The Top 17 Ways Women Are Like Yids

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[Note: Due to the popularity of this article, I'll point out that men, dogs, and kids are also like yids, but as the book of Genesis shows, women have a pronounced susceptibility to deception, making them the footsoldiers of rebellion against God if you don't love them enough (i.e. see the duty of husbands Ephesians 5:25) protect their vulnerable minds from Christina Aguilera music videos and Cosmo Girl magazine.]

In the proud, male bonding tradition of lists like "Why Beer is Better than Women", I gladly give you the top 17 ways women are like Yids.

Women, as you may have noticed, resemble the chosen in several specific ways. 

They don't do their own fighting, they hold a grudge forever, and never seem to lose a fight, even though they don't do much, if any, of their own fighting.

I say we shut down immigration from their countries until we figure this thing out.

Here are the top 17 ways Women are like the chicken-swingers...

#1 -They Don't Do Their Own Fighting

Women can do anything a man can do. But instead, they do anything a rabbi would do.

They have the bouncers, cops, and their beta male orbiters do all the dirty work.

There you are, screaming at a woman about how wrong she is on a scale of one to 10, and who shows up at the door? That's right. The police. Why?

Simple. Because the neighbors are sexists who don't realize women can handle everything a man can. What's wrong with screaming at someone? Nothing. Until it's a "Jew." Or a woman. Or anyone who's not a white man.

The man raised his voice. Yes, he did. Do you know why? Because he has a criminally stupid mental patient living in his apartment doing selfish, horrible things.

Did he aim a weapon? Nope. He voiced his objection. But is that allowed?

Not in any apartment complex yet.  Mobile homes are an improvement, but if the neighbors aren't calling the police, guess who is? Ms. Off-In-A-Huff.

Saying things that are techically true, but omit a CERTAIN SET OF IMPORTANT FACTS.

Which would be made a part of public record, if a man ever took the stand. But lawyers tend to discourage that sort of thing. That's right. YOUR side of the story will NEVER be told.

Which means she gets away with [setting your goldfish on fire] or [Insert Random Insanity Here]. Forever.

But you know what?

Never in my life has anyone called the police to protect me from anything. Especially women. Or "Jews" who aren't Jews. (Take. Drink. This is my blood. Do this in the rememberance of me.)

Women are so damned unbelievably privileged, you're not even allowed to think so. Not allowed to suspect it. Not allowed to hold meetings about female privilege. Try sometime. Even lesbian Canadians can't get away with it.

They don't even need to lift a finger to call for help themselves. Someone else will do it. Automatically. Out of habit, upbringing, even though the supposed history of atrocities against women are a complete fiction.

And it's wrong not to use police to protect men against their awesome political power. Because women are wrong. Almost constantly.

Why haven't I gotten married? Oh, I suppose I just can't find a woman who agrees with me.

And given their total absence of identifiable morality, and their susceptibility to brainwashing without need to hear why their full of the devil's lies, they're almost indistinguishable from the chosen themselves.

#2 - Women use their awesome and unquestioned political power to pretend they don't have any.

Oh, yes. Women are at the mercy of all us misogynists eh? Tell a lie a million times, and it will never be true. A woman isn't as strong as a man. She's stronger. Because 100 idiots will rush to her rescue and gladly die in the effort of shutting up a guy whose opinion she doesn't like.

Thanks, empress. But no thanks.

You can't save women because they use their power to destroy themselves. ALMOST the most powerful, arrogant people on the planet.

But for some reason, if you put a city of them to the sword, you're the "bad guy". Who does that remind you of?

#3 - Women aren't just the "victim." You, dear man, are their oppressor.

Is your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, grandma, granddaughter feeling anything other than exctatic bliss at every moment of the day? No?


This must somehow be YOUR FAULT. Why do you hate women, you sexist?

Since you asked, the reason is... hey! That pre-supposes I hate women! I'm onto your sneaky games, Je... I mean, women.

#3 - Women are "sexy"

Ok. So Jews aren't sexy. I can count on one hand the number of them who look OK in the nude. Eva Green, Emmy Rossum, and Janis Ian from Mean Girls.

But what they lack in sexiness, they make up for in their obsession with being "sexy". Shoving trollops in your face is the primary business they're in. The both of them. Hand in hand in the world's oldest profession. As a woman once told me, marriage is the exchange of money for sex.

And so is dating.

So don't call me a sexist. Blame her. It's her fault. I'm merely reporting what she said.

#4 - Twisting your words

I told you to stop bitching at me. I didn't say you were a bitch.

This bitch was always twisting my words when I told her to quit bitching. Don't know why I dated her.

Just kidding. I know exactly why I kept dating her. In a way, it was almost worth it. Probably should have married her. Probably need to get her on meds, first. And find the right ones, since the last prescription wasn't cutting it.

