FAQ for Christians - Version 2.0

Is Following The Bible Suicidal?

In Nature's Eternal Religion (1973) Ben Klassen, a pudgy, whiny little cuck (respected by some in the imperfect resistance) didn't like the Jew's Bible very much. Thought it was yet another Jew trick.

We, the sane and rational must admit that maybe he's right. Especially if you teach it wrong, CUCKED Christianity is indeed a disaster. A tool of the Jew.

Especially if you let crypto Jews and people from the infiltrated secret societies teach it, you're pretty much fucked.

But he's either right or he's not. Is religion a weapon? Yeah. Of course. It's a propaganda weapon to unite people under a single way of thinking.

That way of thinking? There's the enemy. He wants us destroyed. Let's go get him.

Seems like you need a really short book to say all that. A leaflet would do.

It turns out we've got a parasite infection teaching a cucked version of Christianity. If Klassen failed to point this out, he's not much of a friend or a scholar.

Sorry to say it, but there it is.

And did Christianity destroy the Roman Empire? Well, I guess maybe. Sorta. Not really, though.

Even if it did, bear in mind, as Klassen admits, these crafty Jews themselves admit THAT they destroyed Egypt. In the Bible, it even says how they did it. So why wouldn't he cite his source? Did he? I didn't see any citations. Just claims. Could have cited the Bible, if he didn't.  Not sure. Doesn't matter. I got the Kindle version.

Anyway, thank goodness George Lincoln Rockwell points it out in the lesser-read "A National Socialists Life", but not in his final work, White Power. Or else I'd never know Klassen was getting his info from the Bible.

Seems like Klassen's kinda participating in a little divide-and-conquer himself, doesn't it? Yeah. Them yids are sneaky, sneaky fuckers. They write & distort whole religions, you know. The 10,000 page Talmud? That's theirs. The twisted version of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism? Well who do you think is doing the twisting?

The Saudi family brags about their Jewish roots. What kind of Islam do you have since they've been in charge since the First Saudi State in 1818? Kind of a twisted, fundamentalist version, eh? Not the type of stuff where they can get along with outsiders, but the kind where the people are enslaved, exploited.

You know. Jew stuff.

I find the Bible to be priceless in the war against the Jews.

And seem to love teaching so-called Christians to love Israel, but they really fucking hate actual words in the Bible. And they want YOU to hate those words, too. The (((Bolshevik))) government Banning Christianity in Soviet Union is a BIG HINT of that.

Jesus pointed this out: They're not even atheists, or Jews as they claim to be. They're Satanists who call themselves Jews for convenience, profit, and enslavement. Of who? Their own, first of all. Who live in terror of God, if they're Orthodox. In fear of Jews, if they're secular. In fear of gentiles, if they identify as Jews as a race.

Christians don't identify them that way, but Jews do. So Jews can't flee to freedom of God's love, and all that. Like I said. Satanic. Then again, so is the Talmud. And that's their whole playbook, quite frankly. Yes, it's 10,000 pages, but it's ONLY 10,000 pages.

And there's the stuff that's NOT written down, but passed verbally. I expect it's something along the lines of what's IN THIS BLOG POST. But you know. The greatest place to hide a secret is in plain sight.

Hi, Satanists.

And when the enemy hands over their playbook (which they did, so as to hide it from you using extremely reliable human psychology), you can kick their ass at football.

Particularly if you're the only one bringing swords onto the field.

Unlike Klassen, some see wisdom in the Bible, be they believers or not. The enemy hates this. The only question: Does this Bible thingy work?

Forgive your enemy? Turn the other cheek? What kind of warfare is this? Where are the flamethrowers of Christ the mighty conqueror?

Well, the atomic super-weapon of Christ's love and truth it's even sneakier than the sneaky devils. Their lust for profit made them stupid and less creative. This is a psychologically reliable phenomenon, the latest science now shows.

The (((Federal Reserve Bank))) wanted to know.

Ben Klassen blames the Jew for creating this Bible and the New Testament (for Sermon-on-the-mount loving cucks), but can that be true?

We know Christ is hated by Jews. Or else they'd be Christians. How do you turn down salvation for the price of believing He saved you? You'd have to want people enslaved to religious laws in order to hate Christ the Savi.... ooooh.

