Pikeville: The Battle Comes to a Concealed Carry, Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground State

For some of us, our enemy is a deceptive race of murderers who want to kill us. 

Audio Here: Battle For Pikeville

Not that I'm judging. We're all sinners here. It's okay. Repent and sin no more. Turn to Jesus and be granted eternal life, treasures in heaven, and whatever else the good book promises. I'm good with the earthly rewards the Bible's already given me, but I understand that some are more ambitious, and that's okay too.

As imperfect as deeds may be, and even though they're but filthy rags done by this merely mortal flesh, we can still try to be more wise and prudent and prepared.

Not for ourselves, but for the glory of God.

Massad Ayoob on "Judicious Use Of Deadly Force"
I'll just leave this here.

After the fact, I think you'll wish you'd taken this more seriously. Because you'll probably only prepare, read, and study AFTER the fact.

Because I can reach but a tiny few of you with this feeble little blog. I'm not saying Massad in this video tells you when you're justified to shoot to kill an entire mob, but about an hour into the video, the subject might come up.

Police tend to a protester who was shot during a confrontation with hopeful attendees of controversial Breitbart.com editor Milo Yiannopoulos' speech at University of Washington on Friday, Jan. 20, 2016 Photo: GRANT HINDSLEY, SEATTLEPI.COM / SEATTLEPI.COM
Free Speech Isn't Free http://archive.is/vD4Bs Shot at Milo event in Seattle

Keep in mind it's not bullets they're using to drive us extinct, but propaganda.

Minimum recommended safety equipment for a "free speech" zone, (which, in America, pretty much means you're in a free fire zone, being attacked by Professor Padlock) includes a mask, goggles, neoprene gloves, earplugs, helmet, and bullet-resistant vest that suits your needs. Particularly if you're a man, a cup to protect your groin might be wise.

If you can, wear these items from inside the safety of an armored car. (See below.) And if I were you, I'd sit in that armored car in your driveway at home instead of going to war with Communist murderers and use more indirect methods instead of direct methods.

Just like the warfare being used successfully against you.

Given the life and death nature of our struggle, direct methods of warfare and self defense should never be neglected.  Being stupid, ignorant, or neglecting your survival is a good way to get yourself killed.

There are still people in this world who'll gladly feed pacifists to their pigs. Because it's cheaper than buying pig feed.

That's it. We won't be talking about anything else except getting you equipped in order to save your ass. And we'll be discussing why that matters.

But let's face it. We'll be realistic. We can't have everything, can we? It's not like someone's going to let us have a Hummer for $100. Don't be silly.

Well I'll be damned. I guess they are.

When you can reasonably expect some AntiFa to be causing trouble and right-wing folks justifiably defending themselves, a bullet may go wandering off in your direction. So a vest is a minimum.

So that after you're inadvertently shot by friendly fire from a relatively low-caliber, low-velocity round from a concealed weapon you didn't know about, the medics aren't trying in vain to patch up your vitals in addition to trying to save your limbs.

Therefore, we can't expect to be handed the means to defeat him. Namely, free speech. In order to speak freely, it's going to cost a lot. If we're serious about safety...

We'll need supplies.

Rule #1: Let the enemy supply you. When you go and speak freely at the enemy's event, they've paid the cost of security. Not you. They've attracted a crowd and cameras. Not you. Their event is associated with violence. Not yours.

The down side is they pick the turf. If they're not throwing a speaking event, but deliberately luring you into your own plausibly deniable assassination, you're not likely to know about it until you've walked into an ambush.

You'll want to be prepared.

If George Lincoln Rockwell had let the enemy supply him with a vehicle like this, he might have gotten a lot farther.

Of course, the enemy can also furnish you with funds. If you did what I told you to do, and scaled it up with an army of paid laborers of your choosing, (even if their views aren't politically correct), then you should have plenty of money right now to make the monthly payments, maintenance, and insurance on these bad boys.

In addition, you should be able to hire an experienced, dedicated, trained getaway driver in the highly likely event the shit hits the fan.

You'll also want cameras mounted all around to prove your innocence, and a competent legal team to tell you exactly what the rules of engagement are in each state you'll be passing through.

Yes, in my opinion, you should bring protection. And a backup.

But you should also let your contractors do their jobs.

Hiring a security team for a couple of hours is better than being sorry you didn't. Once you know what you're doing, money's cheap and easy to get. And what's even cheaper to you, if you know how to trade are the things money can buy.

