned it.

This might be because the mass media paints "white" guys as #MeToo pedo offenders just like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein and the others. They don't actually know what they're talking about, of course.

As a defense mechanism, women like to leverage any age difference as an obvious way to rattle my cage, but it won't work on me anymore. I've dated younger women and their youth simply can't compete with my immaturity. 

When I say I inspired myself.  I recently wrote an article about my glory days, following it up with an article on how to make a thousand white supremacist babies (to pwn the libs).

I guess in some ways I'd been feeling a little low because I only really spent about 8 years of my life chasing women with any real knowledge or ability, and it had taken me all that time to find one I really liked, but it didn't last. Such is life.

I didn't give up immediately. I tried to continue dating and went through the motions for awhile. 

And at first glance, replacing her seemed like too much effort, so I soon enough gave up on the idea that I'd find someone else like her, mainly because so many women are deeply disappointing these days, whether you can get them in bed or not.

But after doing the math, I realized I may have been wrong about women. 

Being young and new to the game, I'd actually been extremely lazy and slow to gain knowledge and experience those 8 years, lacking discipline, wisdom, caution and good habits. 

In addition, I'd been tolerating women of low quality, tolerating much of their bad behavior, and selecting girls who were a poor fit for me. Why? Because at the time, I really didn't know what I wanted. And at first, I didn't know how different women could be.

But now I do.

All of which means I don't need 8 years to replicate the result!

After running the numbers, I figure it could take as little as 8 to 16 weeks to find myself a girl of equal or greater quality than the last one. Probably less.

I guess I'd stretched about 16 weeks of "pick-up" across 8 years of dating, hanging around too long with women I could have very easily replaced. I even dated one of those women (off and on) for probably 7 of those 8 years (or about a year, billing like a lawyer) in between other girlfriends, giving me even less motivation to master my "applied social skills."

Meaning I've gotten fairly skilled in a short amount of time, leveraging as few as a few thousand approaches I could parlay into other opportunities. 

If so, this means even as a beginner, I must have slept with more than 1% of the women I approached, averaging probably about 50 times per girl. If that's right, then that's at least one "night" with a girl for every 2 approaches.

And I've only gotten better, more selective, more attractive, more "non-reactive" (as they call it) since then. Now, if that doesn't motivate you to do some science, what will? 

I might even be able to replace or upgrade from the previous favorite. Let's think this through. She wasn't perfect back then and she's way too old for me now. I know much more about the importance of race than I used to. I realized...

If I only made the effort, it would be almost impossible to fail!

After all, I already know what worked before, what kind of girl it worked on, how to spot someone of the same type, what we enjoyed doing most, which traits and behaviors best resembled all the other top-tier girlfriends I'd dated.

These are the commonalities. Marketers look for commonalities in respondents to help them target future ad campaigns to a certain psychographic or demographic.

It may not seem like much of an advantage until you learn about how scientists classify groups of animals. Classifications allow you to accurately predict and explain the behavior of individuals based on their classification.

If you've classified a species of migratory bird, you know it's never going to make a nest when the weather turns cold. 

Turns out you can do the same with women and save yourself heaps of time. And if you can classify them along 3 axes, you'll arrive at 8 classifications.

Dividing the human female population into 8 groups narrows down the search considerably. If you didn't classify women, you'd think you'd never find a woman with all the traits you're looking for.

But all these highly desirable traits work together.

If you said, "I want a girl with toned legs, great shoulders, healthy skin, a flat stomach, and a pretty face", you might think you're being too picky. 

But you're not. It turns out a face looks much prettier, healthier and blemish free in a woman who cares about her health and fitness and takes care of herself. Her stomach will be flatter, her buttocks firmer, her shoulders stronger, her body toned, her skin healthier, her face prettier.

You can easily get 5 amazing traits for the price of one. You also get bonus traits such as youth and fertility and high sex drive, since these traits are likely to occur in a youthful, fertile person who is physically active.

If you want a woman with no sex drive, no fertility, blotchy skin, infections, rashes, an ugly personality, find yourself an old fat feminist. 

Whether you're an ugly feminist or a beautiful athlete depends on one single life decision. Will you blame others for all your problems or see yourself as the cause and take responsibility for yourself?

Because greater beauty, health, fertility, clear skin and a higher sex drive are the end result of a woman taking personal responsibility for the outcomes in her life. This makes it much easier to classify women into meaningful, useful categories.

Implementing The Plan

My original goal was to meet 50 women per day, which (at this rate) would have taken ten hours a day for several weeks with all this ridiculous pandemic nonsense.

