How to mail 100,000 letters per week at no cost whatsoever.

Dear reader,

Since I'm on sabbatical this week, and resting "in green pastures", so to speak, I'm not going to write a word to you, just to show you how easily you can solve people's biggest, most expensive biggest business problem very easily: What problem?

That advertising "costs money." 

No it doesn't. Not after you read this article written by someone else. In fact, it's written by a man called "history's greatest copy writer",  and for good reason.,00_letters.htm

The link brings you to this letter, which teaches you how to mail to 100,000 people per week at no cost whatsoever. 

At one time, a lifetime subscription to this newsletter cost thousands of dollars. But you can learn this trick right now. It even contains an exact, word-for-word script you can use to go make money right away.

Remember, working for a living and spending money to promote yourself is for fools, idiots, and the ignorant, like I used to be.

When you can mail for free to 100,000 people or more, your advertisement can suck eggs and still make you piles of money. You just have to make sure people know where to send their money, what it gets them, and what buying will do for them.

Not only do I let others tell me how to hire people to do my work for me, and not even pay them a dollar an hour, I won't even lift a finger to train my own staff. Not when I can just give them a link and tell them, "Go do that."

Because I prefer to build my revolutions using off-the-shelf parts.

So if I were you, I'd hire people on 100% commission and then give your staff this link. If you don't even want to tell them to "go do that", then link them to this blog post you're reading now.

They'll get the hint. And they'll be glad your offices aren't clogged up by a bunch of do-nothing clock-watchers giving professional salesmen a bad name. Because we're social animals and we only want to be around people who work for a living.

Now go and do what I say or else I hope you roast alive in a blazing furnace, tossed in there alive by the angels for your disgusting sloth and cowardice.

And if you ever spend another dollar in your life on advertising after today, then you'd better have a damned good reason.

But don't tell me about it.

Fair Use

P.S. I can't say for sure, but I'd imagine God is looking down on you right now to see whether you shared this blog post. If you're not godless, thanks in advance for passing it along. If someone shared it with you, now you know a little more about their character.

P.P.S. One place to share this is on Facebook. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg's anti-Jesus heart will skip a beat.

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