HOLD EVERYTHING! This costs nothing to give away.

Wait a second. WAIT A SECOND!

It costs next to nothing to give away flyer delivery. [Article length: 16 minutes]

There's no paper an ink cost at all!

Consider this blog post. It costs me nothing to give away, but it could be incredibly valuable to the right person. A person who's already promoting their business as I've suggested.

This isn't "flyers again." This is all new. An epiphany. A near 100% leverage strategy. If you think about it, this is true money-printing.

But only for the guy who's already doing the right thing.

The simple thing. The $5 startup business.

Helping his neighbors find smart businesses who'll take good care of them. Helping those smart businesses find smart customers who want a bargain, a sample, a discount, a bonus, or an event.

I'm telling you this because I had it all wrong. 

I kept thinking the circular distribution business had a hard incremental cost it doesn't have. In other words, unlike the newspaper business, you don't have to pay to print up someone else's ad for them.  Your client does. So those extra inserts cost you nothing.

How many extra inserts? As many as you can carry. It's almost 100% profit. Which means it's almost free to you to help your neighbors and local businesses.

Why is it free to you?

Because clients do their own printing. They might hand you a stack of a thousand (or probably ten thousand) flyers to go and deliver over the next several weeks or months. And when I get done here, if you've got a pair, you'll be more than delighted to quit whatever job you've got and do this instead.

Or to at least try doing this on nights and weekends. (Or you'll get really smart and hire someone to do it for you.)

Maybe it sounds a little crazy to some buffoon who hasn't seen a recent breakthrough article I recently wrote for you, but that's their fault. I'm not responsible for their willful ignorance. Let them cry, scream, and troll in the comments. I'm giving you the free education the entire school system failed to give you.

Let's say a client comes to you with a stack of flyers to insert in your circular.

Did you pay for the cost of the ad space? No. Of course not. They did. Which means you pay nothing! But that doesn't change the fact that the "insertion fee" charged by every flyer company and every newspaper in the region is probably charging somewhere between ten cents to twenty cents per piece for their "insertion fee."


Insertion! Even white men can do it.

What is that? Well, that's when you stick something into the pile that was going out anyway.

So that means you can ship out their flyer while you're handing out your newsletter, circular, flyer, newspaper, or magazine.

You know. The one that asks people to pay you an insertion fee.

These Jewish newsmen don't want you to know the newspaper is still the king of all forms of media in places like Britain. 60% regularly read magazines and half of Britons BUY print newspapers. Another 10% read someone else's. (Despite the fact they don't trust them.)

That's 60% reading magazines.
And 60% reading newspapers.
72% are reading books. 63% of people still read printed books.

Even if they have to pay for it, they still read print.

They told you print was dying. Why? One, because they're liars at heart. And two, because print has been the source of their power for 150 years.

And it can be the source of ours.

The average American town has 20,000 people. Every year, about 35 million dollars is spent on every form of tv, radio, online advertising to influence their buying decisions. In other words, capturing 1% of the ad market (with your flyer business, for example) in a tiny little average American town is worth $350,000 per year.

As I said, people still read print.

Even if they have to squint, people still read print.

In 1923, ad man Claude Hopkins said this: "People read all they care to read in 8-point type." He said they resent anything larger because it seems like shouting.

Do you know how damned small 8-point type is? 

It takes young eyes to read small type. Today's newspapers are about 8.5. They told you only people over 50 read newspapers. Not true. I've been reading newspapers since I could look at the pictures. Which means I'd sit and read the comic strips. Every week. Excitedly.

The little salesman in the house who drags mommy to make her purchasing decisions (70% of purchasing is controlled by women, and she's influenced by her tyrannical children) had eyes glued to the comic page.

At a time when I was impressionable, when core values are established, I was already a newspaper reader.

For someone else, it's the sports page. The idolatrous worship of athletic heroes. Pictures of men cracking a ball into the bleachers. You could almost hear the roar of the crowd. Especially if the sports writer was any good. Spurring kids to trade and collect baseball cards.

It's how dad and granddad kept an eye on their stocks, pension and politics.

The Power Of The Press

And it turns out to be a very profitable business. The most profitable, if you consider influence to be valuable currency. And politicians do.