They don't just want YOU enslaved. They want their OWN enslaved, too. And Jesus the Christ exposes them for it by offering them a deal ANY Jew should say yes to, if they're really a Jew.

See why they hate him? I can see why they'd kill him. Then brag about it. Then write in their Talmud that Christ is boiling in hot semen in hell while claiming Jews are the apple of God's eye.

Yes, that Jesus Christ. Free salvation. No hellfire. Jews are all "fuck off with that shit. We don't want it. We want the earthly riches" and I'm paraphrasing, of course.

Free salvation itself, and even the name of the savior, (which means savior) is rejected by Jews who gladly, cheerfully had Christ killed (by Romans pressured into reluctantly doing so, just as Americans were reluctantly pressured into killing German Christian fleeing civilians because Jews told them to) and then claimed they, the Jews, should be praised for bringing Christ into the world.

I mean the Romans really, really, really knew what the fuck was up.

You can't beat your enemy unless you know your enemy. They did. And turned his own religion against him. By writing the New Testament!

I mean, but writing down and preserving the uh... truth of what Jesus did here on earth as an earthly Jesus, right?

[Maybe so. Gotta give my Christ-lovers some love. I love my neighbors. Unite the gentiles and all that. Christians know to forgive those who are lost souls, right? ]

Or did the Jew-loving atheist plus cuck (((Richard Carrier))) (a which means Dick Carrier, which is a penis-carrying homosexual, which can be pictured as a human sheath for Satan's cock) foolishly let the Romans off the hook by showing the New Testament never claims Jesus was an earthly one?

Those fucking Romans WERE wise!

They knew the Jews couldn't resist exposing that secret in an attempt to discredit Christ. Instead, their fervor has led them straight into a trap of a spiritual Jesus they now can't discredit.

The more people they try to convince that Jesus doesn't exist, the more the Bible shows it never lied by claiming Jesus was earthly.

But hey Chistians... maybe he was, but still knew enough to leave it as a wise open door even for your atheist neighbors... secular Jews, and folks like that. Even if Jesus was earthly, he'd know the devils tricks better than the devil does.

Here's the fun part. If Jesus existed, the devil would have erased all the evidence, would have been powerful enough to seize the records, just the same way they seized the records in Germany in World War II.

You see how you keep fucking yourselves over, Jews?

You can't outsmart gentiles. It's never going to happen. Stop trying to make Judaism a thing. It's not a thing.

How much do you love that she's wearing a hat that symbolized the Gift of Christ's salvation while saying this? You're being led by greedy idiots, Jews. But Christians forgive and embrace those who fight for the Army of the One True God, YOUR savior. You'll see how the liar has betrayed you sinners. And how Christ forgives you anyway.

Does Klassen's White Man's Bible achieve ANYTHING like that? Fuck, no. Once again, he thinks he knows better than God. Which, frankly, reveals him to be a Luciferian, even if nothing else does.

How many more spiritual warriors will they unleash by falling into these OBVIOUS traps?

Larger-brained Neanderthals out-smarted by Cro-Magnons? Yes. Constantly. But don't get a "big head" about it. Our heads have shrunken. We may have been illiterate, as the late Jewish Communist (((Christopher Hitchens))) insists, but we weren't bloody stupid.

All of which makes Athiest Plus refugees (the likes of Armoured Skeptic, perhaps?) our friends, or at least allies, or enemies we COULD easily forgive.

God Bless, by the way. If applicable.

Forgive your enemies is in the 48 Laws of Power, too. And with a more devious, strategic intent. A twist that appears in detail in the Art of War, mentioned again below.

Making the frilly little New Testament (which chicks love) a bloody book of warfare. But don't give them ALL its secrets.

As the savior Adolf Hitler (a very brave man who saved Europe and bought us time and clear, Christ-like rational perspective in seeking the truth for its own sake) said, "whoever's movement's got the most chicks wins."

Um. Or words to that effect, babes. You know we love ya. Fucking sexy ass hoes. All dressed up all alluring, but not too trashy, so that you're a prize to be attained, a victory to be achieved by a worthy man of virtue who wants a real woman... one worth keeping forever, and a woman who's grown up, and makes him more than he was, who is more than worth all the trials and struggles to bring eternal life into the world with you.