#5 - They're Hateful, Vengeful Psychos

Women are programmed to hate men. More than usual, I mean.

They go to movies, listen to music, go to school, read books...

Hang on. My echo macro isn't on.

They go to (((movies))), listen to (((music))), go to (((school))), read (((books)))...

So you can see the problem, can't you? The (((psychos))) turn them into psychos. And because no man on earth can hold them accountable (which only the Lord our God can do), you can't get away with the crime of warning them to be careful in this dangerous world that wants to conquer her vagina in a dark alley, on the dance floor, or locked up in a basement for 14 years.

And stripper logic being what it is, they'll even raise their kidnapping rapist's baby. But will they listen? Nope.

A fool despises wisdom.

#5 - Women... the Unwisest of All Two of the Sexes

Women are oddly unwise. They're deceived. Duped. What's the word for someone who's been hoodwinked? Fooled. That's right. They're fools. For the most part.

The Bible goes on and on about them, too. But since identifying them as the fools of the Bible and lower than negroes wouldn't be politically correct, they stick to calling them fools.

You've probably met them. And stuck a dollar in their g-string.

I take it back. They're GENIUSES!

#6 - Lazy

Who's more lazy than a Jew? A female Jew. Or just any old female.

You might have thought dogs were lazy. Or maybe cats. Goldfish? Blacks? You ain't seen nothin' until your little princess can't be bothered to toss something into the trash can that's 6 inches away.

Literally swipe right and the garbage is in the garbage.

They'll forced march through a mall, perform feats of gymnastics to get anything they want. But when it's time to do something for someone else simply because it's their job, you can epect roughly zero percent effort.

And it's like a whole thing. It's hatred.

And hatred is really sad.

#7 - Women are NPCs.

You might have thought you met a woman who was capable of her own thoughts.

But it's an illusion. Like a mirage in the desert. They're parrots. But different. Parrots with boobs.

Reminds me of the dim, uncomprehending eyes of cattle.


Also, "Jews" only do what the Talmud tells them. Like robots.

#8 - Women are GENIUSES. It's a proven fact, you stupid male.

Yes, women are so friggin stupid, they believe every kind bit of flattery all the time everywhere.

I like that about women.

See? Standing ovation as soon as I said it. Every time. Every where. Stupid.

Painfully stupid. But even though Jews are NPCs, you're supposed to treat them like they're the empress of genius at every hour of the day.

Except for when Jessica Simpson couldn't figure out what Chicken of the Sea is.

Psst. They're all like that.


#9 - Women are filthy like Jews

Yes, women are filthy. Dirty, diseased, and stinking. They pour on perfumes to cover it up, but a bathed woman smells worse than a man covered in a week of rat piss and vomit.

And women will tell you so. Allergic reactions to perfumes cause a hazard in hospitals, where wymens' stinking perfumes are forbidden.

Only a filthy kike is as ripe as a female trying to cover up her "natural scent".

And the women know this. Which is why they wipe the stripper pole after every... uh... dance. That's right. They're "dancers." And don't you forget it. That's a lady. And if you don't think so, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave, sir."

Well, not necessarily. A gentleman's club is about the only place you'll get away with telling the truth about women. Or TO women. But it's an expensive luxury. Their attention costs quite a bit, if you're paying the going rate.

You'd think I was a misogynist for saying so, but the women themselves say a lot worse about each other.  Are they misogynists?


#10 - Bloody Hypocrites!

Women can be trusted to accuse you of hypocrisy. If a man's a hero for sleeping around, why can't a woman do the same?

This is hypocrisy. A man doesn't get away with anything. He doesn't get away with anything. He has no power in society. He is silent on every matter of opinion from the moment he gets married. Can't even complain. So I do it for him.

And as a man, I can do so. If I want to have zero friends.

Because when you tangle with a woman, she has the POWER to call you a hypocrite. Just like the chicken-swingers do. But if you complain about it, you "hate women."

#11 - Shirking Cowards

To combine a couple of awful traits of both women and Jews, they behave as if we're supposed to die for them, but do worse than refusing to lift a finger for us...

They actively try to destroy us, wreck our relationships, and what's the thanks we get? Seriously. Do they pitch in and defend anybody?

Ok. Maybe a woman protected a tiny little kid once. IF it was her own.

Other than that,  the only time you see women being heroic is in the movies. Sorry. (((Movies))), (((books))), etc.

Fight for israel, goyim. But never expect Israel to lift a finger for you.

#12 - They're NOT EVEN LADIES!

They masquerade as ladies, but they are no such thing. Sound familiar?