In a democracy, the un-elected owner of a newspaper, if he knows how to use it, has more real, long-term power than the mayor. More power than his own customers.

Which is why you're not told about it. You're never given even a taste of it. The newspaper is the king-maker. Deciding who is pushed into positions of power and who is yanked out of it through scandals.

When the public is tired of hearing about Trump's ties to Russia, the newspaper can print new evidence, whispers, and rumors for years, and, as Jews do, turn a lie into the unquestioned gospel truth, in the mind of the public. Like their 70-year story about some sort of Holocaust.

When you have the media, you decide who are heroes and who are villains. By tipping the elections, you decide who will preside over the courts and hear cases. By reporting on crimes long covered up, you decide who the mobs will come for with torches and pitchforks.

He who controls the print controls the mob.
And print costs money. Where does the money come from? From paying customers.

1) If I give you a free steak, or even a sample on a toothpick, you're more likely to buy my steak.

2) If I'm offering you something for free, you're more likely to take it than if I demand you pay.

3) If I've given you something as a gift, (or bought it for you) and I keep doing so, you'll soon start to feel psychologically obligated to give something back. Maybe even more than I gave you. So much so, anything more than a small gift could be considered an unethical bribe.

4) If it doesn't cost me anything to give someone a gift, then I can afford to give away a lot of those gifts. Maybe I have an apple tree, and I go around giving apples to business owners in hopes of winning their business. A women tried doing this with grapefruit. It worked like a champ.

Guess what? The Bible is very specific about growing fruit trees. If I were you, I'd look into it. The branches of a healthy fruit tree are dripping with little gifts.

By ethically giving away something valuable for free, or by purchasing for him a sample out of a duty to serve him, you build up a psychological debt in the mind of the Nordic man.

He might not even remember what he owes. Only that he owes you.

You don't have to be unethical. You just need to be psychologically manipulative.

Speaking of unethical, manipulative people... Don't expect this kind of strategy will work very well (if at all) on Jews.

They're not wired to feel obligated to goyim. Or if they are, it's beaten completely out of them by their Talmud, family members and culture. In other words, by thinking strategically, you'll automatically repel the kinds of people you'd hate to be in business with anyway. Once they're the ones discriminating against you, you're innocent.  It's never considered innocent when you're the one discriminating against them.

Likewise for jobs involving manual labor and hiring from within. The Jews won't last very long doing  real manual labor. If you only hire and promote people who've rolled up their sleeves and demonstrated their loyalty through hard work, then the laziest races, and the laziest among them will discriminate against your company.

If you operate in the most Christian of ways, for example, by praising Jesus on the hour, and teaching his sermons to everyone in the company, and making them your company policy, a Jew would have to plug his ears on orders of his rabbi, lest he hear the forbidden words of the Christ. And then I think your company would be in much safer hands than otherwise.

And swooning and cheering over the wise laws of Leviticus must surely do more good than any other thing at keeping their agents, the sodomites, at a safe distance away from a secretary's ears.

That's an aside. Back to manipulating people with free gifts. They're free to take the gift and go. You're only interested in helping your chances.

The most psychologically obligated people (the best of the Nordic men) will likely be the first to take you up on returning your favors.

So therefore, you should do unto others.

Like Jesus friggin' told ya.

Now people owe you something. SOME will do business with you. The right ones. Or refer business to you.

"He's a good guy. He gave me a steak and put out my flyers for me. Look him up."

This is a secret and hidden reason why (some) white people have thrived in the hardest times. They think like Jesus. The great white savior. Not just a true son of God, but a god among men who behaved like the quintessential Nordic man, and NOTHING like a middle eastern mud mutt infected by filthy, demonic African cannibal seed.

(Other than the drinking blood thing. Most white guys have to be told by God to drink blood before they'll do it symbolically.)

If you want to do good, think like a gangster.

All the most notorious gangsters know about the value of giving away things for free and cheap.

They can steal head of cattle, butcher it, and give away half the steaks to the poor. When the jury deliberates, they might say, "Well, he's not such a bad guy. He took from a rich farmer and fed the poor."

Hell. That's what our own government does. Gangster governments like you'll find in North America demand you pay them even if you don't want to or you'll go to jail. Then they give your money to the banks. It's Robin Hood in reverse.