Now a little reminder that you need to own anything to get a $100,000 item as commission for setting up a triangulation trade deal. Just as you don't need to own a house to broker the sale of a house. Doesn't even matter how big or small the house is. You can set up the deal and keep 10% cash.

But with triangulation, it's possible to broker deals where you get paid up to 100% commission. Especially if they're paying you in surplus armored cars instead of cash. That's the difference.

They've got inventory they can't move which has a high perceived value, but can't find a cash buyer, and their forced to auction it off at liquidation prices. Meanwhile, someone else has something they can't sell because cash is kept artificially scarce by the banking elite. Which is the same thing they do with gold and diamonds.

It may not sound like it at first, but Vince really knows his subject. What Vinnie doesn't tell you or forgets to mention is there's effectively no limit to the size of the deal you can set up. You don't need to have a nickel to your name. You can have terrible credit, a bad reputation and be half crazy.

As long as you've got the goods, or even better, the rights to swap those goods, then you can pick up the option to deal with stuff as if you owned it. See the section about triagulation Option.

In theory, a $100 million deal is just as easy as a $100k deal.) Archived audio and page. Governments and corporations might do billion dollar deals to get around the need for financing from the banks.

A boring warehouse full of unsold carpet can turn into an exciting armored truck and plenty of spending power left over, will all parties involved being more than delighted you showed up. Just don't bother triangulating for something that costs twenty bucks. Your time is valuable.

This probably isn't for you. It might be above your paygrade, chief.

These are advanced topics for very serious people. For most of you, you've reached the jumping off point. You must be at least this autistic and introverted to read any further. And reject a lifetime of Commie scum Lugenpresse conditioning.

The Birth Rate Is All That Matters

The reason to increase the birth rate is so you outnumber your enemy, and so it's harder to kill off every single one of your people. Despite all promises of ward brides for the victors, it's kind of hard to be fruitful and multiply after your fruits have been shot off.

That being the case, I recommend you don't sign up to die. Especially if you're smart enough to know what sort of trouble we're in.

But being numerous, smart, and knowledgeable also allows us to out-smart our enemies some of the time. Hopefully, our combined intelligence allows us to make smarter, and therefore more effective decisions.

The thing is, a few well-informed, high-IQ Chinese people can out-smart the entire continent of Africa. Apparently, they're completely unaware they're headed for an apocalyptic demographic disaster. What's looming is the death by famine of 3 billion people on one continent alone.

And I didn't know anything about it until yesterday. You can imagine they'll find out when it happens.

Famines, mass die-offs and disease are the kinds of thing that inevitably happens when you're trying to out-smart a much more intelligent enemy without knowing what you're up against. If you let them...

They can easily set up all the rules so they win no matter what.

If you let the enemy pick the field of battle, he's always going to win.

You know the old saying, "Don't give them any ideas"? Well, they're giving us ideas. Even people lacking in creativity can borrow the paranoid ideas of their enemies.

They have the resources to spy and you don't. So you can make plans right out in the open. You're sure of one thing: They'll know what your plans are. If they're adapting to the changing conditions, which I think they are, then this forces them to choose their least favorite option.

Think about it. Why do they send up trial balloons before doing anything? They want to be sure what the reaction will be before making a big move.  In general,

Your actions and reactions should be somewhat unpredictable.

One day, you follow the news and react like lightning. Seeming to predict their moves. On other matters, you let things go unanswered for weeks. You can attack where it's least expected one day, and where it's most expected the most. You can be defensive, philosophical, respectable-sounding, almost sane or raving, lucid, or whatever.

The reason I work as publicly as I do is because I've seen no reason to believe any kind of privacy exists anymore. Jesus did much of his work in the most public possible way, and he's still undefeated after all this time.

In blogging and podcasting, to grow an audience, you have to be consistent. In guerrilla warfare, to be consistent is to be predictable. And that gets you caught. Because the enemy can align its forces against you.

"Be formless. Like water." - Bruce Lee

The enemy has chosen the weapon of propaganda. We know where he's going to be and what he's going to say because he's confined himself to the psychological tactics he's abused for thousands of years.

You could do the same, if you had the resources.

Why don't you have his resources? Probably because you and all your ancestors ignored the part of the Bible that says you're supposed to lend to other nations. It goes into a lot of detail about lending wisely. But this gives you a way to inevitably accumulate more than enough resources.

If you've ever calculated it, rent-to-own places sell stuff like furniture at a huge interest rate. This allows them to grow and have high profits from small inventory. Triangulation trade allows you to acquire lots of inventory without taking on financial risk.