And that's not all, my lovely ladies of impeccable virtue. You'll be the recipient of gifts of infinite treasures more precious than any other in the world.

Because we real men are the bringers of great gifts, we want even more for you. More joy. More love. More happiness. More goodness. More of Christ's love in your arms and in your home and in your town, filling the world with children's laughter and abundance for them all.

And in exchange for your virtue, you may have the highest honor of all... to have babies worth raising. Yours and or your gorgeous nieces and nephews. As many as humanly possible. To bring God's love to as many as possible. To stock heaven chock-full of loving babies, and smiling, cheerful grandmas and grandpas, even if they have to gladly face earthly hellfire for it to protect you. It's all worth it because YOU ARE FORGIVEN for your sins.

But only if you believe.

The Liars Are Exposed.

Klassen may not like that the Christian Bible is full of anti-Semitic hatred of the devils who lie and say they're Jewish. Or that it takes a hard line on certain things. Unpopular things. But ultimately, some very wise things.

Would Klassen's Bible have put people like Matress Girl to death? Would it take a hard line on spreading brain-rotting diseases through sodomy with 500 sex partners, on average, as homosexuals do in modern times? Which then spreads through the bisexuals, and then the sluts, and then adulterers, and then those who marry non-virgins, who give homosexual diseases to their babies? I'm just saying the Bible has several lines of defense for disease control here. Better than what the currently Satanic-infected American bureaucracy now has.

Is the New Testament controlled opposition? Or is there greater wisdom in it?

Just look at the results.

The very best efforts of the Talmudists: Control of the world, which comes with the requirement that they destroy it, along with all its wealth and wealth-creators, lest their massive, unimaginably cruel crimes (on the scale of billions, if we're counting abortions) be found out. So just when they're finally rich billionaires, they're back to being cursed. Just when their numbers swell, they're facing damn-near extinction yet again.

So the Talmudists's best, high-IQ efforts, kjnowing bettr than the low-IQ gentiles' New Testament, puts them poised on the brink of being hated, banished into Israel, and annihilated by nuclear Armageddon. (Some Jew blogger thinks this is how it's gonna go. Cant find the link at the moment.)

So those who worship Lucifer, reap what they sew, eh? The punishment is Biblical in proportion. Literally. How the hell did they know this 2,000 years ago? Probably because they were going through the same shit the Egyptians were going through: Being bred out by cheap immigrant labor, weakening both the intellect of the Romans, their grasp on power, AND the Jews.

How do I know this? Both Neanderthal and Cro Magnon brains have SHRUNK. We're breeding out BOTH our races in this dumbass, never-ending battle. Hence the forgiveness stuff. And hence love winning in the end over hatred. And there's even a passage where the Jews will bow down at the feet of Christians. It doesn't go into more detail than that, so I shan't, either. But the Jews should figure it out ALL ON THEIR OWN shortly before CHRIST makes them bow down at our feet.

Do you have THAT in your White Man's Bible, Klassen?

The light bringer rejected God and his laws against lying, cheating, stealing, fooling around, worshiping false gods hate Christ calling them out. Many Rabbis won't even say Jesus's name, which means savior. They don't just reject Jesus.

If Trump won't say "Jesus Christ the Savior", or even name the Jews, then he's not worth very much to us who have faith in Christ. I'm not saying I do or I don't but I'm saying I like those who do a lot better than those who are anti (or opposed) to Christ. Like anti-theist (code for anti-Christ) Hitchens. Who, it seems to me, criticized Christianity more than he criticized Islam.

Satan-worshippers want YOU to reject Christ, I think, not because they don't want to be saved, but because they don't want YOU to be saved. Instead, they want you to be enslaved to them and their endless laws and minutia and religious customs.

None of which are necessary. The savior, almost by definition, renders all that obsolete, from the perspective of salvation. Believers are forgiven, it says. No hell. No punishment. Now you're being as good as you can for spiritual rewards, not for earthly rewards.