At least she's not a racist.
In case you need another case study of the effectiveness of taking what doesn't belong to you...

Just look at how powerful and respected the American gangster government is. Selling your beige progeny into eternal slavery to pay off the national debt accumulated by the white man.

I'm sure that's how they'll spin the extinction of whites. By blaming them for skipping out on the bill. It's one final "F--- You!" to the brown people. By running away into the loins of their invading rapists when the bill comes due.

Despite all this, at least half the country is always voting in favor of stealing even more for free health care, free schools, free police. It looks like you get what you pay for.

But have no doubt in your mind. Giving things away makes you popular.

Even if what the government gives away is like a poison apple.

[Disclaimer: Do not give away poisoned apples. I'm not implying or joking or winking or playing with plausible deniability. It's a genuinely bad idea. You'll invoke the wrath of white men even for thinking it, so don't even think it.]

The bank's job is to keep liquid forms of currency scarce. When you create some liquidity, that alone performs a valuable public service. It's a medium of exchange between businesses that doesn't have to be paid back to the banker.

Hoarding wealth doesn't help the rest of us. Giving something away does. Just as it's free, but welcome to give someone a smile or a kiss, or a hug or to listen quietly, it's damn near free to give someone credit towards inserting their flyer, if you're already in that business anyway.

Because it's good for something, it "spends" like cash at places who use your services. Is that a good thing? Well let me ask you this. Does keeping spending power in a community benefit the international global elite Jewish bankers? No. They like to keep you strung out on their fiat treasury cash addiction until you die, as if that's the only solution going.

So who does this help? Maybe it helps the local family business run by 4 generations of McCords a little more than it helps the international franchises importing terrorists Muslims, Mestizos, and Somalians.

It helps small, local businesses, serves the interest of the worker, the family man, and his children by creating an environment in which they can thrive.

When you print "money" into existence, (a placeholder for a thing of value) you're not just taking ad revenue and attention from the lying press.

You're slightly reducing poverty and unemployment.

All because inserting a tenth flyer into the stack of 9 flyers don't really cost ya nothin'.

If you did nothing else, even if nobody became your cash-paying customers in your whole life, you'd still be doing a good and valuable service.

By the way, this is not the kind of flyer I'm talking about:

You're not exactly going to fly around the country on a Learjet if you have 9 guys paying you 15 cents apiece.

But what I'm saying is getting those 9 paying clients doesn't have to cost as much. It doesn't have to be so damned hard, expensive, and time-consuming to attract them and sign them on. Particularly if they're willing to talk to you, and what you say makes sense to them.

Quite frankly, you were going to ship those 9 flyers anyway. A tenth flyer is no big deal.

You were already going to drive to those neighborhoods and toss the bundle out the window, hitting up to 400 houses per hour. Now with the added weight, maybe it's only 399 houses per hour. It's nothing.

But it's valuable. Because between you, me and the old oak tree, you wouldn't even be in the flyer business unless someone was willing to pay for your gas and bills. The trick is how to attract them with less time, money, and effort that usual.

And that means getting an appointment.

Offering to give someone a free sales pitch isn't an easy sale to make. Offering to give someone a free education, and $1,000 of free advertising if they feel you've wasted their time is a great way to get an appointment with a dream prospect.

But the free education had better not waste their time. (See Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes.)

After showing your prospect the top 5 business-killers causing 9 out of 10 businesses to fail in the first 5 years, and the 7 things they can do to dominate in their marketplace, (one of which is to out-spend their competitors on print media that reaches the local masses), not only will it be much, much easier to get an appointment with 9 times as much response, but somewhere up to 80% of these guys are going to give your service a try if you do a good job presenting great information.

Our revolution will be led by business for profit.

And it's kind of hard to profit in a communist country that seizes the means of production. If your choice is back-stabbing commies or fascists, a smart, well-informed business owner will choose fascists every time. Because the money's no good when your dick drops off. These things and worse can and do happen if you're living in a communist country in the process of nuclear meltdown.

Welcome to the Jew-created nuclear hell called earth. Yes. Jews did this.