By combining those things, you can (have your management) sell things you wheeled and dealed to pick up virtually for free, leasing it to corporations month-to-month and get paid 2 to 4 times the value of the product, just like a lender does.

This is the power of lending. And God told you so.

But you wouldn't listen, so now you're fucked.

We have to raise the top-end of the IQ of our people if we want to be effective. So far, the smartest leader we've got going is Jesus. Some obey our glorious leader. Some commit the unforgivable sin of turning their back on him.

If our people would lend instead of borrow, and  teach people to hide themselves away in the refuge the Lord's good statutes, the enemy's supply lines would all be cut off. Their brilliant minds would be rotted away with disease, leaving them as vulnerable as a sitting duck.

Instead, we give them antibiotics. We hold up the most diseased as the most precious and valuable in our society. If you eat what God says to eat, and keep clean what God says to keep clean, then your people don't need antibiotics.

There's a reason so-called Jews hate Christ so much.

Because even if we don't understand the rules, obedience to God automatically makes us a perceived threat to Talmudists. Which is why our pastors, preachers, and ministers only reluctantly, apologetically teach us what's in the Bible.

On some days, it seems only the Messiah himself has the balls to crack that whip against the wicked.

You smart guys are hard as hell to replace.
Super-smart guys are so rare, you can simply overwhelm their limited attention by attacking on 1,000 fronts with guys who are 10 times more commonly available in a population that's 100 times bigger.

People with 160 IQ bleed just fine when attacked by 10 guys with 150 IQ. And that's why the smartest guys on earth have made paranoia their religion.

The parasite class may have many advantages, but population size is never going to be one of them. That's something they surrendered a long time ago.

They don't have 1,000 guys who know how to adapt to every kind of resistance. And they've gotta sleep sometime.

Up until now, the strategy has been to out-multiply the enemy. Simple and effective. If we COULD get rid of termites, we would have done it by now. But we can't. They multiply like rabbits. And so do Christians, if they're obeying page 1 of Genesis.

If not, they're fucked. But even though the answer was on page one of Genesis, you wouldn't listen.

But on its own, the pray-and-spray method of sperming the world with white vermin is about as effective as plaguing the world with negroes.

And you aren't as smart as your ancestors from 50,000 years ago. Don't ask me how I know that.

Yes. I put anthropology in an article about gearing up. Get used to it.

Even though your ancestors successfully survived the Neanderthal/Jew/Satan devils for tens of thousands of years, and had personal communication with the almighty, you still won't listen.

In the book of Ezekiel, God goes on and on about how rebellious our people are. How we're punished only because we refuse to listen to Him.

So now you're in hell. False hope and endless psychological torment and demoralization. And it's about to get a whole lot worse, buddy.

I know that because I did what my father, grandfathers, and great grandfathers wouldn't. I skimmed through huge sections of the old scriptures and said....

Well I'll be damned.

We're fucked. Anyone who convinces you that book isn't a lifeline from the gods (from our Father/fathers/ancestors) is probably an asshole who wants you dead. They cling to that scripture like a diamond mine. They just don't want YOU to have it.

Because if the masses turn to the Bible, they're fucked.

See, fighting back doesn't really work against certain kinds of enemies. But, as Obi Wan says, there are alternatives to fighting. When it comes to Satan, you've really got to pick your battles.

You can fight anyone else you like. Such as those who serve Satan. They clearly worship other gods.

But what's tricky about these devils is they're smarter than we are. By a lot. At this rate, we'd probably have to outnumber them by dozens of planets before we'd be on an even footing.

That's not to say we're not impressive. Obviously, we can put men on the moon and bring them safely back.

"Be the master of worry." Worry a little, but drive it into a small corner. - Jim Rohn
But that's the kind of sign that tips off the Neanderthals it's time to demoralize us so they can purge the gentiles again.

I must admit, they're very good at getting people like me to inadvertently demoralize you, even in this very article. Hopefully, knowing how to prepare will make you feel the opposite. Be optimistic, but work a little harder to have the down-side handled.

You're not paid to do it. You're paid to make SURE it gets done.

Gear up. Even if you're not looking for trouble, trouble is looking for the white man.

A vest and helmet (pick the right size) is cheap compared to the cost of not wearing one. Even when others aren't wearing theirs, be sure you lead by example and wear yours.

You're in good hands.