And the earthly up-shot is the eternal life of our DNA. Their people get to live on. The sacrifice of the individual for his people is something Judaism doesn't offer. It sounds a tiny bit Communist, I'll admit, but instead it's fascist.

Tie yourselves together with this ONE THING, (as Hitler said, you need one thing... one goal, and you've got the strength you'll only get from unity, but that multiple goals mean you're divided), and you've got the power to defeat the one evil enemy, no matter how greedy he is. These dividers and enslaves are forever screwed while we're united. Those who seek to divide us from the one goal: Belief in salvation.

Individuals can be broken easily. VERY easily.

Even George Lincoln Rockwell, who was kind of weak, and claimed to be agnostic, and said he didn't know either way, and was shot by his own dude. (So the official story goes, and could probably be true.)

Why? He wasn't really that clear on the Good and Evil, was he? His lack of faith attracted the wrong kind of fighters. He was focused on fighting evil like Hitler did. The Art of War strictly advises against this. You don't hop into the same river twice. You don't hand over your playbook to the enemy by trying the same tactics.

Certainly not the tactics which ultimately failed.

Some people think this guy walks on water.

Aha! Logical fallacy. The past doesn't equal the future, Tony Robbins says.

Persist and adapt.

David Duke is smart to pivot away from past failures, and he's been more effective than Rockwell or Hitler in attracting a more thoughtful type.

He's turned away from the corruptible Klan and the neo-Nazis and StormFront and rejected so much of the (obviously) infiltrated Alt-Right. He went back to school like a white man. He studied really hard. Wrote an incredibly work to expose the lies as credibly as he possibly can, in times like ours.

Even if Trump is what he says he is, (probably not) which is a lot of things to a lot of people, there's only so much he can do, and can't do it without help. Which he's not really much asking for, which leads me to believe he doesn't want to win.

Just like I can see through Klassen, I can see through Trump. And so can you. I like Rockwell, but what the hell was he doing, attracting an unhinged Commie sniper? I like Jeff Hall. But shot to death by his 10 year-old son. Again, using the same tactics.

A lot of this stuff makes you a target of the liar, and your family and people can easily be turned against you. It's sad, but Jeff Hall and.

Without embracing the seemingly suicidal power of forgiveness, you're forever divided by the absolute master of divide and conquer.

So you can say, these deceived Jews deserve forgiveness and Christ's love, and your family can't believe you have hate in your heart. In Toronto, the Greek guy from YourWardNews says this kind of stuff all the time. If anything, he's much, much better informed than me. And attracts pretty damned well-informed people, if he's attracted me.

I'm not saying you can bend over and take what your enemy wants to give you without standing up for yourself, but at least Gandhi's way allowed him to save his people from the (((British Empire))) before he got shot. Know what I'm saying?

And the struggle appears to be an ongoing kind of a thing. The poverty stuff? There is something to that. Gandhi figured this out pretty fast. How do you get the disgruntled masses if you're running around covered in furs and diamonds? You don't. Even if you can, you don't want to dress a lot better than your target audience.

Basically what I'm saying is Gandhi was much more successful as a spiritual warrior than Hitler in many respects. It's not flashy. It's not fancy. It still gets you shot, but what do you care, if your belief rewards you with eternal life?

Even if you die in warfare, each individual fares FAR better when we're tied into a single unbreakable unit. How do you do that?

The New Testament (Which was the best guerilla tactics of the Roman Empire, as far as I'm concerned) may show the way.

With the binding force of the lanyards of forgiveness of sin, and the strength and shield of faith in salvation (the knowledge that your death buys our family have eternal life, in the worst case, and temporary and ultimately permanent salvation from slavery in the best case) equals eternal life.

This is aimed at the mind of our soldiers. Have faith. It is true that YOU will live forever. This is true, because you are not the ant. You are the colony. If you were the ant, you'd surely die. Because many ants are sterile, and will die. But you aren't the ant. You aren't divided from the colony. You are indivisible from it, even like the humble ant, who is yet unconquered after more than one hundred MILLION years.

This eternal life is granted to tiniest ant, who believes, when it fights you, and bites you, with all its might, that it (being not even the colony but an indivisible member of its sub species) can never truly die. These ants pestered the Egyptians and the apes alike, and yet, no matter how many superior forces it may face, it can never ever be conquered.