Which is why this blog and email list is my nuke-proof plan to reclaim our power by showing you how to get scalable spending power you can use to resist Jewish power and corruption for a living any in Western city in Christendom.

If there's one guy willing to pay 15 cents, then that's retail price. Fair market value. And guess what? Guys are paying 60 cents to a dollar to get something printed and put in the mail.

- If you find some local business delivering a postcard by mail, you should call them up. That's a potential customer.

- If a local business has a big ad in the paper, that's a potential customer.

- If they just printed up a stack of flyers at the local print shop, call them up. That's a potential customer.

All easier said than done. I know. But worth it. It's so worth it, you can do what Chet Holmes suggests and hire sales superstars to do your selling for you on commission.

Freebies and trade deals and commissioned sales guys are the jump-starter for a pretty big cash business. It saves you from needing a big bank loan. For the first few months, there's unpleasant tasks. Learning how to do stuff. Putting it into action. Hiring and firing people. Attracting management.

Or you can make a big deal with an existing company in a struggling industry that has everything you need, experienced staff, competent management, show them what you want them to do and put them in the magazine, newspaper, or flyer business.

(The company that has a lot of cash assets and no debt is usually a company which is out of ideas. That's probably who you're looking for.)

You're like a dentist looking around to help someone with their toothache.

Some people care about appearances. I don't care how professional something looks except to the extent that I have to.

But for some reason, people are very impressed by someone who writes a book or who appears to have lots of paying advertisers. They don't know you gave away those ads for free. It just looks like you're doing business with lots of people.

Now it looks like you've got lots of paying clients, which makes it easier to sell the next guy. (Social proof.)

The heavens have opened up. Hallelujah!

I don't have to give away free advertising that costs me something to print. And I don't have to give away anything that takes up a lot of my time. Neither do you.

I can afford to give away $100, or $1,000 worth of flyer delivery...

...which is extremely valuable to the client, but costs me nothing.

He probably knows, especially if you tell him, the perceived value, the retail price, and fair market value is about 15 cents per piece per door. Which shakes out to 6 cents per person here in the states.

He knows that. He's just not going to pay it.

Probably because he still thinks advertising costs money. Which it does, if your ad doesn't work. But if your ad works, even at a loss, it's almost impossible to lose money as long as the new, ad-generated customers keep coming back. They'll spend so much money over the next 6 months, 2 years, and longer that it's almost impossible to lose, even on an ad that doesn't break even.

This does NOT mean you can afford to spend 2 billion dollars on an ad that only drives business to your competition. But it does mean the ad doesn't have to always pay for itself immediately to be worth doing.

If you can advertise on credit, you might have already made your money back before you have to pay for the ad.

It's good to let prospective customers know these things.

It's persuasive to tell a guy, "You've got 90 days to pay." Or "If it doesn't work it's free."

This kind of "even when you lose, you win" proposition is too good to pass up. And if you say, "Why don't you try it for free?", now you've saved yourself a lot of time and trouble.

They go from "not interested" to "What did you just say?"

Now you've got a business relationship you didn't have before, and it was cheaper, quicker, and easier to get it than being a selfish, stingy bastard.

The only risk you're asking him to take is to trust you to deliver a stack of flyers that cost him $20 to $90 to print. That's a pretty small risk.

And it's not the whole cost of the campaign. Suppose he offers a free sample. The campaign cost might double. But offering some kind of free sample is almost always the most affordable way to get a paying customer.

[Note: You wouldn't say that it's "free", because that cheapens it. You'd do the opposite, talking about the time, effort, and expense, it will save your client. Something like, "I've bought this for you from the company, because from what you've told me, I think it's so important for you to have it." If it's the culmination of thousands of hours of effort, by experienced veterans of the industry have gone into bringing this to you. Which may be true, if you've bothered to read and understand their books.]

Which is why I've suggested this strategy to you.

I even bought my car because of a free sample. That's right. A car lot gave me a car in hopes I'd buy one. Sort of.

He let me test drive it around. That's a sample. He even let me take it home for a few days. Driving that car definitely made me want to own it. I didn't haggle on the price, terms or fees. So yes. Even car dealers can give samples of their product. It works.

