Acosta'd! You should never (hardly ever) hit a lady

Fakenews journalactivist Jimmy James Acosta was dodging to the right and swatting down bishes to the left with his karate-chop action in this hot vid...

Oh, snap.
It's wrong to smack a lady. Even with an open palm.

(Or so I'm told.) Except for maybe sometimes when they're asking for it. In some states. Maybe.

Naturally, MSNBC and CNN and others decided to defend the commie bastard with lies. As usual. Claiming he'd been beaten and abused by a linebacker or some such nonsense.

When push comes to shove, Jimmy pushes back. Because he likes hitting ladies. It's kinda his thing now.

And it's trending. It's the new planking.
Because as we all know, journoz are role models.

Intern was wearing a rather form-fitting set of clothes. Very inappropriate.

Maybe Jim is /ourguy/... patrolling thots.

Either way, God meant it for good. Like when Tucker Carlson got exposed and even Twitter smacked down the terrorist doxers.

See, if you want to look like a thug, you show up at a journalist's door  with a violent mob and dox him.

If you want to seem righteous, you send women and children, (or attractive young women) to do your "fighting", and all's forgiven.

Trump didn't deploy the national guard to take the mic. Well.... maybe. She did go for that mic kind of aggressively, all things considered. Maybe she is national guard.

The point is this... it didn't look like he was using excessive force to silence the free speech of the commie bastards because you don't usually deploy a woman in pumps to shut down the media.

Not in this day and age anyway. Trump's a smart dude. What he did had greater effect than  deploying the gestappo to round up the offenders and put them in internment camps.

Next maybe he'll take my advice and send in children with puppies to confront antifa. We'll see an arms race to the cutest and cuddliest.

Pretty soon, little old ladies in wheelchairs will stop communist kittens and toddlers from crossing the border. Then we'll see the armageddon of optics between those savvy enough to play the sheep's clothing bit to the hilt.

But what do I know? I'm merely a simple prophet of the Lord your God, a typical warlord Aryan like you, telling you what's likely to occur in between all the "mass shootings".

On the basketball court and soccer fields, people will be falling down and playing the greater victim to seize power. A game the devil plays for power and control, just to have something to complain about.

And, of course, accusing us of everything they're doing.

If we had the mass media, even the lowest tactics would work. Since we don't, our labors are often wasted.



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