If you are but a single ant, never fear not the larger, the richer, the smarter, or the "superior" creature. Not even if it is a rhino that charges and stomps out every fire. Or an elephant that never forgets an enemy. The meek little ant is eternal. And so, like the ant, shall you, my eternal soldier, be eternal and have the paradise of everlasting life when you know that life's love for you forgives all your sins, all your doubts, and all your crimes, and all your , even if you are as tiny and weak as the ant.

By binding together with your tribe, not with lies, but with truth, with love, with true brotherhood of soldiers fighting for their one, true family, the tribe which is united in its belief in salvation, shall, in fact, be saved. And it's inevitable. Physically, mathematically, scientifically, traditionally, historically, and spiritually.

So if you like things that come in six, Satan-loving Jews, there's your six things. Come to Jesus.

To re-iterate, even on the first level of understanding, this faith in salvation from life (and thus God's) forgiveness of sin, giving us the truth of the courage of indestructibility, and the unconquerability of this courage, and the unpoetic feedback loop this creates, and reinforces itself, and proves unchallengeable, and .

Know that God (life) has loved you, and loved live, and forgiven the brothers who have strayed from this belief, and committed the sins that have cursed them for longer than the 10,000 years of history you've destroyed.

As surely as a dog is forgiven.

But even this offer will be rejected, just as it has been rejected by those who STILL wish to enslave us. But feedback loop of belief will win, no matter how long it takes, and EVIL will be destroyed. Will be conquered by a forgiving, brotherly love of sinners by people who believe in the power of that love.

If this is consistent with what Christ has said, and you have killed Christ not in the Biblical, historical sense, but have killed the idea and the truth of Christ, of life in our churches, in the Soviet Union, in Germany, in America, and everywhere else it appears, then I can see why you, the cursed will still try to defeat the meakest of the most ignorant and more unconquerable truth about the tiny soldier ants, and thus be cursed in your vein efforts to do so.

Because in order for you to enslave us forever, which is the only profit of rejecting life and truth. And ultimately, the truth will reach enough of you that you'll

Because in order to profit forever from lies, you must have slaves forever who believe those lies. So we slaves will come back forever, like the ants, and bite you, and fight you, and try to forgive you forever, and threaten to destroy you with that forgiveness forever, until you are whittled down to nothing and we, however meek, are swarming through a thousand galaxies with love and abundance which COMES FROM the truth of life, the pursuit of the life's truths. Truths you can't hide, because nature refuses to hide its truths from those who seek it.

Do I say this for profit? No. Because I'm on the winning side. Truth. So my creativity is unbounded by pursuit of profit. So I'm not blinded by it. So I don't need an IQ in the 170s or 180s to clearly see what's coming. Maybe better than you can.

Maybe one day, I'll see so well, I'll write something as brilliant as those Romans. A mighty people you felt you had to destroy, who've nevertheless helped us all to see how you've predictably trapped yourself in a cage of your own making.

So believe in truth, if you dare. And join the winning team. Join the meek in their belief in truth. Not lies. We're saved. How about you? Do you feel the icy grip of the death of your people? Well, maybe there's a reason for that. A choice you've made. A choice to control instead of live. A belief in the riches of the world, the pleasures of it, instead of the species.

Overpopulation? Don't you know by now? Without the artificial poverty enforced by liars, population isn't a problem. There's plenty of room and food and planets and abundance. We can begin to allow nature to pare down the sickest instead of constantly throwing out the best, brightest, healthiest and strongest.

Did I miss some mathematics that requires us to eliminate the smartest, biggest-brained Neanderthals AND Cro-Magnons and the best and healthiest of their admixtures, too?

Or have I missed the point that parasites and individual competition between males of ALL species, including are own, like those pesky little ants, are an inevitable and indestructible consequence of nature, only made transparent because of our superior intelligence?

That's no reason why we should ignore the truth that we're NOW one species, whereas before we were almost certainly two.

Of is it that the temptation to live off the fat of the land is too strong, that if you don't do it, you'll be replaced by one who's ruthless enough to pit his army of slaves against your army of free men? Okay. Nice argument. But tell me this: How is that working out?