If you're hitting 3,000 homes per month (which is less than one man week of part-time work per month, unless you use the drive-by technique, which cuts it down to a day or two) then a cool grand in your hand would buy someone about a couple months worth.

After that, as long as it's working, your freebie-loving prospective client would have to be crazy to give up all the customers he's getting. And if he wants to keep the buyers coming in, he's going to have to pay you cash money to do it.

Especially after your little presentation about ad expenses eventually paying off.

The thing is, now you can write up your gift vouchers and spend them on bribes.

Get people to do whatever you want. Like attending your catered speaking events.

Where you persuade them to buy ads, naturally. Using what you learned in the Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes.


So let's take an honest look at your capacity. Can you bundle up 20 flyers and toss them out the window if you have to? Yes. How about 30? Probably. Depends how bad your anime addiction is.

Go ahead and see how long it takes you to bundle 30 flyers. Pretty quick, considering each one pays you up to 15 cents. Roll it up. Put it in a plastic bag or rubber band.

So if you're hitting only 3,000 homes per month, and if you roll them up in a rubber band or plastic bag, you can fling 30 flyers at a time, that's $13,500 worth of delivery.

If you've been following my email list, you already know that's a lot of theoretical and real-world spending power you can use. And you already know how to leverage it.

So what does it cost ya? No ink. No paper. Just stack `em and toss `em.

And it's even easier to stack `em if you've got one of these cheapo jobs.

If you're gonna turn pro, use some kind of a collation machine to make your life even easier. Not that it was hard. You're still making $13,500 of value for about a week's worth of work without any hard costs.

And you've got a propaganda business.

I'm not saying its not a few minutes more work, but that extra work makes the difference between begging one client to give you $450 bucks and having thirteen grand worth of leverage before you've delivered your first flyer.

First of all, your 30 potential clients won't believe you did what you said you'd do.

Second, they're not going to want to let go of all the buyers walking into their stores. If it works, they'll be a lot easier to sell on the second, third, and 4th month. If they want to stick around, that's actual dollars they have to pay you with. And then life's looking pretty good.

On top of all the free advertising you can give away, you might be able to trade for what you want, need, or could sell off.

Does any one of the pizza shops want to give you a pizza for $100 in flyer delivery? Make sure they throw in some sodas.

Maybe someone will give you a nice $50 blender in exchange for your voucher. It's negotiable, right? What do you get out of the deal? A free blender and probably a new client!

Will the pawn shop give you a $50 gift card you can spend on gas at the local gas station for your flyer delivery vouchers? If so, get your hustle on. If it's a good deal at $100, then it's a great deal at $1,000. Bump him up to $1,000 if he'll do it.

Same for the pizzas, the accountants, and whatever else you want.

Because you've got thirteen grand burning a hole in your pocket.

And maybe more. Because not everyone's going to get around to spending their credit with you, are they? Probably not. So if you could pack and throw stacks of 30 flyers, and only 50% redeem their credit the first month, the deal just keeps getting better.

Jesus would be delighted! You're being a fisher of men and multiplying the fish and feeding the sheep. All those animal things. Good job, shepherd!

But let's get tactical. Because spending power isn't worth much if you can't keep your lights turned on. Am I right?

You're eventually going to need some cash customers.

So you can quit your wage slave job, have plenty of money to donate to the cause, pay for your printing and delivery costs and get out your fascist, Nazi, or pro-Trump propaganda to the masses. (At the same time or separately. That's up to you.)

You might have even seen this guy's book on selling local advertising. It's not bad.

Let's say you know about his steak knife story, about how he sold expensive vacuum cleaners door-to-door by giving away a set of knives to anyone who let him in and show the machine.

Like Claude here, you want to suck in some clients by giving away $100 gift vouchers instead of knives.

Or you could give away knife sets, if someone in town will give you 10 sets of knives in exchange for your flyer delivery.

So you're pounding the phones or pounding the pavement. Nothing's working. 99 out of 100 people hang up on you. But you've got a prospect on the phone, who sounds like he might be interested, and you need to tip him over the fence.

So you try an offer like this: 

"Mr. Prospect, I completely understand how you feel. After all, you don't know me. I don't know you. But I feel like you're going to really like what I have to show you. So why don't I make it worth your while? I only need five minutes of your time to decide if we're interested in working with you to promote your business.

