The Men Who Turn Dirt Into Gold

Professional excuse-makers play small. They drag you down with their toxic lies, living small because "they're entitled." They're already "educated." (By lie-filled institutions.) They want YOU to believe if they keep acting like a cowardly idiot, God will bless them with everything they want. Those who ARE blessed by God with riches don't think and act this way.

"Now Abram was very rich in livestock, in silver and in gold." - Genesis 13:2
Greg Judy grows movable gold (cattle) on topsoil-growing pasture he doesn't even own.

Ask them, and they say they'll just vote their way to power and riches. The easy life. These failures aspire to slack off and satiate their wanton lusts with degenerate sexual perversion, spreading sickness and filth. Have no pity on the damned. They ridicule people of faith while they seem to believe a magic tooth fairy will rescue them from their mountain of student loan debts. Even though everyone else ends up practically broke, powerless, and abused, it's going to be different for them. Social Security won't give them a dime until they pay off those loans. But they still "don't need" your help. Or anyone's help. They don't want to fix what "ain't broke." Are you letting a fool's cowardly, unexamined lies deceive you, too? Or do you have standards and discipline?

The million-a-year men (those who are at least minimally competent at the making of money) define failure as nothing more than a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. Success is a few simple disciplines, repeated every day. Abraham was rich. Why? Discipline. Most people are poor, by comparison. Why? HOLDING ON to the same bad judgment every single day forever. An absolutely clinically insane insistance on refusing to learn from the ample evidence available anywhere and everywhere.

They have flunked out of Life 101

They don't have a clue what the advanced class is! A failure make one decision could leave your family out of the healthy foods, the safe schools, and good neighborhoods? Has someone manipulated you to abandoned your post? Some men do. And they'll fail themselves unfairly, disrespect their body, the temple of God, and let their families suffer. Why?

Contrary to popular belief, supporting your own ethnic interests, for example, may not be mainstream, but worth looking into. And very rewarding. And a man's duty to do so.
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Maybe his greatest duty of all. Others resist the kinds of improvements we have in mind. To pursue their own interests, of course.

Achieving a desired lifestyle of your own, or for your people, and living within your own kind of ethnic paradise, and accepting a life of your own choosing is really just a matter of reaching a certain number of dollars and cents.
Your goal may be a balanced work and home life. More time for yourself. Or something more specific. Finding a fun way to get a workout.

Finding and designing this kind of life takes time and money. It helps to have great guidance and wise advice.

From what's I've been fortunate to discover from those self-made successes, money almost seems to have a mind of its own. It's attracted to integrity, knowledge, speed, and uncommon wisdom which the masses know nothing about. They never look for it. They're conditioned not to try.

But the successful do! They seek it out!

It's no sin to want the best for your people. And those who've treated you well. But the opposite. Especially if they've been a blessing to you, you should be a blessing to them.

Our wives, daughters, and friends seem to love horses. They're very affordable to those making a decent income. A really good life, home, and healthy lifestyle isn't out of the question, if that's what you want.

And it might not cost you any more than you're spending now. 

In fact, it could cost you a lot more to stay where you are, if you've got under-developed potential. Especially if you have a good head on your shoulders, and some valuable life experience and expertise of your own.

Only the few listen to the most sage of advice. When the student is ready, the master will appear. Your ancestors were meant to produce a Kingdom of priests and a holy nation. One thing I know about Priests is many of them have a cathedral for an office.

In the good old days of the Catholic priesthood, the highest authority was the church. These days $130 billion dollars per year goes to the new priesthood, advising people on making good life decisions.

These people call themselves consultants. They advise people on how to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars of assets and lead them in making crucial decisions in business, health, life, and love. And they could use some wisdom from those who've recognized we've made this shift. That a new ministry is needed to warn people away from dangers in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Sometimes on an ongoing basis.

If a man were to have ten, twenty, or thirty busy clients, each paying two to ten thousand dollars a month for access to guidance to avoid life's most destructive disasters and to find life's greatest rewards, there could be many long-term benefits.

We know the best advice is traced back to the words given to our ancestors. What you may not know is the greatest success stories of modern times can be consistently traced back to men who knew and love the scripture, and have seen its effects in peoples' lives.

Do you think the masses could have gotten a few things wrong about the intentions in the words of Solomon and Jesus on the throne of David? I think it's worth seeing for yourself what God's will really is. After all, the throne is attained by righteousness.

Keeping up with the latest developments, living more safely and efficiently, with lower impact to the environment sometimes means challenging old ideas, and committing to explore some alternatives.

Can you make that kind of commitment? I hope so.

When someone tries to tell you it's impossible:

Re-Usable Falcon Heavy Booster Rockets Returning To Earth, Opening Up a New Age of Interplanetary Travel
Don't listen to critics, negativity, and ignorance from voices inside or out. Forget the deception and the deceived. We're conditioned by our enemies to feel helpless, powerless, and hopeless.

But I believe in you!

With good reason. Because sometimes we discover we're capable of much more than we ever thought possible. We've recently seen some surprising returns. Not just those safely-returned booster rockets.

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