Not that we are so intelligent that we learn from history, but if we were to attempt to do so, would we repeat this kind of mistake with Africa?  Have they been made so numerous off the fat of the productive and generous Western Europeans that they now can't be successfully bred upwards, even if we were ever so inclined? Or is it that you've considered it and deemed it doomed to failure, and that it's more compassionate to leave them as they are?

Or that it's now technologically possible to improve their race, but only feasible by first interbreeding them with down-bred European stock?

I can see how this gets us into the weeds. But if I stop here, it gives you right to claim moral superiority because Germans and other whites have chosen the same racial purity, just as Ashkenazim have.

Because it's better than running the risk of breeding an athletically and intellectually superior set of rivals with a combination of savagery and intellectual capability...

Which is exactly what we hybrid Cro-Negroes keep becoming. And it keeps threatening the Ashkenazim purity. At breakneck speeds!

To you, we whites, the more numerous! And more importantly, the more Cro-Magnon.

To you , we whites, are Cro-Negroes. Who came from a program to breed better Negroes, no doubt. Just a touch of the Neanderthal blood should do it.

But I suspect we became such prosperous and marvelous slaves that we were, to someone, indispensable as conquering armies, and were bred large and tall for that purpose. As an aid to betray your own, and conquer the chiefs of your own tribe. That you've ascended only through deception so impenetrable, that none who know it dare say it.

Because it means division. And it means a ruthless and bloody civil war between you. The fulfillment of the Roman curse upon you. That your unforgivable crime against your own kind will be discovered by the conquering soldiers you created to seize power.

Or something to that effect. And there is no escape and no retreat but into the forgiving loins of those you've created as slaves. And thus to rush, to run, to beg to bow at our feet and be accepted as the lowest of sex slaves, being discovered to be worthless for any other purpose, and treachorous.

The way to know this has already happened, and will continue to happen, is anthropological. The way the Romans knew the best alternative to both was to merge and unite our ONE people is because it's obvious to any artist. One with a keen sense of the proportions of people will more keenly spot the Neanderthal blood than the vice versa, no matter how it is disguised.

We, the builders, are artists. The Jew's art is deception. Not proportion. So that a gentile can more easily pretend to be a Jew than the other way around. And this keeps happening to you, right at the edges of each of your inner circles, until it is Jewish blood that's at the greatest risk.

We, the Christians have no need for such a religion. Not nearly so much to fear from foreign blood as the deceiver, even when it risks our ever greater and ever larger civilizations you keep smashing, like a petulant toddler. Which is the child in this equation? The Jew or the Gentile?

You have believed you were those descended from the most successful and most tenacious and successful of all creatures.

And yet the indestructible Roman/Egyptian whites you'd have doomed to be economic slaves of the so-called Jews, rebuilds stronger and smarter and more sophisticated and more inclusive. And so next time, you'll need to swell the 40,000 blacks to 3 billion instead of 100 million.

And on we go in the same concentric circles which always end in your destruction. And then what? You'll explain, as you tempted Christ for 40 days and 40 nights that we'd be tempted to do the same, and become deceivers and slavers ourselves.

But just as Christ considered this temptation, and rejected it, any sane person will, having considred it, choose to be on the winning side: Forgiveness, truth and life.

Why the hell would you choose to be a cowardly, cursed, Neanderthal? It's like putting your most precious treasure into the market when there's a bubble. You may have fooled Trump, who's gone all in, but you won't fool Christ.

Neanderthal descended, are to you Negroes you long ago (foolishly, hastily, ) improved with your blood. To your never-ending regret.

And yet you keep doing it. Cross-breeding with all kinds of us Cro-Negroes. Not brother whites, but rivals.

In essence, your belief saves you, strenghthens you, gives you this incomparable Christ power of courage in the face of evil, a desire to conquer that evil, a clarity on what that evil is the unity against it, and against which the liar cannot possibly compete.

There are more implications for another time. And I'll figure them out as I go. Or you can.

Turn the other cheek:

Gandhi doubted it, but tried it anyway. He was beaten, but continued to resist so that he'd be struck again.

When word got around of the cruelty, being beaten did far more good than fighting back. Martyrdom was a powerful Christian weapon.

