Being a "Business Owner" in Modern America

The Bible told me there'd be End Days like this.

I, Fair Use, do solomnly swear that there is no better gig on earth than owning your own business.

That it's a better time than ever to do so.

That it costs less to get into than ever. That the upside potential is huge, and that anyone with work ethic and a can-do attitude can do it.

[Especially if you're in Mexico... see below.]

And that also, simultaneously, business ownership is an even bigger scam than any thing on this planet, so much more draining and soul-crushing and destructive than being an employee that it requires someone who is the most honest sociopath on earth before you can pay your rent doing it.

And you should do it, anyway.

Naturally, in any event, it either requires a massive amount of up-front capital investment or an impossibly super-human effort, which, of course, nobody will force you to do, and you accordingly aren't willing to do.

It requires a phenomenal reputation which you won't have at first. Without a reputation, you're competing against everyone who has one. Such as litererally everyone who's been in the gig economy for more than five minutes.

Americans therefore wonder why you don't have one, and where in their smartphone app they can click a button to instantly and conveniently see yours.

(A book of testimonials? What's that? Did you just photoshop that on your computer last night?)

Yes, the smartphone app economy.

Such as all those app jobs masquerading as flex-time businesses. But in reality are sh*t jobs at best.

Again, if you're a manipulative sociopath to the extreme, you could leverage almost any of those jobs to the hilt, but let's just say... that ain't gonna happen for people like you and me. Not in places like Seattle, especially.

The app economy requires going into the city, working for drunken commies.

Now, when you're quite obviously a clean-cut, non-smoking Christian white male in a communist city full of anti-Christian races, feminists, and people pressuring you to loudly, instantly, and vehemently agree with THEIR twisted politics or they won't tip.

And if they don't, you aren't taking home any money. You're just giving them your services for free.

In the meantime, your expenses are kept artificially high by the unrealistically high demands of the partner, which means you're taking an economic risk for a job that doesn't pay much, even in the best of circumstances.

And no sub-letting! Don't even think about doing something that might stand a bat's chance in hell of making you any real money.

Whatever happened to starting with a bucket and a mop in America?

Oh, you'd have to be an immigrant before people give you a pass on that.

Abdul the mud bucket man has more status than the people who built America.

If you're a hated white male, you're expected to hop to working, use the best equipment, environmentally-friendly and climate-change free, to obey every jot and tittle of the smallest regulation, charge the least, and get crapped on with a smile.

And when you use the environmentally-friendly thing, you'll find out too late that you're treading on someone's patented process which mainly involves using the environmentally friendly thing. (This was confirmed years ago with a friendly-sounding threatening call from a patent owner with a patented product that made things nice without harming mother earth.)

Needless to say, if you ever plan on making any money, you'll be hiring employees. There's no such thing as contractors. If you don't believe me, you'll find out eventually.

There are rules. In America, rules were meant to be applied unfairly.

If you don't want to be sued, those diverse "employees" (robbers & thieves who are the extra tax you pay on hiring a white guy) had better be super diverse, gay, trans, and illegal.

The law requires you to break the law. I know. It's weird. but that's how America is.

And these diverse trans illegals are worth significantly less than you pay them. Which you can't afford to do, since you have a hole-in-the-bucket problem you can't plug by your own efforts.

Enter salesmanship.

Which, oddly enough, costs money. About $250 per appointment. So hopefully, you make more than that per appointment.

WHAT????!!!! It COSTS MONEY to sell...

Yes. It costs money for the leads, gas, travel expenses, hotel to ferret out the one guy in a million who'll buy the damn thing, whatever it is.

Hopefully, you can demonstrate that it works. Otherwise, you're selling hot air. And that doesn't pay $250 per appointment.

Before you can start, please buy a CRM because the free stuff is all garbage. 30-day trials run out REAL FAST.

And buy a list. You won't be supplied with one.

No list for what you're selling? Make one. You're now the marketing, SEO, and department.

So you'll need about $10,000 or more in start-up capital just to turn the lights on. Just one problem. One it's very easy to forget.

You can't turn on the lead flow until you build, FOR FREE, about a $100,000 lead funnel. That's the market rate to build one for the million-dollar clients you won't find by leveraging social media.

So you're just throwing in $100,000 of work, right off the bat, so your money doesn't go straight down the drain.

Which it will, anyway. For reasons you can't control.

