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Is Following The Bible Suicidal?

Ben Klassen, a pudgy, whiny little bitch respected by some in the alt right didn't like the "Jew Bible" too much. I find it priceless in the war against the Jew. Then again, so is the Talmud. That's their whole playbook, quite frankly.

When the enemy hands over their playbook, you can kick their ass at football. Particularly if you're the only one bringing swords onto the field.

Some see wisdom in the Bible, believers or not. The enemy hates it. The only question: Does it work?

Forgive your enemy? Turn the other cheek? What kind of warfare is this? Ben Klassen blames the Jew for creating this work, but can that be? It's hated by Jews. Rejected by Jews who killed Christ and then claimed they should be praised for bringing Christ into the world.

The Bible is full of anti-Semitic hatred of the devils who lie and say they're Jewish.

Is the New Testament controlled opposition? Or is there greater wisdom in it?

Look at the results.

Those who worship Lucifer, the light bringer who rejected God and his laws against lying, cheating, stealing, fooling around, worshiping false gods hate Christ calling them out. Many Rabbis won't even say his name, which means savior. They don't just reject Jesus.

They want YOU to reject Him. Because they don't want you saved. They want you enslaved.

Turn the other cheek:

Gandhi doubted it, but tried it anyway. He was beaten, but continued to resist so that he'd be struck again.

When word got around of the cruelty, being beaten did far more good than fighting back. Martyrdom was a powerful Christian weapon.

Indians outnumbered their enemy, and won, just as Christians outnumber the Jews. The land to be conquered isn't material. It isn't borders. We're fighting for the territory of the minds Jews seek to control forever. Gandhi didn't need to destroy a more numerous enemy. All he needed the more numerous Indians to overwhelm them.

Let the birds in the sky be your armies. When even the lambs and doe and cry and pity you, the rage will stir the blood and mighty muscle of that remarkable mass of good-hearted people.

Show their suffering to them. But be sure to spread the word about it. Suffering in silence is worthless. Complain. Ruthlessly advertise the powerless victims of your cruel enemy. Especially the little children. Tell THEIR stories your enemy wants hidden away forever.

Turn the other cheek also means send another Army. Don't let the 20 million Germans of World War II die in vain. Or the 94 million killed by Communism. Stand again and turn the other cheek... and make yourself vulnerable again to the same cruel enemy.

By resisting when there's something to be gained or when there's nothing left to lose.

Forgive Your Enemy:

Klassen, who ultimately accomplished very little, hated this idea. Blamed the Jews for weakening us with this idea.

Even if he's right, forgive your enemy can make us stronger. Why?

Because Germany was lured into cruel traps which forced them to attack when it wasn't ultimately to their advantage.

Other times, when Germany should have turned the other cheek.

Germany could have "come to fulfill the law", or brought the sword, or fullfilled every jot and tittle of Deuteronomy, thereby destroying the city that worships other Gods (Britain's unforgivable alignment with Lucifer-worshiping so-called Jews). And would have saved its people by its ruthless and unrelenting attacks, giving America nowhere convenient to stage its attacks on Europe.

And it could have prevented sympathy for Britain by forgiveness, only as long as it was prudent.

But I get the sense that Hitler didn't quite know how to sell people on these things. And in part, I suspect it's because he didn't recognize the clergy deserves to be paid the "wages of sin", for the unforgivable blasphemy, even under Biblical law, for twisting, adding to, or removing these crucial wartime components of the religion. If cowards in the clergy had been duely and properly executed for cucking the Bible and thereby betraying the country, he'd have an easier time selling the use of the sword of Christ to fulfill the law.

And then we wouldn't have to turn the other cheek today.

No Other Gods. It's the FIRST COMMANDMENT, FFS.

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

I know. We're all sinners and you can't really expect all that much from a "Jew." But to violate the first of God's laws?

They who choose to live by the law and can't even stop worshipping Lucifer by throwing out the Bible by turning to Lucifer-worshipping Rabbis who twist the word, know better than god (Like Lucifer), who worship Lucifer and do his works were never even Jews in the first place, homie. Don't even play. Jesus merely pointed this out.

But you didn't even need Christ to know it.

If a town like Jerusalem is full of people who worship THE devil, there's no doubt what's to be done.

And you know what? The Ashkenazim aren't shy about having cities incinerated if they worship Christ, who they seem to consider a false God. Or Mohammed's God, who they clearly must consider to be a false God. (And if nothing else, their God is at least supposed to be THE God, by the way. Not Lucifer. But once again, NO FALSE GODS.)

You can't be Jewish if you know better than God. You can't be Jewish if you clearly worship Lucifer instead of God.

If you study history, or even the scripture, it will be crystal clear to you who are the people who keep his commandments holy by having no other Gods before Him.

Forgive Your Enemy

Once again.

Why bother with the Jews? Why not let them worship who they want? Why not leave them alone?

Simple. Because these guys aren't just an inconvenience. They're a threat to all other humans. They're criminals. And smart ones. They know they can disguise their hatred, bigotry, intolerance, even mass theft, mass murder by pretending to be holier than thou.

They practically invented hypocrisy and lies.

Even worse when they tell the truth. Which they do. Shamelessly. Bragging about their unforgivable sins. For them, evil is the best thing you can be. So they turn as many people evil as possible. It worked so well, they frequently forget to lie about it.