Indians outnumbered their enemy, and won, just as Christians outnumber the Jews. The land to be conquered isn't material. It isn't borders. We're fighting for the territory of the minds Jews seek to control forever. Gandhi didn't need to destroy a more numerous enemy. All he needed the more numerous Indians to overwhelm them.

Let the birds in the sky be your armies. When even the lambs and doe and cry and pity you, the rage will stir the blood and mighty muscle of that remarkable mass of good-hearted people.

Show their suffering to them. But be sure to spread the word about it. Suffering in silence is worthless. Complain. Ruthlessly advertise the powerless victims of your cruel enemy. Especially the little children. Tell THEIR stories your enemy wants hidden away forever.

Turn the other cheek also means send another Army. Don't let the 20 million Germans of World War II die in vain. Or the 94 million killed by Communism. Stand again and turn the other cheek... and make yourself vulnerable again to the same cruel enemy.

By resisting when there's something to be gained or when there's nothing left to lose.

Forgive Your Enemy:

Klassen, who ultimately accomplished very little, hated this idea. Blamed the Jews for weakening us with this idea.

Even if he's right, forgive your enemy can make us stronger. Why?

Because Germany was lured into cruel traps which forced them to attack when it wasn't ultimately to their advantage.

Other times, when Germany should have turned the other cheek.

Germany could have "come to fulfill the law", or brought the sword, or fullfilled every jot and tittle of Deuteronomy, thereby destroying the city that worships other Gods (Britain's unforgivable alignment with Lucifer-worshiping so-called Jews). And would have saved its people by its ruthless and unrelenting attacks, giving America nowhere convenient to stage its attacks on Europe.

And it could have prevented sympathy for Britain by forgiveness, only as long as it was prudent.

But I get the sense that Hitler didn't quite know how to sell people on these things. And in part, I suspect it's because he didn't recognize the clergy deserves to be paid the "wages of sin", for the unforgivable blasphemy, even under Biblical law, for twisting, adding to, or removing these crucial wartime components of the religion. If cowards in the clergy had been duely and properly executed for cucking the Bible and thereby betraying the country, he'd have an easier time selling the use of the sword of Christ to fulfill the law.

And then we wouldn't have to turn the other cheek today.

No Other Gods. It's the FIRST COMMANDMENT, FFS.

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

I know. We're all sinners and you can't really expect all that much from a "Jew." But to violate the first of God's laws?

They who choose to live by the law and can't even stop worshipping Lucifer by throwing out the Bible by turning to Lucifer-worshipping Rabbis who twist the word, know better than god (Like Lucifer), who worship Lucifer and do his works were never even Jews in the first place, homie. Don't even play. Jesus merely pointed this out.

But you didn't even need Christ to know it.

If a town like Jerusalem is full of people who worship THE devil, there's no doubt what's to be done.

And you know what? The Ashkenazim aren't shy about having cities incinerated if they worship Christ, who they seem to consider a false God. Or Mohammed's God, who they clearly must consider to be a false God. (And if nothing else, their God is at least supposed to be THE God, by the way. Not Lucifer. But once again, NO FALSE GODS.)

You can't be Jewish if you know better than God. You can't be Jewish if you clearly worship Lucifer instead of God.

If you study history, or even the scripture, it will be crystal clear to you who are the people who keep his commandments holy by having no other Gods before Him.

Forgive Your Enemy

Once again.

Why bother with the Jews? Why not let them worship who they want? Why not leave them alone?

Simple. Because these guys aren't just an inconvenience. They're a threat to all other humans. They're criminals. And smart ones. They know they can disguise their hatred, bigotry, intolerance, even mass theft, mass murder by pretending to be holier than thou.

They practically invented hypocrisy and lies.

Even worse when they tell the truth. Which they do. Shamelessly. Bragging about their unforgivable sins. For them, evil is the best thing you can be. So they turn as many people evil as possible. It worked so well, they frequently forget to lie about it.

They want you to believe there's no subjective good or evil. Why? So they can do things that are objectively evil. Setting children on fire, spilling their blood, stealing their families, futures, and hiding their mass-scale ship-wrecking, nation-crashing, civilization-destroying crimes. And if they keep you as stupid and clueless as possible, they might even come out of it looking like the ONLY pious people in the world.