Because you don't have a sales process, template, or market knowledge. It costs money to get that. Or sweat equity.

Could you just do about another $100,000 in market research for free?

Let's say you're game. You're now on the hook to do $200,000 of work, you've got at least $10,000 worth of expenses to raise.

Gig economy to the rescue. (If the gig economy actually paid anything. Which it doesn't.)

Oh, by the way. Does the product work?

Um... Not for the last 10 years and billion dollars worth of investment in it. That's the problem being solved by the geniuses who want you to "do the sales part." Because they can't be bothered. REAL work is being done.

To reach the most mundane of starting points, there's reality creeping in.

There's the monthly rental of all the stuff you're going to need,

Your partners won't pay you much if they think "all you need is a phone".

And why would they supply you with any phone numbers to call to get started? What do you mean referrals? This is an American business, sir.

Our motto is simple in modern corporate business: We live and die by the corporate procedures and offices and investors, not referrals, sir.

Which, if they did supply a list, may be a tiny list you'd burn through in an hour. Phone numbers? No. You have to ask for those. Nobody gives out phone numbers anymore. That might be USEFUL.

So you'll go from a tiny list to an even tinier list of people who don't know anybody.

And, if anything, they're even more paranoid than you are about recommending anyone.

@AnimeFurry919 is literally the only human being on the planet they've DM'd or spoken to.

That's the dead end of your referral system. Congratulations. $10,000 well spent.

What about using your own monsterous online list? Two insurmountable problems there. If your partner allows it. (Which they won't. If they don't want to be associated with your online presence. Which, when you don't actively, vehemently curse white people, they don't.)

One, you personally have more connections, numbers, and emails than the dozen corporate startup guys. (A list built up over 3 years at a cost of $200,000 worth of effort and a hell of a lot of talent and luck which they won't let you use.)

From that $200,000 or more worth of effort, you simply don't have more than five phone numbers after 3 years because you haven't been telling everyone who will listen how much you "hate whites" or Trump or whatever.

Because the kind of people you've chosen to help online are the kind [theoretically] highly motivated people who...

1) Are legitimately afraid of giving any information to anyone on the internet. So you don't have that information, even if you wanted it.

2) It would strain your reputation beyond the breaking point even to ask for it. Much less to ask for any money for services rendered under any circumstances.

3) Which means as a business owner, you're now flying completely blind in your own marketplace, relying on a few drunken phone calls from anonymous contributors, tweets, and annual flights to the scared sh*tless convention to figure out what the old "pain points" in your "marketplace" might have.

Or who they might be. What they might want or actually pay for some day.

I don't know. White shirts and khaki pants? A nicer battle shield? What do they spend money on? Nobody knows.

In other words, you can throw out all the rules of traditional marketing right off the bat.

You still need a list.

Specifically a house list of buyers, but you won't have one of those. Maybe you sell a book on the Constitution to build up a list, but you'd need publicity and exposure.

A book is an amazing lead-generating tool. But who has the time to write?

If you're doing anything worth a damn online, you quite simply won't have one. A house list, a book, a clue about what the market wants, thinks, or freaks out about, or spends money on.

Not after 2 years. Not after 20 years.

By some freak accident of luck, there might be some rare few people who feel like they know you because you also scream about Hitler and fascism and their evil enemies and saving the white race.

That's all you got.

They have in-fighting problems and no money and an unwillingness to chat except on Discord, the automatic doxing service which is also "free."

So whatever salesmanship skills you got are going to be somewhat difficult to leverage with that group.

For all I know, I could be talking to nothing but millionaires who buy ten hot air balloons a month. I won't know.

If I offer a fine line of 30-round clips, I might be piling up the gold ingats of profits next week. But I don't know.

And what's more, because I don't know, and can't get in their heads, nothing I say resonates except by the grace of God.

It's the most utterly futile pursuit to create a message-to-market match with people who might be entirely...

A) Guys making more than $100k per year
B) Guys making less than $10k per year.

There isn't any message on earth that speaks to both of these two guys at the same time. Sorry, but it won't happen on this planet.

In the meantime, any political activities (things worth doing online) require motivating the guys in category B to become the guys in category A, and pretty much ignoring the shrinking demographic in category A, since these people try not to take ANY risks whatsoever.

It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. You might get one hero doing something simple, and doing it often, and then your faith is rewarded.

Because you've got ONE white man on your side.