But if I can cut down that effort by learning to spot the "right bird", then I'm only approaching the likeliest prospects and spending most of my time and effort on those who appear to be pre-qualified based on appearance, fitness, personality, my interest, their interest and whether or not they have a sense of humor.

Because I know something about the personality "type" I want, I can accurately predict lots of things. Exactly where they'll be and when, who they'll be with, how they got there and who's paying for it.

The more skill you gain, the fewer women you need to approach. The better I get, the more women enjoy the experience, but the less often I need to approach women. This explains why women "don't like being approached." Most of the men they meet are the most incompetent men. From their perspective, my competence is very rare, which makes it even easier for me to stand out in a crowd.

A beautiful woman might be "hit on" hundreds of times per year. Maybe thousands, depending how provocatively she dresses. The Hijab in NYC video demonstrates that women are only getting the attention they invite by dressing in skin-tight clothes, a clear unconscious signal that a woman may be ovulating ("We did see a little bit more skin.") or may be open to being approached.

If you see your social skills as a way to brighten the day of women who want (and asked for) the attention and interest of men, then you'll get better and better at predicting which women are most likely single, interested, available, and looking. 

The simple fact is nobody does thousands of approaches to get ONE date. Men might persist in doing cold approaches to get dozens of options, to increase their skills, knowledge, and to enrich and expand their social circle and influence. And they do it for fun. 

But fun or not, one hopes one day they won't need to cold approach forever. Hopefully they'll find the right person and live happily ever after.  

Once you've built, nourished and maintained that priceless network of friends and acquaintances, you won't necessarily need to re-stock that pond very often and you could personally and professionally coast for years on the fruits of a few thousand cold approaches, especially in the social media age. 

This isn't to say most friends, acquaintances, girlfriends or boyfriends are precious. Practically speaking, most have virtually no value, think no useful thoughts serve only as mindless consumers and taxpayers and are probably more a drain on society than anything else.

But a few are absolutely priceless and more than make up for everyone else put together. 

As long as you don't say "Sex or GTFO", you'll meet women who'll send you more girlfriends than you can possibly handle. Some of the same-day lays know fewer women than you do because their social life is about stringing guys along. But the "prudes" might know thousands of women with raging maternal instincts who are looking for an eligible guy to take care of, to fix up, who might be too busy with their job, pets and hobbies to ever find a great guy like you.

In the meantime might even get to enjoy the courtship process a little. It's been known to happen when you're with some consenting member of the opposite sex. And good things can lead to other good things.

In general, women can be very useful, even if you're not sleeping with them. This is something that wouldn't have occurred to me unless I'd personally experienced it so many times.

It's this thing called "friendship". I need to do more reading about it. Seems promising. Contrary to popular belief, it's sometimes ok for a man to befriend a beautiful girl. As long as really friendship and not being part of her small band of desperate beta male slaves trying to impress her by manipulating her into sex with reciprocity.

The good news is our best days don't have to be in the past, mixed up with painful memories. If you never quit on your future, then your future will never quit on you.

The Advantages of Being Older

If you're older, you're probably aware of all the disadvantages, so I'll just skip those for now. As long as you've got your hair and teeth, healthy diet and regular exercise will greatly improve most of them. If not, there's implants.

Did you know men don't even start losing any attractiveness until AFTER the age of 50! But here's some of the advantage they've got: 

Much more knowledge, skill and life experience. Like knowing how to get a girl who has a guy.

Here's the thing. The best women are rarely alone. Often, they're already with a guy. And as much as I genuinely hope they'll be happy and stay together forever, I also know that it's mathematically unlikely to occur. 

That doesn't mean I support or condone adultery, nor should any such thing be inferred. I'm certainly not forcing anyone to fornicate and/or presume they own other human beings. People do all this weird stuff all on their own without my help, whether they're married or not.

"Boyfriend" means not married. Hopefully it means they're not having premarital sex. But that's none of my business. 

Shoulda put a ring on it.
Imagine that an unencumbered ingenue is in the company of a male suitor and you entreated, "May I have this dance?" And if the two of you were to quite enjoy being paired off together, you might take the evening in another direction entirely. Wouldn't surprise me.

She's probably banging him, but I'm about as interested in his problems as he is in mine, if I'm honest about it.

If they part ways, it was never meant to be.

What's very likely to happen (whether I'm there or not) is she'll either cheat on him, leave him for someone like me, or else she'll let clueless guys like him pay for all those dates, dinners, movies and entertainment while she gets carnal gratification from a guy who actually knows how to light her fire.

And unlike some young fools, when I find something worth having, I'm perfectly willing and able to keep what I take. 

Which is as many war brides as I can carry.