"Five minutes. That's all it takes, unless you have any questions. No pressure. So if you'll take a quick look, I believe this can make such a difference in your life, I'll buy you $100 worth of our service for you with no obligation.

"But if you feel I've wasted even a moment of your irreplaceable time, then I'll make it an even thousand. Will you be there at 3 PM tomorrow?"

This isn't based on the most effective of all methods, but it's about the quickest possible way to get started.

After word gets around that you do what you say you're going to do, the perceived value only increases.

I would say once a week, but who are we kidding? You gotta have time to spend it.

A radio station in California actually printed up gift certificates. Transferable. Good for one year. Went around town spending certificates good for a 60-second spot. Worth something like $240. Since radio time costs you nothing to deliver, they could use it use it to buy whatever they wanted.

And then the store would give the radio station a try and might become a long-time customer. True story. Happens more than you think. Even if they don't want or need the advertising, the store can still spend it the same way because the certificate is transferable to someone else who can use it.

It's got liquidity, desirability, and utility.

Now you've got a referral program and accidentally recruited your own sales force for pennies and you didn't have to do anything except ask a guy if he'd give you a pizza for your gift voucher.

If he'll give you 100 gift certificates, now you're going around town spending pizza credit for what you want. The pizza shop gets extra customers and advertising and all it costs him is the ingredients.

Now if you're hitting 20,000 houses per month with 45 flyers worth 15 cents per door, we're talking about $135,000 a month of spending potential that, in case I need to remind you,

Cost you virtually nothing to create.

"This is literally my entire sales process. Now give me free stuff, plebian!"

You might try to talk people into trying you for half off, taking a deposit to cover your costs and the rest on delivery, and beat your head against the wall for a year. Or you can do it the easy way.

"I'd like to buy at least $1,000 worth of your nice office furniture today. But I'll buy as much as you want to spend with me on flyer delivery to bring customers into your store. How much furniture would you like me to buy?"

And show them the gift certificates or you can write them a check for the amount they spend with you. Or do the same thing with the car dealer. "I want to buy one of the trade-ins on your lot that you can't get rid of. I'll pay for it with flyer delivery."

Then you can quickly re-sell the car for cash at 60 cents on the dollar. The reason the dealer can't sell it is he's trying to get the blue book value. But you don't have to. If someone will give you enough to pay your light bill and rent, that's plenty.

You can sell things he can't because you're willing and able to "pay" more than anyone else will and re-sell it for a lot less money than he can.

Maybe even for less than he paid for it.

You can buy high and sell low and still profit.

Suddenly cash isn't quite so scarce anymore.

Once you realize how easy it is to get your hands on stuff for next to nothing, you don't have to worry about whether people are low-balling you or over-charging. For you, even cash becomes an abundant commodity because you've tapped into real abundance.

The large, hidden, under-served, multi-trillion dollar economy of people who aren't working as much as they'd like to, businesses with empty seats, warehouses with empty space, hotels with vacancies, and you're leveraging every kind of unused capacity you want, need, or can liquidate.

This simple fact of life allows you to converts your unused potential flyer space into cash. Hopefully, it makes you far less attached to your stuff.

If you can't figure out how to trade that a hundred grand a month worth of value for at least $10,000 to $30,000 a month (or more) worth of real world value, cash, clients, and staff, then I just don't know if you're any good to me.

If you're a winner, you'll at least commit your nights and weekends to delivering some flyers and see how it goes. If you're a loser, you'll wait ten or twenty years and wish you'd done it sooner.

Because if you crack the code to make something work in an average American town, then it will work when it's rolled out to millions.

If you're not a complete and total loser, then maybe you should get on the Fueling The Resistance email list and FIGURE. IT. OUT.

There's got to be a catch, though, right? Of course. People are mis-educated by Jews who hate them and seek to destroy them. So cutting through the thick fog of lies, ignorance, misinformation and deception in the common person is a real pain in the ass and a full time job.

They've made damned sure it's so much more convenient to use their phony-baloney Monopoly money dollars than your own flyer-backed currency... just so you won't think to create an economic renaissance in your home town.

Because that would be really damned inconvenient for the godless filthy stinking cursed Jew.


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