Which is great to have, let me tell you. Worth more than all the diamond mines in France.

But sometimes, though they'd like to help, they're unable or unwilling to do herculean effort of clicking on a link after you've spent $200,000 worth of your time and effort trying to ask them nicely to do so.

It might explode their computer!

On to selling other people's stuff for them, because that's the easy little thing that just happens by magic.

Not by 30 years of hard-won experience, study, and blind luck.

So there might be 100 companies who'd love you to use your amazing skills for them. Under certain circumstances.

No matter how dense you are, common sense begins to creep in. Sales? For them? What does that require?

Well, it COULD require relationships. It's helpful. There are ways around it. Outdated ways. Sketchy ways. High pressure ways.

Cold calling a list.

Which you could do. You could also pluck out your eyeballs and eat them.

But you'd still need a list of people worth talking to. Even if they don't know you.

They won't know that. You'll be tricking them into assuming they do. Which ain't easy. Ain't cheap. And it probably ain't legal.

But if you don't do it, you aren't going to make a living in cold calling.

Since the clients or potential clients or partners generally don't have such lists.

Why not? Well, to be desperate enough to be considering your services of any kind, they're desperate. How did they get so desperate? By having a problem they can't solve.

But you, a miracle-worker, are somehow going to solve them.

See, in order to be asking you "can you help me?", they probably don't have any of that fine quality of common sense we just talked about. A rare commodity. How rare?

The things you say are obvious, but no amount of education or experience ever led them to considering such a thing before. It's like a prophet of the highest showed up and started talking about fishers of men or something.

Being that my people are profoundly lacking in common sense, thanks in part to the screwed-up government indoctrination system, and the widespread propaganda about how good it is to be a gangsta, you'll have to supply all of theirs for them.

If you have it.

So you can't reasonably expect they've approached anything in their business in a sensible enough way that you'd ever be able to help them. Even if you wanted to.

First of all, per Business in America 101: they want to copy Corporate America. Blindly. Is that wrong? Uh... yeah.

The big problem with that is Corporate America works based on a gangster conspiracy to screw the little guy.

No, seriously. Exactly as the Bible said. No joke. The big, dumb public companies you're emulating in order to make a living are doing things that won't make you any money. Here's why.

They get business and loans and/or connections mainly by being members of fraternal organizations run by our enemies. Yes, really. In the cases of the biggest companies, definitely. You don't land those connections and contracts and deals automatically. Everything is like pulling teeth unless you're an insider.

How do I know? By being completely locked out of the damn community I'm a part of. I've never been asked to participate in planning so much as a birthday party. What a shame. If, for example, my only competence is in laying plans that stand a chance of working.

But if there's no weed and booze at this pork-eating party, then I'm not an insider in the anti-degeneracy movement, am I? NOPE!

No anti-degeneracy movement for you, you truth-loving Christian. Get out and stay out. Here's a sandbox to play in and pretty please don't say jack about your sandbox.

Because the rules of in-groups are such that we only trust our closest friends. The people we've known the longest. These, in fact, are the people most likely to rob you blind if given half a chance, but never mind inconvenient facts like that.

So just imagine. If Fair F--king Use can't get access to his own buddies after months and years of blind sweat and toil and miracle-working in the mines of doing absolutely nothing but saving their whole family from a 70% certainty of a messy, painful, and frequent divorces, probably low to having 5 points lower IQ than is permissible, then you can't expect him to get access to the cool kids in the business world, either.

It's show you how it's possible, but just because it's easier than ever doesn't mean it's easy.

Just because Jesus and Moses are in favor of mass scale violence (YES THEY ARE), doesn't mean your friends are comfortable pointing out the Bible verses which prove it.

You quite literally have to sell your soul to get in to any old boy's club. Especially online. Can't read your body language and don't know what to make of you.

And if a prophet of the Lord in heaven can't do it, I don't know how the hell anyone else does it.

Maybe by being a filthy wife-raping adulterous degenerate sociopath. I really don't know. But that seems to be what's required around here.

That gets you access to people in the turncoat middle class. They owe their allegiance to their paycheck, so they are zero percent trustworthy, in my book.

Every dollar they earn is another nail in my coffin, quite frankly.

Wisdom + Attitude put to work. That's the key to success in life.

And my attitude is that it's truth or death. F--k the rest.