You may never know their names, but there are lots of powerful people fighting on your side. This man, a serious Commie fighter put himself in a position to make damn sure you'd have an abundant, ongoing supply of serious and well-supplied and well-informed fighters.

Most people will never know what he was really selling wasn't success, or health products, but life.

We're not without hope. There's always hope. The fact that our enemy has gone into full-on genocide mode in plain sight with all hands on deck shows they're in a position of weakness and desperation.

It shows me they miscalculated somewhere or at least lied to one another about how easy it would be to get governments to fall into their hands.

Every so often, Neanderthals learn the hard way that there's no way to retreat except into gentile blood.

From the way Ezekiel describes the whores of Judah as beautiful, and the way Israel is cranking out people who look like Eastern European fashion models lately, I'd say they're in their blood dilution phase again. (Which goes against their traditions, but seem to think they're about to be out of options.)

The fucking evil prick is on the left. Modern man is descended primarily from the hero on the right.
In other words, we, the cro-magnon (or whichever hominid) is about to succeed once again in getting the better of the greedy savage mass-murdering devils.

One look at these fossils could have told you that. As could the book of Psalms. Or a DNA test showing how few quarter-blooded Neanderthals are still walking around. They're not gone. They're just fewer than before.

And because their younger generations are suddenly beautiful instead of ugly, (thanks, I'd imagine to the white slave trade of Eastern European Slavic women) they'll once again enjoy undeserved sympathy.

The kind of evil Jesus warned us about. The kind of evil our ancestors described as a siren song luring sailors to their death. The wicked refers to the wicked race and those deceived by their lies. In the end times, let no man deceive you.

The thing to do is to return to God.

But you won't listen. The people who do return to God are, for the most part, spared as the war rages through like a brush fire and tears half the population away.

They have eternal life for themselves and their family. They choose not to become a threat because what's the fucking point? There is no point. The reason you can't win is the same reason we've never won.

Because the Neanderthal is exceptionally good at getting the masses to ignore all the warnings about them.

So fuck em. If you're not with Christ, you deserve to die. Don't try to save non-Christians. Those people hate God for whatever reason. If you try to help them, you're just holding on to a sinking ship. You can't save them.

You can prophecy doom and tell them to repent, but that only works for awhile.

When your right, and people change their ways, it only looks like you were wrong about the doom.

So it doesn't pay too well.

Having read enough of the Bible to get a flavor for it, I'd say your civilization, the whole thing, is going down the tubes. Worldwide meltdown unless everyone suddenly returns to God's laws.

That means capital punishment of sodomy, witchcraft, false prophets of peace when there is no peace, rebellious children, and that kind of thing.

There's a good reason for all these laws. If you meditate on them, you'll know. If you blab about them, more likely than not, the enemy will find out and you'll only be saving the wrong people.

So meditate on it. The enemy needs 10,000 pages of loopholes to make any sense of the law, and they still screw it up. I've got it in 500 pages or so. Half of that I was sleeping at the time.

But it's obvious to someone with the right sort of brain. It also tells me the enemy is mentally disabled, because he's specialized in lying. And doesn't know the truth because there's no truth in him.

In many ways, he's made himself much more like the doomed negro than the white man, and interbreeding isn't going to fix it.

I think I might be predisposed to understand the scriptures better than some due to my ancestry. God is not the author of confusion. What He says is what he intends you to understand. He makes it perfectly clear, over and over, in all kinds of ways, throughout the book. In that way, it's largely tamper-evident.

Modern words from a man inspired by our Father's words:

"Whatever's out to threaten this body and its future gets threatened. Whatever is out to kill this body gets killed. I'm asking you, take sword to your enemies, whether they're on the outside, or whether they're on the inside. Protect your family. Protect your future. Protect your values. Love. Nourish. But also do battle with whatever's out there to do battle with you." - Jim Rohn

If we're always a little better prepared than they expected, then they'll do what they always do. They'll back down and regroup and retreat and recruit like they always do.

What we've failed to do in the past is to route those who retreat from us and make them pay dearly for facing us in the first place. The ancients knew better than to give comfort or peace to a fleeing enemy, and grew stronger and more determined and more persistent when attacked.

It seems our enemy takes two steps forward each round, so that even when we adapt, we're always playing catch-up.

So this is a 4 steps forward blog post, since you won't listen to me until after the next round results in bloodshed and/or death.

Well, I've hit my deadline. Hope it helps.

Next time, we'll have to talk about taking self defense much, much more seriously.

Free speech isn't free. Be safe.

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