Well, it's no coincidence. Women are like Jews in faking like they're honorable. They're not. Some men are. Most white men are. That's how they're controlled so easily. People appeal to their honor. Ever tried that with a so-called "Jew" or a "lady"? Lots of luck.

A lady shouldn't behave like a whore. But sometimes, there just aren't any who hold themselves to the standard of behavior that's expected of a toddler, but demand to e treated like visiting royalty everywhere by everyone.

It's never enough to be sexually depraved on their own...

#13- They Want You To Be A Sex Pervert, Too!

Women are sex perverts, wearing men's clothing. Even their underwear. But they can't just wear the under in private, while indoors. They have to wear men's underwear in public, for everyone to see. Jeggings, tights, and yoga pants are all pants. And pants are for men.

Men's clothes. But when women wear them, they have to show everyone the size, shape, and location of their most intimate parts in front of God and everyone.

Sick. And if you notice, they project their mental illness on you.

And if you don't notice their Marxist body positivity when they're beautiful at any size and in any undershorts, no matter how far they ride up into her ass crack, then YOU'RE THE SICKO.

If you look at a woman looking sexy, or have a picture of a woman wearing her daily stripper thong tights, then you're a sex pervert.

If you tell them to stop dressing in ass crack tights, you're obsessed with sex.

If you tell them there's nothing sexual about what they're wearing, so it should be fine to take a picture of what they're wearing to the office and make that picture of WHAT THEY'RE WEARING THAT DAY TO THE OFFICE on your computer monitor wallpaper, you're guilty of the male gaze.

Even if the same exact picture isn't misogynist when her lesbian friend has it on her computer monitor at work.

Wall-to-wall tease and denial sexual torture all day, every day, with no possibility of escape. They tease. Then they deny they're doing it.

When you ask them to have courtesy for men who are distracted, you quickly discover that only women deserve any amount of courtesy, and that men's feelings and needs are completely irrelevant.

Sick, sick, sick!

#14 - They Remember EVERYTHING You Ever Did Wrong... Even If It DIDN'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN

If they've told you once, they've told you 6 million times.

#15 They All Worship the "Goddess" and Think God Must be a Woman.

And you're expected to agree with them. If you explain why you disagree, you're "bringing up religion" or mansplaining.

If you've ever desperately, tearfully jerked off to Ariana Grande's "God Is A Woman" 100 times in a row, which I hardly ever do anymore, now that I'm too busy on the weekends, being the self-appointed worldwide leader of the white supremacist movement, (What? Nobody else wanted the title. Cowards!) then you know that women are obsessed with boots, lipgloss, and a delusional notion that "god or the universe or whatever" is female. 

Sure. Tell that to the guy who had to cut off his own arm when it got trapped under a rock. God wasn't a woman that day. Or on D-Day, or when nuclear fire roasted two Japanese cities. Shall I go on? 

#16 No Matter What, They Always STICK TOGETHER.

If you criticize one, you therefore hate them all. Women, I mean.

And they only stick together against men. Because defeating the hetero cis white male is the common goal of the yid and the female alike, you filthy misogynist.

Or at least that's what the man-hating lesbian committee tells us.

This List wouldn't be complete with out one more...

#17 The Woman Calls Out As She Strikes You.

You've seen this happen. In fact, you've even been battered and abused by women. I know this with 100% certainty. As sure as I know 90% of Pakistani boys are raped by age 18.

But, dear reader, you're so brainwashed by now, you're probably blind to it. So traumatized, you've forgotten where all the bruises. Which were, of course, all your fault!

Poor man. You're so battered you've blocked it out of your memory. But it's real in your mind.

But perhaps that's a story for another time.

Women. Racially inferior to men. You know who else is racially inferior? Dogs.

Filandering, fornicating, run-around dogs who famously run away and ditch the whole family. But when a man does the same, he's a "pig."

Babies. Also inferior. But for some reason, in most cases, when you look at your tiny infant child, you can't help but love them.

Neither dogs nor infants are as capable, wise, and intelligent as full-grown men, but we still love them. 

For all the same reasons why you still love Fair Use, even when he runs away, chases mailmen, and chews on the furniture.

If you knew the whole truth about women, there's a good chance you'd take them to divorce court.

For example, the #1 reason why married couples fight is finances.

But if a man does something to improve his finances for his family, working longer hours, making a career change, starting a business on the side, some women jump past being suspicious and start being paranoid.

If he learns that money makes the world go round, and that he'd better have more of it, she might behave like a lobster in a boiling pot, grabbing any who try to climb out. As if the life's purpose of her husband is to endure the inevitable pointless suffering of life with her.

The good news is 60% of women will stay happily married to a man who starts pursuing the means to provide for his family properly.

And just as happily spends all his money.

Just like a Jew.

- Staff

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