I'll have the Brazilian

Ah, Brazil. Where the men still dress like men and the women still dress like women.

For the most part. Enjoy the parade of images, and my insightful, brilliant commentary.

My little sister looking cute in her new school uniform. DUDE. HANDS OFF. THAT'S MY SISTER.

Was she asking for it? Come on, man. Never slut shame an attention whore. When you do, it only gives them the attention they crave. And we don't want to reward that kind of behavior.

Ooh. Look! A distraction!
Guys. Guys???

HEY. Quit looking at the picture. FOCUS.

Race mixing is bad. It's evil, it's wrong, and God says not to do it. Ever. You'll lose your inheritance. Very bad things will happen.

Also, Rio's Carnival will happen. Over the course of a century, millions of Europeans, largely men, flooded into Brazil and said, "but she hot, tho."

I know resistance is futile, but colonialism is wrong. Especially when they're doing it to you.

But it happened. And Europe took war brides and turned the country whiter than America, in some ways. They basically erased blackness.

"Black" Brazilians are now whiter than black Americans.

Mission accomplished. In addition, South Brazil is ethnically white. No compromise. So the black purity is gone, but the white purity remained. Imagine that. Rich, powerful, civilized, ingenious white men repaired the ethnic damage with a little white-out.

Which, techically, is race mixing. Part of a two-pronged approach. Here's the other part:

This man's police force guns down black criminals in the streets without apology and the masses cheer for him.

Now don't get the wrong idea. There's no political agenda here.

I swear I only watch the Rio Carnival for the boobs. 

Here's two of them, now. (See below...)

No race mixing, they said. Be a white supremacist, they said.

Oh, come on. Just once couldn't hurt, could it?

E-thots are temptations sent by the devil to trick you into thinking other girls also talk interesting and political and stuff.

Despite appearances, 99% of the [rampant nationalistic pride] parade is people with their clothes on. Sorry to disappoint. You know how these Catholic girls can be, amirite?

Nude or not, they are immodestly making a spectacle of themselves. None can doubt that much. And immodest dress is problematic.

I don't know in what sense they think they're dressed modestly with all those bare ankels, but you have to factor in this is a primarily Roman Catholic country.

Yeah. As if THIS is what you came to see.

At first, I WANTED to judge, even though I'll be judged by the same measure.

Then I started to LOVE my enemies.

Once you go black, you... wait. Are those the "black" girls in Brazil? Awesome! Well done, Europe!
Now before you grab an international flight and make like Thomas Jefferson, and then get yourself a plantation full of Sally Hemings's, there are some things you need to know.

Tommy totally pwned Sally Hemings. Imagine whiting out a plantation the size of Brazil.

On the plus side of the equation, Tommy the Va-jay-jay-hound Jefferson personally kept the black population to 13%, greatly reducing the crime rate.

I'm not saying I encourage it, because it's WRONG. But...

We were black. But we got better. Thanks, great-great-great-great-grandad.

There are a couple of ways to conquer, if you see what I'm saying. And my man Moses knew it, which is why he spared the virgin females for the soldiers to basically make into war bride sex slaves, if they wanted them.

Woe to the conquered, baby.

There are two kinds of seed that bring order to chaos. Whiteness and Christ-ness. We brought both to Brazil, and gunning down youth teen thugs is the result.

Brings order to chaos, gets sins flying in formation, and reduces the whorishness and preserves whiteness in the mixing pot.

Camwhore e-thots are a problem. A rampant one, you might have noticed. And in part, it's because they're not wearing more than $1,000 worth of pheasant feathers.

Because women who have to be worth their $5,000 costumes to earn the right to be seen in the parade aren't

Sometimes you want to exclude people from being whores in public. In Brazil, you earn the right to be the girl in front of the float. A display of real, genuine virtue that can't be faked.