The Disadvantage of Youth

Now a younger man might not get away with approaching a young. attractive couple. How do I know? Because I've tried. I used to be a young. And I approached all kinds of groups. Total strangers. Unless they're wearing matching "his" and "hers" t-shirts, their affiliation isn't obvious. Even when it's obvious, it isn't certain. 

Even when a man is absolutely certain he's exclusive with a woman, she may have something completely different in mind. Ever happen to you? It's happened to me. First time out of the gate. 

Did anyone give a damn how I felt about it? Other than myself, not one soul on earth. But I never forgot that I could easily step onto the other side of the equation. 

As long as women are welcome to change their minds without consequence of any kind, then I may as well use this fact to my advantage. 

As far as I know, fornicating boyfriends have no legal recourse whatsoever. Only married men have any theoretical rights to a woman's fidelity, as limited as those rights may be. 

Hypothetically, all men have the option to marry a virgin bride, but the "free milk" option seems to have entirely enticed them away from the relative sanity of "buying the cow". Rather than calling it "Christendom", maybe we should instead call the Western world "Fornication Land."   

It presently seems to me that the best way to increase the happiness of the world is to be a part of it. Because you simply can't be selfless about everything. It just won't do! They used to say "If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem."

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it. I happen to agree with Beyonce, but for the wrong reasons.

The Girlfriend Snatchin' Business

But now because I'm just so dang old and weigh a couple extra pounds, a handsome young lad with a super-fit girl won't suspect me. Not enough that he'll blow his top, anyway, which means I can sometimes get away with all the good stuff while he gets stuck paying the bill.

In case you've never watched any nature videos, here's how it works:

First, you need a reason to approach. A dog is almost always a reason to approach. 

If she's out walking a dog with her guy, nice poochie! "My favorite breed!" This worked two nights in a row. Both nights it was German Shepherds.

No dogs? No problem. All you need is a curious mind.

As a lover of truth, you're on a mission to learn the truth. And you don't believe the propaganda. Which means we must question our assumptions and find out from the source where fit, healthy, gorgeous, attractive women hang out. 

Guess what? She'll gladly tell me. Sure, I could Google it, but asking hot girls how they like to work up a sweat is much more fun, don't you think? So ask, and ye shall receive.

Asking buys me at least 30 seconds. Plenty of time!

Typically, girls (being more social and adaptive) will respond helpfully while the dumb young guy sits there like there's an entire log in his brain.

Suppose I hand her my card and say, "You'll probably think of something in 10 or 20 minutes and say, 'I should have told him about X!' So you can text me if you come up with any other ideas. I'd really appreciate it." There could be lots of other things this card accomplishes, but that's for the advanced class.

Right now, you just need to open up a communication channel or else you'll definitely never see her again. With intelligent follow-up procedures, the possibility is well above zero.

By being a stupid idiot, I created an excuse to approach. An excuse which gives me a reason to exchange contact information. 

And believe it or not, I've just demonstrated several very attractive qualities, made strong eye contact, I listened to what she said while she told me about things she cares about (which might be an entirely new experience in her life) and maybe made a cute or funny remark while creating a reason to talk later. 

Yes. I did all that. Yes, in 30 seconds.

While she's standing there with a guy. He's two paces ahead of her, waiting. She's lagging behind, anchored down to her effort to help me. Because some women predictably need to feel like they're helpful and needed. Which kind? The kind I'm looking for, of course.

I didn't get his name. No problem. Didn't get her name, either. Didn't need to. Why would I want that information right now? It's not worth anything yet. I want extremely attractive women to text me and say, "Hi. It's Cara from the movies and you wanted to know what else to do for fun. You were right. I just thought of something else fun to do."

Why did she think of something else fun to do? Probably because I planted that idea in her head and because for some reason, her unconscious mind likes me and trusts me a whole lot. How did that happen?

Because I'm not 25 anymore and I know a few more things about how the female mind works. 

And even without consulting the runes, I know exactly what I could invite her to go do. How? Because she just told me what she likes doing. Remember?

If I successfully sparked any attraction whatsoever, I just bypassed the "got a boyfriend" thing and I don't even need to say "I don't care" because we've already met and it's perfectly obvious that I don't care or judge or consider her to be an evil slut if she's not instantly married to him forever.

And there's plausible deniability so that her conscious, aware, wide awake, rational, judgmental mind doesn't necessarily need to know exactly what she subconsciously plans to do with me later in this friendship.

Let's Just Be Friends

Some men say it's crucial to communicate sexual intent the first time you meet a woman. I agree that it's crucial to communicate your intent, but for about half the female personality types, leading with a sexuality ultimatum ("You'll consider physical intimacy or BTFO!") might be the wrong intent to communicate. 