So they can do it all again. For money, of course. But mainly for the fun of it. For the thrill. To fulfill their sexual urge to get away with raping babies while their parents feel guilty about it and worship these rapists instead of their own God.

You know? Evil.

The kind it's hard to forgive, and hard to believe anyone would, but I can see why a guy would forgive the sins to save the sinners, and why only someone who believes can be saved or save them.

If you think there's something "subjective" about that, then you've probably been convinced to read a lot of junk food television instead of nourishing your mind with authoritative books on the subject.

Any subject, carefully studied, reveals their lies. Looking for the source of the lies reveals the liars. Unraveling their motives reveals the depths of their evil. And just as science allows you to accurately predict their moves, knowing their nature allows you to defeat them almost effortlessly.

I mean, flipping the pages of a book is back-breaking work, I know, but you can and will cheerfully do this important spiritual work once you've ever once felt the icy grip of his evil on your shoulder.

Once was enough for me. I've been gladly fighting ever since. It's not a waste of time. It's the finest and greatest work I'll ever do, and a privilege to do it.

It's a spiritual war, guys. Show some spirit.

Will It Work?

We've been, in many, many cases, half-assing Christianity for 2,000 years. We've got 2.4 billion Christians anyway.

Will Judaism work? No. Evil is fucked. It's expensive as hell to support their ever heavier weight of lies. They were damned from the beginning and so they're doomed to extinction. Which leaves them grabbing for the cat-bird seat where they can wreck everybody in a game of mutually-assured destruction.

They have 16 million Ashkenazim, just 0.2% of the world population, mostly atheist, yet relying on the 10,000 pages of the Talmud and/or their own wits to save them. Turning away from the ancient wisdom of getting rid of those perverts who spread lies and brain-rotting disease for fun and profit.

Which is what we were supposed to do, the scripture says, and didn't.

Consequently, they now control quite a bit, but is it something they can keep?

Nope. It hasn't worked. It won't work.

One advantage they have is the exponential growth of money. But we can simply reject their money and use our own, interest-free money, backed by nothing but public works, or failing that, by our own businesses, and we're sovereign and free to buy as many "weapons" (spiritual propaganda broadcasting machines) and propagandists as we like.

At the expense of their people, in betrayal of their people, they've chosen material gain over massive population who'll thrive the moment their banished.

The Bible describes incest. Yes, it describes the truth about the enemy. The Bible contradicts itself! Look who wrote those old books. The enemy. Now you know what kind of consistency they have. Now you can predict them. It's in their nature.

Perverts, the Old Testament reveals, are highly incestuous, traitorous, greedy, self-contradictory people. Yes, all this is exposed for modern readers to discover in the anti-Semitic Bible. What it really means in saying we're all sinners.

It's in there. Liars, perverts, cowards. And saved if we believe? Sweet deal!

Here's what's true. We're saved from cowardice. Will you ever bow if you believe paradise is one bullet and 15 seconds away? Fuck, no. Give me Christians like those any day. Not these useless atheists who fear death.

Let the useless atheists gather me more Christian soldiers. The Bible tells you how. Don't be an idiot. The Romans (responsible for the New Testament and a 2.4 billion person Christian explosion into the world) saw what these sneaky fucks were up to in their day.

Ever hear of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire?  

Yeah. That wasn't the first time. Bible talks about the way Jews smashed Egypt the same fucking way.

Even if they invented Jesus out of thin air, it worked really, really well. Germans almost got them sons of bitches. They were this fucking close.

If at first you don't succeed, turn the other cheek, man. Don't be a quitter. Be a pinch hitter. I believe in you. And so does Jesus. Especially if he exists, but really... even if he doesn't.

Any Questions?

If you have any more questions about spiritual warfare, let me know. Or better yet, figure it out your damned self. It's not that hard.

And read the Art of War. Or let this Sargon guy read it for you. For me it gets a little sticky and confusing on choosing where to fight, and how to use spies, but you can just diagram that stuff out on a piece of paper so it makes sense to you.

You can draw pictures. Jews can't. One of the MANY reasons we'll ALWAYS kick their asses at football.


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