Will You Save 300 Million People For Just A Dollar Per Year Per American?

To save our people costs money.

Less than a dollar a day. In fact, we might do it for less than a dollar per year per American. How much is one American worth to you?

About 300 million a year is the cost of reaching 100 million a week with print media, as I told my email list subscribers this week.

And once you reach them, you can drive them to podcasts, documentaries, and expose the lies.

But not until then.

Radio stations buy billboard space for a reason. Why? Because billboards are a better way of getting new listeners than hoping they’ll tune in on their own.

And billboards cost money. Print media costs money. But it doesn’t have to be YOUR money.

But it may take some money to prime the pump. Why? Because it takes time to build relationships with people. It’s not instant. Most people won’t respond until after the 5th time your message reaches them. Just as 50 to 70% of your sales comes from your follow-up. Not from your initial advertisement.

You should care about that fact, since it’s a 700 billion dollar per year secret. You can’t just buy one ad. You’ve got to run a campaign on a daily basis for months before you really hit your stride.

The Terms of Fair Use segment on Exodus Americans didn’t peak immediately. It took time. It took weeks of repetition at concert pitch with maximum effort, maximum energy, always bringing something new and exciting to create any buzz at all.

And it drove thousands of people to this site, and hundreds of them signed up for emails, including lots of names you’d know.

And dozens of subscribers to Fair Use Uncensored are learning how to build a border wall for about 30 million dollars worth of raw materials. A nice promise, but can I deliver? The math says yes. And volunteers are willing to participate, and don’t need permission to start.

It’s not a great idea, but it’s a good one. And it works for a lot more than national borders, and achieves at least 30 other important things a border wall can’t.

The point is this…

I had my chance to get known, to put my best foot forward, and to demonstrate my competence. Which, for any man, is limited to what he knows.

Sadly, my calling happened at a time when I’ve been about as poor as young Herr Hitler was, choosing books instead of food, or I feel could have accomplished much more in less time.

Even if I were middle class, I wouldn’t have had to beg, which, in my mind, drove away so much of the enthusiasm I’d created because it destroyed the necessary and correct image of indominability.

For example, an elephant is impressive. Maybe dangerous. But when it’s begging for its peanuts, it suddenly loses all its gravitas.

The normie web is largely ruled by the vapid, the shallow, the mindless. The greatest things are achieved by the man who appeals to the few. Not to the masses.

A man who’s performed miracles is noticed. A man who hasn’t is doubted. I haven’t performed my miracles yet.

But it’s a sad fact of life that it’s always easier to fix other peoples’ problems than your own. What we can do as individuals pales in comparison to what small teams can achieve.

And if my miracle is pedestrian as getting rich, it’s not worthy of much respect. A little, but not much.

Better if I get someone else a lot richer in 30 days. Someone like you.

That’s why I’ve started my class. The White Nationalist Real Estate Investing Crash Course, which tells you how to be a bird dog, essentially. But it’s designed to make you into a high-paid deal-finder.

Putting money into your pocket, and showing you how to make a lot mroe, can become the miracle I need.

Again. It’s easier for me to solve YOUR problems than my own, and make a miracle happen in your life.

I bring the chocolate. You bring the peanut butter. Together, we’ve got a delicious snack. This world is full of thinkers and action-takers.

These people should team up more often.

I’ve sent people several free training videos to the FuelingTheResistance.com email list to get people started, if they wish.

You’ll learn more from those videos than some charge thousands of dollars to teach. Worth every penny.

If you’re the right kind of person… who does his homework and takes simple, consistent action, then you should be able to apply the system for yourself and start getting results.

A system for investing without any significant financial risk, without getting over-leveraged or upside down,  without waiting and saving up a lot of money to get started someday, without using or risking your own credit, since you won’t be and shouldn’t be guaranteeing any loans, and is so simple, an average-intelligence negro can do it.

But you have to turn your back on a lot of brainwashing designed to keep you poor, to keep you from doing what your friends don’t understand or approve of.

And then you can prime the pump, and leverage what you learn about creative finance to participate in taking back the 700,000-million-dollar ($700B) mass media entertainment complex.

Why am I telling you? Because the world needs a generation of rich Nazis to take back the most powerful military empire on earth and use it to conquer the greatest evil in the world.

In my humble opinion.

In the meantime, any peanuts you can spare are appreciated. Thank you for your kind attention.

Hail Jesus!

by Fair Use