It's inefficient. A man is often asking a woman to consciously "swipe right" and openly state that she's done so, even before she's had 15 seconds to process her gut reaction to you, before you've demonstrated anything about your personality and thought process, which is the only thing she COULD be genuinely attracted to, and before you've done anything worthy of a positive evaluation.

Essentially, you're asking a girl to judge you on your looks. But you only look like a stranger.

This might be hard to believe, but if I'm attracted to a woman, I wouldn't mind seeing her again, even as a friend. This is something that's baffling to some men. But think about this:

Imagine if there were two churches in town. One was full of ugly, fat, old, mean, scowling, wicked trolls who hate you. The other is full of beautiful, healthy, happy, fit women who all like you. Which of these two church would you rather attend, even if you couldn't sleep with all of the women?

Are you happy to get out of the morning and go to church and get hugs and kisses from 100 ultra-fit supermodels? 

Then if it was one of the available options, why wouldn't you invite these beautiful people into your social circle to inspire you, to help you, to be a good influence, to cheer you up and root for you, to fix you up with their amazingly cute single friends?

Do you want to know when a girl who looks like Heidi Klum is "on the market" before anyone else knows she's single? 

And if a girl is not into the "friends" thing because she's clearly playing the field, then you can adapt your approach to fit those circumstances. 

Early on, I was taught there are two types. You treat the whores like a princess and you treat the princesses like whores.

True, but incomplete. It would take roughly 3 to 5 hours to fully explain, but there are at least a couple more important dimensions to consider, leading to several distinct female classifications (or personality types). 

What Social Media Can Do For You

To young people, it probably seems like social media has always existed. But it hasn't. Back when I was in the game, the instructions in the forums suggested bringing an envelope of 1-hour photos to a bar or nightclub to show women how cool your life is.

While many of us thoughtlessly post everything we eat on social media next to everyone else's twenty thousand baby pictures, the social engineers plot and scheme ways of somehow obtaining ways to get the right kind of photos or videos to somehow seem like their life is awesome.

She might feel very different after seeing me in a positive light. My social media probably doesn't show very many pictures of me drowning kittens or strangling puppies. I don't bite the heads off bats? 

But  but if you've only ever seen mainstream propaganda about me, then you probably think I wipe out Indian tribes and bison on the weekends. (Because I'm white.)

If you scroll through my wall of propaganda, you'll find out that I'm probably not a serial killer. 

a pretty woman again. As long as she fits my initial requirements, then I don't mind inviting her to stuff as a friend.   

You don't need to be friends with a girl until after you're friends with the deepest part of her mind. If you know how to spark attraction after striking up a friendship, then you can bypass the requirement 

The guys aren't always this clueless, but often enough. At my age I'm convinced I could wear a t-shirt that says "I'm going to bang your girlfriend" and I'd never be suspected. I could also approach with perfectly innocent intentions and they guy would get upset because insecure men consider other men to be a threat.

And that very insecurity helps me "destroy" him if I want, simply by repeatedly, very politely, shrewdly and innocently pointing out his insecurity, which she will have already noticed. 

"Oh, I really hope I didn't upset him. He seems so nice. He can come hang out with us. Oh, just you and a bikini? Well, that's ok, too."

I actually said this the other night to a girl who looked like she was
dressed for SCUBA. Her boyfriend seemed less than thrilled.

Among clueless normies, women make all the decisions. And I'm ok being one of the decisions she makes.

Non-zero is only success rate I need. The rest is a cherry on top.

Can anything improve the odds or make the work easier or reduce the number of approaches I need so I can run a growing social life from my smartphone and save several tanks of gas?

Off the top of my head, there's referrals, follow-ups, testimonials (Yes, I really called up an ex and had her give my date a testimonial.), funnel optimization, list segmentation by personality, psychology, interests, and behavior, inviting them to a series of group events, reversing the pressure, noticing commonalities of ideal prospects and then filling the pipeline with micro-targeted paid advertising, selling products/services specifically to to defer the cost of running ads and turning the audience into active evangelists and (incentivized?) "fishers of men" to bring me more prospects, hosting after-parties and more, using call booking software and hiring virtual assistants to quietly handle the high volume of calls, texts, voicemails, queries, emails, and the social media.

Doing a fraction of those things could help you build up a very active and rapidly growing social life, especially if you're willing to do 500 to 1,000 more approaches, which might take as little as 8 to 16 weeks in your spare time.

Particularly if you know what you're doing. Which I do.

Or else you could use the exact same kinds of techniques to start a thriving bible study group or mountain trail hiking club in about the same amount of time.

For a quick tour of my glory days:
My Photogenic Life Before Social Media


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