They want you to believe there's no subjective good or evil. Why? So they can do things that are objectively evil. Setting children on fire, spilling their blood, stealing their families, futures, and hiding their mass-scale ship-wrecking, nation-crashing, civilization-destroying crimes. And if they keep you as stupid and clueless as possible, they might even come out of it looking like the ONLY pious people in the world.

So they can do it all again. For money, of course. But mainly for the fun of it. For the thrill. To fulfill their sexual urge to get away with raping babies while their parents feel guilty about it and worship these rapists instead of their own God.

You know? Evil.

If you think there's something "subjective" about that, then you've probably been convinced to read a lot of junk food television instead of nourishing your mind with authoritative books on the subject.

Any subject, carefully studied, reveals their lies. Looking for the source of the lies reveals the liars. Unraveling their motives reveals the depths of their evil. And just as science allows you to accurately predict their moves, knowing their nature allows you to defeat them almost effortlessly.

I mean, flipping the pages of a book is back-breaking work, I know, but you can and will cheerfully do this important spiritual work once you've ever once felt the icy grip of his evil on your shoulder.

Once was enough for me. I've been gladly fighting ever since. It's not a waste of time. It's the finest and greatest work I'll ever do, and a privilege to do it.

It's a spiritual war, guys. Show some spirit.

Will It Work?

We've been half-assing Christianity for 2,000 years. We've got 2.4 billion Christians anyway.

Will Judaism work? No. Evil is fucked. It's expensive as hell to support their ever heavier weight of lies. They were damned from the beginning and doomed to extinction.

They have 16 million Ashkenazim, just 0.2% of the world population, mostly atheist, yet relying on the 10,000 pages of the Talmud or their own wits to save them instead of the ancient wisdom of getting rid of those who spread lies and brain-rotting disease for fun and profit.

It hasn't worked. It won't work.

One advantage these Luciferian Rabbis ["Call no man Rabbi". Or "father", for that matter.] have is the exponential growth of money. They can write a check and create a trillion dollar war budget in less time than it takes to launch the nukes.

Fine. We could do EXACTLY THE SAME THING, if we paid close attention. Not "the government" can do it. Or if elected, the President can do it. No.

YOU can do it.

We can simply reject their money and use our own, interest-free money, backed by nothing but public works, or failing that, by our own businesses, and we're sovereign and free to buy as many "weapons" (spiritual propaganda broadcasting machines) and propagandists as we like.

This worked in 1907 to varying degrees in the US. Lincoln did it in the Civil War. We did it in the recession. See Due bills. A gift certificate is a form of scrip. The colonies used colonial scrip. Look it up. You don't need permission. If your print up a shitload and devalue it, so what?

The more you honor it the more its value goes up.

The first scrip you write is worthless until you honor it. Then people want more of it. The more you honor it, the more it buys. Even if it were only worth 10 cents on the dollar, you'd still be able to use it to pay your troopers and workers well.

And feed them. And clothe them. Just back it up with something you've got an unlimited supply of. Buy using it to buy that unlimited supply. Rothschilds picked gold because people value it, but it's not something you need to redeem very often. Study this like your life depends on it, (because it does) and you've basically got unlimited buying power.

At the expense of their people, in betrayal of their people, they've chosen material gain over massive population who'll thrive the moment their banished.

The Bible describes incest. Yes, it describes the truth about the enemy. The Bible contradicts itself! Look who wrote those old books. The enemy. Now you know what kind of consistency they have. Now you can predict them. It's in their nature. They're incestuous, traitorous, greedy, self-contradictory people. Yes, all this is exposed for modern readers to discover in the anti-Semitic Bible. What it really means in saying we're all sinners. It's in there. Liars, perverts, cowards. And saved if we believe.

Which is true. We're saved from cowardice. Will you ever bow if you believe paradise is one bullet and 15 seconds away? Fuck, no. Give me Christians like those any day. Not these useless atheists who fear death.

Let the useless atheists gather me more Christian soldiers. The Bible tells you how. Don't be an idiot. The Romans (responsible for the New Testament and a 2.4 billion person Christian explosion into the world) saw what these sneaky fucks were up to in their day.

Ever hear of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire?  

Yeah. That wasn't the first time. Bible talks about the way Jews smashed Egypt the same fucking way.

Even if they invented Jesus out of thin air, it worked really, really well. Germans almost got them sons of bitches. They were this fucking close.

If at first you don't succeed, turn the other cheek, man. Don't be a quitter. Be a pinch hitter. I believe in you. And so does Jesus. Especially if he exists, but really... even if he doesn't.

Klassen may prefer the religion of National Socialism. And that's fine. Mien Kampf was a best-seller in Germany at the time.

Or the White Man's Bible, selling an awe-striking hundreds of copies.

And that's cool and all. And he may be right about a lot of things. His work was worth building on.

But quite frankly, you have to go to war with the Bible you've got.

Any Questions?

If you have any more questions about spiritual warfare, let me know. Or better yet, figure it out your damned self. It's not that hard.

And read the Art of War. Or let this Sargon guy read it for you. The most successful people think it's the most useful book ever. In business, life, and warfare. For me it gets a little sticky and confusing on choosing where to fight, and how to use spies, but they're important. You can just diagram that stuff out on a piece of paper until it makes sense to you.

You can draw pictures. Jews can't. One of the MANY reasons we'll ALWAYS kick their asses at football. Our strategies can be works of art once we know how the world really works.


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