If I can't survive by telling you how to survive, then you don't deserve my services. I refuse to bend your family over and screw them. And I won't screw over anyone else for your benefit. No, thank you.

And THAT, more than anything else, is what keeps me an outsider in the Great Satan.

This is why, for example, I've started enlisting Iraqis and Libyans instead of white nationalists. I've met the people from Yemen. Muslims. But they're honest about it. They take life seriously. Their people are killed by complicit Americans, and God tells them to forgive us anyway.

So that's my new audience. Killers. People with machetes who hack off the heads of whites are more trustworthy than any American I've ever met.

Just as God said they would be.  Read your scripture.

Let's say I wanted to play ball and be a "good American" in business.

Ok. Sign up for a fraternal organization of people too dumb to know they're in an anti-Christian cult. Then you're "in."

There are, famously, 30 or more levels of sh*t rolling downhill where you've agreed to do absolutely everything for them, while they, of course, do very little for you.

Christianity is supposed to bypass that by being an inherently pro-white, anti-hypocrisy fraternal organization, but the churches who MIGHT teach you this are quickly put out of business by big business putting pressure on them in 1,000 different ways.

Kind of the same way they put Fair Use out of business by putting economic pressure on me 1,000 different ways.

One of them is by convincing you that weed and booze is more valuable than the head the Muslims are about to come hacking off once I befriend them more easily...

Oh. Unlike white nationalists and Christians, Muslims give out their phone numbers very easily, by the way. To complete strangers. White strangers.

Because they know God loves them, however many millions of them end up in disease, famine, and war. There's no "church" to teach them otherwise.

As written on the page, Christianity is its own fraternal organization with rules that put the little guy on equal footing with these big guys, and you don't have to sell your soul to get there.

It turns millions of savages and strangers into your own personal army. It really does.

But you wouldn't know that. Just as you don't know anything that the Bible actually contains. You're blind to it. Blind to the meanings of the words in front of your face.

And I'm not saying you have to read between the lines. Not in the slightest. It's staring you in the face. It's telling you straight out. You simply can't see the implications.

I may as well tell you that Christ is a white Hebrew.

But because I didn't tell you 10,000 times this week on every song, ad, and TV show, it can't be true. Not really.

It's a fun theory to entertain, but it can't be "real" unless the CNN equivalent of the History Channel told you on TV last week. When Fair Use says it, it must be a crackpot theory.

Meanwhile, the very fact that you're in the world's largest, oldest pro-white fraternal organization, one for which THE FRIGGIN ALPHABET was invented by a super-genius just to save your ass isn't worth 60 seconds thought, so...

Fraternal organizations are out.

The only one that doesn't actively worship Satan is as opaque to you as a brick wall. (In most cases. There are some exceptions. I've met a the few who are believers, but I've also met the preachers and congregations who aren't.)

Many of you would rather sell your soul, sell out your people and hail Satan than listen to Fair Use for another five minutes about business in America.

When I scour the scriptures for the part where God's gonna do to you what I would do to you in His shoes, I find nothing but patience, love and mercy.

This, more than anything, leaves room for me to doubt His infinite wisdom. Until I remember what He said to Moses.

Words to the effect of, "Moses, get out of the way and let me destroy them. I'll start over with you instead."

It's in there. The difference is your golden calf is slightly different than it was 3,600 years ago. (Approximately.)

Anyway, salesmanship has its costs.

I can get it down to 33 cents per sign by recycling boxes. But if the phone doesn't ring, then I'm S.O.L.

Doesn't matter what those costs are if it produces a profit, right? Unless you factor the time it takes to wade through the 30% of people who are simply screaming at you over the phone because they can.

Buying a list? That's a little better. Now you've got marketing costs, time, effort, energy.

Still no idea what makes them buy, what they want, who they are. That's why you go to the best pro list brokers.

But the main cost is reputational cost.

If you're not willing to burn someone, why should they trust you? If you're nice to people, you end up where nice guys finish: Last.

If you're not ruthless and mean-spirited, you have nothing in common with Americans. They therefore call you a "dick".

Sure, I could sell a million dollars worth of product in the next five minutes to fifty minutes. But at what cost?

Some of it's money. A lot of it's money. But the rest of it concerns the immortal soul, the reputation destroyed. The money is the least of it.

Take Trump. He's maybe the world's greatest salesman. Success is his image. Without which, he can't sell you a hamburger on a street corner.