Basic requirements to be the float girl in Brazil:

  • Be pretty
  • Be fit, slim & strong
  • Have LOTS of stamina
  • Dance good
  • Smile pretty
  • Be the one everyone wants to see
  • Have a positive attitude and work hard
  • Practice your ass off to master that Salsa step in heels.

In Miami, not so much. In fact. 0% of them accomplished ANY of those things. And the result is horrible.

Lost my lunch. But you can keep it.

But to chickas, as soon as they see one little nipple, they freak out and lose all sense of proportion. They want you to change the channel.

That's because they're judging. God is the judge. Your girlfriend/wife is not God.

In Brazil, there's a time and a place to be topless. And when a million people are watching at home on TV is the time.

Because in Brazil, going topless is NOT ALLOWED on the beach. Again, exceptions can be made for a high quality woman. Being the woman in a costume that costs as much as a car is a status symbol. And her costume it's part of the story being told by the parade.

Yes, the parade tells a story. 

A story about good and evil, about Brazil's triumph over poverty and injustice. (Only a little of it is anti-white and gay AF, unlike the Superbowl.)

But it's not like Mardi Gras or Cancun Spring Break where drunken underage sorority whores flash for beads, get raped and fed to alligators.

Image result for mardi gras
I want to flash you my undergrad degree for consideration as an intern, please...

There's a specific, orderly significance and meaning to each and every costume in Carnival. You're part of a much greater whole. It's an orderly procession. Catholics are good at order, heirarchy, and getting themselves organized under a central leadership.

Something something sacrifice. Something something submission to God's authority.

That said, by no means are these "good girls". Just some who are better-behaved than many of ours, despite the lenient dress code.

They don't mean no harm by it. After the dance, they're just going home to their husband to use sex as a weapon of procreation to destroy the devil.
Image result for mardi gras
Brazilians. Not just for waxing. They're also better at you at growing supermodels and extremely gross porn.

But something about the spectacle of Carnival got me thinking. It's relatively impressive stuff.

Now that you know it's not whiteness but blackness that's being erased throughout the world, it's not that bad to watch. Just a bunch of semi-white Catholics doing victory laps for the ...

Total Extinction of Blackness in Brazil
(by 1950!!! It already happened! No more pure blackness in America or Brazil, baby!)

Propaganda comes in many theatrical forms.

That's right. Black purity (just like "Jewish" racial purity worldwide), has been eradicated from America and Brazil.

Africa's next. We have top men working on it. And they need extra Bibles.

There is one minor problem with the plan. Once Egypt turned beige, it turned extremely dead. Of course, this browning of Egypt was the case of race heading in the wrong direction.

That can happen. Maybe whiteness has been moving Westward, round and round the world for millions of years, chased out by blackness lagging behind it.

But I sorta doubt it. This sorta feels like base reality, anyway. Maybe I'll change my mind later. There's nothing new under the son, they say. (Evidently, King Solomon wasn't even the first to say it.)

Americans play dress up, too. They do costume shows, conventions, social media, the whole bit. Probably creating hundreds of billions of impressions.

If you want to raise awareness of something, dress a girl up all pretty and put her in front. Marketing.

The undisputed (except by her) Queen of cosplay, Jessica Nigri

American girls want zero point five kids. Half of one baby. King Solomon could fix them right up.

In the divorce, they used to go before King Solomon and get half of everything.

I'M the real mother. I want HALF!
American girls like to play pretend dress up, too. Which tells me these are white colonialist oppressor impulses being imposed on racially and/or economically inferior cultures, aren't they? Not sure what the PC term for "inferior" is.

But when has anyone let willful ignorance stop them from having an opinion?

You know, the policies of armies sometimes differ from the policies of God. Just a little.

And the unstated policies (based in forgiveness of sin) is one where the result of a colonization may be fundamentally genocidal in nature.

Me? I might open up a Brazilian pheasant plantation and start making them pheasant feathers by the boatload, since supermodel-hot birds really seem to dig 'em for some reason.

Got any bugs, man? I'm famished.

What you do is up to you. That's your thing. You do you.


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