But what did he sell? Something that started to cost more to his reputation than he could afford.

Without a bail-out from a BIG bank in the 90s, he'd be a billion dollars underwater forever. So he obviously sold his soul to people with infinite resources to fix up his image using their propaganda machine, because that's the pound of flesh the merchant requires in America.

They might have even sunk him just to show him they could do it. He's always relied on publicity. And we know who owns that.

So does salesmanship cost money? Yeah. It costs Trump about a billion dollars more than he made by selling and negotiating like a demon out of hell.

It costs money. It takes decades. Once you've got a winner, you'll have a thousand copycats. If you don't scale up by going public, they will. And crush you when they do.

Going public means you're required to do evil things. Fiduciary responsibility to make money for the shareholders.

If you don't screw America this quarter, meet your new roommate Tyrone.

Go public or go broke.

There's maybe ways around that, but they haven't been invented yet. Or at least, they haven't been proven to work.

Long story short... getting into a "free" job like sales that "just takes a phone" costs a lot.

In 3 days, my cheap phone plan goes away unless I cough up cash. They don't take anything but cash. No chickens. No EBT cards. Just cash.

The business world is a marriage to someone you don't know who's half a million in debt at birth.

Marriage to a company is marrying your reputational "credit score" to a product that probably doesn't work.

After all, this is America. The Great Satan. Nothing works in America.

In Arab countries, if a man sells you a camel, there's a good chance you know what it's good for.

But America doesn't make camels. They make the things they see on TV.

And those things cost a billion dollars to make. They don't show up in some genius's garage. It doesn't work like that.

So you're going to be tempted to lie to people. Which they don't want you to do. Or at least, they'll tell you not to. But saying, "Hey. Here's a think that doesn't work" isn't much of a pitch.

If you so much as imply that it might work one day, and it doesn't, they'll gladly toss you in a cage and throw away the key.

But the public don't know that crap, so they assume every word out of your mouth is a lie and everything on a piece of paper is the gospel truth.

They assume you're the Harry Houdini of swindles, no matter who you are. Because this is America. You probably are.

And therefore it's reasonable for him to assume you're gonna escape from their wallet with all their money for nothing, and go dancing across town singing songs about suckers while pouring glasses of champaigne for coke whores.

Which is completely unfair. I haven't associated with any coke whores for YEARS. Haven't dated them, anway.

So let's say you want to help your friend sell a thing that might do something someday.

Probably he's a Fed trying to destroy your reputation and tempt you to lie so they can put you in prison for something.

PROBABLY that's the case.

But you literally can't do it without cash. So you take a gig economy job to pay the expenses nobody knows exists to help a friend without common sense sell a product that probably doesn't work in order to destroy your reputation and get jailed.

But after expenses at this gig economy job, you're lucky to make $16 at the end of a good WEEK serving drunk, qu*er commies and k*kes who spit on you, puke  on your nice, expensive rented equipment,  and you'll have tax forms at the end of the year, and no money to pay for tax services.

You might make more than that, but it wouldn't be safe to continue working beyond the point of exhaustion. That would be negligent. Unless a Muslim immigrant did it.

So the gig economy is out. That leaves square jobs. And you know all about those. I'll spare you.

If you have a product that works, that everyone knows about, maybe you can push people in the direction of giving it a try.

If you aren't the world's greatest salesman (like Trump), you'd actually be better off seeking out a multi-level company teaching you how to selling Skam-Wows absorbant cloths or Tupper-bowls.

They've got a system, a proven product, a proven market. They've done the millions of dollars in market testing. They've scripted everything for you. (A working sales script is easily another $10,000.)

Good luck surviving the ghettos of American diversity working your way up in that business, though. It's not great unless you live in state full of white people.

Which you can't afford to move to. And can't afford not to.

In a country as honest as Mexico, you could just bribe the gangsters and cops who are honest enough to admit the sh*t-show is a scam from top to bottom.

And unlike America, Mexico is a country whose gangsters are honest enough to lynch child molesting pedophiles. Not even the white nationalists are that honest.

In America in general, we're just not that honest anymore.

We're lower than a Mexican gangster. And we wonder why we've been invaded.

[Listen to Jesus, for Christ's sake.]

As far as I can tell, that's business in America in 2018.

And what I said is true.

There has NEVER been a better time to be a sell-out sociopath in a Satanic cult screwing over the masses for a buck.


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